The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 32

The unfamiliar, suffocating sensation came to Su Xi once again. The pain all over her body and the coldness due to blood loss surrounded her.

It was this dream again……

Su Xi’s mind clearly knew what she was going through.

Even though she had experienced this dream countless times, it still terrified her.

The unbreakable ‘shackles’, the eyes that couldn’t be opened, and the light and shadow dancing above her eyelids…… everything happened exactly as Su Xi remembered.

She felt that there was someone beside her but she couldn’t open her eyes to see who it was. She couldn’t even lift her hand to touch the other person.

However, this time was a little different from the past. Su Xi gradually realized that her perception in this dream had become clearer than before.

Although she still couldn’t move or open her eyes, Su Xi was able to smell the scent of disinfectant that permeated the surroundings, as well as the rusty smell that was stronger than the disinfectant.

She could sense that someone was holding her hand. The other person’s hot palm made Su Xi’s cold body feel a little warmth, but this warmth still couldn’t match the loss of body temperature.

She could hear the cacophony of sounds around her.

Gradually, the sound passing into her ears began to change from muffled to clear.

“Xixi, Xixi……”

“Xixi, can Xixi hear me?”

“Xixi, be good. Listen and don’t sleep. Hang on a little longer.”

“Xixi, don’t be afraid, Brother’s here……”

“Xixi will be fine.”

The voice became clearer and clearer, and Su Xi could even hear its trembles.

This voice was…… Su Jingcheng’s!

The person next to her was Su Jingcheng?!

Why was Su Jingcheng beside her? What happened? Why can’t she move?


Su Xi had no time to discern Su Jingcheng’s emotions, not even to understand what was going on, her senses became blurred once again.

Gradually, Su Xi began to feel no pain in her body, and similarly, she also began to feel no sense of everything around her. The light and shadow in front of her eyes began to become grotesque and gradually engulfed by darkness.

For the first time, Su Xi felt so clearly that it wasn’t death that was approaching, but rather that she herself was merging into it, until finally everything disappeared. She couldn’t feel Su Jingcheng holding her tightly in his arms, let alone hear Su Jingcheng’s sorrowful howl in her ears.


The dream vanished and Su Xi awoke with a start, sitting up violently from the bed.

At this time, Su Xi’s pale face was filled with a never before seen fear, stronger than ever.

Turning over, Su Xi jumped out of the bed. The coldness of the floor on her feet made Su Xi shiver but it didn’t make her mind any clearer.

Su Xi ran out of the room and ran in the other direction of the corridor.

In the study at the end of the corridor, Su Xi found Su Jingcheng.


On the other side.

The pen in Su Jingcheng’s hand stopped when he heard the movements outside. The next second, Su Jingcheng saw Su Xi who had already run to the door.

What time was it? Why weren’t she asleep yet?

Su Jingcheng’s brows furrowed and wanted to lecture Su Xi, but when he glanced down, he saw that the girl didn’t even have slippers on!

“Why did you run out with bare feet?” Su Jingcheng said while standing up from the chair and walked over towards Su Xi.

However, before Su Jingcheng could pick Su Xi up from the ground, Su Xi had already rushed into his arms, grabbing his clothes on both sides tightly.


——Did Xixi called him brother? This should be the first time Su Xi called out to him, right?

Su Jingcheng didn’t have time to get excited as he soon sensed something was wrong—— Xixi was frightened.

Su Jingcheng: “What happened, Xixi?”

Su Xi: “……”

The dream just now really made Su Xi terrified and helpless. Before she even knew it, she had already run to find Su Jingcheng.

At this moment, Su Xi, who had come back to her senses, felt ashamed to look up.

——So embarrassing. Why did she lost her mind and run to Su Jingcheng? What’s more, having a nightmare and looking for a ‘parent’ was something only a toddler would do. After all, she’s a 14 years old person. Embarrassing, too embarrassing.


“Uh, it’s nothing.”

Su Jingcheng: “?”

From Su Jingcheng’s arms came the muffled answer of the girl. The next moment, before Su Jingcheng could ask any more questions, Su Xi lowered her head, released her hands, turned around, and then ran away in a hurry.

Seeing Su Xi’s bare feet stepping on the floor, Su Jingcheng’s temples pounded. He wanted to go forward to pick her up, but before Su Jingcheng could make a move, Su Xi had already darted back to her room and then closed the door with a bang.

