The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 52

After two months of preparation, the day finally came to decide who would get the land on Xinhua Street in Beicheng.

Su Jingcheng was dressed in a well-cut tailored suit, ready to go out.

Surprisingly, Su Xi had also changed her clothes and ran to Su Jingcheng’s side. “Brother, I want to go too.”

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and said softly, “Xiao Xi, there’s nothing interesting in there, you will feel bored.”

Su Xi still grabbed Su Jingcheng’s arm nervously and refused to let go, saying, “No, I want to go with you!”

Seeing Su Xi’s insistence, Su Jingcheng sighed silently in his heart. “All right, Xiao Xi can go if you want. If you feel bored in the middle, I’ll ask someone to send you back first.”

Su Jingcheng’s pampering of his younger sister was absolutely limitless. In front of Su Xi, he could only persist for less than two rounds before he loses the battle.

Su Xi was silently relieved when she saw that Su Jingcheng had agreed.

Today, she must go and see this piece of land being taken by Su Jingcheng with her own eyes.

As long as the land hasn’t been settled, Su Xi felt like a knife was hanging above her head and she could be in danger at any moment.

Moreover, Su Xi had a feeling that if the ownership of this land couldn’t be changed, then Su Jingcheng’s future ending would follow the one in her dream.

This was something that Su Xi absolutely didn’t want to see. Now, Su Xi was more worried about Su Jingcheng’s future than her own.

Su Jingcheng took Su Xi out and the car was already waiting for them. When the people saw the two coming out, they immediately opened the car door for them.

Su Jingcheng stretched out his hand to cover the top of Su Xi’s head, and let her get into the car.

Such an action moved Su Xi very much.

Su Jingcheng was afraid that Su Xi would bump her head.

Then, Su Jingcheng also got in.

The door was closed and the car moved towards the destination.

Su Xi was very tense throughout the whole process. Her hands were clenched into fists and placed on her knees, and her back was straight, making her whole body appear particularly stiff.

Su Jingcheng’s attention had always been on Su Xi so he could see Su Xi’s tension at a glance. “Xiao Xi, don’t worry, trust Brother.”

Su Xi subconsciously looked at Su Jingcheng. “I trust you.” But, those things in the dream……

Su Jingcheng smiled and reached out to rub the top of Su Xi’s hair. “If there’s anything bothering you, you can tell Brother, no need to keep it bottled up inside.”

Su Xi was quite persistent about this land. Su Jingcheng was completely aware of this fact, but couldn’t find the reason.

He always had the feeling that there was something Su Xi wasn’t telling him.

This time, Su Xi didn’t complain about Su Jingcheng rubbing her head. “It’s nothing, I’m just a little nervous since it’s the first time I followed Brother to such an important event.”

Su Xi found an excuse that didn’t seem too fake.

However, Su Jingcheng could tell at a glance that the reason for Su Xi’s nervousness was definitely not because of this. But since Su Xi didn’t want to say it, he didn’t continue to ask.

The day Su Xi was willing to talk, she would definitely tell her brother.

Su Jingcheng nodded slightly. “No need to be nervous. Brother said that whatever Xiao Xi wants, Brother will get it for Xiao Xi.”

Su Xi forced a smile and looked at Su Jingcheng, feeling warm in her heart. “Brother, you’re so good.”

Su Jingcheng smiled and didn’t say anything. She was his only younger sister and the closest person to him, so he naturally wanted to treat her well.


At the location of the bidding, although many companies had participated, everyone present was aware that Suyuan and Shenxing Group were the real competitors.

Moreover, as far as it looks, both parties were determined to acquire this land.

As soon as they arrived, Wei Dongzhou was already there waiting for Su Jingcheng. He was also one of the investors of the project, so he naturally wanted to come and have a look.

Wei Dongzhou was a little surprised when he saw Su Xi. He didn’t expect Su Jingcheng to bring her with him.

After exchanging greetings, Su Jingcheng and Wei Dongzhou talked about the bidding while walking. Su Xi followed on Su Jingcheng’s side, looking very well-behaved.

Su Jingcheng and Wei Dongzhou led Su Xi inside, but they didn’t know if it was a case of bad luck or what, they actually run into Shen Wenbo.

When Su Xi saw Shen Wenbo, she subconsciously grabbed Su Jingcheng who was beside her.

Su Jingcheng glanced at Su Xi reassuringly, then stopped naturally.

Shen Wenbo also stopped at the same time. “Chairman Su. Director Wei, you’re also here?”

Su Jingcheng greeted lightly, “Chairman Shen.”

Wei Dongzhou looked at Shen Wenbo and said in an indifferent voice, “If Chairman Shen can be here, why can’t I?”

Shen Wenbo’s brows creased and he sized up Su Jingcheng and Wei Dongzhou. “The two of you seem to be very confident?”

Su Jingcheng smiled coldly. “Shouldn’t Chairman Shen be more confident?” These words carried a hidden meaning.

Wei Dongzhou glanced at Shen Wenbo aloofly and ignored him, obviously not wanting to say anything more to him.

Shen Wenbo smiled, staring at Su Jingcheng with chill in his eyes. “I heard that Chairman Su has always been a big spender. Today, you brought Director Wei along for support, which really broadened my horizons.”

