The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 35

“Su Xi’s vote count has increased! And it’s growing fast!” Someone holding their phone found that Su Xi’s votes had suddenly grew.

Dong Wenqi also looked at Su Xi with an incredulous expression. “OMG, ​​Su Xi, what’s the matter with your votes? Is it bought?”

Dong Wenqi: “You went to buy votes?”

“Didn’t you say that it’s real-name accounts, one person one vote? Where can I buy them?” Su Xi didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry as she look at Dong Wenqi.

She still didn’t know that her votes rose suddenly due to the hard work of a certain Silly Ye, and she was also very surprised to see the sudden increase in the numbers.

“Looking at it this way, maybe someone is helping you buy— pei— someone is helping you canvass votes.”

“There really is……” Dong Wenqi flipped through her phone and said, “It’s not just one person, several people are canvassing votes for you in the forum and even some in their Moments.”

“I got it! It’s Ye Zexing! Look, he’s canvassing for you!” Dong Wenqi saw the post Ye Zexing made for Su Xi as soon as she refreshed the page. It has been pushed to the front row of hot posts.

When Dong Wenqi said this, Su Xi was taken aback, a little surprised. Thinking about it carefully, although that person was silly, compared to other people from the Su family, he was actually not bad. However, Ye Zexing actually help her solicit votes, which Su Xi never expected.

Dong Wenqi: “Hehe, let me just say, you have a good older brother.”

Su Xi: “Not an older brother.”


“It’s younger brother.”

“I see.” Did she remember wrongly? Why does she recall that Su Xi’s birthday was in July? She should be younger than Ye Zexing.

But if she said it’s younger brother then it must be so.

Dong Wenqi nodded, then suddenly exclaimed, “Not good! I have to do a good job canvassing for you. I originally wanted to do it casually so that you don’t get too few votes and be embarrassed, but it’s different now, I have to get serious in canvassing!”

The number of Su Xi’s votes had surpassed more than a dozen people in a row and she was about to enter the top five. Moreover, the increase of vote hadn’t slowed down at all. Perhaps she really had a shot.

“……” Su Xi looked at Dong Wenqi with a burst of sweat. Who said that she wanted all forces to be mobilized to help her solicit votes? Don’t her feelings not count?

“But don’t worry, your younger brother is still very reliable. He’s already quite popular in school, plus he’s working hard to get you votes!” Methods like footing the bill to buy votes can be used. Dong Wenqi felt ashamed of herself.

Regarding Ye Zexing’s canvassing, Su Xi complained, but was actually a little moved.

But then, she thought of the other party’s yellow hair and exaggerated attire.

Su Xi: How come I suddenly don’t want to admit that I’m related to him?


At this time, Su Mengyao, who was on the other side of the sports field, was also paying attention to the poll.

Listening to the chatter of the students around her, Su Mengyao’s pair of eyes fixedly stared on Su Xi’s votes, watching the constantly changing number. Nothing could be seen in Su Mengyao’s face, but she had long been furious in her heart.

If another schoolmate she didn’t know suddenly became a dark horse and turned the table, she might be a little bit sour at most, but why Su Xi?!

What’s more, Su Xi’s vote count actually increased because of Ye Zexing!

Su Mengyao couldn’t bear it anymore.

【Why are you soliciting votes for Su Xi?】 Su Mengyao sent a text message to Ye Zexing behind her classmates’ back to question him.

【Ye Zexing: We’re relatives, isn’t it normal for me to help her?】

【Su Mengyao: Then why aren’t you helping me? I’m your cousin too.】

【Ye Zexing: Sorry, my family isn’t familiar with your white-eyed wolf[1]ungrateful family.】 Ye Zexing’s words obviously refer to the matter of his uncle’s family teaming up with outsiders to take away a project from the Su’s side. This account hasn’t been settled yet.

【Su Mengyao: I don’t understand the company’s affairs, and it’s all between father and aunt as the adults. How does it involve me?】

【Su Mengyao: And didn’t we grow up together? She’s just been found and is even less familiar with you!】

【This Dad is willing!】 Ye Zexing replied to Su Mengyao, muttered “Stupid”, and then threw away the phone very coolly.

