The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 29

“Play?” Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng in astonishment. She thought that the other party specifically picked her up to do something like take her to meet some relatives or conduct another paternity test. However, she had never expected that Su Jingcheng was actually taking her to play.

Su Xi: “……” Go play what?

She couldn’t imagine what kind of picture the highly cold villain going out to play would look like.

As if seeing Su Xi’s confusion, Su Jingcheng explained with a smile, “To the amusement park.”

Just two days ago, Su Jingcheng secretly posted a request for help online using an anonymous account: 【How can I bridge the gap between me and my sister? How can I eliminate my sister’s sense of estrangement as soon as possible? Note: My sister is 14 years old this year.】

As soon as Su Jingcheng’s post went up, there were immediate replies and the content was filled with all kinds of strange and varied things.

【Have a fight. Although I don’t have a younger sister, I have a younger brother. We always like to fight when we have nothing to do. Bah, if I hit my younger brother a few more times, there will be no sense of estrangement.】

Su Jingcheng: If it’s hitting a younger brother then hit him, however, who will hit their younger sisters?

【What sense of estrangement? My sister and I have never felt a sense of estrangement, we only have a sense of hatred. I suspect that she wants to throw away my things and occupy my room at any moment, hahaha.】

【Your little sister is not cute at all.】 This was Su Jingcheng’s reply. His family’s Xixi was more obedient.

【Those upstairs are too unreliable. Landlord, I have a good suggestion for you!】

【SJC187348: If you have any good suggestion, do tell.】

【Playing games. It’s the best way to bring two people closer. Several of my buddies and I didn’t like each other at first, but didn’t we all become buddies by playing games together? The same reasoning applies to you. If your sister likes competitive games like pushing tower, that would be great. You can open an account and take her to play. I’m sure that you two will get familiar with each other in just a few days. Maybe you can even know your sister’s unknown side and many little secrets~】

【I’m a girl and I’ll add to the one upstairs. If your sister likes to play dating games, you can give her money by recharging her account. I guarantee she will think you’re the best brother in the world.】

【Haha, Upstairs speaks my mind. I really want to find a brother that will recharge my account for me.】

Watching the replies get more and more outrageous, Su Jingcheng’s brows furrowed deeper.

Playing games? That won’t do. Children of this age should study hard. Play what games? Moreover, he doesn’t know how either.

【SJC187348: This method won’t work. What’s next?】

【What? This isn’t even possible? This is already the most reliable way I can come up with.】



【If you can’t play games, you can only take her to play outside. Don’t siblings get to know each other after playing together a lot? There’s really nothing to say about this!】

【Right, right, just have fun together. Whatever your sister likes to play, just do it with her.】

【Or help your sister with her homework.】

【Hahaha, is Upstairs a devil? If I had a brother to help me with my homework, I’d hate him.】


Eventually, Su Jingcheng sifted out a few useful suggestions from the pile of comments.

It’s a good suggestion to accompany Xixi to play. As for what Xixi likes, Su Jingcheng thought of amusement parks.

When Su Xi was a little child, her first favorite thing to do was secretly follow her brother to school, and her second favorite thing was to go to amusement parks. No matter how much the little girl was crying, as soon as Su Jingcheng said “I’ll take you to the amusement park”, Su Xi would immediately stop crying.


Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to an amusement park close to the company. This was the first time Su Jingcheng stepped into one after a full 10 years.

Compared to the amusement park a decade ago, this one was significantly larger and contained a lot more rides, but the feeling it gave was actually the same.

“Does Xixi have any special impressions of places like amusement parks?” Su Jingcheng asked, looking down at Su Xi with a hint of expectation hidden in his eyes.

Apart from their home, the most memorable place for Su Xi when she was a child would probably be the amusement park.

Hearing this, Su Xi shook her head. “No……”

She probably guessed the reason for Su Jingcheng’s sudden question, but for Su Xi, her memories prior to getting in the orphanage was indeed blank.

As for amusement parks, people need to buy a pass to enter so Su Xi had basically never been inside one, at least not that she could remember.

Su Jingcheng concealed a trace of disappointment in his eyes and smiled towards Su Xi as if it didn’t matter. “It’s okay if you don’t remember. After today, Xixi will have new memories of it.”

“What does Xixi want to play?”

Su Xi: “……” No idea.

“How about that spinning teacup over there?” Asked Su Jingcheng, who noticed that many little girls seemed to like this kind of rides.

“Okay.” Su Xi responded and followed Su Jingcheng to find the most beautiful teacup and sat down.

The music played and the engine started.

Then Su Jingcheng found out that Su Xi had her head down the whole time, appearing completely detached.

She wasn’t looking around curiously and not snapping pictures with her mobile phone like other girls.

After that, Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to ride on the merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel, but Su Xi looked not really into it.

