The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 36

The restaurant was booked by Wei Dongzhou. It supposedly has good and quiet environment, and near their school.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the restaurant and heard the manager of the restaurant called Wei Dongzhou ‘Boss’ that Su Xi realized the restaurant was owned by him.

“Anyway, this can be considered as the only private business I have outside of the Wei family’s industries. What’s wrong with supporting it?”

Su Jingcheng ignored Wei Dongzhou and went straight to the innermost private room.

“Still the same as before?” Wei Dongzhou asked.

Su Jingcheng: “Add another sweet and sour ribs, one squirrel fish, one sweet and sour pork, one sweet soup, one matcha-flavored cake, one……”

Wei Dongzhou: “?”

Weren’t he afraid of getting toothache ordering so many sweet things?

However, in the next second, looking at Su Xi next to Su Jingcheng, Wei Dongzhou immediately understood.

But weren’t Old Su considering the amount of food his sister can have when ordering food?


While waiting for the food to be served, Wei Dongzhou mentioned the project to Su Jingcheng.

“According to my understanding, the investment for the project in Beicheng is at least this much, right?” Wei Dongzhou raised a few fingers at Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng took a glance. “Multiply it by another 1.5.”

“Woc, this bone is big enough. How about it, Chairman Su, will you consider giving our Wei family a share of the pie?” After being surprised, Wei Dongzhou quickly calmed down and looked at Su Jingcheng with an ‘unscrupulous businessman’ expression on his face.

Su Jingcheng raised a brow at Wei Dongzhou.

Wei Dongzhou: “I’m serious. To be honest, I didn’t really have much interest in this project before. I’m not optimistic at building an amusement park. However, if you change it to a shopping mall, the effect will be different. I previously estimated a number. The Wei family can earn at least this amount by investing. It just depends on whether Chairman Su is willing to give this opportunity.”

It’s not so easy for Suyuan Group to gnaw on that bone, but with the addition of the Wei family, it’s just right.

Wei Dongzhou got serious so Su Jingcheng also turned serious. “Sure, but I have to remind you, no one knows who will get that piece of land. Risks and opportunities coexist.”

“I’m aware. The Wei’s can still afford pre-investment.” Wei Dongzhou didn’t mind. “Besides, isn’t your Suyuan’s biggest competitor now the Shenxing Group? I’m optimistic about you.” 

“Plus, with the addition of the Wei’s, isn’t it a sure win? Haha.”

Just when Wei Dongzhou was in high spirit, Wei Shaoyuan, who had been silent beside him, suddenly threw out a sentence, “Not necessarily.”

“In terms of strength in the shopping mall business, Suyuan and Shenxing can only be said to be 50-50 split. The Wei family’s main business isn’t in this area so there is no obvious advantage in collaboration. The Wei family’s investment doesn’t have much use other than additional money. Including the Wei’s won’t contribute greatly.”

Wei Dongzhou: “……” He understands the truth, but can Wei Shaoyuan not be so honest at this moment? He’s working hard to generate income for their company, was this kid trying to dig a pit for his brother?!

“The adults are talking. Just eat the food in front of you.”


“Beicheng project? Is it the one on Xinhua Street?” The content of the conversation also caught Su Xi’s attention.

“Yeah, Xiao Xi knows about it?”

“I’ve seen it in my brother’s files before.” Su Xi answered. She also read about it a couple times in the novel.

“Will they ultimately only choose between Suyuan and Shenxing Group for that project?” Su Xi asked again.

Wei Dongzhou nodded. “More or less. If there are no accidents, other companies participating in the competition will only be running along with them. After all, such a large project will also involve the subsequent development and later operation. Not many have the strength to win it.”

After Wei Dongzhou said that, he looked at Su Xi who was listening attentively and suddenly smiled. “Xiao Xi can understand these things?”

“I don’t.” Su Xi shook her head honestly.

After that, Su Xi turned her head to Su Jingcheng with a serious face and said, “This project cannot be given to Shenxing Group.”

Although up to now, Su Xi was still unable to determine the reason for Su Jingcheng’s blackening, however, the land on Xinhua Street in Beicheng was crucial—— In the novel, the male protagonist satirizes Su Jingcheng at Su Yuan’s banquet just because he won that piece of land, and it was only after that point that Su Jingcheng began to crazily retaliate on the male protagonist.

