The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 30

“Tch, what are you talking about? Generation gap?” Wei Dongzhou looked at Su Jingcheng with an astounded expression—— If it was half a month ago, he would never have imagined that one day his friend would actually talk to him about ‘generation gap’.

“Why? You have a generation gap with your baby sister?” You got disdained?

Wei Dongzhou didn’t ask Su Jingcheng the latter half of the sentence to give him face, but he reckoned that he guessed it accurately.

He wouldn’t even know if this didn’t happen. It turns out that the Chairman Su, who had no other hobby other than work, actually hid another attribute.

Now Wei Dongzhou could see it clearly. Su Jingcheng, this guy, was a complete siscon[1]sister complex; a state of strong attachment and obsession to sisters! He even felt that the company was only Su Jingcheng’s side business, and being a ‘milk brother’ was his main thing.

Thinking about it, the only person who could make Su Jingcheng so entangled and ask such a question, could only be his baby sister.

“What, you feel like you can’t keep up with her brain speed? Or did she find the things you think are good to be corny, while you can’t get the things she likes at all?” Wei Dongzhou sat down on the sofa and asked leisurely.

“Something like that.” Su Jingcheng said in a deep voice.

He really couldn’t guess what Xixi likes or dislikes, which makes Su Jingcheng feel powerless.

Seeing the knot in the middle of Su Jingcheng’s forehead, Wei Dongzhou laughed shamelessly. “Hahaha, you’re already old. Isn’t it normal to not know the current trend of young people?”

The 26 years old Su Jingcheng: “……”

“I’m old?” Su Jingcheng coldly swept his eyes towards Wei Dongzhou.

At the same time, he was reminded of the incident that had been on his mind for several days—— Being called ‘Uncle’ by Xixi’s classmate.

“Not old, not old.” Wei Dongzhou said with great desire to survive. “However, you’re already 26 while your sister is only 14. There’s quite a difference. I’ve read on the Internet that there’s a generation gap at three years. Do the math. There are several gaps between you and your sister.”

Speaking of this, Wei Dongzhou also began to feel anguished.

He has a cousin[2]younger male cousin who was the same age as Su Xi. Whenever he spent time with that cousin, Wei Dongzhou also had a feeling that the conversation couldn’t go on.

He would keep going, but the other person would act as if he wasn’t interested at all in anything he’s saying. The most he did in response to Wei Dongzhou was to glance at him, nod and throw out, “Not bad.”

Were all kids these days so difficult to get along with?

Wei Dongzhou complained in his heart.

“But seriously,” Wei Dongzhou suddenly straightened up and said to Su Jingcheng, “You can’t just watch your sister blindly and think about her in your own way. You have to let her get to know you as well.”

Wei Dongzhou’s words caused Su Jingcheng to fall into contemplation——  Although this friend wasn’t very reliable, this thought was reasonable.

“All right, this concludes the emotional talk. Let’s get down to proper business.” Wei Dongzhou interrupted Su Jingcheng’s thoughts.

Su Jingcheng glanced at Wei Dongzhou. For him, his younger sister’s business was the proper business.


“The project in Y Country is almost done and the current conditions are ideal.” He ran over to report the situation to Su Jingcheng as soon as he set foot in the motherland. Can this guy be more serious?

“However,” after a pause, Wei Dongzhou snorted coldly, showing disdain, and continued, “The project of Shenxing Group seems to also be doing well and it’s thriving.”

Su Jingcheng was much calmer than Wei Dongzhou. “What’s the use of paying attention to him? The market he chose isn’t in our plan either, or is it that your original version is afraid of being surpassed by his pirated one?”

“How can that be?! Give him another year and there’s no such possibility.”

“Speaking of, the land on Xinhua Street in Beicheng, your biggest competitor at present is also Shenxing, right? Frankly speaking, building an amusement park isn’t a very strong proposal.” Wei Dongzhou wanted to remind his friend in a straightforward yet tactful way. He might not win against Shen Wenbo if he went with the amusement park plan.

Su Jingcheng: “I know. The plan has been changed. We’re going with a shopping mall.”

Wei Dongzhou: “?”

“When did it happen?!” Wei Dongzhou had a deep understanding of how stubborn Su Jingcheng was, so he wanted to know which powerful person had changed Su Jingcheng’s mind.



