The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 24

Soon it was Saturday, the day of the birthday banquet of the Su family’s Old Master.

Although Su Xi woke up early, the two of them waited until almost five o’clock in the afternoon before leaving home.

In the car, Su Jingcheng was holding a file and introducing the people on it to Su Xi.

“This is Su Hongyuan. You can call him grandfather when you see him.”

“This is Dad’s older sister, the eldest of the Su family. She’s our first aunt in terms of relationship and next to her is her husband.”

As he spoke, Su Jingcheng flipped to another page. “This is Su Zhengqi, Dad’s younger brother and the third child. These two next to him……”

“I know them both.” Su Xi took over Su Jingcheng’s words and said as she looked at Xu Feng and Su Shan’s photos.

When Su Xi said this, Su Jingcheng remembered that when he was away, Xu Feng and Su Shan had been to Jingyuan, and according to Uncle Fu, these two people even made indiscreet remarks in front of Xixi.

Thinking of this, Su Jingcheng’s face darkened.

“They’re all unimportant people so Xixi don’t need to care what they say.” The people from that side of the Su family weren’t easy to get along with. Su Jingcheng was bringing Su Xi there and what he worried most about was that those people would make Xixi unhappy.

“When we got to the hotel, Xixi don’t have to be afraid, Brother is here.” Su Jingcheng said to Su Xi again, “If someone makes you unhappy, you can ignore them, or you can fight back any way you want.”

Anyway, whatever Su Xi does, he’s got it covered.

At that, Su Xi nodded. “Okay.”

Su Xi had no doubts about Su Jingcheng’s words. In the novel, although the excessive relatives of the villain weren’t any small troublemakers, they have always been suppressed to death by the villain that they couldn’t afford to make any waves at all.

Therefore, Su Xi was actually not afraid of those people.

Anyway, she was also with Su Jingcheng.

Thinking of this, Su Xi suddenly felt quite safe by Su Jingcheng’s side. After all, Su Jingcheng, the big villain, apart from losing when faced with the male protagonist and the other male supporting characters, he was definitely at the top of the food chain.

“What happy thing is Xixi thinking of?” Su Jingcheng lowered his head and saw the little person beside him with her hand on her chin and a silly smile on her face.

“Uh, it’s nothing.” Su Xi smiled guiltyly and shook her head.

Looking at Su Xi’s appearance, a smile also appeared on Su Jingcheng’s face, and he thought to himself that this dress really suits Xixi, and paired with the bun hairstyle on her head, her whole person looks playful and cute.

In the last couple of days, Xixi seems to have grown a little bit and there was a little more flesh on her face, which made her look even more adorable.

Good-looking! His sister looks good no matter what.

If Uncle Fu was there and heard what Su Jingcheng was saying in his mind, he would definitely say that their young master was looking at their family’s baby, of course she was good in every way.


The car soon drove up to the main entrance of Shengyuan Hotel.

Looking at the grand hotel in front of her, Su Xi’s eyes lit up.

“This hotel is our family’s.” Su Jingcheng explained from the side.

Hotels weren’t the main business of Suyuan Group. But although this hotel was one of the few under the Suyuan Group, it was the best hotel in the whole B City.

“Our family’s?” Owned by Suyuan Group?

Su Xi was blown away by the villain’s wealth.

En.” Su Jingcheng nodded and added, “This hotel was built by Dad and many of the concepts and designs were thought of by Mom……”

This hotel meant a lot to their family.

Because the hotel turned out to be better than expected after its completion, their father once said that in the future, the school entrance banquet, birthday banquet, and even the wedding of their two children would be held here.

This was also the reason why the venue of Shengyuan Hotel was never rented out.

When she heard Su Jingcheng’s words, Su Xi lowered her eyes slightly and a look of complexity flashed in them—— Previously, Su Xi had always viewed everything about the villain in the novel from a spectator perspective, but now, being aware that Su Jingcheng was her older brother and having contact with him, Su Xi seemed unable to be as calm and objective as before.

Therefore, when Su Jingcheng talked about the late Sir and Madam Su, and their family’s past, Su Xi’s heart indescribably stirred.


Su Jingcheng actually told Su Xi these things to let her know that this place belongs to their family and that Su Xi doesn’t have to be afraid of anything in their own turf.

“Come on, let’s go inside.”

En, okay.”

The brother and sister walked inside.

Knowing that their boss was coming, the hotel staff had prepared early on.

As soon as the two stepped through the doors, two rows of people greeted them. It was a rather spectacular sight.

The manager of the hotel personally welcomed Su Jingcheng and Su Xi to the banquet hall, but he stopped at the entrance—— Today was the birthday banquet of the Su family’s Old Master and this hall was the private area for the Su family, so he wasn’t qualified to enter.

Su Xi followed Su Jingcheng in.

As soon as they entered, Su Xi saw two conspicuously dressed figures. Who would it be if not Xu Feng and Su Shan whom she saw last time at Jingyuan?

As Su Xi looked at them, Xu Feng and Su Shan also saw Su Jingcheng coming in from the door, and Su Xi, who was beside him.

