The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 49

Today’s exam ended two hours earlier than Su Xi’s usual dismissal time. It stands to reason that Su Jingcheng should be busy at the company at this time.

Su Xi didn’t expect that Su Jingcheng would come pick her up, so she was pleasantly surprised.

Su Xi trotted over and jumped into the car. Sure enough, Su Jingcheng was there, and at the moment, he was looking at the documents in his hand intently with his head down.

Knowing that this should be a document that Su Jingcheng hadn’t had time to finish at the company, Su Xi sat quietly beside Su Jingcheng without disturbing him.

However, a pair of eyes looked at Su Jingcheng from time to time.

“What’s the matter?” Su Jingcheng put down the document in his hand.

Su Xi: “It’s nothing. Have you finished your work?”

Su Jingcheng: “There are two more documents.”

“Uh, then you can continue working.” Su Xi had found a pattern. Most of the documents that Su Jingcheng brought home were urgent and needed to be dealt with on the same day.

“Are you hungry? You can have some snacks first.” Su Jingcheng said to Su Xi.

Before, Su Jingcheng would never put food in his car, but after having Su Xi back, Su Jingcheng’s car had almost become a mobile snack bar. The trunk next to the seat was full of all kinds of food.

Su Jingcheng continued to work on the documents. It was so boring. Su Xi simply nibbled on the bread and leaned over Su Jingcheng’s hand to look at the contents of the paper.

She couldn’t understand.

However, looking at the numbers inside, Su Xi probably knew that he must have made a lot of money.

Every now and then, Su Jingcheng would look at Su Xi. Seeing his younger sister’s smiling face as she stared at the figures, Su Jingcheng worked hard to hold back his laughter.

Time passed and several documents were done.

“All right, it’s over. What did Xixi want to ask just now?”

“Um……” Su Xi thought about it and shook her head. “It’s nothing.”



Su Xi didn’t have anything to ask, but she still occasionally glanced at Su Jingcheng.

Noticing Su Xi’s small movements, Su Jingcheng raised his hand and poked her lightly on the forehead. “What exactly do you want to say?”

“Ugh.” Su Xi covered her forehead and looked straight at Su Jingcheng. “Have you forgotten something?”

“Hmm? What?” Su Jingcheng was puzzled.

“You haven’t asked me if I did well in the exam.”

At this, Su Jingcheng was taken aback. He suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He read in an online education program that parents should be friends with their children, that they should approach their children’s grades reasonably, and don’t just ask how they did in the exam. Su Jingcheng didn’t want to put too much pressure on Su Xi so he didn’t ask her, but he didn’t expect this girl to be thinking about it.

“How did Xixi do in the exam?”


Su Xi’s flaunting and ‘seeking praise’ appearance successfully made Su Jingcheng laugh.

“Right.” Su Xi recalled something and continued, “Let me ask you, Brother, did you have a homework that was revised 8 times in a row when you were in college?”

Su Xi’s question made Su Jingcheng puzzled for a while.

“What makes you ask that?”

“That’s what the paper said.”

Su Xi thought of the Chinese exam in the morning. The final composition topic was to read inspirational stories of famous people and carrying it through, and one the example given was Su Jingcheng.

“No.” It’s impossible for him to write an assignment 7 times without passing.

After saying that, Su Jingcheng added, “Most of the so-called success and inspirational stories are shams.”

Although Su Jingcheng probably guessed that such composition topic was intended to promote perseverance, Su Jingcheng nevertheless didn’t want his sister to be misled too much.

However, it was obvious that Su Jingcheng’s worries were completely unnecessary.

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s denial, Su Xi’s reaction was actually a sigh of relief.

Su Jingcheng: “What does that mean, hmm?”

Su Xi: “Fortunately, it’s fake.” Her brother wasn’t that stupid.

Listening to Su Xi’s words, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help chuckling a few times, but he began to wonder in his heart how would his sister write such a composition?

Su Xi didn’t miss the flash of curiosity on Su Jingcheng’s face. She didn’t feel it before, but when she thought about it carefully, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed?

