The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 44

Su Jingcheng didn’t want Su Xi to go to the showcase. One was because he was worried that Su Xi would feel bored in such an event. Another reason was that he was afraid Su Xi might run around and he wouldn’t be able to take good care of her since there were more people in the showcase and he would also be busy.

But the fact proved that Su Jingcheng was thinking too much.

Throughout the event, Su Xi followed on Su Jingcheng’s side obediently, never leaving a single step.

While listening to the presentation from brand partners, Su Jingcheng lowered his head to look at the quiet little girl beside him.

Seeing Su Xi’s straight, tight and serious expression as she nod from time to time, and occasionally frowned as if she was listening attentively, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help but want to laugh.

“Does Xixi understand what they’re talking about?” Su Jingcheng suppressed a smile and asked in a low voice.

Su Xi shook her head. “I don’t.”

She couldn’t understand any of the modules, models, PSP, B2B, and MRO those people on stage were talking about.

“You don’t understand, but you still listen so seriously?” Su Jingcheng raised his hand and rubbed Su Xi’s head habitually as he asked with a raised brow.

“Don’t keep rubbing my head.” Su Xi pushed away Su Jingcheng’s hand and said with a frown.

She’s listening, don’t disturb her!

Seeing his younger sister’s fierce appearance, Su Jingcheng couldn’t hold back and chuckled. He then explained to Su Xi in detail.

“MRO is a business cooperation model, simply put, it means……”

“What about C2C, what’s that?”

“C2C is one of the terms of e-commerce, where C refers to costumers. For example, when Xixi bought things online, it can be understood as a C2C model.” Su Jingcheng explained to Su Xi in a simple and easy to understand way.

The speaker was very patient and the listener was very attentive. As for whether she understood it or not, it was unclear.


“Then do you think we can defeat that person surnamed Shen?” After talking for a long time, this was what Su Xi was most concerned about.

“The odds are great.” Su Jingcheng said with a smile.



She didn’t know when it started, but Su Xi trusted Su Jingcheng very much. When the other party said something, Su Xi believed it must be true.

So when Su Jingcheng said this, the corners of Su Xi’s lips instantly lifted up.

Su Xi was in a rather good mood at the moment, and even those presentations on stage that give her headache because she couldn’t understand a thing, sounds pleasant in Su Xi’s ears.

The entire showcase lasted for a long time with a constant stream of partners going up to make presentations.

Slowly, Su Xi started feeling bored.

Next to Su Xi, Su Jingcheng looked down at her from time to time. Seeing that the girl was fighting her eyelids from shutting, Su Jingcheng raised his hand and gently pinched Su Xi’s nose.



Su Xi nodded and shook her head with a dazed expression, still wasn’t back to her senses yet.

“That’s why I told you not to follow.” Such a showcase like this would certainly be boring for a child of this age.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

“Mmm, okay.”

Su Jingcheng explained to the staff in charge of the event and left the venue early with Su Xi.

On the way back, Su Jingcheng didn’t forget to lecture his younger sister in the car.

“Such showcases are not really interesting.”

“Next time just do your homework at home and don’t follow me anymore.”

“It’s not good to sleep late at your age.”


Su Jingcheng’s words were completely blocked out by Su Xi. Anyway, she’s not afraid of him now.

Su Xi moved to Su Jingcheng’s side and found a comfortable position to lean against him without any sense of guilt. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Su Xi was sleeping soundly until a violent lurch woke her up.

What’s going on?

Before Su Xi could ask, Su Jingcheng hugged her tightly. After a jolt and the din, the voices of Su Jingcheng and his bodyguard were heard.

“Chairman, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold on. The other side must have another plan.”

“The backup car will be here soon. We’ll find a way to stop at the intersection up ahead. Chairman and Young Miss should switch to the other car as fast as possible.”

“How certain is that?”



Afterwards, Su Xi heard Su Jingcheng call her. “Xixi, wake up.”


“When we stop ahead later, Xixi must listen to me and switch to the other car, okay?”

“No! I want to go with you!” Su Xi refused without hesitation, and at the same time tightened her hold on Su Jingcheng’s clothes.

At this moment, the car they were sitting in was still speeding along. Although she didn’t know what was happening, Su Xi instinctively didn’t want to be separated from Su Jingcheng.

“Xixi, listen to me!” Facing Su Xi, Su Jingcheng used such a strong tone for the first time.

“I won’t! I’m pretty powerful, I can protect you.”

