The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 50

On Monday, as soon as Su Xi entered the school, she found that the atmosphere was not normal.

“What’s wrong?” Su Xi asked Dong Wenqi, who also looked nervous, as soon as she came to the classroom.

Dong Wenqi grabbed Su Xi’s hand. “Give me some strength.”

Su Xi: “?”

“The results will come out today!”

Hearing this, Su Xi finally knew the reason for the strange atmosphere. But……

“Why do you need strength?” She’s also a top student, so could she at least show the temperament of one?

Dong Wenqi: “Didn’t I tell you that I had a strong premonition I might make it to the top 10 this time? The more we got close to this point, the more nervous I become. It’s like a lottery of moods, you know what I mean?”

“That’s not right, so many people in the group said yesterday that the grades are coming out today. Don’t tell me you didn’t see it?” Seeing Su Xi’s calm expression, Dong Wenqi asked strangely.

“No.” Su Xi shook her head. It’s not that she didn’t see it, but there was no chance to see it at all.

Throughout the weekend, Su Xi and Su Jingcheng stayed at the manor in the eastern suburbs. Su Jingcheng didn’t allow Su Xi to play with her mobile phone.

By the time Su Xi was finally able to hold her phone quietly while nestled under the blanket at night, everything everyone discussed during the day had already been swept away.

Now, after hearing Dong Wenqi, Su Xi also started to get nervous. Though it was more of a kind of anticipation as she couldn’t wait to know how many points she got.

“Su Xiao Xi, you’re not nervous are you?” Dong Wenqi took Su Xi’s hand and without waiting for Su Xi to speak, she added, “I’m telling you, don’t be nervous. Even if you got lower rank this time, last time’s vote was real and it has nothing to do with the exam results.”

“No, no.” Dong Wenqi nervously clutched her phone again. “I have to inquire about An Yajing’s score first.”

Know oneself and the enemy! In case An Yajing didn’t do well in this exam, let’s see who dares to say that Su Xi was inferior to An Yajing!

Su Xi: “……”

Su Xi was indeed a bit nervous about her grades, but why did it feel like Dong Wenqi was more nervous than her?

“We’ll see once the results are released.” Before the results were out, no one could be sure. Even if it they made estimations, there might be deviations.

Dong Wenqi moved her eyes away from the phone and looked at Su Xi. “You don’t know that. Some people’s gossip is very helpful!”

“Here it is, here it is!” Afterwards, Dong Wenqi’s face began to crumble. “An Yajing did well in this exam and her ranking should be slightly higher than last time.”

Su Xi smiled nonchalantly. What does someone else’s grades have to do with her? Additionally, she never cared about those things on the forum.

Before Dong Wenqi could recover, the results had already come out.

On the school forum, a post that was pinned to the top attracted everyone’s attention the moment it appeared.

It was the school’s ranking for this monthly exam.

Su Xi pursed her lips, her face was somewhat tense and so was her heart.

This was her first official exam result.

After a slight hesitation, Su Xi still decided to click in.

“Don’t worry, it don’t matter if you didn’t do well. After all, you just came to the school. Moreover, I think with your grades, being the 30th or 50th place is definitely easy!” Dong Wenqi took the lead in comforting Su Xi.

Su Xi glanced at Dong Wenqi and smiled at her. “I know, thank you.”

Dong Wenqi smiled back. “Come, come, let’s take a look. I think I did a good job this time with Wei Shen’s blessing. It’s no imagination!”

Su Xi clicked on the results. Wei Shaoyuan also took part in this exam and unsurprisingly got the first place.

Looking down, she saw her name.


A genuine smile appeared on Su Xi’s face when she saw this.

She was extremely satisfied with this achievement.

She didn’t think she would fail the test, but Su Xi never expected to reach this rank.

Over on the side, Dong Wenqi didn’t look at the front of the list at all, but went directly to the 20th place, looking for Su Xi’s name.

She kept scrolling down but she didn’t see it. The smile on her face gradually disappeared and the corners of her lips collapsed.

On Su Xi’s side, after seeing her own name, he saw Dong Wenqi’s name a little far behind.

That’s when she turned to Dong Wenqi.

Noticing Dong Wenqi’s collapsed face, she felt a little puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

Dong Wenqi hadn’t found Su Xi’s name yet, watching Su Xi speak, she looked at Su Xi with a bitter face. “Su Xiao Xi, don’t……” be sad.

Before finishing these few words, she didn’t find any sadness on Su Xi’s face? She could even see a certain ‘happy’ look from her eyes.



The two spoke and stopped simultaneously.

“You go first.” Dong Wenqi came to her senses and let Su Xi speak first.

Seeing Dong Wenqi like this, Su Xi thought it was because she did better than Dong Wenqi in the exam, so Su Xi was in a complicated mood and hurriedly said, “It’s just an exam, I’m sure you can surpass me next time.”

Su Xi said this in earnest and it was also what she thought in her heart.