What else happened during that period, Su Xi didn’t know, but she was certain of one thing—— The male protagonist shouldn’t be allowed to get that piece of land and be given the opportunity to show off in front of Su Jingcheng!

Seeing Su Xi’s serious expression, Su Jingcheng inwardly chuckled.

In fact, as Xixi was found back, the significance of the land in Beicheng wasn’t as important to Su Jingcheng as it initially was.

Su Jingcheng thought that Su Xi was saying this because of the competitive mentality of children at this age.

But it doesn’t matter, since his sister said so, then he will take that piece of land.

“Okay, brother will definitely win that project.” Su Jingcheng assured Su Xi with a smile.


The dishes were served soon.

Su Xi was thinking in her mind about the possible reason for Su Jingcheng’s blackening as she buried her head while picking on the rice.

In Su Jingcheng’s eyes however, this appearance of hers must be because there were unfamiliar people around and his sister wasn’t used to it, that’s why she wasn’t getting any food.

“Eat well.” Su Jingcheng put a piece of sweet and sour ribs in Su Xi’s bowl, and then added several other dishes into it as well.

Su Xi who came back to her senses and was by greeted the hill of food in front of her: “……”

After eating so many special meals prepared by Uncle Fu this morning, Su Xi was actually not hungry. Moreover, she can’t finish all this food.

I don’t want to eat. Can I refuse?

Su Xi thought to herself.

However, it’s better to give him some face in front of outsiders.

Therefore, in order not to embarrass him, Su Xi ate the food that Su Jingcheng gave her.

There were a few leftovers that she couldn’t finish eating.

“This is delicious, Brother, you try it too.” Su Xi moved the remaining small cakes to Su Jingcheng’s side.

Su Jingcheng not only didn’t dislike it, he also felt flattered.

Wei Dongzhou, who was sitting opposite Su Jingcheng, had the same idea at this time—— Little sisters are cute.

Look, what a good sister, she thinks about her brother when there’s something to eat.

And this really sweet voice calling brother was so comforting to listen to!

Now compare it to a younger brother, not cute at all. Especially his family’s cousin, so not cute.

Wei Dongzhou gave a disdainful glance at his cousin. And following Su Jingcheng’s example, he clipped a piece of meat for Wei Shaoyuan, who calmly move his bowl away.

Wei Dongzhou: “……” Sure enough, younger sisters were better!

Also, when Old Su glanced at him just now, what was the meaning of that bragging expression on his face? And what’s the meaning of that sneer? Was he provoking him on purpose?

Su Xi was unaware of the childish comparison between these two adults. Seeing that Su Jingcheng didn’t mind those pieces of cake, Su Xi gave Su Jingcheng all the desserts in front of her.


There weren’t many competitions in the afternoon of the first day, so when everyone was free, they started to talk about the matter on the forum again.

Thanks to Little Brother Ye’s unremitting efforts, in the afternoon, Su Xi’s votes had surpassed the others and rose to the second place.

At night, Su Xi’s vote count ushered in a sudden surge.

Soon, Su Xi found the reason in the forum.

【The school grass actually voted for Su Xi?!】


【It’s true, he voted in the afternoon!】

【Was it really Gu Yichi who voted for Su Xi?】

【Mr. Gu is definitely Gu Yichi’s account. I saw him share a photo when he won a competition before.】

【Cao[1]damn; sh*t, so what is the origin of this Su Xi? Ye Zexing helped her canvass votes, and now even the school grass voted for her.】

【What is the relationship between Su Xi and Gu Yichi?】

Although everyone was very puzzled by this, it did not prevent many people from following suit. Therefore, with the votes of the followers, Su Xi’s votes increased a lot.

At this time, Dong Wenqi also called.

The other party’s tone on the phone was very excited. “Su Xi! Tell me how you know Gu Shao!”

“I don’t know him.” Su Xi was also very confused.

“Lies, if you don’t know him, why did Gu Shao give you a vote?”

“I’m not lying to you. I’ve never met that legendary school grass before.” Su Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“That’s weird. Since you don’t know each other, why did Gu Shao vote for you?” Dong Wenqi wondered, feeling a bit regretful.