However, in the next second, Ye Zexing picked up the phone again—— He continued to solicit votes for Su Xi.

“Mengyao, my best friend’s cousin[2]elder female cousin is a third year in our school. I told her to ask her cousin to help you get votes from the seniors.”

“I’ll try to look on my friend list as well.”

The girls beside Su Mengyao said.

Su Mengyao was also participating in this poll. The number of her votes wasn’t low, but compared to those popular team leaders, it wasn’t enough at all.

The thoughts of the students next to her were the same as Dong Wenqi’s. They’re not thinking about the top seat, but having more votes would make it look better.

At this time, someone suggested, “Why don’t you ask Ye Shao to help you get votes?”

“That’s right, Ye Shao helped that Su Xi get votes and her ranking instantly went up.”

“Speaking of which, why did Ye Shao help Su Xi solicit votes? Could it be that the previous rumor in the forum is true?”

“I’m also not sure about that.” Su Mengyao said in a low voice with a stiff face, she almost couldn’t maintain the expression on her face.

“However, the number of votes for Su Xi rising so fast also means her own condition isn’t bad.”

“Yes, especially this picture, she looks good here, plus she’s slim.”

“I don’t think so. Being too thin isn’t good. I think it’s better to be healthy and happy. Anyway, I don’t like someone like her. Mengyao, what do you think?”

Asked by the classmate beside her, Su Mengyao nodded. “En, she don’t give me a good vibe either.”          

“Not a good vibe? Is it because of the previous rumors?”

“A little bit.”


In the school forum, there were always some groundless gossips about Su Xi. Now, Su Xi had suddenly become the focus of everyone’s attention, and those drizzle-like rumors were also brought out.

In the forum, some people supported Su Xi, and naturally, some people also began to say that Su Xi wasn’t good.     

【Su Xi’s votes are fake, right? Otherwise, how can it rise so fast?】

【Haha, do you mean Ye Shao faked it?】

【Ye Zexing campaigned for votes. It’s not surprising that it has risen so fast.】

【Then the question arises, why did Ye Zexing help Su Xi solicit votes?】

【Didn’t Ye Zexing say that he’s helping his family’s old sister?】

【Old sister? Ha-ha, who knows what kind of sister it is……】

【It’s not good to spread rumors so let’s not talk about this things. Objectively speaking, Su Xi is okay, but I don’t think it’s exaggerated as this.】

【I second this. I think it’s enough to reach the sixth place. If she breaks into the top five, it would be too much.】


“These people actually said that you can’t make it to the top five. Are they blind?” On this side, Dong Wenqi held her mobile phone as she said angrily, “Look at these pictures, where are you worse than the top five? Even if you’re place beside An Yajing, there’s not much difference!”

“Calm down, calm down.” Su Xi held onto Dong Wenqi.

Although she also logged into her account just now and secretly voted for herself, Su Xi actually didn’t care much about the outcome of this ‘unofficial poll’ with no real rewards.

“It seems that we can disband.” Su Xi reminded.

“Ah, that’s right. My parents booked a restaurant outside. Su Xi, why don’t you come and eat with us?”

“My brother’s here too.” Su Xi said.

“Your brother is here?” Dong Wenqi’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah. Shall we have lunch together?” Su Xi suggested.

“Good, good.” Dong Wenqi nodded vigorously, but the next second, her whole person collapsed again. “Better not.”

Although Su Xi’s brother was super handsome, he had another identity as the chairman of Suyuan Group.

Dong Wenqi was afraid that her father wouldn’t be able to control himself and promote his own project to the legendary Chairman Su.


After the dismissal, Su Jingcheng said he would wait for her at the entrance. Sure enough, just as Su Xi exited the sports field’s side door, she saw Su Jingcheng not far away in a glance.

At the same time, Su Xi also noticed a person next to Su Jingcheng.

