The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 51

As the company anniversary approached, Su Jingcheng became very busy, and Su Xi began to be very attached to Su Jingcheng, following him around all the time.

Before school was over, Su Xi had already packed her schoolbag and was sitting upright while looking at the blackboard, waiting for the bell to ring.

“Su Xiao Xi, what’s the matter with you?” Dong Wenqi found that Su Xi had been constantly distracted these days. Sometimes when talking to her, Dong Wenqi even had to repeat her words several times before Su Xi hears her. She couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

Dong Wenqi didn’t know what was going on in Su Xi’s mind. She just stared at the blackboard, as if waiting for the class to end, completely unable to notice Dong Wenqi calling her on the side.

Dong Wenqi reached out and poked Su Xi’s arm. “What’s wrong with you?”

Only then did Su Xi reacted and looked at Dong Wenqi. “What’s wrong?”

Dong Wenqi: “……”

“I was saying, what’s wrong with you recently? You’ve been absent-minded all day.” When the school was in an uproar about Su Xi and An Yajing, Su Xi was still fine. Dong Wenqi didn’t know when Su Xi started to become like this.

“It’s nothing.” Before Su Xi could continue, the bell signalling the end of class rang.

Su Xi picked up her schoolbag. “School’s over, I’ll go back first.” At this time, Su Jingcheng should be there to pick her up.

“Su—” Before Dong Wenqi could call out to Su Xi, she had already disappeared.

Dong Wenqi wanted to continue asking Su Xi, but she hadn’t pack her stuff yet so she couldn’t chase after Su Xi, she could only watch Su Xi run out in a blink of an eye.

With this speed, she’s definitely the first one to leave the classroom.

Su Xi cautiously rushed all the way to the school gate, just in time to see a familiar car arrived.

Su Xi came to the side of the car almost as soon as it stopped.

The car door opened from the inside. It was Su Jingcheng.

Su Xi got straight into the car and sat down to look at Su Jingcheng.

“Xiao Xi, be careful. It’s too dangerous to come over before the car can fully stop.” Su Jingcheng stretched out his hand and rubbed Su Xi’s head while admonishing her.

Su Xi smiled and lightly pushed Su Jingcheng’s hand. “I got it, I won’t do it next time.” Su Xi had a good attitude and just stared at Su Jingcheng without blinking.

Su Jingcheng’s brows furrowed slightly, a little worried about Su Xi’s current state.

Was he too busy during this period? Had he neglected Su Xi? Why did it feel like Su Xi was always nervous? Su Jingcheng speculated various possibilities in his heart.

“Does Xiao Xi have anything to tell Brother?” Thinking of this, Su Jingcheng asked.

Su Xi shook her head hurriedly. “Nothing.”

There’s no problem, she’s just afraid of dying.

By this time, she was gone in the novel, however, there’s no detailed description of how she disappeared.

Therefore, during this period of time, Su Xi was very afraid. She was afraid of being hit by a car when walking, afraid of accidents when taking the elevator, and even when walking the stairs, she was afraid that someone would suddenly jump out and push her. She couldn’t stop worrying even when eating and drinking. But whenever Su Jingcheng was by her side, that fear became less.

“Is there really nothing? You can tell Brother anything. Did something unpleasant happen at school?” Su Jingcheng asked again uneasily.

Could it be that Xiao Xi was bullied? Su Jingcheng guessed in his heart, and at the same time planned to have a good chat with the principal.

Su Xi hastily shook her head and denied, “It’s not a school thing. I’m fine at school.” How could anyone bully her now?   

Moreover, who could bully her?

With Su Xi’s overwhelming combat power, she could be regarded as one punch man, so who with two eyes would bully Su Xi?

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi, who was in a poor mental state these days and had lost a lot of weight, making him very worried.

Su Xi peered at Su Jingcheng for a long time before hesitantly saying, “Brother, are you busy these days? Can you spare more time to accompany me?”

Staying by Su Jingcheng’s side made Su Xi feel at ease and her fear would also be greatly reduced.

No one was unafraid of death.

Su Jingcheng only thought for a split second. “Okay, I will spend more time with Xiao Xi.” Nothing was more important than his own sister.


During the meal, Su Xi was also extremely nervous. She wasn’t worried about the food being poisoned, but that she might choke to death.

Therefore, every bite was extra careful, and the speed was much slower than usual.

Su Jingcheng saw that Su Xi had been picking at the rice and didn’t eat much, so he gave Su Xi a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs.

After Su Xi finished eating it, she started picking at the rice again.

Su Jingcheng silently served Su Xi some food, and the meal was quiet, but the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

When dinner was done, Su Xi went to do her homework while still following Su Jingcheng. In Su Jingcheng’s study, one was dealing with work matters, and the other was writing passionately.

Su Jingcheng would look up at Su Xi occasionally. He found that Su Xi seemed to be fine, so he was a little relieved.


“It’s time for Xiao Xi to go to bed.” Su Jingcheng glanced at the time and reminded Su Xi. It was already eleven o’clock.

Su Xi had already finished her homework by this time but she didn’t want to leave Su Jingcheng’s place. She placed all the books in one pile and stared at the front in a daze. She didn’t come back to herself until she heard Su Jingcheng call her. “Okay, good night, Brother.”

En, have a good dream, Xiao Xi.” Su Jingcheng sent Su Xi back to her room to rest and then returned to continue his work.


Lying on the bed, Su Xi found that she couldn’t fall asleep.

She stared at the ceiling with eyes wide open.

Would the ceiling cave in and kill her?

Su Xi began to worry.

