The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 39

The next day, Su Xi woke up early.

Seeing Su Xi up, Su Jingcheng was a little surprised.

“Why did Xixi get up so early?” Su Jingcheng asked.

“Didn’t we agree to go to the company?” Su Xi was still remembered what she said to Su Jingcheng last night.

Looking at Su Xi’s serious appearance, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help smiling. “Then come here and eat your breakfast, and we’ll go.”

“Okay.” Su Xi didn’t waste any time and obediently ate her meal.

After gathering their things, the two were ready to go out.

“Did you bring your textbooks and homework with you?” Su Jingcheng asked.

“I’ve already finished all my homework.”

“Then you can bring some practice questions or some books, anything to play with.” Su Jingcheng worried that Su Xi would be bored if she went to the company with him.

At this, Su Xi frowned. “We’re going there to do business.” It’s not for fun.

Hearing Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help laughing. “All right, but if you got bored, don’t blame me.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen!”


Su Xi followed Su Jingcheng to the company.

Once inside Su Jingcheng’s office, Su Xi noticed some changes from before. Su Jingcheng’s office looked less rigid. There were many green plants in every corner and cute looking little potted plants and ornaments. In short, it looked much more vibrant than before.

And next to Su Jingcheng’s desk, there was now an additional smaller desk, which was obviously prepared for Su Xi.

Su Xi raised her head and looked at Su Jingcheng in surprise with little stars in her eyes.

Su Jingcheng was amused by Su Xi’s appearance and explained, “There are some books for you and some things to play with. If you’re bored, you can flip through them by yourself.”

“I won’t!” Su Xi grumbled.

However, after sitting next to Su Jingcheng for a while, Su Xi soon became really bored.

Su Xi sneaked a glance at Su Jingcheng, making sure that the other party wasn’t paying attention to her side, and quietly look at the books he had prepared for her.

Complete explanations of middle school textbooks, English vocabulary collection, mathematical olympiad……

Forget about these.

What the heck was this other pile?

Coloring book, origami papers, Andersen’s fairy tales, Little Inventors, Peppa Pig story book?!

Did Su Jingcheng mistake her age?

“Bored?” Su Jingcheng looked over at some point.

“Not much, it’s okay.” Su Xi said stiffly. After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “Is there any advanced book to read?”

“A more advanced one?” Su Jingcheng smiled and took out a book from the table. “Is this okay?”

Su Xi found out that it wasn’t a light one—— It’s about economics, and it’s highly advanced!

Su Xi turned two pages and couldn’t understand a thing.

However, in order to not let Su Jingcheng know that she was bored, Su Xi still put on a show.

She couldn’t understand, she couldn’t understand it at all. She knew every word, but when connected together, she didn’t know what it was saying.

Fortunately, at this moment, Su Xi’s phone vibrated. There was a message from Dong Wenqi.

【Dong Wenqi: Su Xi, Su Xi, go to the forum. Your votes exceeded the School Flower’s!】

Seeing Dong Wenqi’s message, Su Xi also went to the forum to take a look. Sure enough, she got 987 votes while An Yajing got 962 votes. Su Xi came ahead of An Yajing with a gap of more than 20 votes.

【Dong Wenqi: Haha, sure enough, with the blessings of the school tyrant and the school grass, the effect is different.】

【Dong Wenqi: You’re number one now! How about it? Give me an interview. How does it feel to be a school flower?】

Seeing Dong Wenqi’s teasing, the corners of Su Xi’s mouth twitched slightly.

【Su Xi: After a closer look, there seem to be no special feeling.】

There was indeed no special feeling and there were also no substantial benefits or rewards. Su Xi didn’t know what was good in being the center of attention like Ye Zexing at all.

【Su Xi: And isn’t the voting not over yet?】

【Although it’s not over, it’s almost there. Someone calculated the total number of votes and basically everyone in the school have voted. The number of votes will not change much until the voting ends at 2 pm this afternoon, hehe.】

In fact, Dong Wenqi didn’t think there was any benefit in being the first, but it’s okay to have a little fun with it.

Moreover, seeing Wang Nannan and those who spread rumors in the forum getting sour, Dong Wenqi felt refreshed.