Su Jingcheng: “……”


On this side, when Su Xi returned to the room, she jumped into the bed and buried herself under the quilt.

“Wuuwuuwuu, so embarrassing.”

Before Su Xi’s voice died away, there was a knock on the door.

“Xixi?” It was Su Jingcheng’s voice.

Su Xi: “……”

“Did you have a nightmare?” Su Xi’s behavior just now reminded Su Jingcheng of how she acted when she was a child and had nightmares about bad people coming to get her.

Seeing that Su Xi didn’t answer but knowing that she couldn’t have sleep yet, Su Jingcheng softened his voice and said, “Dreams are always the opposite, don’t worry.”

Su Xi: This kind of statement can only deceive little children.

“Can I go in?” Su Jingcheng was a little worried.

Finally, Su Xi spoke, “I didn’t have a nightmare, y-you’re not allowed to come in!”

Su Xi’s voice was originally the delicate and soft kind, and as it came out through the quilt, it was not intimidating in any way but even carried a hit of spoiledness.

Su Jingcheng was suddenly helpless and worried, but unable to do anything about Su Xi.

In the room, Su Xi seemed to be completely rooted in the quilt, buried inside and won’t come out.

The darkness made Su Xi recall everything in the dream.

Why would she have such a dream? Su Jingcheng’s voice still lingered in Su Xi’s mind and the feeling that death was closing in was too real.

Does it mean she’s going to die?

Su Xi shuddered and a chill went through her body.

At the same time, Su Xi suddenly thought of a possibility. If the dream was true and she would die for some reason, could it be that her death was actually the reason for Su Jingcheng’s blackening?

The room fell into silence, and Su Jingcheng, who had been standing outside the door, wasn’t sure if his sister had fallen asleep.


There was no answer.

“Does Xixi want to eat something?”

Finally, Su Xi’s voice came from the room. “Hmm, okay.”

“I want to eat the pastry from last time.”

Hearing Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng smiled.

“Okay, then be good and wait. It’ll be ready soon.” Said Su Jingcheng, apparently forgetting what he had read on the Internet only yesterday——Teenagers in the developing stage should get enough sleep, do not eat after 10 pm and eat less sweets of all kinds.


Soon, Su Jingcheng made two batches of small pastries and served them up. When Su Jingcheng pushed the door into Su Xi’s room, she was still sitting on the bed in a daze with a dull expression. It was unknown what she was thinking.

The sweet and fragrant smell instantly drew Su Xi’s attention back.

Looking at Su Xi’s bright eyes, Su Jingcheng knew what the girl was thinking.

“Come down and eat.”


Seeing that Su Xi was about to jump off the bed, Su Jingcheng had another headache.

“Don’t move. Just sit on the bed obediently.” With that, Su Jingcheng brought the cookies directly to the side of the bed.

“Thanks.” Su Xi smiled flatteringly at Su Jingcheng and took the plate from him.

The crispy, soft, and sweet pastry instantly captured Su Xi’s taste buds and even the lingering fear after the nightmare seemed to have been diluted a lot.

On the side, watching his sister eating like a little hamster, Su Jingcheng was also extremely satisfied.

Then, Su Jingcheng shifted his gaze to Su Xi’s bare feet—— After running back and forth just now, the soles of Su Xi’s feet were still stained with dust. Probably because she was afraid of getting the sheets and quilt dirty, she kept her feet dangling over the edge of the bed.

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng had another headache.

While Su Xi was eating, Su Jingcheng went into the bathroom to find a towel. He wet it with warm water and took it out.

Before Su Xi could react, Su Jingcheng had already squatted down beside the bed and pulled Su Xi’s feet to wipe them.

Sensing Su Jingcheng’s actions, Su Xi was taken aback and subconsciously shrank back.

“That-, I-” can wash it myself later.

Su Jingcheng seemed to have seen through Su Xi’s heart and raised an eyebrow. “Now you know how to feel embarrassed?”

Su Xi: Yes, it’s really embarrassing.

“In the past, Xixi’s feet were only this big.” Su Jingcheng placed his palm beside Su Xi’s feet and gestured to her their previous size.

“It’s not like I won’t grow.” Su Xi muttered in a small voice.

Su Jingcheng: “How come I haven’t seen any improvement in other aspects?”

Su Xi: “……” Why did it feel like she was being despised by Su Jingcheng?

