The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 48

In the past few days before the monthly exam, Su Xi’s treatment at home had been raised several levels.

Every day, Uncle Fu asked the kitchen to give Su Xi different nutritional meals. Even Su Jingcheng didn’t allow Su Xi to drink milk tea. One day, Su Xi said she wanted to drink one, Su Jingcheng did ask Assistant Chen to buy it for her but it was only half a cup.

Why was it half a cup? Because Su Jingcheng drank the other half.

Su Jingcheng was very busy these days, but on the day of the monthly exam, he personally sent Su Xi to school.

In the car, seeing the silly grin on the face of the girl beside him, Su Jingcheng reached out and pinched Su Xi’s cheeks.

“What are you grinning about?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just thinking that it’s only a monthly exam, aren’t you making a big deal out of it?” What about when it’s time for her high school entrance exam?

While talking, Su Xi moved Su Jingcheng’s hand away from her face in disgust.

She secretly complained. Why was this guy either rubbing her head or pinching her face?

Su Jingcheng obviously guessed Su Xi’s unspoken words.

He recalled when it was his high school entrance examination, Xixi was more than two years old back then and don’t understand much. She insisted on sending him to the exam site with their parents. With her confused face, she pretended to be serious and imitated their mother’s appearance, cheering him to take the exam well.

When she heard their father say, “If you fail the exam, you will have nothing to eat”, the little girl immediately became nervous, and then said solemnly, “It’s okay, Xixi will support Chengcheng in the future.”

Remembering how she looked at that time, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help laughing.

“No matter what exam it is, Xixi can just take it with a calm mind.” After a pause, Su Jingcheng added, “It doesn’t matter if you fail, Brother will support you.”

Su Xi: “……” The first half of the sentence still sounds sensible, but the second half……

Was this how to ‘encourage’ someone before the exam?!

“Don’t be nervous.” Su Jingcheng put away his joking manner and said to Su Xi.

“I’m not nervous.” She wasn’t nervous.


At school, Su Xi ran into Ye Zexing just as soon as she got off the car.

Before Su Xi could say anything to him, this guy gave Su Xi a pre-exam stress relief lesson.

“It’s just a monthly exam. We don’t even pay attention to it. Just take the exam casually.”

“But remember, try to fill in as many blanks spaces as you can. If you don’t know the answer, just guess it. There are also skills in this aspect, but it’s hard to explain clearly, the main thing is to judge it according to your intuition.”

“That’s why you must not be nervous. It will affect your judgment and you’ll be confused.”

Looking at Ye Zexing’s serious look, Su Xi almost believed his nonsense.

Su Xi: “I’m not nervous.”

Ye Zexing: “That’s good. I’m telling you, don’t hesitate and just finish the exam. In our family, no matter how bad you do in the exam, someone will cover for you.”

His grades were stable. No matter how poorly Su Xi did in the test, could she still beat him? With his score displayed right there, wouldn’t Su Xi’s score look pretty good in comparison?

However, just to be on the safe side, Ye Zexing felt that he should deliberately write a few more mistakes when he took the exam later.

Su Xi: I…… ‘thank’ you!

Before Ye Zexing was finished, Dong Wenqi came.

Dong Wenqi: “Su Xiao Xi, this is the ‘exam room domination’ talisman I ordered on an online shop. The comments said its super effective. We each have one. Jiayou, jiayou, don’t be nervous.”

Su Xi: “I……”

She originally wasn’t feeling nervous but these people made her so.


Fortunately, after entering the examination room, Su Xi soon stopped being nervous.

Although some of the phrases were different, many of the contents were the same as what Su Xi’s master had taught her. Coupled with the study she had done during this period, it wasn’t difficult to cope with such an exam.

Su Xi was very smart and almost all the subject teachers were surprised to find out that Su Xi was a fast learner. In just a few weeks, Su Xi has not only kept up with the current learning pace, she has even caught up with all the previous knowledge points.

Although the class teacher didn’t expect Su Xi to reach the top in this monthly exam, he was looking forward to the student’s results.

The test paper wasn’t difficult, but Su Xi did it earnestly.

She was like this in every exam. After writing the entire paper, Su Xi checked it two or three times from beginning to end, and only handed in the paper after making sure there were no errors.

After taking the last physics exam, Su Xi came out of the examination room and saw that Dong Wenqi was already waiting outside. Seeing Su Xi, Dong Wenqi rushed up excitedly and gave her a big hug. “Su Xi, I love you so much!”

“Talk properly.”

“Let me tell you, Wei Shen, Wei Shen is really amazing! He guessed so many exam points correctly, even the additional questions!”

It turned out to be the set of comprehensive review materials compiled by Wei Shaoyuan for Su Xi. Almost all the key knowledge points highlighted in it were in this exam, as well as yesterday’s math.

“He’s so amazing, really.” Dong Wenqi exclaimed.

No wonder Wei Shen always comes first in every exam. This question guessing ability almost catches up with the teacher who gave the exam!

Sure enough, an immortal was an immortal, completely beyond reach of mortals like them.