“Xixi doesn’t like these rides?” Su Jingcheng asked.

“Ah?” Hearing Su Jingcheng’s question, Su Xi came back to her senses and said with a guilty conscience, “No, it’s fun.”

Su Jincheng who noticed that Su Xi’s eyes were on the roller coaster not far away: “……”

Do whatever his sister likes.

Su Jingcheng suddenly thought of this sentence mentioned in the post.

“That’s called a roller coaster. Does Xixi want to give it a try?”

Su Xi: “Okay.”

The brother and sister came to the roller coaster ride. After the staff strapped down the safety gear for Su Xi, Su Jingcheng checked it over again uneasily.

“Is Xixi afraid?”

Su Xi nodded subconsciously, then shook her head. Actually, she think it’s okay?

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng handed over his arm. “Don’t be afraid, Brother’s here. If Xixi got scared, just grab my hand.”

Su Xi: “I’m not afraid.”

At these words, Su Jingcheng smiled indulgently. “En, our Xixi is very brave.”

Su Xi: “……” Why did if feel like she’s being treated as a little child by Su Jingcheng?

However, Su Xi was indeed not afraid—— As the roller coaster run its course, Su Xi’s face remained unchanged even when descending.

Later, the two went to ride the drop tower and Su Jingcheng finally believed that Su Xi was really not afraid.

To be precise, there was no feeling.

Looking at Su Xi who was obediently standing next to him while concentrating on eating ice cream with a calm face, Su Jingcheng inwardly sweated. Were children nowadays not afraid of these things? Why did he have such a bad perception of these amusement facilities?

Even now while standing on the ground, Su Jingcheng could still feel soreness on his neck due to the long-term tension, and his feet were a bit numb as he took his steps.

Should he also get an ice cream to get over the shock?

Su Jingcheng muttered to himself, but on the surface he still maintained the composure of a company chairman.


Only, in the process of getting on rides, Su Jingcheng discovered a problem—— No matter what they ride, his sister’s expression remained blank with an absent-minded look.

Was it because she didn’t find these things fun?

Su Jingcheng’s eyes sank slightly.

At the age when Su Jingcheng liked to have fun, he had to take on the heavy responsibility of managing the company because of the two accidents that happened in his life. In the years that followed, almost all of Su Jingcheng’s time and energy was devoted to handling the company’s affairs and attending various business functions. By the time he stepped into an amusement park again, he had long passed the age where he would be interested in such things. Therefore, Su Jingcheng doesn’t really enjoy these and even partly considers the risk factor of these rides.

But what about the Xixi? She didn’t like these things anymore?

Su Jingcheng had no idea it wasn’t that Su Xi didn’t like the rides. It depended on her attention, which wasn’t on any of it at all.

The appearance of the female protagonist and the ending of the villain in the novel kept popping up in Su Xi’s mind, and she simply didn’t have the heart to have fun at all.


At the amusement park, although there weren’t many visitors inside because it was a working day and the time happened to be on rush hour, the pair of good-looking siblings still drew a lot of eyes as they walk.

Su Jingcheng was a few steps behind Su Xi, his head lowered as he quietly looked at the girl in front.

Su Xi’s gaze had already landed on a particularly decorated building not far ahead.

“What’s that over there?” Su Xi stopped and waited until Su Jingcheng came up and asked.

Su Jingcheng looked in the direction of Su Xi’s finger. “That should be a haunted house.”

“Haunted house? Is it fun?”

“Does Xixi want to go in and try it out?” Su Jingcheng noticed that Su Xi’s eyes were slightly glowing as she looked over there.

The haunted house looked like an ordinary old residential building from the outside, but at the same time it had an eerie yet stylish feel, and Su Xi was eager to try it out.



After 5 minutes, Su Xi had a deep understanding of what it meant to bring disaster to oneself.

Originally, Su Xi thought that the haunted house would just be composed of a few shoddy props along with a few employees in costumes that people had no idea if they’re trying to be scary or be funny. But obviously, she overlooked the investment cost of this high-end amusement park.

Almost the second she stepped into the door and a gust of cold wind blew over, Su Xi regretted it.

If she had been the only one there, Su Xi might have turned around and gone to return the ticket, but thinking that there was Su Jingcheng next to her, Su Xi couldn’t state her reason unless she want to appear like a wimp in front of the other party.

Su Xi tugged at her school uniform, finally bit the bullet, and continued to walk in.

The further they go in, the darker the light gets and the more realistic the horror atmosphere becomes.

Over the years, Su Xi followed her master everywhere to ‘swindle’ people and encountered a lot of things. There don’t really seem anything to be afraid of.


She’s afraid of ghosts ah!

Su Xi tightened the coat of her school uniform, wishing she could turn herself into an invisible ‘pillar’. She walked forward with her head buried, her eyes closed, and her teeth clenched.

