The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 33

The day of the sports meet soon came.

Uncle Fu and Su Jingcheng, two non-participants in the competition, seemed to be more nervous than Su Xi.

While Su Jingcheng’s nervousness was in his heart, Uncle Fu’s nervousness was fully reflected in his various concerns for Su Xi.

“Xiao Xi, I will ask the young master to bring this bag for you later. It contains a small portable fan, an umbrella, a raincoat, a water bottle, snacks, and also, what you young people call sunscreen. Xiao Xi can find whatever you need inside.”

Su Xi: Did Uncle Fu misunderstand something? I’m going to a sports day, not a spring outing.

Su Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, she still nodded obediently and replied, “Okay, thank you, Uncle Fu.”

“No need to thank me, this is what I should do.” Uncle Fu added with a smile, “The sports day will definitely consume a lot of energy later so Xiao Xi should eat more. Come on, have another egg.”

“And this one is hot. Aunt Li heard that you’re going to have a sports day and made it for you. She’s been preparing it since last night. It’s a special supplement. Give it a try, Xiao Xi.”

“There’s also this sweet soup. Didn’t they say that you need a sugar boost before exercising?”

Su Xi: “……”

Looking at the special breakfast piled up in front of her, Su Xi suddenly felt despair.

——Today, she was just going for the entrance performance and didn’t even have to do military boxing like the rest of the class. With all this food, Su Xi was worried she wouldn’t even be able to walk anymore.

Comparing the normal breakfast in front of Su Jingcheng, she immediately felt like a silly lady from the landlord’s family, while Su Jingcheng looked like their family’s coolie.

Su Xi cast a helpless look at Su Jingcheng.

Seeing his younger sister’s pitiful appearance and the pile of the elders concern in front of her, Su Jingcheng secretly laughed.

Su Jingcheng: “Is the sweet soup good?”

Su Xi: “Huh?”

Su Jingcheng: “Let me try some.”

“??” At this, Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng incredulously, obviously still a little unresponsive.

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng faintly sighed and said in a low voice, “Give it to me if you’re not eating it.”

“Really?” Su Xi was a little surprised, but in the next second, she pushed the two bowls of soup towards Su Jingcheng. “This and this. The sweet soup is delicious and this one too!”

Then, Su Xi watched as Su Jingcheng unblinkingly picked up the two bowls of soup one after another and drank them all in one gulp.

In the middle, Su Jingcheng’s movements seemed to pause for a moment.

——Too sweet, awfully sweet. Not just that, it’s also cloying.

At this time, Uncle Fu came over. “There’s still some soup in the kitchen, shall I go and serve another bowl to the young master?”

Su Jingcheng: “……”

Noticing Su Xi who was giggling next to him, he cast her a look.

The smile on Su Xi’s face immediately turned into a flattering— no— a grateful smile.

“No need. Uncle Fu can share the rest of food with the others.” After Su Jingcheng said that to Uncle Fu, he turned to Su Xi. “Is Xixi full? We can go if you are.”

“I’m full!”


The two were about to go out when Su Xi noticed what Su Jingcheng was wearing—— Unlike the usual suit, today Su Jingcheng was dressed in a sporty and casual outfit which actually looked good on him.

Su Jingcheng also noticed Su Xi’s gaze and asked, “Does Xixi thinks this is no good?”

“Uh.” Su Xi paused and then said, “No, I just feel that you look less stable like this.”

After saying this, Su Xi regretted it. Thinking about it carefully, Su Jingcheng was only 26 years old.

Su Jingcheng: “……” Because he was going to accompany his sister to school, he specially found clothes that wouldn’t make him look old. How come it felt as if he’s being despised?

“This is quite nice too, extremely handsome. Really!” Su Xi said with great desire for survival.

Whether it’s true or not, Su Xi’s words made Su Jingcheng feel very comfortable.


The two soon arrived at school.

Su Jingcheng followed Su Xi into the schoolground.

His appearance quickly attracted the attention of others around them.

“Is that a parent over there? So handsome.”

“He doesn’t look like a parent. I think he must be the brother.”

“His aura feels so imposing!”


