The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 53

As mentioned in the novel, the founding day of Suyuan Group coincides with Su Jingcheng’s birthday. On the day of Suyuan Group’s anniversary, a major project of the Su family was taken away by the male protagonist’s company, making the celebration a mess. It was also on that day that the male protagonist met the female protagonist who had just returned to the country.

On the way back, Su Xi was extremely happy, making Su Jingcheng amused. He rubbed her head and asked, “Haven’t you had enough?”

Su Xi still had on a happy smile as she said to Su Jingcheng with a cheerful expression, “You I don’t understand.” At the same time, she was thinking seriously to herself. There was nothing else mentioned in the novel, so judging from the situation, that project was an important reason for Su Jingcheng’s blackening. Now that this major point has been changed, she wondered if the ending would also change.

Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng again and began to ponder. Su Jingcheng didn’t know what Su Xi was thinking, and Su Xi also didn’t say anything. In fact, she was thinking about what gift to give him.

It would be Su Jingcheng’s birthday in two days. At the same time, Su Xi began to feel nervous again. The main plot of the novel begins with Su Jingcheng’s birthday and Suyuan Group’s anniversary banquet. Although the Xinhua Street project had been decided, the official announcement wouldn’t be released until two days later. There wouldn’t be any issues, right?

Su Xi was secretly nervous while preparing a gift for Su Jingcheng.

In fact, Su Xi hoped that this day wouldn’t come, but unfortunately, time waits for no one, and the day arrived soon.

In the morning, when Su Jingcheng woke up and opened his eyes, what greeted him was a pair of red socks on his feet with the words ‘safe and sound’ sewn on them in yellow thread. This simple and crude embroidery work was obviously done by a certain girl.

Surprise flashed in Su Jingcheng’s eyes. He didn’t notice how that girl ran into his room quietly and put socks on him.

Su Jingcheng went downstairs and saw Su Xi staring intently at the tablet. Su Xi was reading the official announcement for the project. Seeing Su Xi’s serious and tense expression, Su Jingcheng only thought it was funny. “Stop looking and eat.” He said as he approached.

Su Xi darted a glance at Su Jingcheng. “All right, shortly.” But her gaze returned to the screen.

When the announcement came out, Su Xi was relieved to see that the name of the successful bidder written was Suyuan Group. Only then did she remember to say happy birthday to Su Jingcheng.

After the meal, Su Jingcheng told Su Xi to go up and change quickly as the stylist team had already arrived. This evening was Suyuan Group’s anniversary banquet.

Su Xi packed up and carried a not-so-small bag which Su Jingcheng found out to be actually filled with nunchuks, chain whip, stun gun, and even a screwdriver and wrench inside. There was also a medical first aid kit.

Su Jingcheng: “???” Moreover, she was wearing sneakers under the dress. Were these things for parkour stuff or was this girl going to some group fight? The look on Su Jingcheng’s face was indescribable. It was even more difficult to understand this behaviour of Su Xi.

After giving a helpless glance at Su Xi, he told her that she wouldn’t be able to pass through the hotel’s security check with these things, and asked Su Xi to put them away. Finally, after some intense bargaining, Su Xi brought an emergency medical bag and changed into to a pair of comfortable cloth shoes that barely match her dress.


At the banquet, the moment Su Jingcheng and Su Xi appeared, they attracted everyone’s attention.

Su Jingcheng was wearing a well-tailored suit which made him even more handsome. His appearance wasn’t inferior to a celebrity, and at this moment, people couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Su Xi was wearing a beautiful dress. It was simple and elegant, but every detail was just right and exquisite, which made Su Xi look as if she was shining with light, constantly attracting the attention of people around her.

Seeing Su Xi following Su Jingcheng’s side and his care and doting for Su Xi revealed in his every word and action, it cause the surrounding girls to burst with envy.

The male protagonist, Shen Wenbo, was also there. Unlike his spiritedness in the novel, the atmosphere around him this time was very gloomy. He stared at Su Jingcheng and Su Xi as if he wanted to swallow these two people alive. His disguise was completely removed and it was obviously because of the project.

This time, he put in a lot of effort to win the bidding. He had made all the preparations, but he didn’t expect that all his plans were included in Su Jingcheng’s calculations. He was caught off guard and directly lost. At Suyuan Group’s anniversary banquet, it would be strange if he have a good face.

Su Jingcheng still confronted Shen Wenbo. Su Xi followed Su Jingcheng and looked at the hostility in Shen Wenbo’s eyes. She was vaguely worried that the male protagonist of the novel would do something against Su Jingcheng.

“Congratulations to Chairman Su for standing out from the crowd and successfully winning the Xinhua Street project.” Shen Wenbo’s tone wasn’t congratulatory but instead heavy with gloom. He raised the wine glass in his hand as he said so to Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng’s face was calm and unruffled while looking at Shen Wenbo. “I would also like to thank Chairman Shen for your generous concession.”