She was originally thinking that if Su Xi knew Gu Yichi, she could ask Su Xi to help borrow the school grass’s note so she could admire it.

Su Xi: “Slip of the hand?”

Dong Wenqi: “That’s impossible. Under normal circumstances Gu Yichi would never participate in this kind of voting. How can he click in and then his hand just happened to slip to your name?”

“I wonder why.” Dong Wenqi couldn’t figure it out.

She didn’t know that the account that voted for Su Xi was indeed Gu Yichi’s, but the person who voted wasn’t Gu Yichi himself, but Wei Shaoyuan.

After returning to the sports field this afternoon, Wei Shaoyuan took his mobile phone and voted for Su Xi, then after thinking about it, he simply took the phones of the people next to him to vote for her.

“I know!” Dong Wenqi’s voice rose a bit and added, “Su Xi, you must be a legendary koi[2]a lucky person!”

Su Xi: “That’s too exaggerated.”

Dong Wenqi: “It’s not an exaggeration. Think about it, even Gu Yichi voted for you!”

“Gu Yichi, do you know what kind of existence he is in our school?”

“School grass?”

“It’s not only that! ” Dong Wenqi proceeded to share the great achievements of the school grass to Su Xi.

Su Xi really couldn’t empathize with the thoughts of a fangirl.

“Then why isn’t Wei Shaoyuan a school grass or a figure at that level?” Su Xi asked suddenly.

Su Xi finally remembered where she had seen Wei Shaoyuan. When Dong Wenqi was teaching her the science of the school grass, the person next to Gu Yichi in the photo with half of his face exposed was Wei Shaoyuan.

In terms of appearance, Wei Shaoyuan should be on par with Gu Yichi, and his grades seem to be quite good. However, the other party appears to be very low-key. Su Xi never heard anyone in school mention him.

“Wei Shaoyuan?!”

Dong Wenqi’s voice made Su Xi’s ears hurt.

“Wei Shen[3]Immortal; deity; holy is an idol, how can it be the same?!”

“Is that great?”

“Yes, let me tell you this, there is a legend in our school that there’s no Wei Shen who can’t get the first place in the exam, and there’s no Wei Shen who can’t get an award. That immortal level figure isn’t someone that ordinary mortal like us can talk about casually.”

Although Dong Wenqi’s description was a bit exaggerated, Su Xi roughly understood it. Wei Shaoyuan’s strength has probably exceeded everyone’s ability to gossip. Moreover, he spends most of his time representing the school in various competitions and was even absent for the monthly exams, therefore, people seldom discussed him.

In addition, Wei Shaoyuan himself was very low-key and the work of his parents seems to be a bit special, so few people would talk about Wei Shaoyuan even more.

“Wait!” Dong Wenqi’s voice stopped for a moment. “You know Wei Shaoyuan? You didn’t tell me that you know Wei Shaoyuan!” This was even more surprising than Su Xi knowing the school grass.

“I just met him today.” Su Xi explained the relationship between her brother and the eldest brother of the Wei family.

“So that’s it. Could it be that Gu Shao voted for you because Wei Shen helped you solicit votes?” After all, Wei Shaoyuan, Gu Yichi and several other people often go to competitions together, and they were quite familiar with each other.

But would Wei Shen help Su Xi solicit votes like Ye Zexing did?

Dong Wenqi wasn’t sure—— Wei Shen was so mysterious that even after studying in school for more than a year, few people know Wei Shen’s personality and nature.


Not only Dong Wenqi, no one else would think that it was Wei Shaoyuan who helped Su Xi get votes.

At this time, the heat of discussion on this matter hasn’t subsided in the slightest and there was no shortage of sarcastic remarks.

【This Su Xi can publish a book called 《Social Intercourse Master》. Let everyone take a good look at how she hook up with people.】

【Tell me about it. One Ye Zexing is fine, but now Gu Yichi actually vote for her.】

【By the way, there’s also the man who came to school with her today. Didn’t you hear that he seems to also have some indescribable relationship with her?】


These people’s comments were getting more and more outrageous, however, before they could say some more words, they were soon slapped in the face.

【Are there no consequences for spreading rumors?】

【How is it spreading rumors? I’m only saying what I heard, also, what if it’s true?】

【What the hell? The person who came to school with Su Xi today, do you know who that is? Su Jingcheng!】

【Fools who don’t know Su Jingcheng, please go and check it yourself for this girl.】

No need to look it up online, just the name ‘Su Jingcheng’ carried a lot of weight.

