The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 4

During their daily call, before Uncle Fu could report, Su Jingcheng had already asked about Su Xi’s tutoring class.

Uncle Fu roughly told Su Jingcheng about the situation, and after a moment of hesitation, added, “Young Miss doesn’t seem to like this tutor very much.”

“Then change the person.” On the phone, Su Jingcheng’s tone was clear-cut.

But because he didn’t hear Uncle Fu’s reply, Su Jingcheng asked again, “Is there a problem?”

“The thing is, the young miss seems to really want to go to school.” Uncle Fu said as he recalled the persistence in Su Xi’s eyes this afternoon when she was talking about ‘going to school’.

Su Jingcheng: “Go to school?”

Uncle Fu: “Yes.” The child had a hard time these years and it must be because the conditions didn’t permit her to go to school like other children, Su Xi had a great yearning for school in her heart.

It’s just……

“Although the young miss has some foundation, she’s still a bit weak compared to others. I’m worried that if she goes to school, will the young miss not be able to keep up? Moreover, the young miss has just been brought back, will she be uncomfortable when she arrives at school or be bullied by her classmates?” Uncle Fu voiced out his concerns.

There’s another thing that he didn’t dare say—— That was, Su Xi hardly ever went to school, so it’s really hard to say whether she would be able to adapt to the school environment.

“If she wants to go, then let her.” Su Jingcheng’s attitude was much more decisive than Uncle Fu’s—— Of course he had to unconditionally support the request made by his younger sister.

“Su Jingcheng’s sister, let me see anyone who doesn’t have eyesight and dares to bully her.”

Even though he said so, Su Jingcheng was also very apprehensive in his heart. Would Xixi know how to get along with new classmates? What if she encountered people she didn’t like or things that made her unhappy? Would she be sad if her grades couldn’t keep up……?

“If it’s really not possible, find a tutor for her after class to have further lessons.” Su Jingcheng added.

Uncle Fu: “All right.” The only dilemma was that he didn’t even know which grade tutor to find for Su Xi.


During dinner, Uncle Fu told Su Xi about Su Jingcheng’s decision and the result of contacting the school. “Xiao Xi can go to school now. It’s not far from here. It’s a very big and beautiful school, you’ll definitely like it.”

At these words, Su Xi’s eyes lit up slightly.

But then, she heard Uncle Fu say one more thing carefully, “However, there’s a small test that needs to be taken before the official admission.”

This small test does not determine whether Su Xi could enter the school, but rather to see exactly which grade Su Xi should be in.

Hearing that there was a test, Su Xi didn’t think there was anything wrong and nodded while eating a big mouthful.

Thinking of something, Su Xi suddenly looked up at Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu: “What’s the matter, Xiao Xi?”

Su Xi: “It’s nothing, I just want to ask about Su— I mean, my brother. How old is he this year? How long before his birthday?”

As mentioned in the novel, the founding day of Suyuan Group happened to be the same day as Su Jingcheng’s birthday. It was on the day of Suyuan Group’s anniversary that a major project of the Su family was taken over by the male protagonist’s company, turning the celebration into a disaster. It was also on that day that the male protagonist met the female protagonist who had just returned to the country at the banquet.

He didn’t know what was going on in Su Xi’s mind, but when Uncle Fu heard Su Xi took the initiative to ask about the young master and the date of his birthday, Uncle Fu was happy.

“The young master is 12 years older than you and will turn 26 this year. The young master’s birthday is December 27, so there’s still half a year left.” Uncle Fu said with a smile.

Su Xi bit her chopsticks. That meant there’s still half a year before the female protagonist returned and the complex-relationships plot begins?

Su Xi was relieved.

The first one-third of the novel mainly depicted the female protagonist’s struggle abroad and her experience as a single mother raising a baby. There’s not much focus on the male protagonist and Su Jingcheng’s side. The villain fought with the male protagonist to the extreme and became enemies with the female protagonist and the other five supporting leads, digging his own grave step by step. Actually, this all started only after the female protagonist returned.

Without her Master, a minor like Su Xi couldn’t go anywhere. Before she could think of a way to break away from the big villain, she could only stay in the Su family’s house temporarily. However, half a year was enough time for Su Xi to think about what to do. She needed to protect herself. It’s better to secretly save some money and find a new place to go……

Uncle Fu looked at Su Xi who appears to be in a good mood and smiled too. “Xiao Xi, eat more. These are all your favorite foods.”

En, thank you, Uncle Fu.” In a happy mood, Su Xi even ate better than before.


Early the next morning, Uncle Fu led Su Xi to school.

On the way, Uncle Fu seemed even more nervous than Su Xi.

“Xiao Xi, we’ll only coming to do a test. It’s a small test, very simple. You can do it according to your own perception. Don’t be too nervous.” Uncle Fu said to Su Xi anxiously.

He used the Su family’s name to go through the back door and let Su Xi take this test. The test papers were different from those normally given to students at Shangming Middle School for exams or entry tests as they were specifically designed for Su Xi’s situation.

“Hmm.” Su Xi nodded.

