The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 5

In the office of the mathematics department of Shangming Middle School, the math teacher and the vice principal looked at each other with incredulous faces. In front of them was Su Xi’s entrance exam paper.

Seeing the score of 95 in front of them, the vice principal looked on strangely.

——Although the principal told the teachers in advance that Su Xi’s test score should be as high as possible, he only asked them to comply and not to ‘overstep’.

The vice principal looked at the math teacher. “Teacher Yang, you’re quite experienced in grading. I won’t read the content of the test paper, but can you tell me the real test score of Su Xi? Will she be able to keep up with the first or second year classes at our school?”

The math teacher seemed to smile and shook his head. “Of course I know that the principal said before to try and give a passing grade, but I can’t just hastily give this student a score of 95, can I?”

After a pause, the math teacher added, “The marks on this test paper are this student’s real score.”

Vice Principal: “Really?!”

“It’s absolutely true.” The math teacher took out an answer sheet. “Look, this is the standard answer I prepared when I gave out the test paper, you can compare this to the student’s answer.”

“All right?” The vice principal glanced at the math teacher, then looked at the answer sheet and Su Xi’s test paper.

“Yes. On Su Xi’s test paper, except for the second last big question which she didn’t do, the other answers are completely correct.”

This was also the most puzzling part for the math teacher. The multiple choice section didn’t require a list of steps to solve, so there was nothing to be seen there. But for the big questions, Su Xi’s approach was completely different from the problem-solving methods taught in the conventional way. Su Xi even wrote a few lines of steps that he, as a teacher, didn’t understand. She directly deduced the answer. No matter how he looked at her process, it seemed like she was just writing blindly.

Yet Su Xi’s answers were all correct.

It was the first time he had encountered such a situation after teaching so many students. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had stayed up late last night to sort out this test paper bit by bit before he could show it to others, even he would doubt if this Su Xi know the test questions in advanced and had memorized all the answers.

The math teacher’s explanation reminded the vice principal of the situation in the language department’s side just now.

Su Xi also did well in the Chinese test, scoring 80 points.

The original words of the Chinese teacher assigned for grading her paper was that her basic knowledge of the language was very solid, especially the ancient poetry. She had a thorough grasp of classical texts, but her contemporary and modern language was lacking a little. However, it didn’t matter as long as she had a good foundation. She only need to follow the lessons, read and memorize the texts, and do a few more sets of exercises. It would be no problem at all.

The vice principal looked at the two test papers of Su Xi in her hand and finally nodded. “Since this is the case, I’ll report the situation directly to the principal.”

Seeing that the vice principal was ready to leave, the math teacher called out to the other party. “Vice principal.”

“Is there anything else, Teacher Yang?”

“Su Xi still hasn’t been assigned a class, has she? Our class is not full yet. You can consider putting her to our class.” The math teacher said with a smile.

Getting one question right was luck, but getting the whole paper ‘right’ was strength.

Although none of the problem-solving steps on Su Xi’s test paper conformed to the norms, it was still a skill to be able to come up with the correct answer. Perhaps this student was a good seedling.


At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, Uncle Fu received a call from Shangming Middle School, directly from Principal Chen himself.

On the phone, Principal Chen mentioned Su Xi’s test scores and did not forget to emphasize, “Don’t worry, Mr. Zhou, our teachers graded the test papers according to the normal marking standards. This score is absolutely true and completely devoid of enhancement. Thus, the school’s suggestion is to arrange for Su Xi to directly enter the second year. Of course, Mr. Zhou doesn’t have to worry about the problem of class placement, we will make the best arrangement……”

“Then I’ll be grateful to Principal Chen.”

After hanging up the phone, Uncle Fu was still a bit overwhelmed and his face was full of unexpected surprise. Their family’s Xiao Xi actually scored 95 and 80?! These were high scores! Moreover, it has no embellishments.

Coincidentally, Su Xi was also nearby , so Uncle Fu told her about this surprising result and couldn’t help asking, “Xiao Xi, have you learned from someone or from some textbook before?”

“Master taught me.” Su Xi said truthfully.

When Su Xi told Uncle Fu about her master before, he first thought that the ‘master’ Su Xi was talking about was probably a homeless man, or the head of a beggar group, so he didn’t pay attention to it.

Now it seems that Xiao Xi’s master might be an educated wanderer.

“Can I go to school?” There was anticipation in Su Xi’s eyes.

“Certainly.” Uncle Fu said proudly, “Moreover, Xiao Xi can go to second year key class with your scores.”

If the young master knew that Xiao Xi had scored so many points in the test, he would definitely be as happy as him, perhaps even more pleasantly surprised.