“Heh, coming to an elder’s birthday banquet and making it so high profile, people who don’t know might think they are the main characters tonight.” Su Shan muttered discontentedly.

On the side, Xu Feng heard her words and chuckled lightly. “Isn’t it true? If you think about it, Shengyuan is the property of Suyuan Group. The big boss is here, can these people in the hotel not be proactive?”

Su Shan snorted coldly in dissatisfaction. “Since it belongs to Suyuan Group, all the more reason to teach his employees well. What does he mean by coming here and stealing Dad’s limelight?”

“Moreover, it’s Brother and you who’s hosting Dad’s birthday banquet this time and they just provided the venue. Are they not taking you seriously?”

“Also, didn’t we say that we didn’t have a place for this child before? Why did Su Jingcheng bring her along?” Su Shan examined Su Xi. She hadn’t seen her for only a few days, but she hadn’t expected this child to change a lot. Before, she looked dull and had no meat on her body. Now she looks like a different person. Wearing a high-fashion dress, Su Shan almost didn’t recognize her.

Xu Feng echoed. “That’s right. Jing Cheng didn’t say he would bring her here either, otherwise, I could have made arrangements in advance.”

Su Shan: “True. They didn’t let Dad know in advance. Look at the irritable child that has never been with the family before, I just don’t want to see her upset Dad.”


Su Shan and Xu Feng both muttered. Their voices weren’t loud, but it wasn’t quiet either.

On the other side.

Su Xi: “……”

These two people were talking so energetically. Did they really think that with their not so low voices, she and Su Jingcheng couldn’t hear them?

Su Xi didn’t care much, but Su Jingcheng’s face had already turned dark by now.

His eyes were so cold that even Su Xi felt a little scared when she looked at them.

At this time, a person finally came out from the inner room and interrupted the suicidal conversation between Su Shan and Xu Feng. “That’s enough for you two. What time is it and you’re still talking about nonsense here? If you have nothing to do, why not go to the back and accompany father?!”

The speaker was wearing a blue Chinese style dress, looking capable and respectable, much more pleasing to the eye than the two ‘traffic lights’, Xu Feng and Su Shan.

Su Xi had seen this person on the file that Su Jingcheng shown her, the eldest of the Su family, Su Hui.

In the novel, this aunt of the villain has appeared several times. Su Hui was the eldest daughter of Su Hongyuan. Unlike Su Shan, Su Hui was almost single-mindedly devoted to her career. Over the years, on this side of the Su family, aside for Old Master Su who was the chairman of the company, everything from big to small matters were managed by Su Hui.

Therefore, Su Hui’s words carried a lot of weight on the Su family.

Sure enough, after being reprimanded by Su Hui, both Xu Feng and Su Shan quieted down, in addition, other people from other parts of the hall also walked over.

“Jingcheng is here. I heard that you went to Y Country. Is everything going well there?” Su Hui looked at Su Jingcheng and asked in a familiar way.

“Not too bad.”

“That’s good.” Su Hui looked at Su Xi who was next to Su Jingcheng and her expression slightly brightened. “This is Su Xi, right? She’s really pretty.”

“Where did you find her?”

“N City.” Su Jingcheng refused to say more.

En, it’s good that she’s back.”

Su Hui introduced to Su Xi. “Xixi just came back and still don’t know us. I’m your eldest aunt and this is your eldest uncle. Then this is your second uncle and second aunt. Your second uncle’s family also has a daughter who is about the same age as you. And this is your youngest aunt and youngest uncle……”

Su Xi followed Su Hui’s introduction and matched the people in front of her one by one from the knowledge in her mind.

These relatives of the villain were mentioned in the novel, so Su Xi somewhat knew them.

The literary-looking man next to Su Hui was called Ye Guohua. He’s Su Hui’s husband. He usually assists Su Hui in managing the affairs of the Su family’s company and was considered a relatively decent person.

The other person next to Xu Feng was Su Zhengqi, the third son of the Su family and also the villain’s uncle. When the villain’s father died unexpectedly, it was Su Zhengqi who was the first to jump out and tried to take over Suyuan Group from Su Jingcheng.

Then next to them were Su Shan and her husband, who seems to be named Wang Wenbin. In the novel, Su Shan was a brainless and argumentative person while this Wang Wenbin was a black-hearted guy with a hidden dagger in his smile. The husband and wife, one playing good cop, while the other play bad cop, had really been scrounging for benefits from Suyuan Group in the previous years.

Don’t look at the way these people greet Su Jingcheng with smile on their faces. They were probably thinking about how to get benefits from Suyuan Group and how to snatch the company from Su Jingcheng’s hands.

At the end of the novel, when the villain was defeated by the male protagonist and the supporting characters, and ended up so miserable, none of these relatives stepped forward to help Su Jingcheng. Hearing that the big villain was in trouble, apart from grabbing the Suyuan Group’s assets wantonly, these people stayed away for fear of having anything to do with him.

Even Su Hui, the upright eldest aunt in the novel, only sent a few clothes and quilts after Su Jingcheng was thrown into prison by the male protagonist, and eventually chose to remain quiet.

