The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 26

On Monday, Su Jingcheng sent Su Xi to the school gate as usual.

After getting out of the car, Su Xi didn’t go in immediately, but stood in front of the car as if hesitating.

“What’s the problem, Xixi?” Su Jingcheng asked.

The previous times, whenever he sent Su Xi to school, the girl would run away without a trace as soon as she got off. Su Xi didn’t do so today, was there something wrong?

Was there something the school was asking parents to do? Or did Xixi encounter any trouble?

In just a few seconds, Su Jingcheng had already thought of countless possibilities.

But as a result, Su Xi shook her head. “Nothing, just……”

“Goodbye.” Su Xi whispered to Su Jingcheng.

At this, Su Jingcheng was stunned for a moment, then he looked at Su Xi with a gleam of light in his eyes. Xixi was specifically saying goodbye to him?

Hearing his sister’s soft and sticky “goodbye”, Su Jingcheng was a little flattered, after all, this was the first time Xixi said goodbye to him.

“That-” Su Xi contemplated and then said to Su Jingcheng, “If you’re busy, it’s okay if you don’t send me off.”

During this period, Su Xi discovered that Su Jingcheng was really busy. Almost every day when he came home and finished dinner, he would go to his study to work until late.

One thing Su Xi didn’t know was that Su Jingcheng was really busy, but in the past, Su Jingcheng would have stayed in the company all the time and would definitely not take those jobs home to deal with.

Nowadays, Su Jingcheng was bringing all that work home just so he could spend more time with Su Xi and have meals with her.

Hearing Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help smiling. “I’m not very busy, and even if I am, I’ll still have time to take you to school.”

“Didn’t Xixi used to send me to school all the time?”

Su Xi: “Huh?”

Seeing the bewildered look on Su Xi’s face, Su Jingcheng’s smile widened a bit.

When Su Xi was three years old, Su Jingcheng happened to be in the first year of high school. Because the school he attended was a bit far from Jingyuan and had a lot more classes, Su Jingcheng couldn’t spend as much time with Su Xi as he did in middle school.

At first, when Su Jingcheng went to school, Su Xi would go around looking for him if she couldn’t see him after waking up. Later, at some point, Su Xi found that Su Jingcheng was going to school so she got up very early.

And when it was finally time for her brother leave, Su Xi was unwilling to let Su Jingcheng go.

As soon as Su Jingcheng went out, Su Xi followed with her short legs and gazed at him longingly.

Knowing that making a scene was useless, the little person simply said in a serious manner, “Xixi will take Brother to school.”

Helpless, Su Jingcheng had no choice but take his younger sister and strap her into the car seat.

Sometimes, at the gate of Su Jingcheng’s school, Su Xi would lie on the car window and watch him go in with aggrieved eyes, but most of the time, on their way, Su Xi couldn’t hold on and would fell asleep again.

Su Jingcheng would go to school, and as for Su Xi, she would be pack and brought home by Uncle Fu.

When she woke up in her room, she would start clamoring for ‘Chengcheng’ again.


Thinking of how many times the little person looked at him with a ‘serious’ face and borrowed the words of their parents to tell him, “Take class seriously and go home obediently after school”, Su Jingcheng chuckled inwardly and simply reminded Su Xi, “Take class seriously and call me anytime you encounter any problems at school, okay?”

“Hmm.” Su Xi nodded.

After bidding farewell to Su Jingcheng, Su Xi went straight to the classroom.

As soon as Su Xi entered, before she could even settle down, Dong Wenqi approached with a bright face.

“Su Xi, Su Xi, how’s the situation at your grandfather’s birthday banquet this Saturday?”

The people from that side of the Su family were quite high-profile. They invited many guests to Old Master Su’s birthday banquet and even specially invited people from the news media to the scene. The subsequent news coverage was even more overwhelming. It was said that the scene was very grand.

When Dong Wenqi read those reports, she was filled with sorrow. If she hadn’t been forcibly dragged to the training facility by her little aunt for a three-hour special physical training for the sports day, she would have also been there.

It was better if Dong Wenqi didn’t mention it, because when she did, the expression on Su Xi’s face instantly collapsed. “I don’t know.”

Dong Wenqi: “What? You don’t know?”

Su Xi: “Me and Su— Erm— my brother, left early.”

“I see.” No wonder the chairman of Suyuan Group wasn’t mentioned in those reports, it turned out that they left early.

“Why, you guys don’t get along well with your relatives from that side?” Dong Wenqi asked again.

It’s all those members of the Su family who were using the banner of Suyuan Group to establish relationships outside. It seems that they have never heard of Su Xi’s brother having many contacts with those relatives.