【Holy crap, Su Jingcheng?! Did that Su Xi even hooked up with Su Jingcheng?】

【Are you an idiot, Upstairs? Su Jingcheng’s surname is Su, and Su Xi’s surname is also Su. Moreover, the people who come to the school for the sports day are definitely either parents or older brothers and sisters. Have you ever seen anyone who would blatantly bring other connections? So, to sum it up, Su Jingcheng must be Su Xi’s brother!】

【Right, I also remembered, I followed my dad to a banquet before and it seemed that Su Jingcheng brought Su Xi with him. At that time, I thought she looked familiar.】

This discovery surprised many people.

So Su Xi wasn’t the previously rumored vain girl, but a real life Baifumei[4]refers to fair-skinned females w/ wealthy families and good looks?

Thinking back to Ye Zexing’s comment in his Moment about ‘helping his family’s sister solicit votes’, it turned out to be true.

【This gap is a bit big, I can’t accept it all at once.】

【I can’t calm down anymore.】

【Speaking of which, Su Xi’s identity is incredibly impressive, before that……】

【Eh? Why can’t I post my last entry?】

【I tried again but it still won’t work. It failed to appear.】

【Me too.】

Soon, everyone discovered that not only all their comments about Su Xi couldn’t be published, but also the negative rumors about Su Xi in the previous forums had been cleaned up. Even the few photos of her were removed leaving only the one in the poll, though unfortunately it couldn’t be reproduced.

Such a big move was obviously done by someone.

“Could it be Ye Zexing?” Dong Wenqi asked.

“It’s unlikely.” It’s not that Su Xi looked down on Ye Zexing’s strength, but mainly because she felt that with that guy’s brain, he might directly scold the other party in this situation. He wouldn’t think about imposing censorship as a means. Of course, he doesn’t have the ability either.


Meanwhile, in the study on the other side of the corridor.

Su Jingcheng repeatedly checked his phone to confirm that all the things he didn’t want to see were cleared. Only then did he put it down.

However, soon, Su Jingcheng frowned again—— Were students at this age so fond of gossip? And where did that ‘school grass’ come from?

Thinking of the previous discussion in the forum, there were actually people who mentioned the topic of ‘puppy love’. Su Jingcheng’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Puppy love? No way! Simply ridiculous.

Su Jingcheng largely denied the possibility that his younger sister would fall in love early, but he still sent a text message to Yan Su: 【Check out Gu Yichi from the Gu family.】

Before Su Jingcheng could put down the phone again, a call came in. The caller was Principal Chen from Shangming Middle School.

“Chairman Su, the school has already cooperated in handling those posts and talks in the forum. We will strengthen its management and if there are any related false remarks later, our side will clean it up as soon as possible.” Principal Chen said to Su Jingcheng.

“I’m counting on you.” After a pause, Su Jingcheng said again, “Tomorrow, my assistant will contact the school to discuss the investment for the Science and Technology hall.”

Aiya, I’m very grateful for Chairman Su’s support to the school’s education cause!” The principal was very excited.

“It’s as it should be.”

Previously, Su Jingcheng heard that Su Hui invested in scientific and technological innovation projects and classroom equipment to the school for Ye Zexing, and at that time, he was contemptuous of such behavior.

Now, Su Jingcheng seems to understand his aunt’s approach a bit.

However, his family’s Xixi was different from that brainless kid from that side.

“Regarding the school forum and the students’ words, I hope the school can supervise it well.” Su Jingcheng added.

“Certainly, certainly.” Principal Chen said repeatedly. “In fact, our school has always attached great importance to the construction of school spirit and discipline. This time it is true that the school has neglected its management in this area, but please rest assured, Chairman Su, the supervision will be strengthened and a faculty member will be specially arranged to oversee the forum. In addition, regarding the students’ words, moral education will be reinforced.”

“One more thing.” Thinking of something, Su Jingcheng added, “Concerning the issue of puppy love among students, I have to bother the school to pay more attention to it.”


1 damn; sh*t
2 a lucky person
3 Immortal; deity; holy
4 refers to fair-skinned females w/ wealthy families and good looks


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