When the test papers come out, she would hide them and secretly asked Uncle Fu to sign. In short, Su Xi was determined not to let Su Jingcheng see her composition!


“It’s not here.”

“By the way, didn’t you say that you’re going to take me somewhere after the exams?” Su Xi changed the topic without any change in her appearance.

“Would Xixi like to see mom and dad?”


This Saturday was the death anniversary of Su Zhengheng and Lin Xueyan.

Originally, when his younger sister was found, Su Jingcheng wanted to take her to visit their parents’ graves, but at that time, Su Xi clearly hadn’t adapted to their family yet.

Chen Fei, who was in the front passenger seat, was also full of emotion when he heard the conversation between the siblings.

He didn’t know much about the previous chairman and his wife, but he did know that the chairman’s mood would become extremely bad at this time of the year, frighteningly irritable and gloomy.

But this year it’s different.

Obviously, the reason for the chairman’s change was due to Miss Xiao Xi.


Su Zhengheng and Lin Xueyan weren’t buried in the Su family’s cemetery. Su Jingcheng buried them in the Lin family’s estate in the eastern suburbs of B City, where they got engaged.

After staying awake all night, Su Xi still had a sleepy look on her face when she was woken up by Su Jingcheng the next day.

It took Su Jingcheng a lot of effort to finally get her into the car.

“Get some sleep.” It’s nearly a two-hour drive from Jingyuan to the estate in the eastern suburbs.

“No.” Su Xi shook her head resolutely. “I’m not sleepy.”

Looking at the girl’s drowsy appearance, Su Jingcheng helplessly smiled—— It’s said that children of this age were rebellious and that they rebel on all sorts of strange things. It seems to be true.

Sure enough, not long after setting off, Su Xi’s head was already lolling and she had fallen asleep.

By the time Su Xi was woken up by Su Jingcheng, they had already arrived at the estate on the eastern suburb.

“It’s so beautiful here.” And it’s very big, even bigger than Jingyuan.

“This used to be the main residence of the Lin family. Grandpa[1]maternal grandfather and the others lived here most of the time.” Su Jingcheng explained to Su Xi.

This was the first time Su Xi heard Su Jingcheng mention their maternal grandfather.

Previously, Su Xi had learned something about the Lin family from Uncle Fu.

The Lin family was a descendant of a literary family. Although they do not participate in business and gradually no one entered politics, the Lin family’s reputation in B City had always been very high.

In the generation of the Lin family’s Old Master, they only had one daughter, Lin Xueyan. The news of the death of their only daughter was a heavy blow to the couple.

Grandma couldn’t bear it and fell ill, before passing away not long after. Perhaps Grandpa was afraid of staying in this place and be reminded of the hurt, so he let go of everything in B City and went to E Country alone with his wife’s ashes.

In the novel, Su Jingcheng’s grandfather only appeared once. It was when Su Jingcheng was fighting fiercely with the male protagonist. Old Master Lin came back to the country and gave Su Jingcheng all the remaining assets of the Lin family. Not long after returning to E Country, Old Master Lin passed away.

In the novel, Old Master Lin’s actions undoubtedly made him a bad person who helped the evildoer.

But in reality, Su Xi felt that this was definitely not the case.

Su Xi shook the hand holding onto Su Jingcheng’s.


“How is grandpa doing in E Country?”

“Not bad.” His condition could be said to be good, however, Su Jingcheng was afraid that the knot in their grandfather’s heart couldn’t be untied anymore.

“Brother, when you have time, let’s go see grandpa, okay?”

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng agreed without hesitation as he looked at Su Xi’s sparkling eyes. After considering it, he said, “We’ll wait until your vacation.”

However, they still had to make preparations before going to E Country.

Since the death of their mother and grandmother, their grandfather had been emotionally unstable, and his state had even worsened in recent months, so he had to start receiving treatment in this area.

For fear of stimulating the other party, Su Jingcheng still hadn’t told their grandfather who was far away in E Country the news of Xixi’s return.

However, it’s evident that before Su Xi’s vacation, Su Jingcheng had to find a suitable time to let the old man know that his precious granddaughter had been found.