Thinking about the final outcome of the villain, Su Xi couldn’t help looking at Su Jingcheng.

“What’s wrong, Xixi?” Seeing Su Xi looking at him, Su Jingcheng became nervous, worried that his sister didn’t like such an atmosphere.

“Nothing.” Su Xi shook her head. She just suddenly felt a little sympathetic to the big villain, Su Jingcheng. His previous experiences were already so tragic, and when he fell into a desperate situation later on, there was no one to help him.

Su Xi looked at these people and several of them also looked at Su Xi with different expressions. However, they were mainly looking at Su Jingcheng who was next to Su Xi. To them, it didn’t matter whether the Su family found Su Xi or whether Su Jingcheng found his sister.

“Being able to find their daughter, Brother and Sister-in-law’s wish is now fulfilled.” Su Zhengqi said.

Wang Wenbin also echoed, “It’s a happy thing that she’s been found.”

After saying that, Wang Wenbin looked at Su Jingcheng with dissatisfaction, but then smiled. “You know that your aunt is an outspoken and straightforward person. If she said something that sounds uncomfortable, don’t take it too personally.”

“What did I say that didn’t sound good?” Su Shan glared at her husband.

Xu Feng then spoke up again, “Yes, Xiao Shan said it because she’s concerned. We are all family. Saying that it doesn’t sound good or whatnot is just distancing yourself.”

“That’s right, we’re all family. Will I harm my own niece?” Su Shan glanced at Su Xi with mockery in her eyes. She still held a grudge against her nephew for not allowing them to enter Jingyuan.

Su Shan muttered, “It’s not like we’re going to eat her. Don’t let Dad see her looking so scared later or it’ll look like we’ve bullied her.”

At this moment, Su Jingcheng was standing in in front of Su Xi, blocking the girl behind him with a protective posture that made some people very unhappy.


Su Xi was pissed off by the other party’s sarcastic appearance.

Originally, she just wanted to be a quiet leg pendant and follow the villain throughout the whole event, but now she couldn’t stand it anymore!

Su Jingcheng’s face turned cold and he was about to tell these people to shut up if they didn’t know how to speak, when he saw Su Xi come out from behind him and stood by his side.

Su Xi: “I’m not scared, or do you think you’re all terrible people?”

Su Xi looked harmless and her voice was also soft and sticky, but what she said almost angered Su Shan and made her lose her breath.


“I’m outspoken and straightforward. Don’t take it to heart, Aunt.”

When Su Xi said this, not only Su Hui and Ye Guohua, who had been silent all this time, smiled, but even Su Jingcheng, who had a cold face next to her, had his mouth slightly raised.

Su Jingcheng looked down at Su Xi. At this moment, Su Xi was raising her head with a fierce expression as if she was in a combative state. It wasn’t the same as how she usually was in front of him, but it was still cute.

“If you have any opinions about me, you can come to me directly. As for the rest,” Su Jingcheng paused, then continued, “please bear with it.”

Su Jingcheng’s sudden uncompromisingly cold attitude startled everyone present.

——From the time Su Jingcheng drove away the members of the Su family from the funeral of Su Zhengheng and Lin Xueyan, and from the time he was able to control all the shareholders of Suyuan Group within a month, everyone knew that this nephew was no longer the child they perceived to be at their mercy.

He was more formidable and harder to deal with than his parents.

It’s just that when dealing with the elders on this side of the Su family, Su Jincheng was mostly indifferent and not overly sharp.

This time, Su Jingcheng was so tough, the crux could only lie with Su Xi.


Su Hui broke the deadlock.

“Since Su Xi came back the old man still hasn’t seen her. Jing Cheng, you should take her to see Grandpa first.”

Su Jingcheng nodded.

As for Su Shan, she was so clueless that she had to mutter at this point, “Dad is busy at the moment and may not be able to spare some time.”

“Is that so?” Su Jingcheng sneered. “Then there’s no need to meet.”

Su Hui was a sensible person. Upon hearing Su Jingcheng’s words, her complexion sank and she quickly scolded Su Shan, “What nonsense! Why is father not free right now? Su Shan, today is Father’s birthday, put your bad temper away. No one will take you for a mute if you don’t speak.”

Wang Wenbin also quickly pulled his wife to the side. Su Hui and Su Jingcheng, one was the person in charge of the Su family while the other was the living king of hell, why was she so ignorant of things?!

Seeing Su Shan shut up, Su Hui turned to Su Jingcheng again. “Jingcheng, there’s nothing more to do at this side, you can take Xiao Xi and talk to Father.”

Su Jingcheng: “Where is he?”

Su Hui: “In the room over there.”


“Xixi, shall we go and see Grandfather?” Su Jingcheng asked Su Xi.

She nodded and followed Su Jingcheng to the sitting room.

Before the two entered the room, they heard a girl’s voice coming from inside.

“Grandpa, look, this is a gift I prepared for you. I painted it myself and asked Master Qu to frame it.”

“Yaoyao paints really well.”

“As long as Grandpa likes it!”

“I like it, I like it.”



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