The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 46

Su Jingcheng’s undisguised suppression of Wang Wenbin and Su Zhengqi’s businesses has indeed caused them to be hard-pressed.

In the chairman’s office of Suyuan Group, Su Jingcheng looked mockingly at the faces of Su Zhengqi and Xu Feng in front of him.

“Jingcheng, you should also know that Yangfan Company is your uncle’s property, right? I wonder if there is some misunderstanding. How come I heard that Suyuan Group is suppressing Yangfan?” Xu Feng, who was sitting next to Su Zhengqi, was the first to speak.

The two of them had already discussed it before they came. Today, they’re here to make peace. Now that the Shen family has abandoned them, they really couldn’t resist Su Jingcheng’s methods, so there was no other way.

As for the matter of finding someone to cause ‘trouble’ for Su Jingcheng, the two of them resolutely refused to admit it. Anyway, there’s no direct evidence against them, as long as they don’t acknowledge anything, can Su Jingcheng still end them?

After listening to Xu Feng, Su Jingcheng sneered. “There’s no misunderstanding.”

“However, I need to correct one thing, Suyuan Group is not suppressing Yangfan, but rather, trying to make Yangfan Company disappear.”

Su Zhengqi and his wife did not obviously expect Su Jingcheng to say this outright, disregarding even the face of his relatives on the surface. Both of their complexions changed.

“Jingcheng, don’t be impulsive. After all, Zhengqi is your uncle. Can you bear to see your own uncle’s company, which he built, go down the drain like this?”

“That’s right, Jingcheng. Even if there’s any misunderstanding, we’re still family, can you really push me to a dead end?” Saying this, Su Zhengqi continued, “And don’t forget that when Yangfan Company was established, part of its funds and project resources were from Suyuan Group. That’s to say, Suyuan also has a part of the shares that belongs to Yangfan Company. Aren’t you cutting your own flesh by dealing with Yangfan?”

Yangfan Company had developed well over the years and he had put almost everything he owned in the company. If Yangfan was gone, what else would he have left?

When Su Zhengqi spoke, Chen Fei on the side wanted to laugh. Of course he knew that Su Zhengqi had taken advantage of Suyuan Group when he established his company, but when Yangfan made money all these years, when did it ever occur to him to give Suyuan its part? Now that it’s game over, he remembered that Suyuan Group was a ‘shareholder’?

Su Jingcheng didn’t bother to bring up those things in the past. He just looked at Su Zhengqi and his wife coldly and indifferently threw a sentence, “Do you two think that Suyuan Group will not be able to afford that little loss?”

As for what Su Zhengqi would do with his life, Su Jingcheng didn’t care at all.

From the moment when his parents had an accident and these people desperately tried to gain benefits from Suyuan Group, Su Jingcheng lost much of his affection for them. What he had done over the years was just to let them save face and get by.

But the other side shouldn’t have tried to hurt Xixi.

“Is there really no room for maneuver?” Su Zhengqi also asked with a cold face.

“No, please leave.”


Seeing that Su Zhengqi and Xu Feng turned around and left with a cold face as if they have integrity, Chen Fei couldn’t help but tut twice.

“Those two just left like this?” He thought that they would at least cry and make a scene like acting to hang themselves in the company or something. However, thinking about it, this was also right. This time, anyone with clear eyes could tell that their chairman was serious.

“Several projects of Su Zhengqi’s company have all been suspended. According to our estimate, it may not even survive this week. In addition, Wang Wenbin seems to be looking for financing everywhere, but because of Su Yuan’s words, there is currently no company willing to provide them with funds.” Chen Fei reported to Su Jingcheng.

Originally, the chairman had always been on guard against those two people. Although he had allowed them to play under his nose all these years, Suyuan had a lot of secret information about them. Their chairman only used the most legitimate means to deal with them right now. Otherwise, with those handles in their hands, those two companies would definitely not last more than three days.

“Proceed as planned.” Su Jingcheng said expressionlessly.

“Yes.” If it goes according to plan, the companies of the two people would be gone within this week, and they would also face huge debts.

It’s just that things never go as planned.

Just like what Su Jingcheng had guessed, Old Master Su came forward.

On Wednesday, Su Jingcheng received a phone call from Old Master Su himself, inviting him to the Su family’s old mansion.

Su Jingcheng originally planned to go there alone, but after telling Su Xi that he wouldn’t go home for dinner due to some reason, the girl stopped what she was doing and insisted on going with him after making a fuss.

Su Jingcheng had no choice but to take Su Xi along in the end.


This time when the brother and sister came to the Su family’s old house, they were no longer as unpopular as when they attended the old man’s birthday banquet. On the contrary, when Su Jingcheng and Su Xi arrived, all the people from the Su family had already arrived and it was obvious that everyone was waiting for Su Jingcheng.

“Jingcheng is here. Father invited you here today to talk about business. Why did you bring this child with you?” Seeing that Su Jingcheng was accompanied by Su Xi, Xu Feng couldn’t help saying disapprovingly. She was afraid that the girl would spread out the story of their attack.