This person wasn’t any of the employees Su Xi saw in Su Jingcheng’s company before. The other person looks similar to Su Jingcheng in terms of temperament and clothing, and was about the same age. Moreover, they seem to be familiar with each other.

Who was this person?

While Su Xi was wondering, Su Jingcheng made an introduction, “This is Wei Dongzhou, the young director of the Wei family.”

“I can narrowly be considered a collaborator and friend with your brother.” Wei Dongzhou added from the side.

Hearing this, Su Xi was stunned—— Wei Dongzhou!

This person had appeared in the novel.

If Su Jingcheng was the big villain, then this Wei Dongzhou was the second villain who works hand in hand with him and assists him in his tyranny.

If it was in the past, facing these two villains, Su Xi would’ve definitely turn around and run away. However, the reality she was exposed to was already too different from the novel. Like Su Jingcheng, who was written as evil and twisted in the novel, when in reality, he was clearly just a very good brother.

And this Wei Dongzhou, although he looked a little unreliable, he didn’t seem like a heinous guy.

In the novel, Wei Dongzhou’s final ending wasn’t much better than Su Jingcheng’s.

It seems that the Wei family had relatives with special identities. For some reason, something happened, and the whole Wei family was implicated in the end. Wei Dongzhou, as the then head of the Wei family, had a particularly bad outcome.


Wei Dongzhou was somewhat uneasy under Su Xi’s gaze.

For a moment, the little girl examined him, studied him, shook her head and then sighed. What does she mean? There’s nothing wrong with his clothes today and he looks like a human, right?

“Ahem, so that, you’re Xixi, right? I’ve been listening to your brother’s continues ‘Xixi this, Xixi that’, and now I finally meet you. My name is Wei Dongzhou and I’m the same age as your brother. You can call me Brother Wei.”

“Hello, Brother Wei.” Su Xi greeted the other party.

Hearing the little girl call him Brother Wei in a soft and delicate voice, Wei Dongzhou felt like his whole body was floating.

No wonder Old Su was so obsessed with his younger sister so much. She’s indeed cute and lovely, much better than his younger brother!

Thinking of his cousin, Wei Dongzhou had thousands of complain in his heart.

“By the way, this is my cousin, Wei Shaoyuan. He’s in the same year as you, from Class 13.”



“I’m in Class 18.”

“Oh, then Class 18. You guys can be friends.” Wei Dongzhou said to Su Xi with a smile on his face.

Only after listening to Wei Dongzhou’s introduction did Su Xi noticed the boy next to him whose presence was so low that Su Xi had overlooked him.

Wei Shaoyuan?

Su Xi secretly pondered. This person gave her a feeling of familiarity. She didn’t know if she had seen him somewhere or heard of him.

“Hello, my name is Su Xi. I’m in Class 7.” Su Xi smiled at the other party and said.

The boy opposite also smiled faintly at Su Xi. “Hello, I’m Wei Shaoyuan.”

“That-, If there’s anything you can’t understand with your homework, you can ask me.”

Su Xi: “Okay, thanks.” You can call me for fights and stuff.

Seeing the instant friendship between the two little kids, the corners of Wei Dongzhou’s mouth twitched. He looked at his cousin with raised brows.

——Wei Shaoyuan’s parents have special jobs. This kid used to spend half of his time with his parents and half of his time with the old man. He didn’t know which side influenced him, but as he grew up, he became skewed.

This kid usually treats everyone with a dismissive attitude, but today, he unexpectedly got along well with Su Xi.

This was rare, extremely rare.

At the same time, Su Jingcheng also glanced at Wei Shaoyuan.

The genius boy of the Wei family? He looks okay.

He heard that his grades were good, so it’s fine to let Xixi study with him.

Su Jingcheng thought in his mind. However, he immediately overturned this idea.

——His sister was so smart, why would she need to learn from this kid from the Wei family? And even if there’s something she doesn’t understand, wasn’t he, this older brother, still here?

Wei Shaoyuan, who was inexplicably casted a cold glance by the big brother of the Su family, felt a bit confused.


1 ungrateful
2 elder female cousin


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