Su Xi didn’t know when Su Jingcheng came home. Originally, Su Xi wanted to wait for Su Jingcheng and discuss the danger of the female protagonist with him, however, even when she was sleepy, the other party still didn’t return.

When Su Xi came down the next morning, Su Jingcheng was already dressed in his suit and waiting for her in the dining room.

“When did you come back?” Su Xi subconsciously asked.

Going home so late and getting up so early, doesn’t Su Jingcheng even need to sleep?

Su Xi suddenly felt that it wasn’t easy to be a villain in a novel.

Su Jingcheng wasn’t aware of this last muttering from Su Xi. When he heard Su Xi’s question, he only felt warmth in his heart. His sister actually took the initiative to care about him.

Uncle Fu on the side also had a smile on his face when he heard Su Xi ask Su Jingcheng. Maybe Xiao Xi didn’t realize yet that while facing the young master, she had gradually lost her initial tension and estrangement, and even the tone of her voice when talking to the young master had become much more natural.

“Xiao Xi waited for Young Master until late yesterday.” Uncle Fu added with a smile.

Uncle Fu’s words moved Su Jingcheng.

“Xixi don’t have to wait for me, so be a good girl and go to bed when it’s late.”

Su Xi: You misunderstood……

“Okay.” She nodded obediently.

Looking at Su Xi, Su Jingcheng smiled and suddenly thought of what his friend said about how he should also let his sister get to know him, so Su Jingcheng explained to Su Xi, “Our company has a joint project in Y Country with the Wei’s. Yesterday the Wei’s young director returned to China and reported on the project, that’s why I came back late.”

After saying that, Su Jingcheng added, “I will try to come back early in the future.”

Before he finished speaking, Su Jingcheng remembered his arrangements for tomorrow.

“There’s a Star Charity Gala tomorrow night and I may not be back until 9 o’clock.” Su Jingcheng reported to Su Xi.

“Star Charity Gala?” This name rang a bell for Su Xi—— This was a well-known banquet in the business circle of B City. It was nominally a public welfare event, but in essence it was also a game of connection battle between various companies. Ordinary companies weren’t even qualified to enter.

As for how Su Xi knew about this, it was because she had read in the novel that the male protagonist was one of the must-invited guests at this banquet, and for a few years, the male protagonist even spoke as a representative of entrepreneurs.

“Is it possible that the chairman of Shenxing Group will also be there?” Su Xi asked with a tense expression.

Suyuan and Shenxing Group was business competitor in many aspects, just like Golden Arches[3]McDonald’s and Grandpa Ken[4]KFC, so Su Jingcheng wasn’t surprised that his younger sister would know of Shenxing Group. Su Xi should have seen some reports about the two companies on the Internet.

“He should be.” Su Jingcheng thought about it and said.

As soon as she heard that, Su Xi thoughtlessly blurt out, “I’ll go with you!”

Even Su Xi herself didn’t expect her reaction.

Su Jingcheng was taken aback. He looked at Su Xi with some surprise, “Xixi wants to go?”


“Not many children will go to banquets like this and it’s rather crowded. You may feel bored.” Su Jingcheng patiently explained to Su Xi.

Su Jingcheng thought that Su Xi proposed to follow him out of curiosity and playfulness. Of course, Su Jingcheng would be very happy if his younger sister wanted to go to the event with him, but he was also afraid that Su Xi would feel bored and that the situation at the scene would disappoint Su Xi.

“That’s all right.” Su Xi’s tone was firm—— She wasn’t going there to play. She was afraid that Su Jingcheng and the male protagonist would have a conflict and he would blacken, that’s why she wanted to go along.

“Okay then, I’ll come and pick you up after class.”

“Do you need another dress?” Su Jingcheng asked Su Xi.

Hearing this, Su Xi’s head immediately shook like a rattle drum. “No, no need. Uncle Fu has prepared a lot of formal clothes for me. I can just pick one and bring it with me. There’s no need to prepare another one.”

The main reason was that…… Su Xi really couldn’t take the dresses Su Jingcheng picked.

In comparison, those sent by Uncle Fu were more suitable.


Su Xi arrived at school.

Next to her, Dong Wenqi saw Su Xi’s frowning face and leaned closer. “Su Xiao Xi, are you worried about the sports day’s opening ceremony?”