Su Jingcheng led Su Xi to the small hill behind the manor where Su Zhengheng and Lin Xueyan were buried.

The area was surrounded by beautiful flowers, and because someone had been cleaning it for a long time, the place was very clean.

Su Xi saw a picture of Su Zhengheng and Lin Xueyan on the tombstone.

It must have been taken when the two were younger.

Looking at it in comparison, Su Jingcheng and their father look quite similar. The only difference was that Su Jingcheng usually looks serious and cold in front of other people, while Su Zhengheng in the photo looks much more approachable.

And the other person in the photo was obviously Lin Xueyan.

As Uncle Fu said before, their mother was very beautiful.

Moreover, even through the photo, Su Xi could feel that their mother was a straightforward, decisive and outgoing woman.

Looking at the two people in the photo, for some reason, Su Xi suddenly felt a surge of emotion and her eyes turned red.

At home, Uncle Fu would occasionally tell Su Xi some things about their family back then.

Their mother would buy all kinds of things for them according to her own preferences. Their father had no ‘status’ at home, but he always tried to raise his authority as the head of the family. Unfortunately, every time their father helped Su Jingcheng with his schoolwork, he would be despised by his son and mercilessly ridiculed by his wife……

With a humorous and tolerant father, a beautiful and outgoing mother, and a good brother like Su Jingcheng, if she didn’t got lost and their parents didn’t die, would their family have been very happy?

Sensing the change in Su Xi’s mood, Su Jingcheng raised his hand and patted the top of her head gently.

“I’m not crying.” Su Xi said in a muffled voice, sniffling as she spoke.

“The golden beans are dropping and you still say you’re not crying?” Su Jingcheng rubbed the tears off Su Xi’s face.

“Whatever, I’m not crying!” Before her words died away, Su Xi had already thrown herself into Su Jingcheng’s arms and loudly burst into tears.

“I’m not crying, I’m just a little, wuu, a little angry.”

For the first time, Su Xi hated the creator of the novel so much. Why? Their family obviously didn’t do any bad things, why did they have to end up so miserable? Was it just to create a villain for the male protagonist?

But why must it be their family?

“Why not choose someone else……”

Su Jingcheng couldn’t understand Su Xi’s last sentence, but he noticed that his sister’s emotions were out of control.

He wrapped his arms tightly around Su Xi and patted her back lightly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Xixi, it’s Brother’s fault.”

He was the one who failed to protect her and let her got lost, otherwise Xixi wouldn’t have grown up without a mother and father, and their parents wouldn’t have an accident because they rushed to find Xixi after hearing news about her.

Everything was his fault.

Su Jingcheng blamed himself immensely.

But Su Xi shook her head and said in a muffled voice, “It’s not your fault. It’s all the author’s fault, as well as Shen Wenbo’s and those bad people.”

The end of Su Xi’s sentence was too muffled that Su Jingcheng didn’t hear it clearly, however, he still responded cooperatively, “Mmm, what Xixi said is right.”

“Don’t cry anymore, Xixi. Brother is here and will protect you. I’ll never let our Xixi suffer again.”

“Hmm, then you also need to be good.”

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng’s gaze turned to the photo—— Mom, Dad, I found Sister. From now on, she will never be lost again.


Because it was Saturday, there was no need to go to school tomorrow, so Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to spend the day at the manor.

In the evening, Su Xi secretly ran to the back hill again.

Su Jingcheng discovered Su Xi’s actions and did not stop her, but because he wasn’t at ease, Su Jingcheng still quietly followed behind.

Su Xi arrived at their parents’ grave.

She stopped crying in the morning but she still had so much to say that she hadn’t got to.

Su Xi squatted down in front of the tombstone.

“Mom and Dad, you must watch over Brother. Help him be happy and safe. Even if something bad happens later, don’t let him be too sad. He must be well and live a long life. And those bad guys, you must help Brother to defeat them……”

“Also, if you can, please watch over me as well so that I can avoid injury or death.”


1 maternal grandfather


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