The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 25

Su Xi followed Su Jingcheng in and saw two people inside the room. One of them was an old man who looked to be in his seventies or eighties. He should be the Old Master of the Su family that Su Shan and Xu Feng had been talking about earlier.

And in front of Old Master Su, there was another girl who looked about the same age as Su Xi. She was wearing a very delicate dress, smiling and talking to the other person.

Su Jingcheng and Su Xi coming obviously interrupted the conversation between the old and the young.

“You’ve come.” Old Master Su said while looking at Su Jingcheng.

“A birthday gift for Grandfather.” Saying that, Su Jingcheng put a box prepared in advance on the table on Old Master Su’s left hand side.

Old Master Su nodded, and then looked at Su Xi who was beside Su Jingcheng. “Is this the child you found?”

Looking at this little girl, she’s quite energetic.

Old Master Su commented in his heart.

“Yes.” Su Jingcheng answered, adding, “Su Xi, my little sister.”

After saying that, Su Jingcheng looked down and said to Su Xi, “This is Grandfather.”

“Grandfather.” Su Xi called out towards Old Master Su.

En.” The old man nodded and responded with a faint expression. He didn’t show much joy at hearing Su Xi’s call, nor did he show much excitement at seeing his long-lost granddaughter.

Obviously, Old Master Su didn’t care much about the children of the second family.

Old Master asked Su Xi a few more words, counting it as the care of an elder.

“How old are you?”


“Same age as Xiao Xing. Are you going to school?”


“How are you getting on after coming back?”

“Pretty good.”

After asking a few casual questions, Old Master Su withdrew his gaze and pointed to the girl beside him. He said to Su Xi, “This is Yaoyao, the daughter of your uncle. She’s a little younger than you.”

At this, Su Xi nodded towards the other girl. “Hello.”

Since they came in, this Yaoyao had been sitting very quietly next to Old Master Su, appearing well-behaved and sensible.

Except for the moment when she saw Su Jingcheng, Su Xi noticed that Yaoyao’s expression changed for a moment, as if excited and a little nervous at the same time,


“Hi, my name is Su Mengyao. Nice to meet you and welcome home.” Su Mengyao stood up and walked up to Su Xi with a smile on her face.

Compared with Su Xi’s simple greeting, Su Mengyao was significantly enthusiastic.

“So Sister Xixi is Brother Cheng’s biological sister?” Su Mengyao asked. She turned to look at Su Jingcheng, then at Old Master Su, and finally looked back at Su Xi.

Su Xi: “Mm.”

Su Mengyao: “That’s great. I’m so envious of you, Sister Xixi, I want an older brother super badly too.”

Su Mengyao’s words made the Old Master laugh. “Haha, isn’t Jingcheng your brother?”

“I don’t have many opportunities to meet Brother Cheng.”

“Then what about Xiao Xing?”

“Brother Xing? Forget it.” Su Mengyao showed disdain.

What she wanted was a brother like Su Jingcheng—— The chairman of Suyuan Group! Not only was he handsome, but also very powerful! Those people at school knew that she’s Su Jingcheng’s younger sister and they all envied her!

“It’s still Sister Xixi who has it better.” Su Mengyao looked at Su Xi with envious gaze, but from an angle that wasn’t visible to onlookers, the envy in her eyes gradually turned into jealousy.

——Su Jingcheng had always been the best brother in Su Mengyao’s heart. Although Su Jingcheng rarely interacts with other members of the Su family and doesn’t pay much attention to her, Su Mengyao had always regarded herself as Su Jingcheng’s only sister. But now that Su Xi had appeared, she’s no longer such.

Besides, this Su Xi had only just been found. She obviously wasn’t with Su Jingcheng for long, so why did it feel like Su Jingcheng treats Su Xi so well and better than everyone else?

Su Mengyao was unhappy and she pursed her lips secretly.

“What’s there to be envious about this kind of thing?” Old Master Su said with a nonchalant smile. “Why don’t I see you comparing yourself to others in your studies?”

“Grandpa is wronging me. I’ve worked hard in my studies too! I was even recommended to participate in a math competition!”

“By the way, Sister Xixi, do you like math?”

“It’s okay.”

“Xiao Xi is a year older than Yaoyao, so you’re in second year of middle school now, right?” Old Master Su also asked.

En, second year.”

“I’ve heard that there are several additional classes for the second year and that you have to take a portion of the third year courses. Do you find it difficult, Sister Xixi?”

“It’s all right.”

“How is Xiao Xi doing at school?”