At this time, everyone in the forum was discussing the voting results.

【I really like Su Xi. I’m definitely not just following the trend!】

【Me too. When someone posted her photo online, I thought this little sister was pretty.】

【What’s more, Su Xi’s physical fitness is super good. She was so cool in the high jump competition!】

【Yes, yes, yes! And she won first place! She’s amazing. It’s a pity that she only participated in one competition. If she entered a few more events, she might still win prizes.】

【To be honest, I only voted for Su Xi after watching the competition.】

【And have you guys seen it? Su Xi was super serious when she was leading her class! I have to say, as far as the state of the team leader is concerned, Su Xi is much more serious than An Yajing.】

【In terms of appearance, Su Xi and An Yajing each have their own style, they have their own merits.】


Some people in the forum think that Su Xi deserves the first place, although others think she won unfairly.

【Su Xi isn’t bad, but getting first place is a bit too much.】

【I also think that Su Xi isn’t worthy of being first.】


Among them, An Yajing’s supporters were the most upset.

【Sorry, from head to toe, I don’t think Su Xi is better than An Yajing.】

【Su Xi is better than An Yajing at sports, haha.】

【It’s just high jump, it can’t be compared to anything! An Yajing has good grades, good talent, and good character. Can Su Xi compare to these?】

【That’s to say, Su Xi’s vote count was completely obtained with the help of Ye Zexing and Gu Shao. This should be considered a fraud, right?】

【What do you mean fraud? Being able to get votes is also part of one’s strength. Besides, don’t other people solicit votes? Aren’t An Yajing’s little friends also helping her canvass in various groups?】


At present, Su Xi had a small group of supporters in school, so in this forum battle, Su Xi wasn’t completely beaten.

However, Dong Wenqi felt a little upset when she saw some of the extreme remarks.

【Dong Wenqi: These people are braindeads. Last year, didn’t An Yajing relied on canvassing to defeat the former school flower? Why didn’t I see them being acidic and personally attacking her?!】

【Dong Wenqi: This won’t do, I have to go report it!】

【Su Xi: It’s alright, don’t bother.】 Those extreme remarks would probably be cleaned up soon.

Thinking of this, Su Xi sneak a glance at Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng: “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Su Xi smiled at Su Jingcheng.

【Su Xi: Let’s not talk about this anymore. Have you seen the locations you mentioned before?】 This was what Su Xi cares about most.

【Dong Wenqi: I found a good one! It’s Nanjiao Park. Let me tell you, I even personally ran over to take a look. There are a lot of vacant spaces in that place and the flow of people isn’t too large, but there are many retired elderly people. Moreover, there are many high-end residential buildings near Nanjiao Park, so the old men and women doing morning exercises there have bulging wallets!】

【Dong Wenqi: The most important point is that it’s quite close to your home!】

【Dong Wenqi: And I also found a venue for you in advance, with a lake in front and a garden in the back. It’s superb!】

【Su Xi: That’s great!】

Su Xi sent Dong Wenqi a 【Thank you, grandpa】 emoticon.

【Dong Wenqi: But are you really going to set up a stall there?】

When she first heard Su Xi said that she wanted to find a lucrative job starting from the old men and old women, Dong Wenqi felt that it was unreliable.

Su Xi wouldn’t try to deceive the old men and women into buying some health care products, would she?

What if it was exposed as a scam? What if it even got on TV?

#YoungLadyOfSuyuanGroupSetUpStreetStallTo DecieveOldMenAndWomenOfMoney#, would be too scary.

【It’s not exactly a stall. It’s more like teaching.】 Su Xi explained her plan to Dong Wenqi.

Before, Su Xi’s master found a place in the park to teach old men and women how to exercise his health-preserving Tai Chi. Her master has more than 100 students, each charged 10 yuan, which was still an income after all.

Presently, Su Xi intends to inherit his teaching profession.

And from N City to B City, Su Xi wondered if the tuition fee could also be increased?


On the side, Su Jingcheng was dealing with documents while looking at Su Xi from time to time.