Uncle Fu couldn’t wait to tell Su Jingcheng about Su Xi’s test results but he held back after thinking about it—— This time in Y Country happened to be the busiest for Su Jingcheng, so he’d better bother the young master later.

Uncle Fu didn’t call, but Su Jingcheng called first.

On the table, when Uncle Fu’s cell phone rang, Su Xi glanced over it subconsciously and the words ‘young master’ came into view, making her stunned.

Noticing Su Xi’s small movements, Uncle Fu smiled. “It’s the young master calling, does Xiao Xi want to answer it?”

Su Xi: “……”

“I’m going up to pack my things.” Saying that, Su Xi trotted up the stairs, leaving Uncle Fu the view of her hastily fleeing back.

Uncle Fu thought that Su Xi was just nervous because she hadn’t met her brother yet, so he didn’t worry about it.

At this moment, Su Jingcheng’s voice came from the already connected call, “Was it Xixi who spoke just now?”

He seemed to have heard a girl’s voice. It was crisp and melodious.

“Yes, the young miss went upstairs to pack things for school.”

“Is it confirmed on the school’s side?”

“Yes.” Uncle Fu told Su Jingcheng about Su Xi’s entrance exam scores.

On the other end of the line, the corners of Su Jingcheng’s mouth lifted into a smile and his eyes showed a look of joy and pride, except that there was no surprise like the others—— In Su Jingcheng’s opinion, his younger sister was the best.

“How are things going for you in Y Country, Young Master?”

“Everything’s going smoothly.” He should be able to go back soon.

“That’s great.” Uncle Fu thought of something and said to Su Jingcheng with a smile on his face, “Last night, Young Miss took the initiative to ask about your birthday, Young Master.”

Hearing this, Su Jingcheng on the other end of the phone seemed to pause for a moment. “My birthday is still far away.”

“Yeah, there’s still half a year to go, that’s what I told the young miss.” Uncle Fu said while holding back a laugh.

Although he couldn’t see Su Jingcheng’s expression, Uncle Fu could tell from Su Jingcheng’s tone of voice, which was obviously different from before, that the young master was obviously very happy for Xiao Xi’s ‘attention’.

“Since she’s going to school, everything that needs to be arranged should be made.”

“Rest assured, Young Master, everything’s ready.”

“Has the bodyguard and driver been arranged?”

“I’ve explained everything to them.”

“How about the school uniforms and stationaries……”

“It has all been prepared too.”

En.” Su Jingcheng responded and couldn’t help but give a lot of instructions.

It was only when there were already seven or eight office staff standing at the office door, holding documents in their hands and waiting for him to sign, that Su Jingcheng finally hung up the call.


On the other side, after returning to her room, Su Xi began to organize the things she was taking to school.

The schoolbag and stationeries were prepared by Uncle Fu beforehand. After Uncle Fu received a call from the principal and saw Su Xi’s expression, he arranged for someone to go to school to collect the textbooks as well as several sets of school uniforms.

When the school uniform was brought in by the maid, it had already been washed. Su Xi neatly placed the set she was going to wear for tomorrow on the side and put the other ones into the closet.

After that, Su Xi went to look at the textbooks.

Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Political Science, as well as Fine Arts, Music, Physical Education and Health.

Su Xi flipped through the Chemistry first with some curiosity.

The Fe and H2o things in the book seemed a little strange to Su Xi, but with the explanations in the textbook, Su Xi felt that it wasn’t too difficult. She could at least understand it.

Su Xi went through the textbooks of the other subjects one by one, then opened the first page again, and carefully wrote her name on each book.

Su Xi repeatedly took the textbooks and stationery out of the schoolbag, put them in, took them out again, and put them in again several times. She stared at her schoolbag and uniform for a long time, unable to conceal the excitement on her face.

Although Su Xi had been wandering around with her master in recent years and could be considered ‘knowledgeable’ and much more stable compared to her peers, she was still only a fourteen years old child after all.

Those students in the forum talked about how boring classes were and how hard it was to learn. But Su Xi had never experienced it so she had no idea. Either way, Su Xi was looking forward to going to school.

Feeling happy, even Su Xi’s steps were a lot lighter.

Having lived in Jingyuan for a few days, Su Xi had somewhat gotten used to this place.

When it was time for dinner, Su Xi took another look at the things she had packed up, and before Uncle Fu sent someone up to call her to eat, she left the room and walked downstairs bouncingly.

 “Why did Xiao Xi come down?”

“Ah?” Wasn’t it time for dinner? It’s the only reason why she came down.

Su Xi didn’t notice Uncle Fu’s meaningful glance until she had completely descended the stairs. That’s when Su Xi saw the two strangers who were sitting on the living room sofa.


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