The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 38

Seeing Su Jingcheng who was working overtime, Su Xi suddenly felt bad.

——She heard from Chen Fei that Su Jingcheng seemed very busy these days, but the other party actually accompanied her to school for three consecutive days.

As soon as Su Jingcheng raised his head, he saw Su Xi standing at the door in a daze.

“What is it, Xixi?” Su Jingcheng stopped his work and asked.

“Nothing, I just came to see why you haven’t gone to sleep yet.”

Hearing his younger sister’s concern for him, Su Jingcheng felt warm in his heart. He raised his brows at Su Xi. “Shouldn’t I be asking you this question?”

Su Xi : “……”

Seeing Su Xi’s defeated appearance, Su Jingcheng smiled inwardly. He walked over and rubbed Su Xi’s head. “Soon. After finishing the last bit of work I’ll go to sleep.”

En.” Su Xi nodded seriously and then moved the hand Su Jingcheng placed on her head with ‘dislike’.

She’s not a child anymore.


“What did Xixi want to say?”

“It’s nothing, just……” Su Xi hesitated a bit, then said to Su Jingcheng, “If you’re so busy, you don’t need to spend so much time taking care of me.”

“I’m actually very self-reliant.” After Su Xi said this, as if she was afraid that Su Jingcheng wouldn’t believe it, she emphasized to him, “Really!”

Listening to Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng’s gaze was slightly stunned, and after a moment of silence, Su Jingcheng gave a low laugh.

“I know, our family’s Xixi is very capable, can do everything and can take care of herself.”

“The reason I’m making time is because Brother hopes to spend more time with Xixi.”

“Can Xixi spend more time with Brother?” Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and said softly.

During the years when his sister was lost, Su Jingcheng had no idea of the experiences that led her to here. Right now, he only hoped to fill up the missing ten years little by little.

In the past, it was the little guy who liked to cling to him, but now he was the one who wanted to keep an eye on Su Xi every time.

Upon hearing this, Su Xi gave Su Jingcheng a somewhat surprised look.

In the past, she would never have believed that the villain in the novel would have such a side, but before she knew it, Su Xi’s view of Su Jingcheng was no longer what it was at the beginning.

This was a person with flesh and blood and feelings. Removing other factors, he was just a brother who cherishes his sister.

“Alright then.” Su Xi nodded and solemnly replied. She would spend more time with him whenever she had time.

Seeing Su Xi’s serious appearance, Su Jingcheng almost couldn’t help laughing out loud.

At the same time, he thought such a sister was super cute.

Su Jingcheng raised his hand to rub Su Xi’s head again, but before his ‘claws’ could reach out, Su Xi had already dodged deftly.

“Ugh, don’t always rub my head.”

“Why? Are you disliking me?”

“No.” What to do if she got bald? Su Xi thought of her master’s shiny head and hairline blown by the wind.

“Don’t you still have work to finish? Then hurry up.” Su Xi muttered.

Su Jingcheng: “……” Shouldn’t he, the adult, be the one to keep an eye on Su Xi’s homework? How come he felt it was now reversed?

Su Jingcheng started to deal with work but Su Xi didn’t go back. Instead, she helped Su Jingcheng organize the things on the table and the documents that had been processed. She didn’t understand the company’s affairs, but it was still possible to help Su Jingcheng tidy up.

After tidying up for a while, she couldn’t stand anymore, so Su Xi simply moved a chair from the side to sit on the left hand side of Su Jingcheng. She carefully divided the documents that Su Jingcheng signed and did not agree with into two piles, neatly placing them on the table.

Silently paying attention to Su Xi’s actions, Su Jingcheng didn’t interrupt her, nor did he remind her that the documents were not divided like this.


Soon, Su Xi began to be distracted.


“What’s wrong?” Su Jingcheng had been paying attention to Su Xi’s side all the time, so when he heard Su Xi made a confused sound, Su Jingcheng raised his head and asked.

“Does this mean that the company is losing money?” Su Xi pointed to a certain negative value on the document and asked Su Jingcheng nervously.

Thinking of the novel’s final ending, Su Xi couldn’t help but worry about the financial situation of their family’s company.

“Not really.” Su Jingcheng explained to Su Xi, “This project is still in the early stage of construction. There’s no profit for the time being so it’s normal for the investment to be greater than the income.”

“Oh, this one too?” Su Xi asked, pointing to another document.

“This……” It’s really losing money and the reason has something to do with that side of the Su family.

Thinking of the small moves Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin was doing behind the scenes that his subordinates had recently discovered, a cold look flashed in Su Jingcheng’s eyes.

“This problem will be resolved soon.”

“That’s good.” Su Xi nodded. After all, he was someone who can become the villain in the novel. Su Xi had great trust in Su Jingcheng’s ability.

“Is this the Xinhua Street project?” Su Xi noticed what Su Jingcheng was currently working on.

En.” For the Xinhua Street project, all the previous plans have been overthrown and restarted, and there was still a lot of work to be done.

Su Xi: “This project cannot be obtained by that surnamed Shen.” Otherwise, the plot in the novel will definitely happen.

Su Jingcheng: “Okay.”

Su Xi: “Do we have a high chance of winning this project?”

Su Jingcheng: It can’t be considered big. Just like the kid from the Wei family said, it was 50-50 and even with the addition of the Wei’s, there’s not much difference.

But because of Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng will definitely take that piece of land.

“Don’t worry, Xixi, there’s great hope.”

