The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 28

Until Ran Kexin left with her genius son, Su Xi stood in place with a face full of shock and was unable to recover.

Chen Fei called her a few times but didn’t get any reaction.

That’s when Su Jingcheng came out of the office. He walked up to Su Xi, raised his hand and touched her head. “What is Xixi thinking about?”

“Huh? Su—”

She almost called him ‘Su Jingcheng’, but fortunately, Su Xi stopped just in time. Looking at the other party, Su Xi showed a strange expression as she opened her mouth to ask something, but eventually shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

Noticing Su Xi’s reluctance to talk, Su Jingcheng smiled patiently and naturally took Su Xi’s schoolbag, saying, “Does Xixi wants to visit Brother’s office?”

“Okay.” Su Xi nodded with a straight expression.

Seeing his younger sister’s ‘nonchalance’, Su Jingcheng was suddenly a little disappointed. Xixi wasn’t at all curious about the layout of his company, her brother’s office, or where he was going to take her later?

“Come on.”


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Su Xi and Su Jingcheng left with Chen Fei following them. The two secretaries remained standing in front of the public elevator.

“I’ve heard that the chairman has a younger sister, but this is the first time I’ve seen her in person!” Secretary Yu said with starry eyes as she looked at the direction the siblings had left.

“Tell me about it.” Secretary Lin on the side nodded in agreement.

The identity of Miss Su had always been a mystery to the outside world for many years. Except for the insiders back then and the close confidants, not many people knew that Su Xi had been lost.

So in the eyes of outsiders, they only heard that Chairman Su has a younger sister, but in fact, the existence of this younger sister was very mysterious.

“The chairman’s younger sister is so cute, pretty and adorable. Her facial features are quite similar to the chairman’s.” Secretary Yu said while pulling on Secretary Lin next to her, exclaiming, “Right, right, in addition, Secretary Lin, haven’t you notice that the chairman is particularly different today?!”

“What’s different?”

“Of course, his state is different! Didn’t you notice that the chairman was super gentle when facing Miss Su?!”

It was an unprecedented gentleness!

“Really, it’s the first time I’ve heard the chairman talk so much apart from meetings and he’s even smiling!” Secretary Yu said with an incredulous expression.

Their chairman had always been very serious, and usually they, the employees, didn’t even dare breathe in front of him. Even Assistant Chen wasn’t much better than them.

Who would have thought that such an unsmiling chairman could have such a gentle side?

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Secretary Yu would have thought she was dreaming.

“When you put it like that, it seems to be true.” Secretary Lin recalled the conversation between the chairman and Miss Su Xi just now, and nodded in agreement. “But they are siblings, it’s normal for them to have a good relationship.”

Secretary Yu: “That’s true. However, I really envy Miss Su Xi.”

Such a gentle chairman was really handsome!


On the other side, Su Xi, who was being envied, followed Su Jingcheng into his office.

This was a super large office with the same style as Su Jingcheng’s first impression—— Cold, profound, and even a bit rigid.

The good thing was that at this time, Su Xi’s mind was preoccupied with the matter of meeting the female protagonist and had no time to criticize Su Jingcheng’s office.

Inside, Su Jingcheng first handed Su Xi a cup of milk tea that he had a secretary buy, but thinking that it wouldn’t be good for a child of this age to drink too much milk tea, Su Jingcheng changed it into a cup of plain milk with sugar instead.

Su Jingcheng: “Sit here for a bit, Xixi. Wait for Brother. I will finish this last bit of work and we’ll leave.”

Su Xi: “Okay.”

Su Jingcheng returned to his desk while Su Xi sat obediently on the sofa at the side. She made no noise and was very quiet. If it wasn’t for Su Jingcheng occasionally looking up at her, and if it was changed to another person, they might have forgotten Su Xi’s existence.

“If you’re bored, you can walk around.” Su Jingcheng paused in the middle of his words, as there really didn’t seem to be anything interesting in his office. For the first time, Su Jingcheng was dissatisfied with his ‘simply’ decorated office.

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s words, Su Xi responded but didn’t move.

On the side, seeing his sister with her head buried as she stared at her toes with a serious face, Su Jingcheng secretly smiled. He withdrew his eyes and accelerated his speed of processing documents.

After Su Jingcheng was done with several urgent documents and raised his head to look at Su Xi again, he noticed that she was no longer staring at her toes, but was looking at him with a serious look on her face and unblinking eyes.

Su Jingcheng was taken aback. “Does Xixi want to ask something?” For example, where he planned to take her later?

However, the expression on Su Xi’s face was a bit too serious.

“There’s one thing……” Su Xi paused, then opened her mouth to ask, “The person who came out of your office just now, she……”

Su Jingcheng: “Did Xixi mean Ms. Ran?”

“Mm.”  Su Xi nodded and asked again, “What is your relationship?”

“Relationship?” Su Xi’s question made Su Jingcheng a little confused. After thinking for a moment, he patiently explained to Su Xi, “We are in a cooperative relationship. The other party is a jewelry designer with a certain international renown. She came to our company because she hoped to be a member of our commercial brand.”

Suyuan has never lacked collaborators and there was no shortage of jewelry brands under his umbrella. The reason why Su Jingcheng was willing to cooperate with Ran Kexin was ultimately due to the other party’s design style.

