The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 45


“What’s the matter, Xixi?” Su Jingcheng stopped and asked in a low voice.

“Haven’t woken up yet?” Seeing Su Xi’s blank expression for a long time, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I’m awake.” Su Xi rubbed her eyes. She was just considering some serious issues.



“Next time we go somewhere, let’s bring more people.” Su Xi said.

Bring more people just in case.

Today, when they were in the car, Su Xi was really scared—— She was afraid that they would die right there and then.

Had there been no bodyguards present, even if they jumped out of that car, it would be hard to say whether they would be able to return home safely.

“The more the better.” Su Xi couldn’t resist adding.

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng’s voice was a little low, but he was very serious, thinking that his sister must have been frightened.

“I’m sorry.” Su Jingcheng crouched down and apologized to Su Xi. “This time it’s Brother who failed to protect Xixi well. There won’t be a next time.”

He wouldn’t put his sister in danger again.

Hearing this, Su Xi nodded.

“However, if something really happens to me, you have to stay strong and don’t be too sad. Right, also, if the person who killed me is too strong, don’t rush to avenge me.” Su Xi thinks she should give Su Jingcheng a heads-up first. In case she’s really gone, she didn’t want Su Jingcheng to be as dark as in the novel.

“And more……”

Before Su Xi could finish, a large warm hand covered her head.

“Ugh! What?!” She hadn’t finished speaking yet.

“Don’t talk nonsense! You’re fine, nothing’s going to happen to you!”

“No, I’m serious, ugh, don’t press on my head!” Su Xi tried hard to break free from Su Jingcheng’s ‘claws’.

“I told you not to talk nonsense.” Su Jingcheng knocked on Su Xi’s head.

How could he possibly let anything happen to his sister?

“Then I won’t say anything, okay? Let go.” Su Xi gave Su Jingcheng a dissatisfied look and then rubbed her painful forehead.

“Not sleepy anymore?” Su Jingcheng noticed that the girl’s eyes were wide open without any drowsiness at all.

Su Xi shook her head.

She was really sleepy before, but now that it has passed, Su Xi was particularly energetic.

“Alright then, sit up if you’re not sleepy, I’ll change your wound dressing.”

“Oh.” Su Xi obediently sat up from the bed.

Su Jingcheng brought the medicine box over which was usually prepared at home. There were also two more additional boxes he had taken from the hospital for changing Su Xi’s medicine patch.

Although neither of them was seriously injured in the incident, some skin trauma was inevitable.

Su Jingcheng himself didn’t feel anything, but seeing so many scratches on his sister’s white and tender arms and legs, Su Jingcheng felt distressed.

The doctor had previously said that in order to avoid infection, it was best to change the medicine more frequently.

Just now, Su Jingcheng didn’t wake her up because he saw that Su Xi was sleeping soundly, but at this moment Su Xi woke up on her own.

It was just a small injury. Su Xi felt that Su Jingcheng was exaggerating a bit. However, seeing that the other party was so insistent, Su Xi had no choice but to cooperate obediently.

Su Jingcheng squatted down beside the bed. He first removed the gauze put on in the hospital and then cleaned the wound with alcohol before applying the medicine.

Throughout the whole process, Su Jingcheng was extra careful.

“Does it hurt?”

Su Xi shook her head.

“If it hurts, just say so, don’t bear it.”

“Then…… just a little bit?” Su Xi made a gesture of ‘a little bit’ with her fingers.

This appearance amused Su Jingcheng.

“Don’t laugh, it really doesn’t hurt much, plus you saw it just now, right? I’m quite powerful.” Su Xi said with a little bit of showing off and ‘seeking praise’ on her expression.

She’s indeed quite powerful.

Su Jingcheng held Su Xi’s calf which didn’t have much flesh, his heart filled with doubts. How did this girl manage to kick open the closed car door? Even if the car was deformed due to the collision, it was not so easy to kick the door open.

In Su Jingcheng’s eyes, his younger sister had always been a soft, cute and adorable existence, and would never be associated with any violent behavior.

Therefore, at that time, it might have been a burst of strength that suddenly erupted at a critical moment.

Su Jingcheng thought silently. Weren’t there a similar report before? In order to save her child, a mother exploded with great strength at a critical moment and threw herself in front of a large truck.

It was said that when people were in crisis or the people they care about most, one could unleash such potential.

So can he interpret it as him being an important person in his sister’s heart?

This knowledge made Su Jingcheng both excited and distressed.

Fortunately, after a full body checkup at the hospital earlier, apart from some scrapes, Su Xi had no other injuries. Otherwise, Su Jingcheng would really regret it.