Dong Wenqi was taken aback for a moment and looked at Su Xi stupidly, not responding for a long time.

Surpass Su Xiao Xi?

Next time?

Only then did Dong Wenqi notice that on top of the page, not only was her name there, but so does Su Xi’s.

Moreover, wasn’t Su Xi right ahead her in third place?

But Su Xi doing better than her in the exam, Dong Wenqi wasn’t upset at all. Instead, she immediately hugged Su Xi. “Su Xiao Xi, you make me so proud! This time, let’s see what An Yajing and her group of followers have to say! Hahaha!!”

Dong Wenqi laughed out loud with an unusually cheerful smile.

“Let me tell you, just now I look outside the top twenty and didn’t find your name at all. After that, I saw more than a hundred people but still didn’t find you, which scared me!” Dong Wenqi breathed a sigh of relief, indescribably happy. Had she known that Su Xi could do so well in the exam, she would have looked straight on the top page!

Su Xi patted Dong Wenqi. “En, it’s not bad this time.”

Dong Wenqi let go of Su Xi and stared at her with wide eyes. “Only not bad?”

Su Xi: “Mmm, not bad.”

Dong Wenqi: “Just not bad?!”

Su Xi was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

“Third place ah, third place, you came third in the exam!!” Dong Wenqi tried to rouse Su Xi, but the result clearly disappointed her.

Dong Wenqi was even more excited that Su Xi getting third place than her own being in the top ten.

At this time, An Yajing, who also learned of the results, clutched the phone tightly as her face turned pale.

She performed really well. She has improved in every subject compared to last time and her ranking has also increased by several places. She has already reached the 22nd place. She thought that she was definitely better than Su Xi in the exam, but she didn’t expect…… Su Xi to come third!

This was absolutely not true!

An Yajing was unwilling to believe it. She squeezed the phone tightly as her eyes stared at the word ‘Su Xi’ on the screen as if she wanted to create a hole through it.

Meanwhile, the school forum was also going nuts.

Whether it was those who supported Su Xi or those who had always looked down on her, they couldn’t calm down at this moment.

【OMG! This is unscientific. Su Xi actually got third place?!】

【Did she cheat? Otherwise how could it be possible?!】

【Upstairs, Su Xi came third in the exam. How did she cheat? Copied your answers?】

If it was a lower ranking, perhaps it could be possible, but copying to get…… third place?

【Yeah, in Su Xi’s examination room, Su Xi had the highest score. Others who have the best scores were only in the 20th or 30th place.】

【It must be a typo. How is it possible that it’s Su Xi?!】

【I thought she’s a noob, but it turns out she’s a pro. Sorry for the lack of respect, forgive me for my blindness!】

【Su Xi deserves to be called a school flower. She’s good-looking, good at studying, and also good at sports!】

【That’s right, that’s right, I think this is the school flower that best suits the title over the years!】

【She just did well in one exam, how can she compare to An Yajing?】

Below, there was a group of people trying to repair An Yajing’s name and even circled around her, but they were all drowned in the vast number of posts by the ‘Su Xi army’. At a glance, the forum was filled with cheers.

At this moment, An Yajing looked at her result and had no strength to maintain her persona. She had trouble trying to calm down.

On the other side, Su Xi and Dong Wenqi have recovered from their excitement. Right now, Dong Wenqi was typing furiously on the phone, sparing no effort to brag about Su Xi.

This was something that Su Xi wasn’t involved in.

The forum seems to have nothing to do with her and she doesn’t care what others say.

At this moment, the most important thing to Su Xi was to send a message and tell her brother.

While worrying about disturbing Su Jingcheng’s work, there was still a little excitement in her heart and she wanted to tell Su Jingcheng the news right away.


After school, it was still Su Jingcheng who came to pick her up.

Su Xi ran over and Su Jingcheng naturally took Su Xi’s schoolbag.

“Brother, my monthly exam results came out today!” Su Xi’s tone was a little excited when she said this.

After such a long time, she thought that her mood had calmed down, but she didn’t expect that when she told it to Su Jingcheng, she would have the same feeling when she first learned her results, and she even became more excited.

The corners of Su Jingcheng’s lips couldn’t help but raise up—— Su Xi’s result was immediately known to him.

However, he was naturally happier since his sister wanted to tell him herself with an excited face. “Xiao Xi must have done well on her exam!”

Su Xi was smiling as she followed Su Jingcheng into the car. She continued, “Guess what place I got?”

Su Xi was no longer afraid of Su Jingcheng, so naturally she wasn’t as formal and distant as before.

Su Jingcheng smiled. “I can’t guess. Xiao Xi should tell me directly.”

“Third!” A big smile appeared on Su Xi’s face and she didn’t continue to keep the suspense.

Su Jingcheng stretched out his hand and rubbed Su Xi’s head. “Xiao Xi did a good job! Indeed my sister.”

Su Xi glared at Su Jingcheng. “Rubbing my head again!”

Su Jingcheng smiled and withdrew his hand.