“Not bad.”


The four of them started ‘chatting’ in the sitting room.

During the whole process, Su Mengyao enlivened the atmosphere like a delightful girl, amusing Old Master Su from time to time. It was no wonder he was fond of this granddaughter.

Compared to Su Mengyao’s lively, cheerful and clever personality, Su Xi, who doesn’t talk much, seemed a bit dull.

“Grandpa, when will the banquet start?” Su Mengyao asked.

Reminded by his granddaughter, Old Master Su glanced at the clock. “It’s almost time.”

“Let’s go out.” Old Master Su glanced at Su Jingcheng.

Several people got up and walked towards the hall outside. Su Mengyao naturally stepped forward and linked her arm on Su Xi’s.

“Sister Xixi, it’s closer to walk through this door here.”

“Look, past here is the hall. Let me tell you, you don’t know that the banquet hall of Shengyuan Hotel isn’t open to the public. Only our Su family can use it……”

Su Mengyao jabbered on in Su Xi’s ear, acting as a warm and hospitable host.

Su Xi: “……” If she remembered correctly, before coming in, Su Jingcheng seemed to have told her that this hotel was theirs?


On the other side, Old Master Su and Su Jingcheng also walked out.

“Is everyone here?” Old Master asked while looking at his son and daughters.

“The list of guests below hasn’t been sent up yet, but it should be about right. The banquet hall is full.” Xu Feng stepped forward and said.

Old Master Su’s birthday banquet was held in two separate venues. The lower banquet hall was for the invited guests, while the members of the Su family were upstairs in this private hall.

The old man glanced at Xu Feng. “I’m talking about our own family members, is everyone here?”

When the old man said this, Su Hui’s complexion on the side didn’t look very good.

“Dad, Xiao Xing is probably on the way. We don’t need to wait for him, let’s just start.” Su Hui said to the old man.

Then he pulled on Ye Guohua with an ugly expression. “Old Ye, call your son again and ask him where he is!”


Su Hui hadn’t finished speaking when she heard a voice coming in from the door, “Rush, rush, rush, what’s the rush? Am I not here?”

Why does this sloppy tone and this voice that was asking for a beating, sounded familiar?

Su Xi turned her head in the direction of the doorway and saw a familiar yellow hair at first glance.

What kind of f*cking fate was this?

Su Xi looked at Ye Zexing in bewilderment.

Ye Zexing obviously hadn’t noticed Su Xi yet and he walked over slowly with an unruffled look on his face.

“The banquet won’t start until six or seven, so what’s the hurry?”

Regardless of the expressions of the elders present, Ye Zexing went to the sofa and sat down directly. Only then did he finally saw Su Xi, who was sitting on the opposite side.

This almost caused Ye Zexing to fall off the sofa.

“Y-y-you, why are you here?!” Ye Zexing jumped up and pointed at Su Xi with an incredulous expression.

“Speak properly!” Su Hui chided. “This is Su Xi.”

“I know!” The question was why was this person here?

Su Hui saw Ye Zexing’s confusion, so she explained, “She’s your uncle’s daughter.”

Ye Zexing: “……” What the f*ck.

He knew Su Xi and had a deep impression of her. And he also knew that the lost child from his uncle’s family had been found because his mother told him about it.

However, Ye Zexing never thought of linking these two things together.

“Have you met before?” Su Jingcheng swept a glance at Ye Zexing and asked Su Xi.

En, I’ve seen him at school.”

Su Xi was also surprised to learn that this Ye Zexing was actually a relative from this side of the family.

This was what Dong Wenqi wanted to talk about before, but unfortunately, Classmate Dong forgot about it the next day.

Su Jingcheng remembered that Uncle Fu had indeed mentioned to him that he had seen Ye Zexing at Shangming Middle School. Su Jingcheng had not paid much attention to this son of his eldest aunt. In his impression, he was a rebellious teenager who did not learn anything other than stirring up trouble.

Should he change Xixi’s school? After all, the quality of schoolmates was also crucial.

Su Jingcheng frowned and thought.

On the side, Su Hui was surprised. “Xiao Xi also attends Shangming Middle School?”

Su Xi: “Hmm.”

Su Hui: “What a coincidence. Ye Zexing is also in Shangming. You should be in the same grade.”

After saying that, Su Hui looked warningly at her son. “You’re not allowed to pick on Su Xi at school.”

Ye Zexing’s behavior just now caught Su Hui’s eyes. It wasn’t as simple as seeing Su Xi, but rather, he seemed a bit…… lacking confidence?