Normally, when Su Jingcheng heard such a sentence from Su Xi, no matter whether it was convincing or not, he would definitely be extremely moved, unlike the current situation.

“Don’t be willful!”

“I’m not being wilful. Do you want to leave me alone again? Like that time in the park ten years ago?”

Ten years ago, Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to the park. He was obviously trying protect her, but instead lost her. Su Xi knew about this from Uncle Fu.

Although vague, Su Xi herself seemed to have a slight impression of this event.

She knew that saying such words would make Su Jingcheng sad, but Su Xi couldn’t care about it now, at least such a sentence was very useful.

Sure enough, hearing Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng’s entire body froze at once.

“Anyway, I’m going to follow you.” Su Xi had a strong premonition that as long as she followed Su Jingcheng, the other party would definitely not let anything happen to her.

Su Xi wasn’t done talking when a piercing boom drowned out her voice, followed by another strong bump and impact. Before Su Xi had time to react, she could only feel herself being shielded by a firm embrace.

In her ears, Su Xi seemed to hear Su Jingcheng saying to her, “Don’t be afraid.”


Night-time, the intersection which rarely sees any traffic was now in a mess. A badly deformed and twisted black car was left behind after being hit by a large truck.

Not long after, several more cars drove up and stopped next to the wrecked car.

A few people got down and walked over to the side of the car. After looking at it for a while, doubts appeared on their faces.

“What’s going on? Why is there no one inside?”

“Is there a mistake?”

“Even if there is, there should still be other people in the car, right?”

“Did they got away?”

“How can they possibly got away? Which of you can follow me to look around?”

“No, we can’t look any further. The road here won’t be blocked for long and if we don’t leave now, we’ll also encounter trouble.”

“F*ck explaining! Let’s get out of here and find a place to go, otherwise we won’t even know how we die!”

The other party was Su Jingcheng. If they succeed in this job, it was fine. But if they fail and Su Jingcheng found them, then they would all be done for.


On the other side, at a high-end private hospital under Suyuan Group.

In the best private ward, Su Jingcheng sat on the hospital bed while holding Su Xi. In front of him were three men wearing black suits with grave faces.

“Chairman, this matter is indeed an oversight on our part.”

“Did you find out what happened? “Ignoring the other side’s words, Su Jingcheng asked in a deep voice which was so cold that it could freeze people.

“Yes, the matter has been checked. Today’s group are people under Wang San, in addition to some desperate unregistered people from the west pier. They were all brought by Su Zhengqi……”

Su Xi, who was leaning on Su Jingcheng’s arms, was actually not asleep. At this moment, she opened her eyes wide after listening to the report.

Hearing the other party said Su Zhengqi’s name, Su Xi subconsciously trembled. When she read the novel before, she felt that the uncle of the Su family wasn’t a good person. However, Su Xi didn’t expect him to be this bad.

Today’s accident clearly meant that the other party wanted Su Jingcheng’s life!

Realizing that Su Xi was still awake, Su Jingcheng signaled the people in front of him to stop for a moment.

“Xixi, sleep first.” Su Jingcheng covered Su Xi’s eyes.

“No.” Su Xi took off Su Jingcheng’s hand. “I also want to know.”

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng was helpless. He could only let the people in front continue.

“The truck driver has also been found. We discovered that he was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer last month. Su Zhengqi specially sought this person and promised to pay his family a good amount of money after the matter was completed.”

“Additionally, Wang Wenbin should also be involved in this incident.”

“As for the person behind the whole thing, if the information we found is correct, then it should be the chairman of Shenxing Group.”

“Shen Wenbo?!” This was asked by Su Xi.

“Yes.” The man nodded, then continued, “Recently, Wang Wenbin and Su Zhengqi are cooperating on a project. Wang Wenbin has been in contact with Shenxing Group. Shen Wenbo gave the two projects in his hand to Wang Wenbin and promised the two people that he will give them greater support.”

“According to the latest information we got, Shen Wenbo seems to have asked those two to cause some trouble for you, Chairman……”


This information was accurate. Shen Wenbo had indeed asked Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin to create some trouble for Su Jingcheng.

Shen Wenbo’s initial plan was to force Su Jingcheng to withdraw from the competition for the Xinhua Street project. Whether or not any unexpected accidents occurred in the process was not his concern.

It’s just that Shen Wenbo didn’t expect that there would be someone in this world who wanted Su Jingcheng to disappear more than him. What’s even more ridiculous was that one of these two people was Su Jingcheng’s second uncle and the other was Su Jingcheng’s uncle-in-law.

