The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 3

Su Xi had been thinking about how to get rid of this relationship with the villain.

However, the appearance of the girl sitting on the sofa with her head bowed without saying a word, had a different interpretation in Uncle Fu’s eyes.

——Since she was taken home, Su Xi had been very obedient, sitting quietly, neither making noise nor making trouble.

After spending half a day staring at each other blankly, Uncle Fu finally realized something—— Su Xi was 14 years old today, the age at which children were supposed to be studying at school.

Yan Su’s team did not find much information about Su Xi’s past. They only found that she lived in an orphanage for a while and later should have lived like a homeless person in the past few years.

They didn’t know if the child had ever attended school, what she had learned, and to what extent.

Uncle Fu had no choice but to ask Su Xi directly.

“Xiao Xi.”

“What? Uncle Fu.” Su Xi raised her head.

“Have you attended school before?” Uncle Fu asked.

Hearing this, Su Xi shook her head, but then nodded slightly. “I have for a little while.”

When she was in the orphanage, she should have been in the first grade for a small period of time.

“Up to what grade?” Asked Uncle Fu again.

According to Su Xi’s age, she should be in the second year of middle school, but Uncle Fu doesn’t know how much the child had learned and what grade level she had reached.

“I don’t know.” Su Xi said truthfully. Everything she knew was taught by her master. As for what grade, Su Xi wasn’t sure.

Upon hearing this, Uncle Fu paused for a moment. He sighed secretly, as if he had an answer in his heart. He’s afraid the child had probably been to school for only a few days.

This made it difficult for Uncle Fu.

After much thought, during Uncle Fu’s talk with Su Jingcheng that evening, he mentioned about hiring a private tutor for Su Xi.

Uncle Fu: “Young Miss’s studies must not be delayed. It’s just that she just came back and might not be comfortable at school. Young Master, why don’t we find a private tutor first so she can make up for the missed lessons?”

Yan Su didn’t say anything and so was Uncle Fu, so Su Jingcheng, who was far away in Y Country, still doesn’t know that his sister was found in a dilapidated house.

However, Su Jingcheng was so perceptive that he instantly detected something wrong in Uncle Fu’s words.

Su Jingcheng frowned slightly. “Is Xixi’s level of learning worse than her peers?”

“Yes.” Uncle Fu responded. “The young miss is a little weaker in the aspect of studying.”

Uncle Fu didn’t dare to tell the truth. What a little weaker? He even suspected that Su Xi’s knowledge was most likely still at the level of a preschooler.

Su Jingcheng on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment.

Su Jingcheng: “Then hire one.”

Uncle Fu: “All right, I’ll arrange for a suitable teacher.”

Su Jingcheng: “Wait.”

Uncle Fu: “Do you have any other instruction?”

Su Jingcheng gave it some thought. “When the teacher comes, please check Xixi’s reaction first. If she don’t like it, let it go for now and wait until I return.”

“Okay.” Uncle Fu replied.

“Is Xixi sleeping?” Su Jingcheng suddenly asked again.

“Ah, yes. The young miss went to bed early.”

Uncle Fu could hear the trace of anticipation in Su Jingcheng’s words, but he couldn’t bear to tell him the ‘truth’.

Today after dinner, Uncle Fu specifically told Su Xi that the young master would be done with his work by 8 o’clock and asked her if she wanted to talk to the young master.

As a result, Su Xi’s head shook like a rattle drum.

Su Jingcheng: “Then I’ll call early tomorrow.”

Uncle Fu: “……”


The next day, Uncle Fu got a tutor for Su Xi.

He heard that she was a very famous private teacher, who could teach almost all subjects and was very good at getting along with children. Uncle Fu found that wealthy families would invite this teacher to teach their children at home before they entered school.

In the afternoon, Su Xi saw the tutor.

“You’re Su Xi, right? Hello, my surname is Li, and my full name is Li Shan. I will be your tutor from now on. You can call me Teacher Li.” Li Shan introduced herself to Su Xi with a smile on her face. She was looking at Su Xi but she was mumbling in her mind.

When she heard from her employer that she was to teach a 14-year-old child the basics of pre-primary education, Li Shan found it odd. Now when she saw Su Xi, she felt even more uncertain—— The little girl was staring stupidly. Could she be a fool?

Just when Li Shan thought Su Xi was a fool, the expression on Su Xi’s face finally return to normal. She looked at the other party and greeted, “Hello.”

Su Xi was in a daze just now because she had heard the other party’s name before.

She remembered that there was also a person named Li Shan in the novel, who was the tutor hired by the female protagonist for her son after returning to the country.

In the novel, the female protagonist’s gave birth to a very smart son. It was said that he was only two or three years old, but his IQ has already reached the level of a 6-year-old child. The female protagonist was busy with her career and dealing with the male protagonist and the five supporting leads, so she doesn’t have much time to look after her child. Hence, after many inquiries, she found a reliable tutor to teach her son.

But still…… Uncle Fu got a preschool teacher to teach her, was he serious?