“It’s not very good.” Su Xi didn’t conceal it. Facing a group of extreme relatives who want to destroy him at any time and take away his family property, Su Jingcheng must have a hole in his brain if he could get along with them.


“What’s the matter, you don’t seem to be in a bright mood?” Seeing Su Xi lying on the table, looking like a cabbage dehydrated by the sun, Dong Wenqi asked with concern.

“No, I’m just thinking about something.” Su Xi murmured.

She was wondering how the villain in the novel became dark.

Su Xi wasn’t stupid. She’s been in contact with Su Jingcheng for so many days, how could she not be aware of the other party’s innate character?

Although Su Jingcheng’s personality was a bit profound as described in the novel and he was indeed not very talkative, Su Xi didn’t feel that the other party was a bad person—— At least, so far, Su Xi hadn’t seen the other party do anything harmful or outrageous.

Moreover, Su Jingcheng actually treats his family quite well, and he wasn’t as twisted and scary like in the novel.

So, what exactly was the reason for Su Jingcheng’s blackening?

Su Xi didn’t think that Su Jingcheng would blackened just by the male protagonist taking away a project and mocking him at the banquet.


Su Xi had no idea when she started having this selfish intention. If possible, she hoped that Su Jingcheng wouldn’t turn dark. The current Su Jingcheng was actually pretty good. If one day he blackened, Su Xi was worried that she wouldn’t be able to accept the difference in her heart.

Was there any way to stop Su Jingcheng from turning dark? Also, even if Su Jingcheng doesn’t turn dark, what if he still got ruined by the male protagonist and supporting characters later on?

Su Xi suddenly felt anxious.

“Dong Xiao Qi, let me ask you a question.”


“Do you have any ideas or ways to make money?”

“Make money?” Hearing this from Su Xi, Dong Wenqi was surprised. “Are you short of allowance?”

Su Xi: “Something like that.” Even if there was no shortage now, maybe there would be in the future.

Su Xi thought it over. During this period of time, Su Jingcheng had been so kind to her and even provided her with food and let her to go to school. She couldn’t be a white-eyed wolf. If she could secretly earn some money and save it up, even if Su Jingcheng went bankrupt, she could still help him. At least he wouldn’t starve to death.

“There are many ways to get money.” Dong Wenqi thought carefully and said, “You can ask your parents directly for it. If they don’t give any, you can ask your grandparents. It’s our right to ask for pocket money.”

Su Xi: “……”

“Is that all you do?”

Dong Wenqi nodded. “Yeah, or you can negotiate with your family, such as how much progress in the monthly exam can get how much reward. Be modest at ordinary times and get higher score in the exam at critical times. Isn’t this a good deal?”

Su Xi: “Is there anything else?”

Dong Wenqi thought about it. “What else? Selling things. If there’s anything you don’t like or don’t need, you can sell them on second-hand websites to those who need it.”

Speaking of this, Dong Wenqi seemed to become an open chatter box. “Let me tell you, I’ve also sold my mom’s stuffs. My mom is often fooled by people in her social circle and buys a bunch of expensive and impractical things. She would forget a lot of them, so I would trade them to someone who needs them more. She hasn’t found out even until now, hehe.”

“Is there a way of getting money outside? The decent kind of earning money.”

Su Xi didn’t want to sell things.

When she was taken to Jingyuan, she only wore a set of pajamas and a fake mobile phone left by her master. Later, she used ones prepared by Uncle Fu, and the rest of the things were given to her by Su Jingcheng.

Although the things Su Jingcheng gave her weren’t all necessarily practical, Su Xi didn’t want to sell them.

Dong Wenqi was stumped by Su Xi’s question. What could they, a 13 or 14 years old minors, do to earn money?

“Why don’t you try live streaming?” Dong Wenqi suggested.

Su Xi: “The singing and dancing kind?”

Dong Wenqi: “Pretty much. You can also act cute and such.”

Su Xi: “I’d rather not.” She couldn’t.

Previously, Su Xi discovered a problem with herself—— Tone deafness.

Dong Wenqi: “If that also doesn’t work, then the only thing I can think of is to set up a stall on the street.”

Su Xi: “A stall? What kind of business?”

Dong Wenqi: “Begging.”

Su Xi: “……”

“Of course, if you know how to jump through a ring of fire or smash a boulder on your chest, that’s fine too.”

Su Xi: I can’t.

However, Dong Wenqi’s words reminded Su Xi that although she couldn’t smash boulders on her chest, she knows the health-preserving Tai chi taught by her master.