“I got it.” Su Jingcheng said coldly, “Continue to investigate whether Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin have any other secret transactions with the Shenxing Group.”


“Also, Chairman, are you and the Young Miss not seriously hurt?” The leader asked uneasily.

Although they jumped out of the car in time, as far as they knew, both the driver and the accompanying bodyguard were both seriously injured. Meanwhile, the chairman and the young miss only suffered some superficial injuries, which was really incredible.

“We’re all right.” Su Jingcheng replied. He couldn’t help but lower his head to take another look at Su Xi.

——In retrospect, even he himself felt very confused.

When they were in the car, Su Jingcheng sensed danger so he tightly guarded Su Xi in his arms. However, he didn’t how she managed to get out of his hold. Even now, Su Jingcheng still hadn’t figured it out. Where did Su Xi get so much strength to kick the car door open?

“You can go.”

“Yes. Then, Chairman and Young Miss, have a good rest.”

After the three left, the ward became quiet. Looking at Su Jingcheng at this time, his face remained cold.

Su Xi got up. She turned to Su Jingcheng, suddenly feeling distressed. Of course she had no feelings for the people in the Su family, but after all, Su Jingcheng had been with those relatives for more than 20 years. Suddenly knowing that they wanted to ruthlessly kill him, Su Jingcheng must still feel very sad in his heart, right?

Su Jingcheng was thinking about how to deal with Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin when he suddenly felt a pair of soft hands cover his face.

“You don’t have to be sad. The people from that side are just mostly extreme relatives, especially that black-hearted Wang Wenbin who has no blood relationship with us at all. You don’t need to care about them.” Su Xi didn’t know how to comfort Su Jingcheng, so she just said everything she could think of.

“I am your family.” Anyway, she certainly wouldn’t harm Su Jingcheng.

“I will always be on your side!”

Hearing his sister’s words of comfort, although her voice was delicate and soft, Su Jingcheng felt like it was a bell ringing in his ears. It became deeply engraved in his heart.

His heart that had been filled with coldness suddenly warmed up.

Su Jingcheng smiled. “Okay. Thank you, Xixi.”

“Why say thank you when I’m only saying the truth.” Su Xi was a little embarrassed.

“Thank you, Xixi, for being willing to stand on Brother’s side, and thank you, Xixi, for protecting Brother today.”

“Hehe, don’t mention it. I’ve already said that I’m quite powerful.” Su Xi said, and to prove that she’s indeed quite powerful, she clenched her fist and waved it in front of Su Jingcheng.

“Go to sleep.” Su Jingcheng noticed that Su Xi had already started to yawn. Knowing that this girl must be very sleepy by now, he carefully tucked her under the blanket and stood up.

“I don’t want to be here……” Su Xi muttered in a low voice as she frowned slightly and peeled off the covers, looking pitifully at Su Jingcheng.

Due to that dream, Su Xi had a bad feeling about hospitals.

The white surroundings, the blinding incandescent lights, and pervading smell of disinfectant all gave Su Xi an indescribable sense of resistance and fear.

She didn’t want to be here.

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng didn’t ask Su Xi the reason. He just assumed that it was because children generally don’t like the hospital’s environment.

“Then let’s go home.” Su Jingcheng dotingly touched Su Xi’s forehead and said softly.

Su Jingcheng took his coat and put it on Su Xi.

Su Jingcheng: “Come over.”

Su Xi: “Ah?”

Su Jingcheng: “I’ll carry you back.”

Seeing that the girl was already so sleepy, Su Jingcheng felt a little cruel to let her get out of bed and follow him down.

Su Xi: “Hehe, okay!”


When Su Jingcheng brought Su Xi back to Jingyuan, the girl was nestled in his arms and was now asleep.

Su Jingcheng took Su Xi straight to her room.

The other day, Su Xi moved back to her original room.

Su Jingcheng had asked Uncle Fu to find someone to redecorate it in accordance with Su Xi’s preferences. The room, mainly white and beige, looked simple but very warm. At the head of Su Xi’s bed were a row of stuffed toys, which Su Xi selected from the pile of gifts Su Jingcheng had bought for her.

Su Jingcheng took a warm towel and wiped Su Xi’s face, hands, and feet, then tucked  the blanket for Su Xi and was about to go out.

However, at that moment, Su Xi woke up and grabbed Su Jingcheng.


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