Su Jingcheng wiped Su Xi’s feet clean and put them under the quilt. He added, “Remember to wear your shoes from now on. Don’t be rash. What if there are any debris or sharp objects that have not been cleaned up in the hallway outside?”

Faced with Su Jingcheng’s sudden nagging, Su Xi was speechless. Looking at Su Jingcheng, Su Xi gradually calmed down and her expression became complex.

——The Su Jingcheng in the novel was an out-and-out villain who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals, cruel and merciless. His character design was that of a cold-blooded villain.

But the Su Jingcheng that Su Xi came into contact with was not like this. The Su Jingcheng she’s seeing was just like any other older brother.

Moreover, Su Xi wasn’t an unfeeling person. She could feel that Su Jingcheng treats her very well.

What if she really died?

It must be hard for the older brother if the younger sister he cared about died.

“What is Xixi thinking?” Seeing Su Xi biting half a pastry in daze, Su Jingcheng asked.

It was said that a child of Su Xi’s age was in a rebellious period and has a lot on their mind, which seems to be true.

Su Xi shook her head. “That-, if I suddenly died one day, will you be very sad?” And then blacken?

Hearing Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng’s eyes sank as he raised his hand and knocked on Su Xi’s head. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Ugh.” Su Xi covered her head. “I said if, assuming that something happens to me—”

“There’s no if.” Su Jingcheng interrupted Su Xi and looked at her seriously. “As long as Brother is here, I’ll protect Xixi and will not let any accident happen to you.”

Losing Xixi in the beginning was already too much for Su Jingcheng to bear, if something unexpected happens to her……

No, I won’t let that happen!

Su Jingcheng said in his heart.

At the same time, Su Jingcheng thought of another possibility. He heard that children of this age always have some weird ideas, even some dangerous ones.

It seemed like he had to pay more attention to Xixi so that she doesn’t get any bad ideas like those rebellious teenagers.

“Then you can arrange more bodyguards for me, Brother. In addition, if anything really happens, you must tell the doctor to work hard and save me.” Thinking of her possible death, Su Xi was also very afraid.

Seeing Su Xi’s serious face, Su Jingcheng was both amused and annoyed. What was going on in this girl’s head all day long?

Su Jingcheng raised his hand and rubbed Su Xi’s head a few times. “I won’t let anything happen to you. Don’t think about these messy things anymore, understand?”


“What’s wrong?”

“You didn’t wash your hands!”

Su Jingcheng: “……”

“Do you dislike yourself?”

“Not at all.” But even if she didn’t, she wouldn’t rub her head against the soles of her feet.

Besides, didn’t the novel said that Su Jingcheng was obsessed with cleanliness?

“Have you eaten enough? Go to bed if you are and stop imagining things.”

“Oh.” Su Xi tucked herself into the blanket obediently.

“Don’t sleep with your head covered.” Su Jingcheng reminded.


Seeing Su Jingcheng walk towards the door, Su Xi thought of something and called out to him.

“We’re having a sports day at school……” Do you want to come?

Su Xi also only learned from Dong Wenqi today that parents could be invited to visit Shangming Middle School for sports day, and that quite a few parents would come every year.

Su Jingcheng was her guardian on her household registration book, so he could also be regarded as her parent.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” Su Jingcheng agreed without thinking about it.

Now it was Su Xi’s turn to be puzzled. “Aren’t you busy?”

“I happen to be free that day,” Su Jingcheng said.

At these words, Su Xi felt that something wasn’t right. It took her a long time to react. “I haven’t even said which day it will be.” How did Su Jingcheng know that he wasn’t busy?

Su Xi had no idea that in fact, Su Jingcheng knew about the sports day a long time ago. He was just waiting for Xixi to come and tell him, the ‘parent’. Of course, even if Su Xi didn’t invite him, Su Jingcheng would have followed her there quietly. Because he heard that Su Xi was the team leader of their class for the entrance performance, Su Jingcheng even specifically asked Chen Fei to prepare an expensive DSLR camera for him.

“What day is it?”

“It’s three days, from Wednesday to Friday.”

En, I happen to have time for all these days.” Su Jingcheng said without changing expression.

If Chen Fei were there, he would definitely complain that the chairman wasn’t free at all. It was clear that he has made time to go to the sports day. Several contract signing were pushed by the chairman to be held next week.


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