Ye Zexing: “I……”

It’s good if he doesn’t get picked on, how dare he pick on Su Xi?

But it was clear that Su Jingcheng and Su Hui had thought of the same thing.

“Did he trouble you?” Su Jingcheng asked Su Xi, and at the same time, he looked at Ye Zexing with stern eyes, which was so overwhelming that people didn’t dare let out a breath.

Su Xi shook her head. “No.”

Ye Zexing also hurriedly denied, “No, no, I absolutely didn’t!”

But he was almost beaten up by Su Xi and was just able to escape from the tiger’s mouth.

Ye Zexing looked at the pair of brother and sister in front of him with apprehension and shrank his neck. In this family, the only person Ye Zexing was afraid of was this older cousin whom he doesn’t see often.

Now here comes Su Jingcheng’s younger sister who he didn’t expect to be a terrifying presence as well. Was it too late now to turn around and walked away, pretend like he had never been there?

Su Hui looked at Su Xi, then at Ye Zexing. “You two are cousins so take care of each other at school, okay?”

“Since everyone is here, let’s start.”

Old Master Su gave the word and everyone took their seats.


At the dinner table, everyone was busy saying words to please Old Master Su, while Su Xi was eating quietly beside Su Jingcheng.

This squirrel fish was delicious, that pearl meatballs was also delicious, this deep fried spareribs was super delicious…… and the candied assorted tuber plants over there also looks delicious.

It’s a pity that it’s a bit too far to reach.

Su Xi shook her head rather regretfully.

At this moment, a piece of yam coated with golden sugar fell into Su Xi’s bowl.

“!” Su Xi’s eyes lit up and she twisted her head to look at Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng: “What else do you want?”

No need……


“Okay.” Su Jingcheng helped Su Xi pick up a piece of candied pumpkin.

“Thank you.” Su Xi whispered. “That-, you should eat too.”

“All right.” Su Jingcheng smiled.


Everyone didn’t even move their chopsticks much, but on this side, the brother and sister were already full.


“No.” Although she said so, Su Xi had the word ‘bored’ written all over her face.

Su Jingcheng smiled dotingly. “You can go out and have a look around if you’re bored.”

This was Suyuan’s place so Su Jingcheng wasn’t worried about Su Xi’s safety.

“Then I’ll go to the washroom?”

“Go ahead.”


As soon as Su Xi walked outside, she ran into Ye Zexing who had an appointment for the evening and was about to bolt.

Seeing Su Xi, Ye Zexing tensed up for a moment.

Ye Zexing: “That-“

Su Xi: “Do you need something?”

Ye Zexing: “There is something.”

Su Xi: “You want to give me trouble?”

“How is that possible?” Ye Zexing secretly glanced at Su Xi.

With the kind of destructive force this girl has, he couldn’t even avoid her, so why would give her trouble? That’s like courting death.

However, now that they turned out to be relatives, this girl shouldn’t be hitting him anymore.

“I just want to ask you what month is your birthday.”

“July.” This was what she heard from Su Jingcheng.

“Haha, so you’re younger than me. I should be your older cousin!” Ye Zexing seemed very happy about this.

“Older cousin? Say that again?”

Ye Zexing felt chills down his back when he saw Su Xi’s half-smiling eyes, and he was instantly cowed.

“You’re my older cousin. I’ll call you older sister.”

She clearly looked like a gentle and quiet cute girl, but why was she so terrifying?

Ye Zexing muttered in a small voice.

“That-, since we’re cousins, we should write off all our previous misunderstanding.”

Before Ye Zexing could continue, Su Mengyao’s voice suddenly came from not far away.

“Sister Xixi, Brother Xing, what are you guys doing out here?”

Su Mengyao came over, seeming to stand in front of Su Xi righteously. “Just now Aunt said you’re not allowed to pick on Sister Xixi!”

“None of your business!” Ye Zexing looked at Su Mengyao unhappily. “And which eye of yours saw me picking on her?”

“You’re not the best. Grandpa’s birthday party isn’t over yet. You’re not going to run away, are you?”

“So what? Such a busybody.”


“Don’t think she’s nice, she’s just a spoiled brat. Fake as hell.” Before leaving, Ye Zexing said this to Su Xi.

Su Xi was amazed. She looked at Ye Zexing’s back and raised her eyebrows. It’s rare for this guy to say something that she agrees with.

