The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 40

Su Xi and Dong Wenqi had an appointment. Su Xi was about leave early in the morning when she met Su Jingcheng downstairs.

Su Xi: “Brother?”

“Where are you going?” Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi in surprise.

“The park.” Su Xi said, adding, “I told you yesterday.”

Su Jingcheng: “……”

He knew that yesterday Su Xi told him about going to the park, but wasn’t this too early?

Su Jingcheng subconsciously looked at the time on his watch, it was 6 o’clock.

Are kids nowadays this diligent? Memorizing vocabulary so early?

Su Jingcheng kept the expression on his face, but he couldn’t help mumbling inwardly.

“You really don’t want Brother to accompany you?”

“No.” Su Xi’s head shook like a rattle drum.

“Then pay attention to safety. Call me if anything happens, okay?”

Su Jingcheng couldn’t help emphasizing as he looked at Su Xi suspiciously when he spoke. This girl was wearing one of the tracksuits that Uncle Fu prepared for her, which was fairly normal.

Although Su Jingcheng didn’t understand why this girl dressed like this when going out to play in the park, it was fine. If Su Xi wore tank top and mini skirt, Su Jingcheng would be worried.

“Also, don’t go home too late, come back before 8 pm.” Su Jingcheng emphasized to Su Xi again.

“Mm, mm, I got it. Don’t worry, I’ll be back early.” Even if she didn’t want to come back, those old men and women in the park would still be rushing home to take care of their grandchildren.

“I have to go now.” Otherwise, if those old men and women packed up, where would she recruit students?

After Su Xi said that, she turned around, ready to go out.

“Wait.” Su Jingcheng stopped Su Xi.


“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“I don’t think so.” She didn’t forget anything. Su Xi looked at her bag. She brought her mobile phone, vacuum flask, and even the small speaker that she needed to use later.

“Goodbye, Brother?” Su Xi said, looking at Su Jingcheng with tilted head.

Su Jingcheng was amused by Su Xi’s appearance.

“Bring your breakfast with you. Don’t eat anything casually when out of the house.”

“Oh, okay.” Su Xi smiled at Su Jingcheng with her eyes bent, and said, “Tee hee, thank you, Brother. I’m leaving.”

Watching Su Xi’s demeanor as she walked out, she looked even more eager than those students getting out of school. He originally freed up time to accompany his sister at home.

Su Jingcheng, who pushed several social engagements for Monday: “……”

——How come he’s suddenly feeling abandoned?


Su Xi arrived at the park that Dong Wenqi mentioned before, and not long after, Dong Wenqi also got there.

Looking at Dong Wenqi, who got out of the car with large and small bags, the corners of Su Xi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Su Xi: “Your outfit……?”

“Teaching clothes ah.” Dong Wenqi eyebrows raised and said, “Aren’t you going to teach Tai Chi? That’s why I specifically went to find a Tai Chi outfit. Look, isn’t it very professional?”

Su Xi: “……” It’s indeed professional, but wasn’t this too exaggerated? There’s even a bunch of equipment.

“Then what are these?” Su Xi asked, pointing to the boxes behind Dong Wenqi that were carried down by the driver.

“These ah, these are things we will use in class later.” Dong Wenqi couldn’t wait to show Su Xi her pile of equipment.

“This one, this is a signboard. I had someone write all the words in advance. Look, it says recruiting students, and there’s also contact information below. Isn’t it great?”

“This is a set of audio equipment. You’ll definitely need some background music when you’re practicing Tai Chi later, right? I’ve downloaded the music for you!”

“Right, right, there’s also a tent and reclining chairs. It’s very large when set up, so it’s well-ventilated and shaded. By the way, there’re also small portable fans here, and I brought some snacks.”

“How is it? Aren’t I well prepared?” Dong Wenqi blinked and asked Su Xi.

“Well…… prepared.” This set of equipment, no matter how you look at it, it looks like they’re here for a spring outing— no— it looks like they’re here for camping!

She felt that bringing a small speaker to recruit students in the park was enough, really.

Dong Wenqi continued to dig out other things from her pile of bags. “There’s also these, a POS machine, a custom-made QR code placard and a banknote counter. We can support all kinds of payment methods when collecting tuition fees! Aren’t I very thoughtful?”

“I think these things shouldn’t be taken out.” Su Xi sincerely said to Dong Wenqi.


“Because I’m afraid that if you take these out, we will be arrested by the police as a gang that scams the elderly.”

Dong Wenqi: Alright, it really seems to be like the gangs reported on TV.

Dong Wenqi: “Then what should we do? Are we going to use these things or not?”

Su Xi: “Don’t use them for now. Let’s start by keeping a low profile.”