Su Xi complained silently in her heart. Her pair of eyes sized up Li Shan carefully.

If the Li Shan in front of her was the ‘Li Shan’ in the novel, then she could be regarded as a key supporting character.

The female protagonist’s Little Bean was a black bellied[1]outwardly kind but inwardly evil/two-faced little devil, making his nanny and tutor walk out one after another, yet for some reason, he gets along well with this tutor. Little Bean was intelligent and Li Shan teaches him well, making the female protagonist’s child a three-year-old genius in no time. Little Bean was also very attached to Li Shan.

At one point, when the villain kidnapped the female protagonist and her son, no matter whether it was the male protagonist or the five powerful supporting leads, no one was able to find them. At the critical moment, it was actually the tutor who guessed the clues through the pencil marks left by Little Bean, enabling the people searching to find the place where the villain was hiding them.

Li Shan felt a little uncomfortable being watched by Su Xi and coughed lightly.

“Let’s get started on the lesson.”

In the study room specially reserved by Uncle Fu for Su Xi, she watched Li Shan take out a stack of flashcards from her bag.

“These are small cards to help us study.” Noticing Su Xi’s gaze, Li Shan explained with a smile.

“Let’s look at this one first, what is this?”

“A duck.”

“How many is this?”


“Very good. What about this?”


“Well done. Look, here’s one duck and here’s two ducks. How many ducks are there?”


“Yes, three!”

“Do you recognize numbers? 1, 2, 3, 4……”

Su Xi nodded.

“Excellent. The same question as before, let’s switch to numbers. This is 1 and this is 2, so what is 1 and 2 equals to?”

Su Xi: “……”

Why does she feel like she’s being treated as a mentally handicapped?

“You didn’t get it?”

“Teacher Li.” Su Xi couldn’t help interrupting the other party and said with a serious face, “My foundation may be a bit poor, but I don’t have a problem with my brain.”

Hearing this, Li Shan was startled. “You mean you already know this?”

Su Xi nodded. “I can count.”

Upon understanding, Li Shan smiled awkwardly. “I’m sorry, I don’t know your level yet and your family also didn’t explain clearly. Then let’s increase the difficulty a bit and take a look at your current level first.”

Li Shan gave Su Xi a few multiplication problems and found that Su Xi did them quickly without using scratch paper.

“You’ve learned mental arithmetic?”

“Something like that.”

One of her master’s most profitable business was to enlighten the children of rich families. Su Xi, the apprentice, followed by his side. How could they deceive others without the real thing?

“Why don’t you do this test paper.” Li Shan took another paper and put it in front of Su Xi. This one was a few fifth grade math questions that she had just copied down from the Internet. Li Shan thought to herself that since she suddenly increased the difficulty to the level of fifth or sixth grade, it might be a little tough for Su Xi.

The result was that Su Xi took the test paper and quickly did it. It only took her 20 minutes to finish answering the 10 big problems. And they were all correct!

“That’s all for math today. Let’s move on to language.”

It seemed that the prepared flashcards would not be needed, so Li Shan had to write some poems and asked Su Xi to read them.

Li Shan: “This kind of poem is called Tang poetry. Come and recite it with me. Goose, goose, goose[2]《Ode to the goose》 by Luo Binwang……”

Su Xi: “……”

At the end of the three-hour tutoring class, Uncle Fu was nervously waiting outside the door. When the teacher came out with a normal and not particularly ugly expression, Uncle Fu breathed a secret sigh of relief.

Uncle Fu called Li Shan downstairs alone to inquire about the situation.

Li Shan’s face was a little strange. “Su Xi’s foundation is actually pretty good.” She couldn’t understand why people in Su Xi’s family thought her level was only that of a preschooler?

Although Li Shan’s ‘good foundation’ did not let Uncle Fu know exactly what level Su Xi was, he was undoubtedly pleased to hear the teacher’s affirmation of his family’s young miss.

After seeing Li Shan off happily, Uncle Fu brought fruit and milk to find Su Xi.

“Teacher Li praised you for having a good foundation.” Uncle Fu said to Su Xi with a smile on his face. Remembering the young master’s words, he asked her, “How is it, Xiao Xi? What do you think of Teacher Li’s class? Are you adjusting well?”

“I’m not used to it.” After a pause, Su Xi looked at Uncle Fu. “Can you find another teacher? Or perhaps I can go to school.”

Although the novel did not mention that the villain has a younger sister, she and Li Shan shouldn’t have any relationship. The thought of Li Shan being an important supporting character in the original novel doesn’t make Su Xi feel too good.

If possible, she would like to continue to be a transparent person and not have any contact or intersection with the novel’s plot and its characters.

Moreover, Su Xi really didn’t want to learn any more of those primary school content like 1234 and ABCD.

Uncle Fu: Of course it’s no problem!

He had the same opinion as the young master. If Xiao Xi didn’t like the tutor he invited, then it’s fine.

As for going to school, Uncle Fu dare not make this decision lightly.


1 outwardly kind but inwardly evil/two-faced
2 《Ode to the goose》 by Luo Binwang


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