Su Jingcheng wanted to prepare some good-looking jewelry accessories for Su Xi, but he was worried that the design styles of others were too mature and Su Xi would despise them for being too old-fashioned.

Su Jingcheng had seen Ran Kexin’s designs on the Internet before. It was very beautiful and avant-garde. He thought Su Xi would like it.

Su Xi’s heart jumped as he listened to Su Jingcheng’s words. The female protagonist and Su Jingcheng actually had a cooperation? Why was this not mentioned in the novel at all?

“Then did you agree to work with her?” Su Xi asked Su Jingcheng.

“I did.” After a pause, Su Jingcheng added, “It’s just a small collaboration.”

It was just a jewelry brand wanting collaboration and this kind of small contract doesn’t require the presence of Su Jingcheng, the chairman, at all.

“What about the contract? Has the contract been signed?” Su Xi pursued.

“Yes.” Su Jingcheng murmured in his heart, Why is Xixi so concerned about this matter all of a sudden?

“Xixi……” Before Su Jingcheng could speak, he saw Su Xi looking straight at him with a grave and serious expression on her face, and it was even a little fierce.

“Then can you not get too close to her?”

What Su Xi originally wanted to ask was “Is the penalty for breach of contract expensive?”, but upon thinking that if Su Jingcheng asked her why she wanted to break the contract, she wouldn’t know what answer to give.

Thus she could only hope that Su Jingcheng and the female protagonist could maintain a distance from each other.

——Su Xi couldn’t ignore the emergence of the female protagonist.

The beginning of this part of the novel started after the male and female protagonist met again. That’s why Su Xi had always thought that the female protagonist wouldn’t return to China for at least another six months. However, she didn’t expect that the female protagonist would already be in the country at this time, and that she even met with the big villain and reached a collaboration with him!

It’s a common rule in romance novels that whenever a supporting character or a villain meets the male or female protagonist, nothing good would happen.

Su Xi even had a strong suspicion that the reason why Su Jingcheng had gone dark in the novel could actually be related to the female protagonist.


It was impossible for Su Jincheng to know what was on Su Xi’s head. Seeing his sister’s serious expression, Su Jingcheng suddenly had a helpless and somewhat amused smile on his face.

He suddenly had a bold guess. The little girl asked him to stay away from the designer surnamed Ran, maybe she was jealous?

After Su Xi returned, Su Jingcheng searched many articles on the Internet on how to raise children at this age, and one of them mentioned this point.

Children of Su Xi’s age who were in the midst of a rebellious phase, especially those from single-parent families, seemed to be very reluctant to have another woman enter their family sphere, which could make them feel unsettled.

Although the article said that in a single-parent family, it was aimed at the role of father, but it seems to be the same with the older brother?

“Rest assured, I’ll stay away from that person.” Su Jingcheng suppressed the laughter in his heart, looked at Su Xi dotingly, and assured her.

“I’m serious.” Seeing Su Jingcheng’s smiling face, Su Xi was extremely confused.

Regardless of whether the female protagonist had anything to do with the blackening of the villain in the novel, Su Xi didn’t want Su Jingcheng to get too close to the female protagonist.

Although it wasn’t stated that the villain was also interested in the female protagonist, there were so many powerful supporting characters that fell in love with her at first sight. What to do if Su Jingcheng, the villain, also had thoughts about the female protagonist?

Except for those few powerful male supporting characters, all the cannon fodder passersby in the novel who had interest in the female protagonist and tried to compete with the male protagonist for her did not end up well.

Su Xi didn’t want Su Jingcheng to have such a miserable ending like in the novel.

Seeing the little girl’s ‘fierce’ look, Su Jingcheng tried very hard not to laugh and looked at Su Xi with the same serious face and promised, “Brother promises that what Xixi’s worried about won’t happen, okay?”

He didn’t know what was going on in the little girl’s head but although that Ran Kexin looks good, she wasn’t his type, not to mention that she already has a child. Even if he had a hole in his brain, it was impossible for him to have anything to do with her other than business cooperation.

What’s more, apart from hiring the right person to design jewelry for Xixi, other business cooperation could be left to the operations department to coordinate with the other party. He didn’t need to have any contact with this Ran Kexin in the future.

Not only for Ran Kexin, but also for other people. Su Jingcheng had no intention of looking for a better half anytime soon. On the one hand, it was because of Xixi, and on the other hand, he had so many things to do at the moment that he really couldn’t find the time to consider this personal issue.

Faced with his younger sister’s ‘jealousy’, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help smiling. In a small corner of his heart, there was a tiny sense of satisfaction. Could he venture to guess that he, this older brother, was actually important in Xixi’s mind?

If Su Xi knew what was going on in Su Jingcheng’s head at this moment, she would definitely be unable to resist retorting. She had never admitted that Su Jingcheng was important to her. She just thought that the villain was actually quite good and it would be a real pity if he blackened.

She was just reminding him with a simple gesture. Yes, that’s right, it’s like that.

Su Xi secretly emphasized this to herself.

On the other side, seeing Su Xi nodding slightly, Su Jingcheng thought she had accepted his promise and smiled, “I’m done with my work. Let’s go.”

Go where?

Su Xi finally thought of this question again. What exactly did Su Jingcheng want to do that he asked her to leave early from school?

“Where are we going?” Su Xi asked.

At this, the smile on the corner of Su Jingcheng’s mouth widened a bit. “Taking Xixi out to play.”


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