Su Xi looked around, and as Dong Wenqi said, most of the houses near this park were detached houses. There weren’t many households around and the number of people who come here weren’t as many as other parks, however, there were still some elderly people.

“Hehe, okay, then I’ll keep an eye on the side. If anyone comes over, I’ll go up and help you promote.”


Waking up in the morning to practice a set of health-preserving Taijiquan taught by her master was what Su Xi does almost every day. Now it’s just a change of place and Su Xi didn’t feel any discomfort.

The only difference was that Su Xi specially brought a small speaker today.

Su Xi placed the speaker on the ground and found a spacious place to start.

The music played on the speaker caught some people’s attention. The person standing in front of the speaker looked like a small child, which soon attracted many old men and women around to stand and watch.

Seeing people stop and look, Dong Wenqi dedicatedly went up to do a sales pitch.

“Grandpa and grandma, do you want to watch?”

“What are you doing? Recording small videos for live stream?”

Grandpa and grandma are quite trendy.

Dong Wenqi muttered this quietly. “No, we are opening a Tai Chi class. You can learn it for free on the first day!”

Dong Wenqi’s serious words made some old men and women laugh.

Aiya, children nowadays are really interesting. They actually thought of going to the park to teach Tai Chi?”

“Child, are you teaching or learning?”

“Is this an assignment given by your school teacher? Don’t say it, children’s homework these days are really weird. My family’s boy came back yesterday and told me that he needed to be a journalist for a day and interviewed me.”

“It certainly is. My granddaughter’s homework last week was to make some kind of short film or minimovie.”

Several old people chatted.

“No, we are really here to teach Tai Chi. My classmate is very skilled and has learned it from an enlightened master.” Dong Wenqi proudly pointed to Su Xi.

However, the old people didn’t believe what she said.

“Haha, what do you children know of studying under a master?”

“That’s right. It’s okay for children your age to dance and jump around, but Tai Chi isn’t something you should touch at your age.”

“I’m telling you, Tai Chi is very particular. I have studied with a professional master for a few years, but I dare not say that I’m good at it. How do you children understand this? You just raise your hand on the left and kick your leg on the right like on TV. That’s not called Tai Chi.”

Several elderly people looked at the young children on the side and they didn’t agree with the fact that Su Xi could teach Tai Chi. “You should go home quickly after playing and don’t let the adults worry.”

After saying that, the old men and women left while still discussing, “Children’s thoughts today are really peculiar.”

“That’s right, they have different ideas every day.”


“Su Xi, Su Xi, what should we do? That wave of old men and old ladies left. There’s only a few of them now.” Dong Wenqi looked at Su Xi and said anxiously.

Moreover, they actually didn’t believe Su Xi.

However, looking at Su Xi, she really didn’t appear convincing.

“It’s all right, I can practice first. After a while, someone will come over.” Su Xi was relatively calm. When her master came to the park in the beginning, there was no one interested at first, but gradually more people came over.

The only thing was that Su Xi didn’t look as convincing as her master.

Su Xi asked Dong Wenqi to go back and sit down while she began to practice health-preserving exercise as usual.

On the other side, listening to the slow background music, Dong Wenqi had already started to doze off.

While on Su Xi’s side, an old man finally came and stopped to look.

The old man seemed to let out a “Huh” as he watched Su Xi with a hint of doubt and surprise in his eyes.

Different from the old men and women who had left before, Old Master Wei had systematically learned Taichi Kungfu before—— he could see that although the technique of the child in front of him was different from the traditional one, her entire movements’ flowed smoothly, it was stable and not chaotic. This level couldn’t be achieved without a few years of practice.

It was rare for children at this age to practice Tai Chi to this level.

The old man watched Su Xi complete a whole set of health-preserving Tai Chi.

Only when Su Xi stopped did she notice the old man on the side.

“Little Master, are you planning to accept apprentice?” Seeing that Su Xi was done, the old man walked up to her and asked with a smile.

Dong Wenqi took out the custom-made advertising signboard from behind, it was so conspicuous that it was hard to ignore.

“No.” Su Xi shook her head, and then nodded again, “Sort of.”

“It’s just that we charge tuition fees, but it’s a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry!” Su Xi added.

The old man in front of her laugh. “Tuition should naturally be charged. Are you doing part-time work?”

Su Xi: “You can call it that.” She’s building a small treasury for her and Su Jingcheng’s food and clothing in the future.

“Do you come here every day to teach?” The old man asked carefully.

“No, I’ll just come over on weekends, but I will teach it properly so you’ll be able to practice on your own.” Su Xi answered seriously.

“Okay.” The old man nodded with a smile. He could see that the child’s training wasn’t for show but something really useful.