“By the way, there’s a parent-teacher meeting after the monthly exam…… Do you have time?” Su Xi suddenly recalled and asked Su Jingcheng.

In her heart, she was somewhat expectant.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi. “I happen to have time.”

Su Xi: “……” She hasn’t said when it was yet.

However, it’s not incomprehensible that Su Jingcheng would know, Su Xi thought silently in her heart.

Su Jingcheng: “Don’t worry, Xiao Xi, Brother will be there on time.”

Su Xi came in third in the exam and Su Jingcheng silently posted it on his Moments.

Ever since Su Jingcheng found his younger sister, his Moments which were full of spider webs all year round had become lively.

Su Jingcheng started to show off his sister almost every other day.

Below was a string of rainbow farts, which Su Jingcheng also enjoyed a lot.


“What? You’re saying you’re not going?” In the evening, Wei Dongzhou called Su Jingcheng to talk about meeting with a business partner tomorrow, but as a result, Su Jingcheng said straight away that he had something to do and would not go.

En, I have something to do. I’m sure you can do it alone.” Su Jingcheng said calmly.

Over on the other side, Wei Dongzhou wanted to throw his phone. “What’s more important than meeting a business partner?!”

“My sister’s parent-teacher meeting.” After saying that, Su Jingcheng paused, then added, “You have to believe in your own strength.”

With that, the call was decisively hung up.

Wei Dongzhou looked at his phone, his gaze blank for a while.

Since Su Jingcheng got his sister back, that workaholic became a madman in raising his sister.

Fortunately, tomorrow’s cooperation was also a matter of certainty. Even if Su Jingcheng didn’t go, probably, maybe, it seems that there would be no problem……

Wei Dongzhou said silently in his heart, while at the same time he could only accept his fate.


On the day of the parent-teacher meeting, as soon as Su Xi and Su Jingcheng got out of the car, they saw Dong Wenqi who had also just got out of her family’s car.

On Dong Wenqi’s side, Father Dong followed to attend the meeting.

As soon as Dong Wenqi saw Su Xi and Su Jingcheng, she ran over to say hello—— Su Xi’s brother was handsome today too!!

“Su Xi, Su Xi’s brother, good morning!” After she said that, she introduced her father who was with her. “This is my dad.”

“Chairman Su, hello.” Dong Wenqi’s father certainly knew Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng nodded. “Hello.”

At this time, Dong Wenqi had already pulled Su Xi. “Su Xi, let’s go in together!”

In front of Su Jingcheng, Dong Wenqi’s attitude towards Su Xi was a little different from usual and she seemed to be nervous.

Su Xi nodded. “Okay, let’s go together.”

This way, Dong Wenqi pulled Su Xi while they followed behind Su Jingcheng and Father Dong.

Father Dong was a bit nervous but thought to himself: Walking with Su Jingcheng and Su Xi is quite an honor, haha.

Their party met Su Hui in front of the teaching building—— She came for Ye Zexing this time.

Su Hui greeted Su Jingcheng and the others with a hint of joy on her face.

In this monthly exam, Ye Zexing made great progress, though not too significant.


This time, Su Xi did well in the exam.

At the meeting, the teacher was constantly praising Su Xi. Su Jingcheng listened very well and the corners of his lips maintained a pleasant upward curve.

He was quite proud in his heart. As expected of his sister, Xiao Xi was the best!

After the parent-teacher meeting, the school had no afternoon classes.

Su Jingcheng took Su Xi home and he was in a very pleasant mood along the way, and so does Su Xi.

Being praised by the teacher in front of the parents, no matter how mature Su Xi looked, she was still just a teenager, and it was absolutely impossible not to be happy.

In the evening, Su Jingcheng made a point of joining the parent group.

His username was straight forward: Su Xi’s Brother.

As soon as ‘Su Xi’s Brother’ entered the group, the parents exploded into frenzy.

They were certainly aware who Su Xi’s brother was.

None of them expected that such a person would join the parent group.

Even a few parents who had no intention of entering the group followed suit when they heard that Su Jingcheng had joined.

Su Xi had no idea, but if she did, she would probably exclaim: This is the power of my family’s older brother!

【@Su Xi’s Brother.】

At that moment, the teacher called out to Su Jingcheng in the group.

Su Jingcheng paused and then replied: 【Is something the matter?】 Was there something wrong with his sister?

Su Jingcheng’s expression also became more serious.

【After joining the group you should change your username to your full name.】 The teacher’s message was also sent immediately.

At the same time, he also @’ed all the members to remind those who just entered the group to change their names.

Su Jingcheng halted. He obviously thought the name ‘Su Xi’s Brother’ was extremely good and highly recognizable. Most importantly, he himself was very satisfied with it.

However, seeing the teacher asked him to change his username, Su Jingcheng didn’t dwell on it and readily replaced it.

It’s just that there was still some regret in his heart.

——He really thought the name ‘Su Xi’s Brother’ was really nice.


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