If that’s the case, they would be at a disadvantage. Although the old man had ignored the company’s affairs these years and had little affection for the two children of the second family, he wouldn’t be too biased when it comes to matters of life and death.

Hearing Xu Feng’s words, Su Jingcheng narrowed his eyes and gave the other person a dangerous look. “Do you have an opinion?”

The cold gaze startled Xu Feng, who already had a guilty conscience. Knowing that it was called mediation in the surface, but in fact, it was actually asking Su Jingcheng to spare them, her face turned pale. Xu Feng closed her mouth wisely, not daring to speak anymore.

Worried that his sister would be afraid of such an atmosphere, Su Jingcheng took Su Xi’s hand and pulled Su Xi directly to sit on the sofa.

This time, instead of sitting where the younger members of the Su family should be sitting, Su Jingcheng sat in the main guest position directly opposite Old Master Su, which was equivalent to being on an equal footing as him.

All the people present were Su Jingcheng’s aunts and uncles. Seeing this, their faces went stiff.

In today’s situation, they had nothing to say with Su Jingcheng sitting in that position. However, wasn’t it too inappropriate for Su Xi, a child, to sit there as well?

Su Shan opened her mouth in dissatisfaction and wanted to say something, but before she could say anything, her older sister’s warning look forced her back.

At this moment, Old Master Su spoke up, “Since we’re all here, we won’t delay any longer.”

“As I said on the phone, I asked you to come over today to talk about the things between you and your second and youngest uncle.” The Old Master went straight to the point.

Although over the years, the old man had gradually stopped asking about the company’s affairs and he tried his best to turn a blind eye to the friction between his children and grandchildren, it doesn’t mean that he don’t know anything. Not to mention that Su Hui also mentioned this matter to him.

“This matter is indeed your uncles’ fault.” Old Master Su did not evade this point and he also knew that there was no way to muddle through this issue.

“The establishment of the company of these two people did not lack the help of Suyuan Group at that time. If you want to take back everything your father owns or destroy it, I won’t say anything.”

“Dad! How can this be done? We built this company with great difficulty! How can it be destroyed just like that?!” Su Shan jumped up.

“Shut up, Su Shan! If you didn’t know what your husband and Old Three did behind the scenes, then go back and ask your husband properly! Not putting those things in the open is to save your faces!” Su Hui scolded angrily.

Thinking of the things that Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin did behind their backs, Su Hui shuddered.

These two people have been trying to take advantage of Suyuan overtly and secretly all these years, but this time these two, together with a strange person, actually wanted the life of their own nephew!

This was not just a matter of being corrupt, it’s downright scary.

“I know, how can I not? But…… aren’t they just been deceived? And aren’t the brother and sister fine?” Su Shan retorted discontentedly.

“Shut up!” This time, even Old Master Su couldn’t listen anymore.

“No matter what, we are all one family! What are they doing? This behavior is worse than that of animals!” The old man roared.

When his anger subsided, Old Master Su seemed to have aged a lot in an instant. He looked at the siblings somewhat wearily. “This is my attitude on this matter. The lesson you taught them is what they deserve.”

“However,” After a slight pause, Old Master Su added, “We are a family after all. Behind closed door, this is a family matter. No matter what, for the sake of your aunt and your cousin, I hope things can end there.”

The old man’s meaning was clear to everyone present. He had no objection with Su Jingcheng disposing the two companies in a fair manner, but he hoped that Su Jingcheng wouldn’t go too extreme and leave a way out for these two people.

In this matter, Old Master Su did have his own selfish intentions. His youngest daughter was doted on and raised by him, and the daughter of the third family was also his most beloved granddaughter. If Su Jingcheng really pushed Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin to the brink and something happened to them, what would Su Shan and Su Mengyao do?

Xu Feng was obviously more observant than Su Shan. Seeing the old man’s attitude, she immediately agreed, “That’s right, Jingcheng, Mengyao is your cousin. Even if your second uncle did the wrong thing, you can seek justice in any way you want, but you must leave a way for us to survive, especially Mengyao. If she’s older and can stand on her own, I have nothing to worry about, but she’s still so young, what will happen if she lost everything? Besides, Mengyao and Xiao Xi get along so well.”

Xu Feng could see that Su Xi was Su Jingcheng’s weakness. She knew that just mentioning Su Xi would definitely soften Su Jingcheng’s heart.

She played the family card well, but it was a pity that the timing was wrong.

When Xu Feng said this, before Su Xi herself could deny it, they heard a disdainful voice from outside the door, “Bull!”

“Xiao Xing, why did you come here?!” Su Hui frowned when she saw Ye Zexing walking in.

This thing today wasn’t something to be proud of and she didn’t want her son to be exposed to this.

“I’ll go home when it’s time. How was I supposed to know you were having a family meeting? You didn’t tell me.” Ye Zexing grumbled unhappily.

“Besides, I didn’t want to come in and interrupt you. It’s just that some people’s words are so disgusting that I can’t control myself.” When Ye Zexing said this, his gaze directly turned to Xu Feng.