Seeing Su Xi lowering her head down and holding her phone intently, completely engrossed, Su Jingcheng wondered what she was looking at. Her fingers were dancing on the screen of the phone and there seemed to be a very excited look on her face. Su Jingcheng didn’t think there was anything at first, but the next second, his brows suddenly furrowed tightly.

Su Jingcheng suddenly thought of a problem—— The ‘puppy love’ previously mentioned in the forum.

Su Jingcheng tensed up.

“What is Xixi looking at?” Su Jingcheng asked in a light tone.

“Ah? It’s nothing, just chatting casually with a classmate.”

Su Xi was nervous and covered her phone screen. She was discussing with Dong Wenqi about setting up a stall in the park. If Su Jingcheng knew that she was planning on doing it to earn money in order to support him in the future, Su Jingcheng would definitely laugh at her.

“Classmate?” Are you sure it’s not some careless bastard?

“Yes, a classmate.” Su Xi answered Su Jingcheng with a guilty conscience.

Whenever Su Xi was telling lies or had a guilty conscience, her eyes would open very wide, and she would subconsciously blink.

Su Xi herself didn’t know this at all, but Su Jingcheng was very clear. This girl was like this when she was a little child. Whenever she did something bad or broke something at home, when Su Jingcheng came back from school and asked her if she was obedient at home, this was how Su Xi behaved as she said that she was very obedient.

Su Xi’s display made Su Jingcheng even tenser.

However, he didn’t dare to act too hastily.

Su Jingcheng previously read a lot of books on youth education which all said that children of Su Xi’s age were in the rebellious period. They would always have a lot of little secrets of their own and many things would be hidden from the family as they were unwilling to tell their parents.

If you want to uncover these little secrets of theirs, one have to pay attention to the approach and method, it should be done step by step.

However, Su Jingcheng still sent a message out, asking someone to check out Su Xi’s situation in school, especially who she had contact with and who she spent more time with.

He wanted to see which son of a b*tch was so thoughtless.


Su Xi didn’t know that in Su Jingcheng’s heart, she was already in an early love. At this moment, Su Xi was holding the phone and chatting with Dong Wenqi again about how to charge.

A sudden knock on the door outside the office interrupted Su Xi’s thoughts.

Su Xi looked at the door strangely.

Today was the weekend and basically no one in the company came to work overtime, so who could be there at this moment?

“Come in.” Su Jingcheng didn’t seem surprised by this.

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s voice, the person outside pushed open the door and walked in.

It was Secretary Yu whom Su Xi had met before. At this time, the other party wasn’t wearing a formal attire, but a beautiful long dress, and was carrying a delicate paper bag in her hand.

Su Xi looked at Secretary Yu, then at Su Jingcheng, and sudden bold idea popped up in her mind.

But before Su Xi’s conjecture was formed, the secretary walked in after getting Su Jingcheng’s approval and put the paper bag in front of her.

“Miss Xiao Xi, this is the most recent internet-famous cake. Because I don’t know what flavor you like, I bought one of every signature flavor.”

Su Xi: “?”

“And the milk tea from this place is also very delicious.” Secretary Yu put another paper bag in front of Su Xi and then gave her a somewhat envious look.

——Today, Secretary Yu was on a date with her boyfriend when she received a message from Assistant Chen, asking her to buy a snack that was the most popular among young people and send it to the company.

Buying snacks on a weekend and delivering it to the company felt unreasonable no matter how she heard it. Secretary Yu originally wanted to refuse, but when Chen Fei said “five times the salary”, Secretary Yu resolutely abandoned her boyfriend and went to buy snacks happily. She ordered a cake, plus a cup of milk tea, and sent them to the company.

The moment she saw the chairman’s younger sister in the office, Secretary Yu immediately understood. These weren’t for the chairman. He asked to get small cakes and milk tea just for his younger sister.

She didn’t expect that their chairman, who was usually so cold, would be like this to his sister!

She’s so envious. She wanted a big brother like him too!


After Secretary Yu left, Su Xi looked at the pile of small cakes in front of her, then turned to look at Su Jingcheng with surprise in her eyes.

