The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 54

After being immersed in the darkness for an unknown amount of time, Su Xi’s consciousness returned.

Opening her eyes, the familiar sight made Su Xi feel a disconnection.

——This was the temporary house where she and her master used to live.

The phone lit up, attracting Su Xi’s attention. It was the counterfeit phone that Master used before.

Su Xi took the phone and actually found the novel 《As long as Baby don’t want a Daddy》 that had previously disappeared. Only this time, it was different. There was a long extra story at the end.

In this chapter, Su Xi saw her name for the first time.

——In it, Su Jingcheng found Su Xi when she was thirteen years old. Unlike when Su Xi was brought back by Yan Su and the others, Su Jingcheng found Su Xi in a shabby orphanage.

When Su Jingcheng found his younger sister, Su Xi was hiding behind the crowd, nervously leaning against the door with only half of her body visible, thin and timid. Her eyes were dim and full of fear, terrified of the world and everything around her. She looked like she was less than ten years old. Though other children in the orphanage don’t look strong either, but among them, Su Xi appeared particularly weak. It was heartbreaking to see.

Because of prolonged malnutrition, Su Xi’s bones were underdeveloped and she could barely walk a few steps before she would stumble. She was even unable to support herself to stand for a long time and would hunch over. Seeing his cute little sister who was as tender and adorable as a bun turned into this state, Su Jingcheng’s heart felt as if it had been pulled out and cut by countless blades.

Su Xi didn’t speak. The teacher explained that Su Xi accidentally fell into the pond when she was seven or eight years old. It was possible that something went wrong while she was burning up with fever so when she woke up, she became mute and unable to speak. The teacher was lying. When he helped Xixi to stand up straight, Su Jingcheng clearly heard her exclaim in a low and scared voice. Xixi was just unwilling to speak, it wasn’t that she couldn’t.

Su Jingcheng took his younger sister back to their home and found a lot of injuries under her worn clothes. It was obviously caused by being bullied by other children in the orphanage.

When she first arrived at home, Su Xi was very afraid of everything unfamiliar around her. More than once, Su Jingcheng saw her hiding herself in a corner while curled up. If you touched her, she wouldn’t struggle or resist, but she would tremble all over in fear. Several times, Su Jingcheng could only stand not far away, hiding himself out of Su Xi’s sight, and only after Su Xi fell asleep would he quietly pick her up from the corner.

Su Xi was afraid of human contact and was unwilling to speak.

Su Jingcheng stopped anyone from visiting or approaching her. He protected his sister tightly, not letting outsiders know about her and gave them opportunity to harm her again.

Su Xi didn’t want to go out, so Su Jingcheng built a paradise and a palace for her at home. He gave her all the good things he could think of.

Su Jingcheng turned down a lot of businesses and guarded Su Xi almost 24 hours a day.

He fed Su Xi little by little and talked to her slowly. He also gradually told her about their family and her childhood. Su Jingcheng recruited the best medical team to treat Su Xi’s malnutrition. He taught her to speak and teach her to write.

For half a year, Su Xi slowy accepted Su Jingcheng. Her health seemed to be much better. Although she was still thin and underdeveloped, she had basically reached the health standard. Though she still fell occasionally, Su Xi could already walk normally. Now, the little girl seems to be in a much better mood. Occasionally, Su Jingcheng would see an indistinct smile and a glow on the little girl’s face. When she saw someone approaching, Su Xi would hide behind Su Jingcheng, but she wouldn’t be as scared as she was at first. She would accept the kindness of the staff and Uncle Fu and say thank you in a low voice. Once in a while, Su Jingcheng would take her outside to places with fewer people. After a few times, Su Xi no longer seemed to be as repulsed as before.

However, Su Xi was still not willing to talk, nor was she willing to get into contact with unfamiliar people.


That day was the company’s anniversary and also Su Jingcheng’s birthday.

In the morning, Su Xi handed Su Jingcheng the box she held tightly in her hands and whispered happy birthday. It was a pair of red socks that she asked Uncle Fu to help buy. Uncle Fu said that in his hometown, giving this on a birthday would bless the person who received it peace and safety.