Su Jingcheng had always kept a low profile and even a full face photo of him was hard to find online. Therefore, few people can recognize Su Jingcheng when they see him in person.

In particular, with Su Jingcheng’s outfit today, no one would connect him with the rumored resolute chairman of Suyuan Group.

Especially at this moment, Su Jingcheng was still asking Su Xi about his clothes and even seemed to be prattling on.

“Is that girl the one mentioned in the forum before?”

“Yes, that’s right, it’s her. She’s from Class 7. I think her name is Su Xi.”

“Wow, so that’s her brother?

“He’s so good-looking.”

“The two of them look quite similar.”

“It feels like her brother treats her well.”

“I’m so envious. I want a big brother too.”

Someone suddenly recalled the rumors in the forum. “Isn’t there a rumor that Su Xi came here through scholarship and that she’s a gold digger? It doesn’t look like it.”

“You also said it’s a rumor. Can rumors be believed?”

The car that usually picks up and drops off Su Xi looks low-key, but in fact, anyone who knows a little bit would know that the car was a limited edition customized model. It wasn’t something ordinary wealthy businessmen could buy. Not to mention that the license plate number was also great.

There’s also the fact that Su Xi’s brother doesn’t look like an ordinary person. Besides, with such high value appearance, even if he didn’t do anything, he can become a big hit celebrity. So with such a powerful brother around, why would Su Xi need to be a gold digger?

“I had no idea how those rumors sprang up.”

“That’s right, the rumor mongers are too malicious.”


However, there were also dissenting voices that still insist there’s something wrong with Su Xi.

“He might not necessarily be her brother.”

“I think so too.  What if that’s her benefactor?” The girl spoke while also pulling the hand of the girl next to her. “What do you think, Mengyao?”

The girl called Mengyao was exactly Su Mengyao, the daughter of Su Xi’s uncle whom she met at Old Master Su’s birthday banquet.

“Ah, yes, it’s indeed possible.” Su Mengyao nodded with a normal expression and responded to the girl next to her.

In fact, at this moment, Su Mengyao’s hands inside the pockets of her school uniform were tightly gripping on the fabric, as if she wanted to tear it apart.

——Why was Big Brother being so nice to that Su Xi?!

In Su Mengyao’s memory, Su Jingcheng had always been a serious person who didn’t like to joke. His attitude towards their side of the Su family was very indifferent, as well as towards her.

In the past, whenever Su Mengyao wanted to please Su Jingcheng and get close to this big brother, she was often hit back by the other party’s cold stare.

Su Mengyao almost never saw Su Jingcheng smile, let alone say anything kind to her. But at this moment, Su Jingcheng not only accompanied Su Xi to the school’s sports day but also helped her carry her bag, and his demeanor when speaking to Su Xi was all gentle and concerned.

Su Jingcheng had never treated her like this before.


Even if she and Su Jingcheng weren’t biological siblings, after all, they have known each other since they were young. Their family and Big Brother were always in contact with each other, so it was obvious that she and Su Jingcheng should be more familiar. That Su Xi had only been back for a few days. How could she get so close with Su Jingcheng so quickly?

And looking at them now, it seems that they were much closer than they were at grandfather’s birthday.

Watching the two siblings talking and laughing not far away in a very harmonious atmosphere, Su Mengyao’s inner jealousy could hardly be hidden at this moment.


On the other hand, Su Xi was unaware that she was playing the leading role in Su Mengyao’s internal drama.

Seeing that the crowd was walking towards the sports field, Su Xi also took Su Jingcheng there directly.

“The sport’s field is up ahead. The nearest gate is the north gate, no, it should be the east gate.” Su Xi pointed to the entrance of the sports field not far away. “Anyway, the gate over there is the closest to the stage.”

“Parents sit on either side of the stage. Our class is on that side. When you go in later go up from the right hand side of this door to the stands. There don’t seem to be any divisions there, so you can sit anywhere you like.”

“The nearest restroom is at um…… it should be on the right hand side. If you can’t find it, there should be volunteers nearby. It’s those people wearing orange hat. You can ask them if you need anything.”


Su Xi spoke to Su Jingcheng with a serious face, as if she was afraid that he would get lost.