This statement directly caused Shen Wenbo’s expression to be even heavier, and his hand holding the wine glass became more forceful that his knuckles turned slightly white. “Chairman Su should do your best after winning the project. If anything happens along the way, the Shen’s wouldn’t mind helping out.” Shen Wenbo’s words were somewhat meaningful and even threatening.

Obviously, it was to make Su Jingcheng angry.

Looking at the furious and helpless Shen Wenbo, Su Xi snickered inwardly. The current situation was completely reversed from the one in the novel. Shen Wenbo became the one who suffered defeat, while Su Jingcheng was the one who won.

Su Jingcheng looked at Shen Wenbo, completely unaffected by Shen Wenbo’s words. His face remained calm and composed. “Chairman Shen didn’t need to bother with this. If Chairman Shen have free time, it’s better to use it to worry about yourself than my Suyuan.”

After saying that, Su Jingcheng paused for a moment before adding, “I still have something to deal with. Chairman Shen, make yourself comfortable.”

With that, Su Jingcheng directly led Su Xi away, not caring about Shen Wenbo who was left behind with a stony face.

The failure of the bidding brought Shen Wenbo a lot of trouble. It was enough for him to deal with, so how could he be distracted and deal with Suyuan right now? Shen Wenbo couldn’t utter a word and could only grit his teeth secretly.

Although the matter of the project had been considered settled and the result had long been announced online, making it impossible to make any changes, Su Xi still had some concerns in her heart. As they were leaving, she glanced at Shen Wenbo one more time before withdrawing her eyes.

At the same time, Su Xi clenched her fists, silently thinking to herself that if there was any problem, she must first destroy the leader so the gang would collapse. She had to bring Shen Wenbo under control.


After the interlude, the banquet officially began. Su Xi originally planned to eat quietly below, however, Su Jingcheng carried her onto the stage.

Su Xi could only follow Su Jingcheng up together. She stood beside him but her eyes were watching the surroundings vigilantly, worrying that something unexpected might happen.

Su Jingcheng smiled comfortingly at Su Xi. He reached out and rubbed Su Xi’s head to soothe her, and then turned his gaze to the people in the audience. “First of all, thank you for coming to Suyuan Group’s anniversary amidst your busy schedules.”

After Su Jingcheng said this, there was a burst of applause from below.

When the applause subsided, Su Jingcheng spoke again, “There are two things I would like to announce today. The first is to introduce our family’s little princess.” As he said this, Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and continued with a doting look, “Su Xi, my biological sister, finally returned home half a year ago……”

Su Jingcheng introduced Su Xi, and from his words, it was clear that Su Jingcheng cared about Su Xi.

On the contrary, Su Xi felt a little embarrassed and could only follow Su Jingcheng’s instructions to greet everyone. After which, she continued to stand quietly by Su Jingcheng’s side, acting as a backdrop and giving her full attention to Su Jingcheng.

It has to be said that as long as she was by Su Jingcheng’s side, Su Xi felt extremely at ease, and even her worries and tension seemed to be much less.

In the past six months, Su Xi had been going to the company frequently and even her ‘desk’ was next to Su Jingcheng’s, so everyone wasn’t unfamiliar with Su Xi.

Listening to Su Jingcheng’s introduction and the interaction between Su Jingcheng and Su Xi, the crowd couldn’t help but envy Su Xi. They whispered below, “The chairman is about to spoil his sister to the high heavens!”

Another person whispered, “That’s nothing, I heard that the chairman asked the other day if the shares can be transferred to the Young Miss’s name before she became an adult.”

“Is that true?”

“I’ve heard it too. It should be true.”

“No way, I heard that the young miss has only been found for half a year!”

“A younger sister who just got back for six months will be given shares? How come I don’t have such a brother?”

“I want one too!”

“The chairman is really good to the young miss. I heard he brought her along to the project bidding.”

“I’ve also heard that the chairman didn’t even pretend to be nice to Chairman Shen for the sake of the young miss!”


The people below were all whispering, but of course, Su Xi couldn’t hear their discussion.

At this moment, Su Jingcheng had finished introducing Su Xi and began to talk about the other thing.

Finally, he mentioned about the current situation, “There’s another good news. The company has obtained the Xinhua Street project, and in the next year, we will devote every effort to carry it forward.”

Hearing that they got the Xinhua Street project, there was a burst of warm applause from the audience, and Su Xi, who was on the stage, also applauded excitedly.

In the audience, the people of Suyuan Group were very excited and they even forgot about the ‘Young Miss Su Xi’ they were talking about just now. There were voices talking about the Xinhua Street project everywhere.

Seeing such a scene, Su Xi felt more relieved.

Su Jingcheng also had a rare deep smile on his face.

Just then, Su Xi felt that her eyes suddenly went dark as a sense of weightlessness came over her.

“Xixi!” Su Jingcheng’s voice could be heard in her ears, but at this moment Su Xi had completely lost consciousness.

So, would she die just like this?

At the last moment, this was the thought that popped up in Su Xi’s mind.


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