En, you’re the best.” Su Jingcheng said to Su Xi with a smile.

“Okay, now it’s time for the most powerful person to go to bed.” Su Jingcheng put down Su Xi’s feet and took a new piece of gauze to put on the wounds.

“Can you not put this?” Su Xi shook her legs, feeling a little uncomfortable. Her fingers scratched the tape that had been pasted on, rolling up its edges.

“Stop scratching it.” Su Jingcheng took out his dignity as an older brother, but seeing Su Xi’s aggrieved appearance, he couldn’t bear to be strict. “You can remove it tomorrow when it’s scabbed over.”

“Don’t kick around your blanket.”

“Put your feet in.”

“Don’t cover your head when sleeping.”

Su Xi: “……”

In the room, Su Jingcheng stood by Su Xi’s bed and waited until she fell asleep. He turned the lights off and quietly exited the room.

Su Jingcheng didn’t go to sleep, but went to the study.


In the study, Su Jingcheng checked the time and called Chen Fei.

“Chairman, are you okay?” Chen Fei’s voice on the phone was tinged with tension and concern.

“I’m fine.” Su Jingcheng answered in a deep voice.

Su Jingcheng: “Is it all sorted out?”

Chen Fei: “Yes. Based on the information we found, there are indeed many irregularities in several projects Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin are working on. I have already ordered them to be sorted out. There’s also a few cooperation between them and Shenxing Group, and we’ve checked each of them.”

“Report all evidence of illegal operations. As for the rest,” Su Jingcheng paused, then snorted coldly and said, “Set up a meeting on Monday, I will personally deal with it.”

On that moment, Su Jingcheng’s face was full of coldness and chill, an expression Su Xi had never seen before. If Su Xi was present right now, she would definitely find that the temperament of Su Jingcheng was very similar to the chilling villain described in the novel.

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s order, Chen Fei’s expression on the other end of the phone also turned serious. “Yes, I’ll arrange it right away.”

Chen Fei didn’t dare delay.

In fact, their chairman had long ago been wary of the people from that side of the Su family, especially Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to find out so quickly what those two men were up to.

Those two families have been doing a lot of sneaky things under their noses over the years. Most of the time, their chairman just swatted them but not to the point of exterminating them.

However, it was different this time. Chen Fei was afraid that their chairman was serious right now.

Thinking about it, he seems to understand the chairman’s anger. It was fine before, but Miss Xiao Xi was also in the car. If something really happened……

Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin should have never touched the chairman’s inverted scale.

This time, the two of them were really done for.

They should be thankful that Su Xi was fine, otherwise the chairman wouldn’t have used only normal means to deal with them like now.


On Monday, a filed report made Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin both anxious.

In the office, both of their faces were pitch black.

“I said before that this matter is too risky. It’s fine if it works out, but if it doesn’t, both of us will be in trouble. Look at how the matter unfolded.” Su Zhengqi slapped the table with a dark expression.

Wang Wenbin’s expression on the side was also very ugly.

“I didn’t expect Su Jingcheng to be so ruthless this time either.” Wang Wenbin said through clenched teeth.

It’s not just about the whistleblower’s report, Suyuan Group’s suppression of their business had also begun.

All of their lucrative businesses these years have been won thanks to Suyuan Group, so now it was all too easy for Suyuan Group to stamp them out.

Moreover, Wang Wenbin could see that Su Jingcheng’s methods this time were so ruthless that he wanted to crush them with no room for recovery.

“What did Chairman Shen say?”

“Humph, what else can he say?!” Shen Wenbo, that shameless jackal! He was the one who told them to do the job, but now that things were in a mess, he only threw the sentence “Shenxing only always have business cooperation with other companies. I have no idea about anything else and can’t help you”, to send them away.

“We can only protect ourselves now.”

Su Zhengqi: “Protect ourselves? That’s easy for you to say, I tried transferring a few projects out of the company today but I couldn’t move them at all!”

Wang Wenbin: “You think my side is not the same? This nephew of yours is really determined to end us this time.”

Suyuan Group did not cover up the suppression of Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin’s companies at all, so after the news came out, many people who had cooperated with them previously begun to withdraw their investments in droves after seeing the direction the wind was blowing. Now it was difficult for them to protect themselves even if they cut their own flesh.

“If nothing works, I’m afraid we’ll have to alert father.” Su Zhengqi said with a composed face.

At these words, Wang Wenbin smiled wryly. “My wife has usually been indifferent. Do you think at this juncture, whatever father say can still be effective to Su Jingcheng?”

“We have to give it a try……” Su Zhengqi seemed to remember of the child who drove them out of Suyuan step by step, and suddenly shuddered.


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