“Don’t listen to Brother Xing’s nonsense, Sister Xixi. We grew up together and he likes to undermine me.” At this time, Su Mengyao was also a little embarrassed, but she still maintained a sincere smile. “Sister Xixi, let’s go in quickly!”



When Su Xi returned to the hall, the banquet seemed to be nearing its end.

People from the Su family were chatting around the table. Although it was unknown what was going on in their minds, on the surface they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

On the other hand, Su Jingcheng on the side seemed out of place, as if he had been excluded.

Thinking about it carefully, wasn’t the setting of the novel too unkind to the villain? The male protagonist has a wife, a son, and a group of loyal employees. On the contrary, the villain seemed to have nothing other than a few relatives that were always thinking about how to plot against him.

Su Xi couldn’t describe what she was feeling, but she was a bit uncomfortable.

Su Xi walked over and sat down beside Su Jingcheng.

“Not playing outside anymore?”

Su Xi shook her head.


On the other side, Xu Feng saw that time was almost up and suggested, “It’s almost time. Why don’t we go down with Father to thank the guests?”

No one objected.

Xu Feng looked at the brother and sister. “Jingcheng, do you want to go down with us?”

Su Jingcheng’s brows were slightly wrinkled. The people Su Zhengqi and the others invited below were a bit complicated. He didn’t really want to bring Xixi down to have contact with those people.

“Do you want to go, Xixi?” Su Jingcheng asked Su Xi.

“I don’t want to.” Su Xi shook her head like a rattle drum.

Xu Feng glanced at Su Xi. “In that case, then you juniors should rest up here.”

Xu Feng naturally classified Su Jingcheng as a ‘junior’.

In this family, Su Jingcheng was originally a junior, but Su Jingcheng’s position in the industry of B City was very high.

If Su Jingcheng really went along, he might overshadow the Old Master’s limelight.

Therefore, if the brother and sister weren’t willing to go, she’s happy to let them do as they please.

Xu Feng: “In a while—”

“No need.” Interrupting Xu Feng’s words, Su Jingcheng got up and prepared to leave with Su Xi. They had done what they needed to do. There was no need to waste any more time here.

It’s finally time to go.

Su Xi raised her hands in agreement.


The siblings were walking out of the hotel when Su Xi suddenly thought of something and stopped.

Su Xi turned her head and saw Su Jingcheng behind her.

It seemed to be the case all the time—— Every time she and Su Jingcheng walk together, the other person wouldn’t walk in front of her.

It appears like he was leaving a comfortable space for Su Xi. In order to not make her uneasy, Su Jingcheng wouldn’t walk next to her either.

Instead, it was just like right now. He was walking behind her a few steps away, following Su Xi in a protective gesture.

In this way, he could keep an eye on his sister and never lose sight of her.

Looking at Su Jingcheng, Su Xi seemed to see the loneliness that surrounded him all the time.

“What’s wrong, Xixi?” Seeing Su Xi stop while looking at him, the seriousness on Su Jingcheng’s face turned into tenderness.

“It’s nothing.” Su Xi shook her head and suddenly gave Su Jingcheng an amicable smile.

In the next second, Su Xi fell back and walked over to Su Jingcheng’s side, carefully tugging on his sleeve.

“Let’s go.”

This was the first time Su Xi had taken the initiative to approach Su Jingcheng.

He was pleasantly surprised and his heart felt warm.

As for Su Xi, she was a little nervous, after all, this was the big villain she had initially avoided!

Su Xi wasn’t stupid. Perhaps because he had not yet blackened, after getting in touch with Su Jingcheng during this period, Su Xi felt that he wasn’t a bad person.


“What does Xixi want to say?” Su Jingcheng lowered his head and looked at Su Xi patiently.

Su Xi hesitated for a moment before reminding Su Jingcheng, “Second and youngest uncle’s family, I don’t think they’re good people.”

After Su Jingcheng took over Suyuan Group, these people often made small moves behind the scenes. When Su Jingcheng was defeated by the male protagonist, Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin were the first people to jump out and devoured most of Suyuan Group’s assets and projects.

Even though it wasn’t mentioned in the novel, Su Xi had a strong feeling when reading the novel that these two people also played a significant role behind the scenes, in order for the male protagonist to defeat Su Jingcheng.

Su Xi didn’t care if it was considered helping evildoers. She reminded Su Jingcheng because she wanted him to be on guard of those people.

Su Jingcheng didn’t expect Su Xi to say such a thing and looked at Su Xi in surprise.

Was Xixi concerned for him?

Right? She definitely is!


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