When the car arrived at the school, the principal came to welcome them in person.

“The test papers have been arranged in the classroom and can be conducted at any time.” Principal Chen said to Uncle Fu and then looked at Su Xi. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes.

Su Xi has just been found and her identity hasn’t been disclosed to the public for the time being. However, the butler of the Su family spoke to the principal in advance before coming, saying that the young miss of the Su family would be attending their school, so there was definitely no mistake.

It’s just that the little girl in front of the principal looks too thin, as if she was malnourished.

Principal Chen put away his thoughts, and briefly explained the content and general scope of the test with Su Xi. “This test is all basic questions from both primary school and first year middle school, as well as some from second year mixed in. You don’t need to feel pressured, just perform normally. Whatever the question, write according to your perception and don’t leave it blank.”

This was according to the request of the Su family. This test should show the approximate level and educational status of their young miss, but it shouldn’t be too difficult so as not to dampen Su Xi’s self-esteem.

As the principal, Chen Jialiang just wanted to say: That’s too difficult.

And from what the Su family said, their child’s level seemed to be extremely poor.

Anyway, Principal Chen had already instructed the teachers who would grade the test papers. No matter how bad Su Xi’s papers were, they couldn’t show it in front of other students. As long as Su Xi wrote a few words on the questions, regardless if it’s right or wrong, if they could add one more point, then do so, to ensure she would get 60 to 70 points.

Although she didn’t know why the principal was so serious, Su Xi still nodded.

The school specially arranged a classroom for Su Xi to take the test. When the test papers were handed out, there were only two subjects, Chinese and Mathematics, and there were not many questions. There were only 10 multiple choice, 10 true or false and 10 major questions on each paper.

Su Xi glanced over the questions and they didn’t seem difficult.

The only thing that Su Xi couldn’t understand was, forget about the Chinese test paper, why were there pinyin[1]phonetic transcription markings on the math test questions? Was the school worried about her literacy?

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly as Su Xi buried her head and began to work on the questions; her graceful handwriting neatly landed on the test paper.

After 30 minutes, Su Xi finished all the questions.

Looking at Su Xi who came to hand in her papers, the vice principal showed a hint of surprise on her face—— The principal said that the exam time for the young miss of the Su family should be extended as long as possible and that she could hand in the papers whenever she wanted, no need to rush.

She originally thought that Su Xi would take a long time, but she didn’t expect she would hand in the papers so soon.

And it looked like she had answered them pretty well.

Seeing the writing on Su Xi’s test paper, the vice principal looked at Su Xi with some wonder and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Your handwriting is very beautiful.”

Su Xi smiled.

Her handwriting was entirely developed by helping her master copy ‘talisman’s’ for others.


In the principal’s office, Principal Chen was also very surprised when he got Su Xi’s test papers.

Su Xi’s paper wasn’t as horrible as he had previously thought. On the contrary, Su Xi had answered all the questions in a neat and orderly manner.

Though he wasn’t sure whether they were right or wrong yet……

“Haha, she did well.” Principal Chen smiled and said to Uncle Fu, “Looking at it like this, there shouldn’t be any problem. I will arrange for the teachers to mark it right away. I’ll notify the two of you as soon as the results are out and then we can arrange for Su Xi to enter the appropriate class.”

Hearing Principal Chen say that Su Xi did well and that the surprise on his face did not seem to be fake, Uncle Fu was quite happy for a while. He nodded towards the other person. “Then I’ll have to thank Principal Chen.”

“No, no, this is what I should do.”

The student aid fund established by the Su family would also be benefiting their school.

What’s more, the Su family had donated a lot of teaching and laboratory equipment to the school. Although it was for their child, the Su family was undoubtedly their school’s ‘major client’, so it was appropriate to be more attentive.

Principal Chen enthusiastically sent Uncle Fu and Su Xi all the way to the school gate, not forgetting to praise his own school.

“You see, our school is the best and most advanced in terms of science and technology hall, sport stadium, or music hall. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the quality of teaching in our school. Although we are a private school, the teacher’s allocation and teaching requirements are all according to the level of the best middle school in B City.”

“As to the school atmosphere, you can rest assured that we have a strict management on students and they are all well-behaved. There’s absolutely nothing to say about school spirit and discipline—”

Before Principal Chen could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by an ear-splitting roar. Not far away, a modified and very flamboyant motorcycle pulled up at the gate. A boy with blonde hair jumped off the motorcycle and swaggered his way into the school, sloppily wearing Shangming Middle School uniform.

Su Xi: “……”

Uncle Fu: “……”

The principal: “……”

“Ahem, that, there are always unexpected things, but our school as a whole is still good. For some— this, this— more individualistic students, the school also adopts a humane and guided education……” The more Principal Chen talked, the more awkward he became and he was almost unable to continue.

“I understand.” Uncle Fu said to Principal Chen.

Su Xi noticed the vivid look of disdain on Uncle Fu’s face as he said this, not towards the school, but towards the yellow haired fellow over there.


1 phonetic transcription


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