Su Xi didn’t dare relax. She was afraid that as she did so, something would jump out of nowhere in the next second and scare her so much she would scream.

Compared to Su Xi’s fear and nervousness, Su Jingcheng on the side was quite calm.

In Su Jingcheng’s eyes, these things were fake. He really didn’t know what was there to be afraid of. He even had extra energy to analyze whether the design was reasonable and whether the performance of the staff was on point.

In addition, Su Jingcheng’s attention was on Su Xi’s side. The surrounding light was too dim so Su Jingcheng couldn’t see Su Xi’s expression and condition at this time, but once there was any prop in front that Su Xi might bumped into, Su Jingcheng would simply kick it away.

If any ‘ghosts’ was about to run up to scare Su Xi, they would be stopped directly by Su Jingcheng.

When the two of them passed another long gloomy corridor lit up with green lights, Su Jingcheng felt a sudden pull and then a pair of small hands hugged his arm, tugging his sleeve tightly.

Su Jingcheng knew it was Su Xi.

Before he could experience the joy of being relied upon by his sister, Su Jingcheng’s expression quickly became anxious.

From Su Xi’s trembling hands, Su Jingcheng quickly noticed that the other party was afraid.


“I-I just can’t see the way and I’m afraid I’ll fall, really.”

In the darkness, a smile appeared on the corner of Su Jingcheng’s mouth. “En, don’t be afraid. Hold me. We’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Su Jingcheng took the small hand of the girl beside him and put it in his palm.

Su Jingcheng’s last statement that they’ll be out soon completely comforted Su Xi, and the heat surrounding her hand also made Su Xi relaxed—— She finally felt that she wasn’t the only living creature in this building.

Although she knew that Su Jingcheng was next to her, it was too dark to see anyone. Su Xi kept feeling that the area on her side was empty and wondered if Su Jingcheng had gotten separated from her. Did she go the wrong way?

Because Su Jingcheng was there to stop the ‘ghosts’, their performance was obviously less significant and the whole journey was uneventful. Finally, the two reached the exit.

Seeing the natural light coming from outside, Su Xi almost cried with excitement.

Meanwhile, Su Jingcheng, who was standing on the side, watched his sister come out of the haunted house with a small face that was pale with fright and a badly shaken appearance. Su Jingcheng felt both funny and distressed.

“Don’t come to this place in the future.” Su Jingcheng said to Su Xi.

“Mmm.” Su Xi nodded incredibly firmly—— Ghost and stuff wasn’t really suitable for a courageous and scientific person like her.


It was getting late, so Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to a restaurant.

This restaurant was booked in advance by Su Jingcheng. Before coming here, he listened to the suggestions of several employees of the company. Most o them said that this restaurant was the best around and was popular among young people.

But when they arrived, Su Jingcheng found that the claims of the staff still needed to be verified.

At this moment, the siblings were sitting opposite each other at the dining table. Su Xi was biting her chopsticks and it was unknown what she was thinking. She would frown one moment, then sighed the next, as if the large table of food in front of her was unattractive to her.

While Su Jingcheng’s eyes were also lowered, holding the phone in his hand, it was unknown what he was scrolling.

At first glance on their table, the siblings with their lowered heads and neither speaking, looks as if they were a plastic family.

However, if someone had gone over, they would find that Su Jingcheng wasn’t arranging work for his employees or handling official business with his phone. He was checking certain threads at the moment.

——Do children dislike western food?

——What foods do children, usually three or four years old, like to eat?

——What are some of the best restaurants or foods in the youth’s scene?


As for Su Xi, all she could think about was how to keep the female protagonist and Su Jingcheng from encountering each other. The two were now working together. What if the male protagonist misunderstands the female protagonist and thinks the two were having problems? Would the male protagonist and the supporting characters that were deeply in love with the female protagonist start to retaliate crazily against Su Jingcheng due to this? What if Su Jingcheng blackened?


After dinner, Su Jingcheng was worried that Su Xi hadn’t eaten enough, so after some internal struggles, he finally bought Su Xi a burger.

Su Jingcheng sent Su Xi back to Jingyuan.

As for himself, before he could even sit down, Wei Dongzhou, who had just returned to China, bombarded him on the phone and dragged him to the company to work overtime.

Su Jingcheng reached the company before Wei Dongzhou. When Wei Dongzhou arrived at Suyuan Group, as soon as he entered Su Jingcheng’s office, he saw him holding his phone with a troubled expression on his face.

“I say, Old Su, what’s this? I just came back and already saw you looking so bitter. Did you lose a project? Or did a business fail?”

“Neither.” Su Jingcheng glanced at Wei Dongzhou lightly.

“How do you think generation gap can be solved?”


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