“Opening ceremony? What’s that?” Su Xi looked puzzled.

Dong Wenqi’s eyes widened. “You don’t know?”

Su Xi: “I don’t. What is it about?”

Dong Wenqi: “It’s about you leading the opening ceremony. The class president even said it in the group but you didn’t know?!”

It was tradition for each class to have a presentation at the opening ceremony of sports day.

This year, their class had already decided to do a set of military boxing long before. The class teacher thought that Su Xi was thin and small, and she hadn’t participated in the school’s military boxing class last year either. He was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to do it. So in the end, after thinking for a long time, he finally decided to let Su Xi be the lead of their class.

The team leader only needs to hold the class banner in front and don’t need to join the others in performing.

Su Xi didn’t know the class teacher’s ‘good intentions’. If she knew, she would definitely say, “Military boxing, I can do it!”

“Are there any requirements for being the team leader? What needs to be done?” Su Xi asked seriously.

“The leader is the one who walks in front and leads the team.” Dong Wenqi answered. Afraid that Su Xi would be nervous, she added, “But you don’t have to worry, being the team leader is actually quite easy, you just hold the class banner and walk normally, stop in front of the platform, wait for our class to finish performing, then stand in line with us before leaving.”

“Do you mean to walk in through the entrance of the sports field and then stop in front of the platform? How long will it take to finish a set of military boxing? Should I stand facing the platform or retreat to the side? And……” Su Xi asked carefully.

“Mmm, more or less.” She had never been a team leader and she was at the end of the line in last year’s sports day, plus, she didn’t pay attention. Dong Wenqi mulled it over and said, “Anyway, there will be two rehearsals before the event. You’ll understand once doing it. It’s really not that hard.”

“More that that, I think what you should pay attention to is the clothes you’re going to wear that day, what your hairstyle’s going to be, and so on.”

“Is there something specific about that?” Su Xi asked.

Dong Wenqi: “Of course, let me tell you, there’s a lot more to it than that!”

Dong Wenqi spent a lot of effort to make Su Xi understand how much attention the team leader status received in their student circle.

To sum it up, the team leader was the face of the class and was extremely important during the entrance performance, not just for pure attention, but even in private, as everyone would compare which class’s leader was better, which class’s leader has style, or otherwise, which class’s leader was the worst.

What’s even crazier was that there would be people who would make a compilation afterwards and let everyone vote on which was the best and which was the worst.

“Here, look for yourself if you don’t believe me. There are already many people discussing it in the forum.” Dong Wenqi handed her phone over.

Su Xi looked and sure enough, half of the people in the school’s forum were talking about the entrance performance.

【I heard that Year 2 Class 3 is going to dance the pineapple song that’s very popular recently. I’m dying of laughter.】

【What’s wrong with that? The pineapple dance is already very good. Do you know what our class is doing? Radio calisthenics!】

【Hahaha, who came up with radio calisthenics? I suddenly feel so happy that our class will do a march and shout slogan.】


The remaining half of the posts were discussing the matter of each class’s team leaders.

【No one in our class is willing to go. In the end the class president took the lead.】

【Your class is too cowardly. In order to compete for the team leader position, a few girls in our class even held a special poll.】

【They said that Class 9 will be led by the school flower[5]school belle.】

【Haha, won’t that make the vote lopsided?】

【Not necessarily, I heard that the first year Mengyao girl is also a team leader.】

【That’s wonderful. To be honest, I actually think Mengyao is more beautiful than the school flower.】

【I still prefer the school flower.】


“Mengyao? Su Mengyao?” Su Xi recalled the name.

En, she’s called Su Mengyao, the school flower of the first years. You know her too?” She was hardly done speaking when Dong Wenqi reacted with a “Bah”.

How could she forget? Su Xi was the young lady of Suyuan Group. That Su Mengyao herself said that she was Ye Zexing’s cousin, so wouldn’t that mean Su Mengyao was Su Xi’s cousin as well?

“This cousin of yours isn’t bad. She’s quite popular at school right now and they said that she’s the elected first year school flower.”

Su Xi: “……”


1 sister complex; a state of strong attachment and obsession to sisters
2 younger male cousin
3 McDonald’s
5 school belle


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