She didn’t know if she could fool people like Master, but why don’t she give it a try?

Su Xi made a secret plan in her mind.


Dong Wenqi was originally joking with Su Xi, but she never thought that this person would take it seriously.

Aiya, stop thinking about those things. Let me tell you, I just heard from the sports commissary that the list of names participating in the sports day has been confirmed.” Dong Wenqi’s expression suddenly became grave.

The school confirmed the list of participants for the sports day, which meant that Su Xi’s high jump event couldn’t be retracted now.

“My little aunt said there’s not much use practicing at this time, but you can’t lose your momentum, so come with me this weekend. My little aunt will find a professional coach to give you commando training.”

“Like making the jumping posture more professional or how to fall if you can’t jump so that it looks like a mistake and not like you really can’t jump, and so on.”

“Don’t worry.” Su Xi patted Dong Wenqi’s hand. “I’m actually decent at sports.”

Dong Wenqi: “Right, right, right, that’s the kind of bravado you need!” Her little aunt said that bluffing was also a discipline, and that one could lose in hardware but not in momentum.

“You don’t even know how many people in school are staring at you right now.” Due to her association with Ye Zexing, Su Xi was now considered a small ‘celebrity’, especially among Ye Zexing’s fans.

Su Xi: “……”


On the other side, Class 4 was also discussing the list of participants for sports day.

“Except for the 200 meters run which was shot down because the number of people exceeded the limit, all other events submitted by our class passed.”

“In addition, I also got this!” The sports commissary of Class 4 shook his mobile phone in front of everyone , adding, “The event sheets for all classes in the school.”

“Damn, awesome. You got it all!”

“Let me see it!”

“I want to see it too!”

Everyone gathered around.

“Sun Qi from Class 8 actually signed up for 7 events? F*cking awesome.”

“She even signed up for the high jump?”

“Oh no, I thought that there won’t be too many applicants this year and I wanted to get a prize. I didn’t expect to meet Sun Qi in the first round of the grouping stage. The other two from Class 5 and Class 2 seems to be quite strong too.” The girl named Lin Ziyue said.

“At any rate, your strength is as good as Sun Qi’s. I’m the one who is out of luck.” Chen Yuxin, who was next to her, said, “But I’m okay in the grouping stage. It seems that the other three I’m competing with aren’t that strong.”

“It doesn’t seem terrible. Yu Xiaoxiao from Class 8, Zhou Jia from Class 1, and Su Xi from Class 7?”

“Su Xi? The one who just transferred? I don’t think she’s tall, right? She’s also in?”

“Probably just to make up the numbers. Class 7 is inherently poor in sports.”


When a few people mentioned Su Xi, Ye Zexing, who had been sleeping in the back, sat up suddenly. “Who did you say? Su Xi?”

“Yeah, Su Xi will also participate in the women’s high jump.”

Hearing this, Ye Zexing gave Chen Yuxin, who had spoken, a faint look. “Then just play around.”

Chen Yuxin thought she would steadily win in her group. Unbeknownst to her, with regards to Su Xi’s posture as she jumped up and beat people, Ye Zexing felt that her high jump might not be bad.

“What do you mean?” Chen Yuxin was bewildered.

“The literal meaning.” Saying that, Ye Zexing turned to Lin Ziyue. “You’re also participating in the high jump?”


“Oh, then you don’t have to work too hard, just play around.”

“Why?” Lin Ziyue was also bewildered. Chen Yuxin could just play around, but she’s a seed player!

“No reason.”

This Lin Ziyue was really powerful, what if she’s better than Su Xi?

Ye Zexing felt that he could help Su Xi ‘take care’ a few competitors first.

If Su Xi knew what was going on in Ye Zexing’s head, she would definitely scold “Retard”. Only, Ye Zexing remained cocky.

——Before, he and Su Xi were at odds, but after knowing that Su Xi was his younger cousin, Ye Zexing’s attitude changed.

In any case, they’re at school and it’s his younger cousin, of course he had to cover up for her.


On the other side.

Su Xi’s last class today happened to be PE. As the sports day was approaching, it was a rare occurrence that the class teacher didn’t make the PE teacher ‘sick’ during his class.

Dong Wenqi originally wanted to take Su Xi to practice with her in this class, but this guy actually asked the teacher for leave!

“What are you doing today?” Dong Wenqi looked at Su Xi resentfully.

Su Xi smiled. “I have no idea.”

Just now she received a message from Su Jingcheng, saying that he would pick her up at school early and asked her to pack her things first.

In addition, before that, Su Jingcheng had already helped Su Xi ask the school for leave for her last class.


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