Regarding this, Su Xi thought it was very mystical. She asked Wei Shaoyuan about it yesterday and the other party calmly replied to her, “It’s just a simple method of summarizing patterns and speculation. Once you know the previous exam questions and their types, and then which teacher is primarily responsible for setting the questions and inferring their style, you will have a rough idea of the scope of questions this time.”

She didn’t know if it’s an illusion, but when Wei Shaoyuan was saying this, Su Xi vaguely caught a hint of showing off from the other party’s flat tone, somewhat like Ye Zexing.

“So how did you do in this exam?” Su Xi asked Dong Wenqi.

“Pretty good! Let me tell you, I have a hunch that I might make it into the top eight this time!” As she spoke, Dong Wenqi suddenly took out a bunch of things from her schoolbag and stuffed them to Su Xi. “These pens and these notebooks, right, also this pencil case, Su Xi, when you meet Wei Shen, can you help me bring these to him?”

“You’re giving Wei Shaoyuan a thank you gift?” Su Xi’s eyebrows lifted up.

“No, these are for the genius to touch and bless. You still have to bring them back to me later.”

Seeing Dong Wenqi’s serious expression, the corners of Su Xi’s mouth twitched slightly—— Student Dong, you’re also a top student at any rate, is it really good to be so superstitious?

While Su Xi and Dong Wenqi were talking, a few girls who just came out of the examination room not far away seemed to be discussing the exam.

“It’s over, it’s over, I did so badly in this test. I didn’t even get to the last additional question. What about you guys? Have you done it?”

“I’ve only written half of it and it’s probably wrong. How about you, Yajing?”

“I answered it but I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I feel like my result will also be average this time.”

The voice sounded a bit familiar so Dong Wenqi turned her head to take a look. Wasn’t this the former school flower, An Yajing?

“Yajing, you’re too modest. Last time you said that you felt it will be average, but you actually entered the top 30.”

“Yajing, how on earth are you learning? We study together in class every day and you still have those extra art lessons, but you still managed to achieve good results.”

“That’s right, you’re honestly making us jealous.”

“No, I don’t think I did particularly well this time. Besides, aren’t there a lot of people who are better than me?”

“By the way, Yajing, what did you choose for question 6? I’m so unsure about that question.”

“I chose C.”

“Really? That’s good to hear……”

Listening to the conversation of the girls behind them, Dong Wenqi frowned in dissatisfaction. “Aren’t these people annoying?” They could just talk about the exam, but they were actually comparing answers. Don’t they know that it was the most basic respect for innocent passersby around them not to check the answers in public after the exam?

“And let me tell you, don’t listen to what these people say about how bad or mediocre they did in the exam. Maybe they are already looking forward to receiving the admiration of everyone after the exam results come out.” Dong Wenqi ridiculed in an unhappy tone.

Ever since she found out from Ye Zexing that it was An Yajing who tried to harm Su Xi last time, Dong Wenqi had already included this person in her list of enemies.

“Sandbagger?” Su Xi saw this term in the forum recently.

“Yes, that’s right! A sandbagger!”

Saying that, Dong Wenqi suddenly became nervous. “But, to be honest, Su Xi, do you feel confident in this exam? Can you pass that An Yajing?”

The comparison between Su Xi and An Yajing in the forum has never stopped. As the exam approaches, everyone started to discuss the results of the two. Some people even made a special poll on the forum 【How much do you think the difference in results between the two school flowers will be?】

For this reason, that An Yajing even posted a message in the forum, saying that her goal was to surpass the schoolmates who ranked ahead of her in the previous exams, and that as for the rest, she didn’t pay it much attention.

Look how well she talks, all positive and hardworking—— I only want to learn. My goal is to surpass the people in the front row, I’m not interested in competing with Su Xi.

Dong Wenqi would have to be insane to believe this nonsense from An Yajing. If An Yajing hadn’t deliberately sparked a war in the forum, how could this topic have such a high popularity?

Now everyone almost agrees that Su Xi’s grades weren’t as good as An Yajing’s, so the topic of the conversation had become: Guess how many points and places Su Xi will be inferior to An Yajing?

Just thinking about it made Dong Wenqi angry.

However, Dong Wenqi wasn’t sure. Su Xi’s grades were good, she knew this, but that An Yajing’s grades were really good too.

What if Su Xi couldn’t beat the other party? What if Su Xi got intimidated and didn’t perform well?

“Don’t worry, I feel pretty good about this.”

She did all the questions and didn’t find any stumbling blocks.

Thinking of Su Jingcheng’s worried expression and not believing that she could do well the exam, Su Xi’s defiant spirit surged and began to look forward to the results coming out.


The two walked out of the school while talking.

The car parked at the school gate caught Su Xi’s attention at once.

“My brother’s here.” Su Xi’s voice was full of pleasant surprise.

Although the family car, Su Jingcheng’s car, and the car that usually picked her up all look similar, over time, Su Xi could already distinguish the subtle differences between them.

Therefore, without even needing to look at the license plate, Su Xi knew that the person who came was Su Jingcheng.


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