In the evening, Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to the banquet. He settled Su Xi in a cosy compartment that was specially separated from the crowd, where she could see what was happening outside without making her feel nervous.

The failure of winning the Xinhua Street project cast a sombre mood over the company. However, the banquet must still go on.

Shen Wenbo arrived at the scene, full of arrogance.

With the contemptuous smile of a ‘victor’, he spoke hypocritically to Su Jingcheng.

“Chairman Su’s amusement park idea is quite interesting, haha.” He said that with a sarcastic smile on his face. He continued, “I also want to thank Chairman Su for intentionally giving up that piece of land to Shenxing.”

Su Jingcheng didn’t want to get too entangled with this person and said bluntly, “If Chairman Shen is just here to say this, I’m sorry but I won’t accompany you.”

Shen Wenbo raised a brow. “Is this the way Chairman Su treats guests?”

Su Jingcheng looked at Shen Wenbo coldly. “There’s a lot going on today. Chairman Shen can make yourself at home.”

Shen Wenbo chuckled. “Chairman Su will be very busy from now on. You have failed to win the project so I’m afraid that the emotions of the shareholders will be enough for Chairman Su to deal with for a while. Unlike me, who’s very idle since I’ve completed all the plans long ago and is just waiting for the people under me to execute them.”

Su Jingcheng ignored Shen Wenbo. He left straight away after sweeping a glance at the other party.


In the compartment, Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng’s cold face as he left the other man. She heard their conversation and there was a rather worried expression on her face.

At the banquet hall, Su Jingcheng took the stage as the chairman and delivered a speech.

The entire process was very brief.

From time to time, his eyes would drift at the compartment with concern—— He wondered if Xixi felt any discomfort or if she had eaten the dinner he had asked someone to prepare for her just now……

When Su Jingcheng finished his speech, he went to the compartment, but he found that Su Xi had disappeared. Su Jingcheng was alarmed and had people start looking for her, causing confusion at the once peaceful banquet.

On the other side, watching the man named Shen Wenbo leave in a hurry, Su Xi, who was originally in the compartment, chased after him.

Outside the hotel, Su Xi caught up with Shen Wenbo. With a bit of fear in her eyes, she mustered up the courage to speak.

“Can you give that project to my brother?”

This was the first time Su Xi had talked to someone other than his brother since she was found back.

She was stuttering a bit, but the timid voice was melodious and pleasant to the ear.

However, at this moment, Shen Wenbo obviously had no time to waste time with this girl.

With a sneer, there was sarcasm in his expression. “Do you think that’s possible?”

Su Xi subconsciously took half a step back, lowered her eyelids, and said in a sincere voice, “Please.” She had no idea what the project was, nor what her brother was always talking about with those people on the phone about bidding and planning. However, she knew that that project seemed to be very important to him and he had put a lot of effort into it. If he didn’t get that project, his brother would definitely be sad.

To her, he was the best and the only good person in the world. She didn’t want to let him be sad.

“I can trade you with something else.” Su Xi mustered up her courage again. With her eyes fixed on Shen Wenbo, she said to him in a firm voice.

Shen Wenbo was already impatient.

When the car arrived, Shen Wenbo gave Su Xi a cold and stern look. “Get lost.”

He waved Su Xi who was in front of him away with one hand and got into the car.

Su Xi stood still in place. She felt loss as she saw the car going away, not knowing how to catch up.

Just then, a speeding car collided with Su Xi from behind.


Su Xi felt pain in her head as a dusty memory broke through the shackles, overlapping with the plot of the novel.

In her memory, she seemed to be lying on the cold and hard ground, feeling extremely cold and painful as the world in front of her eyes was gradually dyed red. She noticed someone running towards her but couldn’t tell who it was. However, she could discern the pair of red socks she had given her brother in the morning.

“Xixi! Xixi!”

Brother…… Su Xi opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

She was held tightly in her brother’s arms and was lifted from the cold ground.

She could vaguely hear her brother calling out for someone.

There also seemed to be sound of people talking, screaming, car engines, and the blowing of the wind……

Then, she couldn’t hear or see anything else.