What if there’s a ghost in the room later?

In the end, unable to resist her eyelids from closing, Su Xi fell asleep.

Frowning, her face became pale and she kept kicking the blanket with an uneasy expression. It looked like she was having a nightmare.

Jerking away from the bed, Su Xi pressed her hand on her chest and panted heavily.

This time, she couldn’t sleep anymore and her drowsiness was all gone.

Su Xi sat on the bed for a while, feeling paranoid and constantly worried that some strange death might happen to her.

The more she thought about it, the more scared she becomes, and the more scared she becomes, the more she couldn’t sleep.

Su Xi got off the bed and went straight to find Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng’s room was actually right next to Su Xi’s.


In the room, Su Jingcheng was about to rest when he heard a knock on the door.

At this time, the only person who would knock at his door was Su Xi.

Su Jingcheng turned his head and saw someone wearing sleep clothes standing at his door with a pillow in her arms.

Su Jingcheng’s first thought was ‘why isn’t this girl asleep yet? What time is it?’

As the words reach his lips, it turned into a gentle voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Brother’s still up?”

Su Jingcheng: “……” Wasn’t it obvious? Why did it feel like this girl had something to say?

“What is it?”

“That-, can I sleep with you?” Su Xi asked as she looked at Su Jingcheng with two earnest eyes.

Staying with Su Jingcheng would make her feel very at ease.

Hearing this, Su Jingcheng was taken aback, his eyes flashed with astonishment.

“No.” Su Jingcheng said straight away.


“Because Xiao Xi is a girl.” Didn’t she know that male and female are different?

Su Jingcheng had a bit of a headache. He felt that he needed to speak to this girl about this issue properly one of these days.

But not right now.

It’s too late into the night.

“Be good and go back to sleep.” Su Jingcheng said ‘sternly’.

This kind of sternness no longer works on Su Xi though.

“Just one night, please.” What if the ceiling or the room lights really fall down when she go back?

“There’s no place for you to sleep here.” Su Jingcheng sighed secretly, ready to reason with Su Xi—— If you sleep here, where will your Brother sleep?

As a result, Su Xi put on a stance as if she was determined not to leave. Not waiting for Su Jingcheng to finish his words, she had already bent down and slipped into the room from under Su Jingcheng’s arms. She climbed directly onto the recliner and looked at Su Jingcheng as she said in all seriousness, “I can sleep here.”

After a pause, she added, “I won’t disturb you.”

The closer that date got, the more afraid Su Xi became. She worried that she would suddenly be gone.

Staring at Su Jingcheng, she couldn’t say why she didn’t want to sleep alone.

Seeing that Su Xi was dead set on not leaving, he didn’t know how to spell it out to her, so he could only squat in front of the recliner. He asked Su Xi, “Did something happen to Xixi?”

If nothing happened, Su Xi wouldn’t be like this. Su Jingcheng became increasingly worried.

Su Xi shook her head. “Nothing.” She didn’t know how to tell Su Jingcheng at all.

Should she say that she dreamed of her untimely death? So now she was very afraid of death and don’t want to be alone because she kept thinking that an accident would happen if she was by herself?

Then Su Jingcheng would only wonder if she was sick. Probably, a psychiatrist would be arranged.

Besides, it was impossible for her to say this to Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng was helpless. Nothing would come out of Su Xi’s mouth. It was as tight as a clam shell.

It seems that he could only ask people to find out what happened to Xiao Xi during this period.

Su Jingcheng had forgotten that the people he arranged around Su Xi would report every day whether anything particular happened to her.

“I’m going to sleep. Good night, Brother!” After Su Xi said that, she put the pillow down and pulled the blanket on the side to cover herself, then closed her eyes.

Su Jingcheng: “……”

He watched Su Xi nestled pitifully on the sofa. Because the blanket was a bit short, she shrank into a ball and half of her feet were exposed outside.

Su Jingcheng sighed helplessly. He could only walk over and pick Su Xi up to carry her to the bed.

“If you want to sleep, sleep well.” Su Jingcheng’s tone was stern but with a hint of helplessness.

“Hehe, okay.” Su Xi shrank back into the covers surrounded by the smell of Su Jingcheng, which made her feel extremely at ease.


Watching a certain girl who was cheekily hogging his territory close her eyes, Su Jingcheng rubbed his temples. He took his pajamas from the closet and prepared to go to the guest room downstairs to sleep for the night.

Just as he was about to leave, Su Xi grabbed the hem of his clothes.

“Where are you going?”

Su Jingcheng: “……” You took over my bed and now you’re asking me where I’m going.

“I’ll go downstairs. Be good and sleep well.” Su Jingcheng said softly as he turned around and rubbed Su Xi’s head.

“No.” Su Xi tugged on Su Jingcheng’s sleeve. “Can you just stay here?”

Such a request sounded a bit nonsensical, however, the tension and fear on Su Xi’s face couldn’t be hidden.

Su Jingcheng’s heart tightened.

“Okay, I won’t go. I’ll stay here so sleep well.” His broad palm covered Su Xi’s eyes.

Then Su Jingcheng added a warning, “Stop tossing and turning, you still have classes tomorrow.”


Su Jingcheng sat on the edge of the bed until Su Xi’s breathing became stable and the hand holding his hand gradually relaxed. Only then did Su Jingcheng tuck the cover up for Su Xi and get up to go out.

Su Jingcheng first made a phone call to the people following Su Xi to protect her and asked about Su Xi’s recent situation at school, whether she had been bullied, or whether she had encountered anything that made her unhappy.


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