Su Jingcheng looked at Shen Wenbo, not wanting to spend too much time with this person, especially when he could see that Su Xi had been staring at Shen Wenbo dead on and seems to be more nervous. Su Jingcheng didn’t want Su Xi to make contact with Shen Wenbo so he wanted to get rid of this person quickly. “Likewise.”

Wei Dongzhou snorted coldly. “In this regard, we can’t compare to Chairman Shen.”

Shen Wenbo’s expression remained unchanged, seemingly unaffected by Wei Dongzhou and Su Jingcheng’s unkind words. Instead, he made a gesture of invitation. “It’s fate to meet Chairman Su and Director Wei, why don’t we enter the venue together?”

Su Jingcheng remained motionless. “Chairman Shen can go right ahead.”

Wei Dongzhou was even blunter. “We don’t need Chairman Shen to lead the way.”

Su Xi was staring at Shen Wenbo the whole time as if she wanted to kill Shen Wenbo with her eyes.

This intense gaze also made Shen Wenbo a little uncomfortable and he gave Su Xi a warning-like glance.

Su Jingcheng lifted his foot and blocked Su Xi. He looked at Shen Wenbo with a cold face. “Does Chairman Shen have a problem with my sister?”

On the side, while secretly ridiculing the ‘sister-protecting madman’ in his heart, Wei Dongzhou also looked at Shen Wenbo with a bad expression.

Shen Wenbo: “……”

“Chairman Su must be joking. I just think Chairman Su’s sister is very cute.” Shen Wenbo smiled darkly.


After that brief episode, the selection finally began.

All bidding companies would go up and make their presentations in order. Ultimately, the choice would be made after considering the overall factors.

Su Jingcheng and company was the last group.

Besides Shenxing, there’s no need to pay too much attention to the others as their focus could be considered as only participation.

Soon, it was Su Jingcheng’s turn to come forward and speak.

Su Jingcheng maintained a calm demeanor. His immovable aura couldn’t help but command people’s attention.

Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng from below and a smile surfaced on her face as she thought that he’s quite cool.

Wei Dongzhou raised his eyebrows and also focused on Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng went up straight to the center without any preamble and spoke.

He first talked about the basic planning and explained the specific concepts. Although it wasn’t a long speech, just a few sentences were enough to make people understand and subconsciously accept what Su Jingcheng said.

On this point, Su Jingcheng and Shenxing Group could actually be considered to be on even footing.

Su Xi watched from below while feeling a little nervous. She subconsciously clasped her hands together as she listened carefully to Su Jingcheng’s every word.

After explaining the plan, the crowd thought that this presentation was over like other companies.

However, this wasn’t the case with Su Jingcheng.

“That’s all for the basic plan. Let me introduce some specific details of the design.” Su Jingcheng said in a calm and steady voice as he looked at the people below.

Su Jingcheng went on to talk a bit about the specific designs, from the display platform, to the showground, and so on. Every single design that was mentioned was refreshing.

Unconsciously, many people below also began to nod in approval of the designs.

While Su Jingcheng was speaking, he was also observing the people who were listening, and found that they wore a look of approval and admiration on their faces. A bit of pride emerged in his heart.

Many of these designs were the ideas of that little girl, Su Xi. Su Xi provided inspiration and Su Jingcheng asked the people in the technical department to turn it into reality.

At this moment, seeing other people’s recognition, Su Jingcheng couldn’t be more proud. His sister’s the best!

Wei Dongzhou thumped his hands and stamped his feet. After hearing Su Jingcheng’s plan and design, he regretted it a lot. Why didn’t he invest more?!

At this moment, only one person’s expression was vastly different from the others. The look of surprise and disbelief couldn’t be concealed on his face.

This person was naturally Shen Wenbo.

His face increasingly became gloomy. The people he planted failed to report such important content to him.

These were all kept secret. The people Shen Wenbo planted had long ago been found due to Su Xi using various excuses to hint at Su Jingcheng. He had held onto their handles, giving Su Jingchen complete control over them. The details they relayed were all false information that Su Jingcheng wanted them to divulge.

The real plan and design of Su Jingcheng for this land wasn’t revealed at all. In addition, the design itself was overthrown and redone. It was considered to be a rush job so there was no news of it, and that’s why Shen Wenbo knew even less about it.

With Shen Wenbo completely unaware that Su Jingcheng’s plan had undergone a major change, he was naturally caught off guard.

As a result, there was no doubt that the countermeasures planned against Su Jingcheng’s original and false design were, of course, of no use whatsoever to the current Su Jingcheng.

In the end, Suyuan won a big victory in this competition of capital and creativity.

Suyuan’s side was full of joy, but compared to Suyuan, Shen Wenbo’s side was quite bleak and he could only leave the venue with a dark face.

On Su Jingcheng’s side, the happiest person was of course Su Xi.

When the result came out, a huge smile immediately appeared on Su Xi’s face and her whole person looked extremely excited. Even all the tension of the past few days were swept away.

Seeing the little girl’s over-excited appearance, Su Jingcheng thought it was amusing, and at the same time, his heart felt warm.


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