The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 34

She didn’t know if it’s because her ‘parents’ were there to give her support, but the moment she saw Su Jingcheng, Su Xi suddenly became less nervous.

Looking at Su Jingcheng, Su Xi smiled wide.

This smile wasn’t only captured by the student journalist on the stage that was in charge of filming, but also by Su Jingcheng with his mobile phone.

Only after Su Xi had walked the entire distance did Su Jingcheng sat down and fumbled with his phone, posting Su Xi’s photo to Moments.

However, what Su Jingcheng posted to Moments wasn’t the photo of Su Xi smiling, but another one with Su Xi leading her class to the queuing area after the performance was over.

In the photo, only Su Xi’s back can be seen.

This was Su Jingcheng’s way of protecting her.

On the side, Wei Dongzhou, who was watching his friend flipped through his phone, finally couldn’t stand it anymore and ridiculed, “So, what are you doing here with all these equipment?” In the end, he still used his mobile phone.

Su Jingcheng glanced at Wei Dongzhou indifferently and threw out a sentence, “I’m willing to do so.”

Wei Dongzhou: “……”


On the other hand, Su Xi had just taken her place in the line when she heard an even louder cheer around her.

“What happened?” Su Xi asked Dong Wenqi next to her.

“It’s so lively, no need to think about it, it must be Class 9.” Dong Wenqi said with a look of ‘Sister knows everything’ and pointed to the direction of the stage. “Look, do you see the team leader of their class? That’s the school flower, An Yajing.”

Wasn’t it because they saw the school flower that these people were so excited right now?

Dong Wenqi silently despised these people in her heart. Anyway, she’s only interested in the school grass. She was totally indifferent to school flowers and whatnot.


Ye Zexing on the other side was also shaken awake by the boy next to him.

“Brother Xing, Brother Xing, wake up. They’ve already entered the field and the performance is about to start.”

Ye Zexing suddenly woke up, sat up and looked in the direction of the stage.

That’s not right……

Ye Zexing stared in front for a while, a little confused.

“How many f*cking classes has this been? You guys are just calling me now?!” Ye Zexing turned his head and yelled at the boy next to him.

“N-ninth class……” The boy answered dumfounded.

“Is there something wrong?” Didn’t Brother Xing come here specially to watch the entrance performance of Class 9? It shouldn’t be……

Liu Yang thought secretly.

Brother Xing didn’t even go to play and came all the way for sports day. It’s definitely not to see their Class 4 enter the field, so after much deliberation, there was only one possibility, and that was to see the school flower.

Didn’t someone say before that Brother Xing seems to have some interest in the school flower?

“You understand nothing! What this Dad wants to see is done now!” He got up early in the morning but ended up not seeing anything!

“Huh? It’s done?” Brother Xing didn’t really come to see their Class 4 enter the field, did he?

No, no, this kind of love for their class was definitely not something their Brother Xing would have.

“Anyway, Brother Xing, what do you want to see? It should be on the forum in a while.” Liu Yang said awkwardly.

He was absolutely right about this point. All the classes in the school have just finished entering the field but the forum has already released photos and short videos of each class.

At the moment, almost all the topics in the forum were discussing every class’s entry.

【Haha, I’m laughing my ass off. Class 3’s performance was too funny, actually dancing to a girl group.】

【Wait Upstairs, make it clear that it’s Year 1 Class 3. Our Year 2 Class 3 will not carry this pot[1]be blamed for no reason!】

【Class 6’s entrance feels awesome with their science and technology theme. I just want to ask, how much money did their class spend on props?】

【In comparison, the props in our class feel weak.】

【At any rate, your class still has props. Our class just recited poem.】

【Haha, is it Class 2? When your class was reading poetry, I could feel the twitching of the PE teacher’s nerves on stage.】


The entrance of each class was really the same as what Dong Wenqi said, with all sorts of strange and showy— probably a hint of everything— performances.

The military boxing of their Class 7 was considered standard and not impressive, but at least it wasn’t embarrassing.

Compared with each class performances, the topic that was discussed more at this time was actually the team leaders.

【I found the team leaders this time to be of high quality!】

【I thought the school grass would be a team leader, but it seems I’m thinking too much.】

【Didn’t Great Gu and the others form a team to participate in a competition or something? They probably haven’t come back yet?】

【He’s already back. I saw him outside the teacher’s office the day before yesterday!】

【Seriously? I can’t believe I didn’t know that President Xiao’s back!】

【But there’s no need to think about it. Even if the school grass came back, he still won’t be the team leader.】 After all, most of the team leaders were girls, and additionally, they were all front-runners.

【Haha, that’s true.】

【However, I am already satisfied to see the school flower.】

【The school flower in a white dress is simply too fairy like!】

【I feel like the school flower will win again this time.】

【That might necessarily the be case. Actually, the team leaders of several classes this time are pretty good-looking, not inferior to An Yajing.】

【The first year Su Mengyao is quite good. There’s a senior sister in Year 3 Class 2 who I also like. She has the queen style!】

【Su Xi from Class 7 isn’t bad either.】

【Even so, I still think the school flower is the best.】


“The poll is here!” Liu Yang, who was next to Ye Zexing, suddenly said after browsing the forum for a while.

At this time, a total of seven or eight voting polls were opened in the forum: the funniest performance, the best entrance, the worst entrance, the most beautiful team leader, the most charismatic team leader, and so on.

This poll was actually made by some people in the student body who were bored and have nothing better to do.

Although it was an unofficial poll, everyone’s enthusiasm to participate was quite high.