The subsequent memories merged with the scenes in Su Xi’s dreams.

And then……

She seemed to be dead.

The scene shifted and another picture appeared in front of Su Xi’s eyes. It was neither in her memory nor what happened in this world.

In that world, Su Xi saw Su Jingcheng, who at this time had changed so much into a gloomy and terrifying person, with madness and bloodlust hidden in his eyes—— This was different from the Su Jingcheng Su Xi had seen, this Su Jingcheng was the villain in the novel.

When no one was around, Su Jingcheng was lonely, desolate, and silent in endless self-blame—— He once again lost his sister, and this time Xixi could be never found again.

Of course, the person driving the car that hit Su Xi couldn’t escape. However, who could have thought that the one driving the car at that time was a child who was not yet three years old?

Ran Kexin went to the venue of the banquet, and because she was worried that she wouldn’t have time to look after her son, she had Ran Anan stay in the car and let the nanny watch him.

In the banquet hall, Ran Kexin was surprised to see Shen Wenbo. Ran Kexin deliberately gave the other party a look and turned to leave. However, Ran Kexin did not actually really leave but hid nearby. She wanted to mess with Shen Wenbo when he caught up.

At the same time, in the car, the nanny, who was supposed to look at Ran Anan, got out of the car to make a phone call.

There was a spare key left by Ran Kexin inside the vehicle.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was watching, Ran Anan climbed to the front and fiddled around, and was actually able to start the car……


Because he was a child, Ran Anan did not receive any punishment.

Su Jingcheng crazily took revenge on the Shen family and Shenxing Group, even taking extreme measures to try to get Shen Wenbo killed. He fabricated accidents for Ran Kexin and Ran Anan.

Everyone thought Su Jingcheng was crazy, but the only thing in his mind was to take revenge. He really wanted those three people to die!

Su Jingcheng did not hesitate to fight the Shen family to death. He captured Ran Kexin and took her home, then notified Shen Wenbo.

No one knew that while Su Jingcheng was eating quietly at the dinner table, he was actually ready for the two to be buried with him.

As soon as Shen Wenbo arrived, this villa would be reduced to rubbles in an instant.

Unfortunately, Shen Wenbo didn’t show up.

He watched Ran Kexin sit quite contentedly at Xixi’s seat.

And so Su Jingcheng dragged her into a small dark room without providing her anything. Ran Kexin was starved for three days, but Shen Wenbo still didn’t come. Finally, Su Jingcheng watched indifferently as the others rescued Ran Kexin.


The scene shifted again, and it seemed like a long time had passed, because the Su Jingcheng Su Xi saw seemed to be gloomier than before. His foot was injured and his walking was a little abnormal.

Outside the entrance of the company, an old man in ragged clothes spoke up as Su Jingcheng passed by, “Even if the loss of a loved one is extremely painful, we should bury them in peace.”

Su Jingcheng’s complexion suddenly changed and he grabbed the old man. “What did you say?” He growled with sharp eyes. “What do you know?!”

The old man’s expression remained unchanged and he smiled in silence.


“Be polite, be polite.” The old man said in an unworried tone.

“The person can’t come back from the dead. It’s normal, it’s normal. However, if you want to change things a bit, it’s not impossible.”

“What do you mean?” Su Jingcheng’s grip on the old man’s hand seemed to loosen up a bit.

“My meaning? What I mean is, it depends on whether you are willing to pay the price.”

The assistant next to Su Jingcheng spoke up to stop him, thinking that the old beggar in front of them was a scammer.

Su Jingcheng, however, didn’t listen.

“What do you want?”

The old man freed himself from Su Jingcheng’s grasp, straightened his clothes, and said, “This reversal of fate is to be taken away from your life. This Old Man won’t take too much.”

“Chairman, this man is a lunatic!” The assistant was anxious, wanting to wake Su Jingcheng up.


After a pause, Su Jingcheng added, “I want her to be safe for the rest of her life.”

The old man laugh. “This Old Man can only keep her safe for five years. After that, it’s all up to you……”


Su Xi shouted, but the scene in front of her gradually disappeared.


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