Su Jingcheng enjoyed the feeling of being looked at by his sister like this. He secretly smiled in his heart, and then put on a serious expression. “You can’t eat too much sweets, okay?”

Su Jingcheng was originally worried that Su Xi would be too bored, thus he sent a message to Chen Fei to buy some snacks that girls like to eat. Assistant Chen really couldn’t figure out what girls nowadays like to eat, so he decided to contact Secretary Yu.

It’s just that Secretary Yu apparently bought too much.

“Okay.” Su Xi nodded and promised.

But before she knew it, Su Xi had wiped out most of the cakes inside the box.

This seaweed meat floss is delicious! And this avocado egg yolk flavor is also amazing! The chocolate flavor is also tasty……

When Su Xi had almost finished eating the box of cakes in front of her, Su Jingcheng who was next to her had almost finished changing the plan.

“No more eating. Come and take a look at this.” In order to prevent Su Xi from wiping out the remaining cake and half a cup of milk tea, Su Jingcheng called Su Xi to his desk.

“Huh? What?”

“The project planning of Xinhua Street. Look and see if these are what Xixi wants.”

Su Jingcheng integrated the ideas that Su Xi said last night into the original plan, and at the same time. After making reasonable adjustments, the latest plan in front of Su Xi came into being.

Originally, these tasks could be handed over to the planning department, but this girl was too anxious, so Su Jingcheng, the chairman, had to personally change it.

And letting others change it, Su Jingcheng was also worried that other people would not fully understand Su Xi’s meaning.


Hearing that it was the plan for the Xinhua Street project, Su Xi immediately got serious.

She looked at the plan on the computer while Su Jingcheng explained it to her.

Listening to Su Jingcheng talk, the light in Su Xi’s eyes became brighter and brighter.

Really impressive!

Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng with admiration in her eyes.

These were initially some ideas in her mind that even she herself wasn’t quite sure, but she didn’t expect that in Su Jingcheng’s hands, it would turn into achievable plans and each one looked very impressive.

“Is this what Xixi is thinking?”

“Uh-huh, this is it!”

“We must take this project.” Su Xi said to Su Jingcheng.

In the beginning, Su Xi just didn’t want the male protagonist to get the land and stimulate Su Jingcheng, but now, she really looked forward to this project.


“When you’re snatching this land from Shenxing Group, can you also bring me along?” Su Xi asked.

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng originally wanted to explain to his sister that this was a project bidding and couldn’t be called snatching, but after thinking about it, if it’s snatching then it’s snatching. For Xixi, he would try his best to ‘snatch’ it and deliver it to her hands.

“For sure?”

“For sure.”

Su Xi was worried since there’s a chance they might lose to the male protagonist. That’s why if he said anything to provoke Su Jingcheng on purpose, she should be there to help scold back from the side.


At this moment, Su Xi’s phone vibrated again.

Su Jingcheng, who watched Su Xi quickly take the phone and swiftly avoid him: “……”

It’s still a message from Dong Wenqi.

【Then let’s do this, why don’t we go there tomorrow and have a look? If the open space I found isn’t big enough, we can find a bigger place while we’re there.】 At this moment, Dong Wenqi was already imagining the spectacular scene of teaching thousands of people.

Su Xi was in charge of teaching and she was the manager of their team.

【Su Xi: Sure.】

【Su Xi: But I have to tell my brother first.】



Being called so sweetly by Su Xi, Su Jingcheng froze for a moment.

Staring at Su Xi for a few seconds, Su Jingcheng sighed softly in his heart. “Tell me, what is it that you want?”

Many of Su Xi’s habits have not changed since childhood.

Based on his understanding of this girl, there were only three possibilities for her to call him that way. Either she did something wrong, she wanted something, or wanted to go somewhere to play.

Does Su Jingcheng need to know her so well?

Su Xi secretly complained but remained smiling at Su Jingcheng.

“I don’t want anything, but can I go out tomorrow?”

“Where does Xixi want to go?”

“The park.” After that, Su Xi hurriedly added, “I can go by myself!”

Su Jingcheng: Park?

Don’t all kids nowadays like to go to the movie theater or amusement park? How did she even think of going to the park?


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