An Yajing’s school flower title was chosen during the voting in last year’s sports day.

“Which class do you think to choose for the funniest performance?”

“Year 3 Class 1. I think their props are too low quality.”

“I also think Year 3 Class 1. Although Year 2 Class 5’s are pretty low quality too, but let’s not offend the class next door.”

“Haha, that makes sense.”

“Then what about this one, the most charismatic team leader.”

“I voted for the one from Class 3.”

“I think Year 2 Class 10 is better, right?”


Liu Yang and the others got together and clicked several polls one by one as they have a serious discussion before making a choice. Their posture was even more serious than when they were doing multiple-choice questions in exams.

“Hehe, here comes the final highlight, the most beautiful team leader!”

This poll was like winning an award at a film festival. The others could only be regarded as the Best Screenplay Award and Best Supporting Actress Award at best.

This last 【Most Beautiful Team Leader】 was by default, the real ‘Best Actress Award’ in everyone’s mind!

“Which one are you going to choose?”

“Nonsense, of course I’ll vote for An Yajing.” An Yajing was the school flower recognized by the whole school, not to mention that according to various gossips, An Yajing would most likely be their sister-in-law.

“Hehe, we’ve thought of the same thing. I’m going to vote for the school flower too.”

“Then I’ll vote for An Yajing as well.”

Before the person’s voice died away, he received a slap on the back of the head with a “Pa”.

Ye Zexing: “Vote for An Yajing my ass!”

“Ah? Brother Xing?” Aren’t you sleeping?

Ye Zexing: “Send me the voting link.”

“Oh, Brother Xing I’ve sent it you.”

They had thought that Ye Zexing wasn’t interested in voting. Although they didn’t participate in the sports day last year, they still logged into the forum while playing board game and casted their votes. At that time, Ye Zexing was the only one who had no interest in this matter.

How come Brother Xing was different today? Why does he seem very interested?

Seeing Ye Zexing holding his phone while swiping with a serious face, the youngsters next to him looked at each other and muttered silently in their hearts.

Ye Zexing scrolled through the screen. Halfway through, he selected someone and clicked vote.

“One person can only vote once?” Ye Zexing poked the voting button again a few times, but there was no response.

“That’s right, Brother Xing. This is a real-name poll for student users. Each person can only vote once for every category.”

“All right. Then all of you vote for number 17, got it?” Ye Zexing took out his boss authority and said to the people next to him.

“Who’s Number 17?” Everyone was curious and they clicked on the poll again to scroll down.

The poll for 【Most Beautiful Team Leader】 could be said to be quite elaborate and contains not only the class names of each team leaders but also a photo of their entrance.

Everyone clicked on it and what caught their eyes was a photo of a girl standing in front of the stage. The girl was holding a class banner in her hand with a very beautiful smile on her face.

“Holy sh*t! Isn’t this Su Xi?!”

“Boss, are you asking us to vote for Su Xi?”

Ye Zexing: “Is there a problem?”

“No, there’s no problem at all.” Liu Yang said, then suddenly moved towards Ye Zexing. He asked with eyes full of gossip, “So you and Su Xi are real, Brother Xing?”

The other youngsters next to him also looked at Ye Zexing with eyes that seemed to be saying ‘there’s a story here’.

“What do you mean real?!” Ye Zexing gave them a dirty look.

“Hehe, Brother Xing, you don’t have to say anything, we all understand.”

“That’s right, Boss, we all understand.”

Ye Zexing: “You understand sh*t! This old man already said that Su Xi and I are not in that kind of relationship.” He didn’t know which idiot spread it, but once he did, he would go and teach the other party a lesson.

In Su Xi’s words: If one time isn’t enough, then make it two.

“What? Really not? Then Brother Xing, why are you making us vote for Su Xi?” It was the guys’ turn to be dumbfounded.

“What do you mean why? Why not? Can’t us family shield a fault?”

The other boys: “……” Shield a fault? What’s this all about?

Speaking of which, Su Mengyao, who was in Year 1, was Brother Xing’s cousin. She’s also in the voting options this time, but why didn’t Brother Xing ask them to vote for Su Mengyao?

“Hurry up and cut the crap. Have you all voted for number 17?”


“Me too.”

“Yes, I voted, but Brother Xing, Su Xi’s votes aren’t too high.”

At this time the school flower’s vote was still far ahead, leaving the person in second place with not even half the number she received.

As for Su Xi, probably because she just came to the school, apart from the previous gossip on the forum, many people were still unaware of her existence. Her votes weren’t high, only about 60 votes, so she could only rank in the middle ten or so position.

“Actually, it’s normal. I read in the forum that the people with the highest number of votes are already well-known in the school and some of them even have fan bases. Their number of votes is definitely high. Su Xi, who is purely relying on passersby can have more than 60 votes, which is actually not bad. I think this momentum can increase further.”

“How about we buy some votes, Brother Xing?”

Ye Zexing: “This can be bought?”

“Uh, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible.” Unlike those other online polls, this was in their school forum where everyone was logged in with a student number. Where can they buy more accounts to vote?

“Since it doesn’t work, why not go canvass for votes?” Ye Zexing said and directly shared the voting link in his Moments, attached with a simple sentence: Vote for No. 17. There will be a big thanks later.

“You guys hurry up too. Get all the votes you can!”

Ye Zexing activated his power to canvass votes.

Although he wasn’t very good in the eyes of the Su family and the teachers, he was still very influential in school.

So, with Ye Zexing canvassing votes on this side, Su Xi’s vote count quickly rose at a rate visible to the naked eye.


1 be blamed for no reason


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