Seeing Su Xi’s appearance of diligently reminding him even though she wasn’t familiar with it herself, Su Jingcheng chuckled inwardly.

“Okay, I will remember everything Xixi said.” Su Jingcheng said to Su Xi with a suppressed smile.

After saying that, Su Jingcheng added a few more words of concern, “Xixi, there will be a lot of people entering the venue later. Pay attention to safety, okay? Also, watch the road when you walk.”

“Mmm, I got it.” It’s just walking. She wasn’t a child anymore.

Su Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in her heart.

“Then I’m going.”

“Go, be careful.”

Su Xi: “……”

Su Xi went to stand in their class line up. Soon, the sports day began.

The event started with a long series of speeches from the school principal, teacher representative, referee representative and athlete representative—— In short, from various representatives.

On the side of the stage, Su Jingcheng found a seat with the best angle and sat down. Someone near him quickly recognized Su Jingcheng.

“Chairman Su, what a coincidence that I ran into you here.” A man moved to the seat next to Su Jingcheng and greeted him with a smile.

Su Jingcheng looked at the newly arrived person. He had a slight impression of the other party. He seemed to be the chairman of some company. He must have met him at a previous event. Today, this person’s identity should be a student’s parent.

“My name is Gu Changde. I’m the chairman of Shenwang Group. Chairman Su may not remember me.”

“Is Chairman Su here for the sports day too?” Gu Changde wondered. How old was Chairman Su? He shouldn’t have any children yet.

En.” Su Jingcheng faintly responded to the other party.

Having finally gotten Su Xi back, Su Jingcheng was extra careful of everything regarding her. Before Su Xi became an adult, Su Jingcheng didn’t want to reveal too much about her to the outside world. Therefore, facing this unfamiliar person, Su Jingcheng didn’t want to say much.

“What a coincidence, my daughter is also in Shangming.” Gu Changde said with an awkward smile.

After saying a few more words to Su Jingcheng, Gu Changde quickly brought the topic to business.

“Our company plan to have a project. I’m not sure if Chairman Su would be interested in listening to it.” Gu Changde had originally dropped by to see his daughter’s sports day since he happened to have an appointment nearby. But he did not expect to meet Su Jingcheng here.

Su Jingcheng was someone he normally couldn’t even meet by making an appointment, so Gu Changde naturally refused to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Hearing Gu Changde’s words, Su Jingcheng’s face turned cold.

“Mr. Gu, if you’re interested in cooperating with Suyuan, you can make an appointment to the company. This is now my private time.” Su Jingcheng said in a deep voice, a momentary flash of displeasure at being disturbed was seen in his eyes.

At this, Gu Changde closed his mouth very perceptively.

“I’m sorry for disturbing Chairman Su.” Gu Changde said apologetically. However, he couldn’t help muttering in his heart. This Chairman Su was a notoriously busy man. He probably even saves his time by eating and sleeping in the company. Surprisingly, he still has ‘private time’?

After Gu Changde left, a number of entrepreneurs who recognized Su Jingcheng ran over to chat. Obviously, their thoughts were the same as Gu Changde’s, but they were all coldly dismissed by Su Jingcheng with the same reason.


Feeling someone approaching again, Su Jingcheng frowned deeply and wondered how blind these people were? Can’t they see that he’s busy right now?

How many companies came here just now? He’ll go back and put them all in his blacklist!

As it turned out, the person who came this time was Wei Dongzhou.

Knowing that Su Xi also goes to Shangming, with his younger sister’s sports day coming, would the guy in the late stages of sister complex not come?

Therefore, seeing Su Jingcheng, Wei Dongzhou wasn’t surprised at all.

On the contrary, Su Jingcheng’s brows rose up in surprise when he saw that Wei Dongzhou was there.

“Don’t be surprised. I didn’t come here to discuss work with you after getting some tip-off.” Before Su Jingcheng could speak, Wei Dongzhou had already explained himself, “I have a cousin who’s also in Shangming. He’s in the same grade as your precious sister. Both his parents are in East Africa so I was ordered by the old man to come and take a couple of photos today.”

“But I say, Old Su, aren’t you exaggerating a bit?” Wei Dongzhou was referring to pile of DSLR lenses that Su Jingcheng was fiddling with at the moment—— Was this guy planning to hold a camera lens exhibition here?