“Then when I come back next week, I’ll call my old neighbors over as well.”

“Really?” Su Xi’s eyes lit up. “If you can really bring a few more people, I’ll give you all discount.”

The old man wasn’t short of that little money but he was amused by Su Xi’s words. “Haha, okay, it’s a deal.”

After the old man left, Su Xi began to pack. Although today’s harvest wasn’t significant, she had at least one student, and there would definitely be more in the future.

Dong Wenqi didn’t think so. At this moment, this person no longer looks like she was injected with chicken blood but completely appeared like a wilted plant.

“I think it’s better to livestream.” Dong Wenqi said in a daze with her face in her hands.

It turned out that she was quite ambitious before, but who knew that she would encounter an epic fail in her first business attempt.

“Eh, Su Xi, how about I record you while practicing Tai Chi? Then let’s add an attention-grabbing title, such as ‘an innocent girl who went to the park and did this!’ or something like that. What do you say? It will definitely attract attention and soon we will have traffic.”

“……” Su Xi didn’t speak but gave Dong Wenqi an expression of ‘please do it yourself’.

“Uh, I think this isn’t good either.” Dong Wenqi said to herself after being tangled for a moment.

Su Xi wasn’t short of money right now. If she really does live streaming and received traffic, it might just bring her trouble.

“Don’t worry, if we continue to come every week, there will definitely be people coming one after another.” Su Xi comforted, and at the same time encouraged herself.


On Monday, as soon as Su Xi entered the school, she immediately felt that the atmosphere around her was different.

While Su Xi was contemplating, Dong Wenqi ran over.

“Why are you looking so bewildered? Anyway, you’re a school flower now and everyone’s attention is on you, of course it will be different from before!” Dong Wenqi said leisurely as if seeing Su Xi’s doubts.

Although the name of the poll was ‘Most Beautiful Team Leader’, everyone seemed to agree that it was a school flower competition.

Su Xi defeated An Yajing and ranked first. Naturally, the label of ‘school flower’ was transferred to Su Xi.

“Hehe, quick, let me get closer and feel the brilliance of the school flower.” Dong Wenqi said, holding Su Xi’s arm.

Su Xi: “You’re exaggerating.”

After saying that, Su Xi glanced at Ye Zexing on the side, who she didn’t know when he appeared. “And you, why are you following me?”

Ye Zexing: “We are at least direct relatives and we happen to meet at the school gate, so what’s wrong with walking in with you?”

The main thing was that Ye Zexing felt particularly proud right now when walking with Su Xi.

——His sister was the school flower. Moreover, he was mostly responsible for giving her the title. Thinking about it, Ye Zexing felt extremely happy in his heart.

Ye Zexing: “This don’t feel bad, it’s quite honoring.”

Su Xi: “I don’t feel honored.”

Seeing Ye Zexing’s strange clothes and that blinding yellow hair, a hint of disgust flashed in Su Xi’s eyes.

She really didn’t want to walk with this person.


Su Xi glanced at Ye Zexing again in disgust, looked away, and decided to pretend not to know him.

During the process, Su Xi didn’t notice that in a corner not far away, there were two people staring her way, and there was also an acquaintance of Su Xi among them.

“You also saw it, Senior Sister. In fact, in terms of looks, character or grades, Su Xi isn’t as good as you. This time, she got more votes than you by entirely relying on her relationship with Ye Zexing and Gu Shao. I don’t know how she can fool people so much. It’s fine if it’s just Ye Zexing, but even the school grass voted for her. To be honest, I don’t think she deserves it at all.” Su Mengyao said to the girl next to her.

Beside Su Mengyao was none other than the former school flower, An Yajing.

“Whether she deserves it or not, it is a fact that her votes exceeded mine. What do you mean by saying these words to me?” An Yajing frowned as she looked at Su Mengyao.

“I-I just wanted to fight the injustice done against Senior Sister. Besides, why must Gu Shao vote for her? That vote should obviously have been for Senior Sister.”

After Su Mengyao said this, she originally thought that An Yajing would be angry. However, the other party just sneered and looked at her with disdain. “First, although Gu Yichi and I have known each other since we’re young, who he votes for is his freedom. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Second, if I remember correctly, you and Su Xi are cousins, right? You two have a bad relationship so you want to use me as your weapon? Sorry, the school flower title is just an affirmation to me, but it’s not that important. I’m not interested in your affairs, so please don’t bother me.”

An Yajing glanced at Su Mengyao and turned away, her face filled with condescension.

However, as she turned around, in an angle no one else could see, An Yajing’s expression turned ugly, her eyes brimming of resentment and coldness.


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