“Xiao Xing, don’t talk nonsense. The adults will handle the conflicts between adults, but I hope none of these will affect the relationship between you, Meng Yao and Xiao Xi. You are all brothers and sisters, including Jingcheng.”

Listening to Xu Feng’s high-sounding words, Ye Zexing wanted to vomit even more.

“I finally know who Su Mengyao learned her hypocrisy from. As expected, like mother, like daughter.”

“Xiao Xing!” Old Master Su didn’t like hearing these words.

Ye Zexing: “I’m not wrong. How is the relationship between Su Mengyao and Su Xi good? You think it’s good because Su Mengyao is pretentious.”

“You still had no idea, right? On the surface, Su Mengyao acts like she’s close to Su Xi, but in fact, she even secretly provokes An Yajing at school so that other party can find someone to give Su Xi trouble!”

When Ye Zexing found out about this matter, he was also surprised for a while. Although he never liked Su Mengyao, that hypocritical girl, he never denied the fact that they’re cousins. However, what Su Mengyao did this time really made him sick.

Su Mengyao thought that after provoking An Yajing to deal with Su Xi, the matter would have nothing to do with her, but she obviously didn’t expect that School Flower An’s level was much higher than hers. Ye Zexing just asked a few people to inquire and An Yajing directly said that she was deceived by Su Mengyao and foolishly acted as Su Mengyao’s gun.

When Ye Zexing said this, everyone in the room was astonished.

Except Su Jingcheng, who was beside Su Xi.

In Su Jingcheng’s perception, his sister was a good girl and it was impossible for her to get into conflict with anyone, so there must be a reason behind that episode.

Afterwards, Su Jingcheng asked someone to investigate and easily found out about Su Mengyao. This was one of the reasons why Su Jingcheng planned to settle all the accounts with Su Zhengqi’s family this time.

However, Su Xi was actually surprised. She hadn’t really thought that what happened in school was related to Su Mengyao.

Su Xi looked at Ye Zexing and was met with a look of ‘seeking praise’.

Su Xi: “……”


“I didn’t, you’re talking nonsense!” At this moment, Su Mengyao ran out from nowhere and retorted with a flustered expression on her face.

Although her mother told her not to come out today, Sun Mengyao couldn’t help following to eavesdrop, only, she didn’t expect to hear anything about herself.


It was not Ye Zexing who said this, but Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Mengyao with completely cold eyes, which made Su Mengyao afraid.

“I-I didn’t do it on purpose……” She just didn’t like the fact that Su Xi already had the care of her own brother, Su Jingcheng, so why even Ye Zexing helped her?

Why even the school grass voted for her?

Obviously Su Xi had just been found back. She had just arrived at school. What made her inferior to Su Xi? Why could Su Xi become the school flower by relying on connections, but she couldn’t?!

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret.” This was Su Jingcheng’s warning to Su Mengyao.

After saying that, Su Jingcheng swept a glance at the members of the Su family present, before finally turning to Old Master Su. “I have my own principles in doing things. I will do what I should do. I don’t need others to teach me.”

“I will handle this matter according to the rules. This is my bottom line. It may also be the last time I keep it.” Throwing down such a sentence, Su Jingcheng directly led Su Xi and left the Su family’s mansion.

Looking over at the side, Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin’s families have long been in despair.

——They knew that Su Jingcheng had 100 ways to end them, and even make their life worse than death, but this time Su Jingcheng assured the old man that he would not use extreme methods against them. However, just like this, the consequences were enough for them.

Without the company, or a capital, how could they make a comeback?

They might even face multiple public penalties as a result of the previous filed report.

Seeing the appearance of these two people, Old Master Su shook his head, not wanting to say anything more. As his eyes swept over Su Mengyao, the old man’s eyes were also full of disappointment.


While there was silence in the Su family’s mansion, the atmosphere at Su Xi and Su Jingcheng’s side on the way home was quite good.

Especially Su Xi.

On their way out, Su Xi bounced along beside Su Jingcheng, the corners of her mouth almost reaching her eyes.

“Is it so exciting?” Su Jingcheng tapped Su Xi’s head lightly, reminding the girl to pay attention to the road and not get carried away too much.

“Absolutely!” She was tempted to sing a song to celebrate.

Coming here with Su Jingcheng felt like fighting monsters and upgrading in the boss’s stronghold.

Both Su Zhengqi and Wang Wenbin weren’t good people in the novel. Having them around was like putting two ticking time bombs on their side.

Now that those two people have been addressed, it seems to Su Xi that two hidden dangers have been taken out, and even the crisis in Su Xi’s heart had been reduced a lot.

“Brother is super handsome today!” She finally got a glimpse of the unique temperament of the novel’s villain!

Being praised by his sister, Su Jingcheng didn’t say anything, but on the side of his face that Su Xi couldn’t see, the corners of his mouth almost turned up to the sky.

Then, Su Jingcheng looked down at Su Xi and asked a soulful question. “Have you finished your homework?”


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