Looking at Su Jingcheng’s equipment and then at the lone mobile phone in his hand, the corners of Wei Dongzhou’s mouth twitched. What was this sudden feeling of being outclassed?

Su Jingcheng ignored Wei Dongzhou’s muttering. He looked at his watch and then at the direction of the sports field’s entrance, feeling that Principal Chen was talking too much nonsense.


On the other side of the stands, the few students who didn’t have to participate in the entrance performance due to various reasons were already sitting in their own class area.

Ye Zexing, with a head of yellow hair, was undoubtedly the most handsome boy among them.

“It hasn’t started yet?” Ye Zexing asked lazily while lying on four seats.

“It should be soon. It will start after the principal finished his speech.” The boy next to him said. Actually, he’s not quite sure. Brother Xing took them to play board games in last year’s sports day and they didn’t come to participate at all.

Today, he put on a trendy outfit and was waiting for Brother Xing to call, but who would have thought that Brother Xing would lead them to school?

“Why is it so bleeping slow?” Ye Zexing grumbled. He turned over and said, “I’ll sleep for a while. Call me when it’s the second year’s turn.”



After the principal finally finished his lengthy speech, the sports day officially began.

The moment the music started, Su Xi, who was quite calm at first, gradually became nervous.

“Don’t be nervous. Just walk to the spot and stand up as you did during the rehearsal.” The sports commissary told Su Xi as he joined the line.

“Right, right, it only takes a minute and it will be over in a flash.” Dong Wenqi, who was next to her, echoed, before saying quietly to Su Xi, “Anyway, if it didn’t go well, everyone will be embarrassed together, hehe.”

It’s just that it will be extra embarrassing for the team leader.

In order not to add pressure to Su Xi, Dong Wenqi thoughtfully did not add this last sentence.

Each class gradually entered in order, and soon, it was Su Xi’s class’s turn.

Although she had been brainwashing herself to not be nervous, Su Xi’s heart still tensed up the moment she walked towards the stage. She stepped on the rubber track like she was stepping on cotton.

Holding their class’s banner, Su Xi walked step by step towards the front of the stage.

During this process, the surroundings suddenly became noisy.

The classes that had already finished with their performance were all standing in line at the center of the sports field. Many people’s attention was in front of the stage, and soon someone noticed Su Xi, the team leader of Class 7.

“Did you vote for Year 2 Class 7 just now? I think their team leader is great.”

“So beautiful, is this the legendary school flower?”

“How ignorant are you? You don’t even know our school flower? The school flower is from Class 9! But this student is also quite good-looking.”

“I think she’s a match for the school flower.”

“This seems to be the Su Xi mentioned in the forum before.”

“What? This is the legendary Su Xi?”

Although Su Xi had become a big hit in the school forum thanks to Ye Zexing’s ‘blessing’, but not many people in other classes, especially other grades, have actually met Su Xi in person.

People’s impression of Su Xi was still on ‘Ye Zexing’s rumored girlfriend’ and ‘suspected gold digger’. Some people even assumed that since Su Xi had something to do with Ye Zexing, she might also be a delinquent girl with a strange hair color.

“Someone posted her photo in the forum and I saw a glimpse of it, but it was quickly deleted. I think she’s more beautiful in person.”

“I like this face!”

“Me too, hehe.”


Su Xi couldn’t hear the discussions of the people around her at all, and at this moment, only a buzzing sound filled Su Xi’s ears.

Stand on the spot, turn right, then take two steps forward……

Su Xi silently recited the steps from the previous rehearsal in her mind and followed them all.

Meanwhile, Su Xi wasn’t the only one who was nervous. Su Jingcheng in the stands also had a tense jaw, secretly anxious.

Su Xi was afraid that she would lose face if she fell, while Su Jingcheng was afraid that his sister would be hurt if she fell.

When Su Xi turned to face the stage, her gaze instinctively turned towards the audience side.

It took almost only a second for Su Xi to find Su Jingcheng among the crowd.

Not because Su Jingcheng was the most handsome nor was it because he was the most imposing, but because the set of equipment in his hand was too conspicuous!


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