“That’s great.” Hearing Su Jingcheng say so once again, Su Xi smiled.

However, the next second, something came to her mind and Su Xi became entangled again.

“That-, just try to fight for it but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Even if it’s really snatched away by Shenxing Group, you have to look at the bright side. Don’t be angry. It’s just a piece of land. If this project isn’t feasible, there are still other many profitable projects.”

Su Xi said this because she was worried that Su Jingcheng would end up splitting hair because of that land.

Seeing Su Xi’s nervous and tangled appearance, Su Jingcheng originally wanted to say ‘children shouldn’t worry so much all day long’, however, he really likes the feeling of being cared for by his sister.

“Okay, I will.” Su Jingcheng promised.

“However, it’s still necessary to work hard.”

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng suppressed a smile and nodded.


Su Xi stared at the plan in front of Su Jingcheng, trying hard to understand its content.

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng simply explained to her.

“This plan is currently a preliminary draft, but the general direction is to build a landmark shopping mall in this part of the land. As for later, it will be developed as a financial and commercial district, and here, there will be a small park in the future……”

Seeing Su Xi listening attentively and nodding from time to time, he wondered if this girl understood. Su Jingcheng chuckled secretly and asked Su Xi, “What does Xixi think?”

“I think it’s pretty good.” Su Xi said, biting her fingers and thinking about it, then she added, “But I think in the middle of the mall and the park, which is here, another open-air venue can be built.”

“Hmm? What does Xixi want to do with an open-air venue?”

“Events ah. You can often hold some activities at the back of the mall, such as music festivals, runway shows, competitions, etc. It will definitely be very lively.”

Although Su Xi doesn’t understand the company’s project planning, her master was occasionally invited to check Feng Shui before. There was no shortage of companies who wanted to develop lands and projects and just saying those superstitious things was definitely not enough, so her master would also say some practical reasoning to convince the other party.

After listening a lot, Su Xi probably understood what her master was doing. Although the main purpose was to fool people, upon careful consideration, it wasn’t unreasonable.

Hearing Su Xi’s suggestion, Su Jingcheng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Do you think that’s okay?” Su Xi asked uncertainly.

“Definitely.” It’s amazing!

It’s nothing to just build a venue, but if some popular activities could really be introduced, then the whole project will be set differently.

“What does Xixi think this venue is better for?” Su Jingcheng suddenly wanted to hear more of Su Xi’s thoughts.

He himself, including those in the planning department, was often constrained by inherent thinking patterns and wouldn’t think of these small and seemingly insignificant points. However, it was often such small suggestions that were very effective.

“Um.” Su Xi mulled over it, then said, “A lot of things are fine. High-end brand shows, celebrity meet-and-greets, movie conferences and many more are alright.”

“But don’t make it too complex. You can’t do everything.”

“In addition, behind this, besides office building, can we build some residential houses?”

“And also……”


Su Jingcheng wrote down the ideas that Su Xi said one by one. These were just fragmentary ideas to Su Xi, but to Su Jingcheng, they became practical and feasible plans.

Su Jingcheng couldn’t wait to sort out Su Xi’s several proposals and incorporate them into the previous plan.

While Su Jingcheng was doing this, Su Xi’s upper and lower eyelids were already fighting to close.

When Su Jingcheng wrote down the last word, he felt a weight on his arm so he looked down. At this moment, Su Xi had fallen asleep with her head resting against him.



It seems that she really fell asleep.

Su Jingcheng inwardly reflected. He was so invested in organizing the plan that he forgot that this girl should have gone to bed long ago.

Su Jingcheng called Su Xi again, but she didn’t wake up.

Originally, when she was small, he could lift her up with one hand and stuff her back into the bed, but looking at Su Xi who had become a big girl now, Su Jingcheng suddenly felt a little helpless.

However, in the end, Su Jingcheng still carefully carried Su Xi back to the room.

The moment she was placed on the bed, Su Xi woke up.

“Hmm? Where was I?” Su Xi muttered in a daze, her obviously muddled appearance made people want to laugh.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow. It’s late, go to bed.” Su Jingcheng said softly as he raised his hand and placed it over Su Xi’s eyes.

Su Xi took Su Jingcheng’s hand away, her eyes were wide open and she seemed to be awake, but her eyes were a little dazed.

“Oh, yes, I have to get up early for school tomorrow.”

Su Jingcheng finally couldn’t hold back his smile and pinched Su Xi’s face. “Tomorrow’s Saturday. Did you become silly from sleeping?”

Su Xi was completely awake now. Her gaze turned around and only then did she realized that she had been carried back to her room by Su Jingcheng.

“Mm, I almost forgot.” Su Xi shrank back under the blanket.

“Tomorrow is Saturday, does Xixi want to go somewhere to play? I’ll take you there.” Su Jingcheng squatted beside Su Xi’s bed and asked.

——There was nowhere in particular she would like to go.

Su Xi intended to answer Su Jingcheng in this way, but soon, Su Xi had another idea.

“Then—go to the company?”

“Huh? Xixi wants to go to the company?”

“Mmmhmm.” Su Xi nodded and said, “Go and continue planning!”

Speaking of that project, it’s as if Su Xi had been injected with chicken blood. Anyway, the only method she could think of to change the original plot was to prevent the male protagonist from getting the land on Xinhua Street.

Su Jingcheng: “……”

His sister wasn’t going to be a businesswoman in the future, right?


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