The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 55

Su Xi woke up with a start in the hospital. Su Jingcheng was right next to her. The area under his eyes was blue and it was obvious that he hadn’t had a good rest for a long time. His hair was a little messy and his whole body was full of dispiritedness. He looked worn out and gloomy, but it was completely different from the dream.

Su Xi stared blankly at Su Jingcheng for a few seconds before she came back to her senses. The grievance and fear in her heart instantly filled all her emotions, and she flung herself into Su Jingcheng’s arms, crying uncontrollably. Tears and snot all rubbed against Su Jingcheng’s expensive custom-made suit.

Su Jingcheng hugged Su Xi tightly, his eyes slightly red as a sense of joy that was previously lost filled his whole body. He opened his mouth several times but was unsure of what to say or do to comfort Su Xi at this time.

Su Xi thought she had been unconscious for a day, but Su Jingcheng said that it had been a month. The specialists couldn’t find out the reason for Su Xi’s coma.

Listening to Su Jingcheng’s words, Su Xi was slightly surprised. She silently thought that no wonder she had no strength, she didn’t eat or drink for a month and only relied on nutrient infusion. It would be strange if she had strength.

When Su Jingcheng saw that Su Xi looked like she’s fine, he remembered that Su Xi hadn’t eaten for a long time, so he asked, “What would you like to eat?”

Su Xi’s mouth was faster than her thoughts, “Milk tea! Large cup with added pudding, tofu, oreo, pearls, red beans, cheese, nata de coco, taro balls, taro puree, purple yam…… Forget it, don’t add pearls.” It’s unhealthy. Su Xi finished giving out a string of ingredients without even pausing. Thinking of everything in the dream, she eliminated the pearls while silently admonishing herself.

Su Xi felt that she had to live a good, long and healthy life to not let her Master down.

Su Jingcheng’s brows furrowed slightly. He looked at Su Xi with an expression full of disapproval. “Who drinks milk tea after recovering from a serious illness?” Although he said so, seeing Su Xi’s expectant face, his heart softened again. In the end, Su Jingcheng still asked someone to buy it for Su Xi, but the milk had to be real milk, and the tea had to be real tea.

On the hospital bed, Su Xi, who was satisfied while drinking milk tea, felt overwhelmed with happiness. Seeing Su Xi like this, the corners of Su Jingcheng’s lips also involuntarily rose.

After drinking half a cup, Su Xi suddenly looked at Su Jingcheng, and with an extremely serious tone, she said excitedly, “Brother, let me tell you, I super, super, super, super love you!” The scene flashed by, but she knew that in Su Jingcheng’s previous life, he used his own life and all his luck to start over from scratch in this life, otherwise Su Jingcheng wouldn’t have been as miserable as he was at the end of the novel.

Su Jingcheng: “……” A cup of milk tea was enough to love him so much? In the future, what if some little bastard cheated her with two cups of milk tea? While muttering to himself to slightly increase his vigilance, at the same time, he felt extremely moved in his heart.

Su Xi seemed to think of something and hurriedly confirmed whether the land still belonged to their family. “Brother, that project,” Speaking of this, Su Xi felt a little scared and paused, before continuing, “it’s still Brother’s, right?”

Su Jingcheng smiled and looked at Su Xi helplessly, then smoothly replied, “Yes.”

Su Xi was relieved after hearing Su Jingcheng’s affirmative answer. Afterwards, she looked at Su Jingcheng nervously and reminded, “Brother, in the future, you must guard against that Shen Wenbo.” Feeling that her tone was too heavy, Su Xi added, “But there’s no need to be afraid of him.” In this life, Su Jingcheng hadn’t lost his luck and wouldn’t be as miserable as before. Moreover, there was her. Su Xi firmly thought in her heart.

“I will protect you well.” Su Xi solemnly said to Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and smiled, his heart filled with warmth.


At last, it was time to leave the hospital and go home. Su Xi thought that she was finally liberated and could stay away from being confined to the bed, do what she wanted to do, and continue teaching her students.

However, even after returning home, Su Jingcheng still refused to let her get out of bed for a long time, not allowing her to do this or that. In Su Xi’s opinion, he was being overly nervous.

But still, it also warmed Su Xi’s heart to know that it was because her brother cared about her.

After returning to school again, Su Xi felt embarrassed when faced with the concerns of her classmates. What should she say? Should she tell them that she was forced to be a pig at home for a month? Did she want to lose face?


Su Jingcheng didn’t allow Su Xi wander around, so the matter of teaching in the park could only be put on hold for the time being. However, Su Xi also firmly believed that Su Jingcheng wouldn’t have the same ending like in the novel so she was naturally not as keen on earning a small fortune. Thus, Su Xi simply moved her belongings and went to Su Jingcheng’s office to set up camp.

On that day, the neglected female protagonist made an appearance.

She came over to deliver the set of jewelry that Su Jingcheng had previously asked her to design for Su Xi.

The state of the female protagonist was obviously not very good and it was clear that something happened.

Su Xi, who had read the novel and still remembered it well, recalled the plot. At this time, the female protagonist should have met Shen Wenbo. It’s just that everything did not develop in the direction she expected.

That night, Ran Kexin deliberately left the banquet and Shen Wenbo did catch up with her, but the brown nosing and taming situation she expected didn’t happen. Shen Wenbo seemed to be in a very bad mood, exuding a terrifying aura from his whole body. He was a pervert who cruelly mistreated her after catching up, then picked up his pants and walked away indifferently. She told him that she had his child, but he actually said it was none of his business!

Su Xi didn’t know that as her and Su Jingcheng’s fate changed, other things were also quietly changing as well.

Looking at the female protagonist, Su Xi’s eyes erupted with strong hatred as she fixedly stared at the other party. It took a lot of effort to move her gaze away and not let the other party see any clue.

She couldn’t pretend as if nothing happened or that she didn’t care about it. What well water shouldn’t mix with river water? She couldn’t do it!

Su Xi hates them. She hates the female protagonist, her child, and the male protagonist.

In the last life, everything was originally fine between her and Su Jingcheng. He found her and she was opening her heart up to him little by little.

So began what was to be a happy life and a bright future.

But then this family came along and their appearance changed everything that should have been.

That bright future came to naught. They caused her tragic death and her older brother didn’t end up well either. Their ending was extremely miserable that every time Su Xi thought about it, she was left with nothing but a strong hatred for this family.

The change on Su Xi was immediately discovered by Su Jingcheng and he noticed that something was wrong. He stopped talking to Ran Kexin and coldly sent her away.

After Ran Kexin left, Su Jingcheng got up and walked to Su Xi, covering her eyes. “What’s wrong, Xixi? Don’t think about other things. Brother only hopes that Xixi can live a carefree life and be able to grow up happily. That’s enough for me. Xixi only needs to leave the rest to Brother.”

Su Xi pulled down Su Jingcheng’s hand and looked at him. She calmed down her emotions and hurriedly said, “I just don’t like them.” However, Su Xi’s voice was still mixed with hatred that hadn’t yet faded away.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi. He always had a feeling that Su Xi was hiding something from him, however, if Su Xi didn’t want to say anything, he wouldn’t press the issue. When Xixi wanted to say it, she would naturally tell him.

Nevertheless, seeing that Su Xi hated Ran Kexin very much, Su Jingcheng decided to take back the cooperation between Ran Kexin and the company.

“What about the jewellery? What did Xixi have in mind?” It’s okay to throw it away, as long as Xixi was happy. Su Jingcheng thought nonchalantly.

Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng and said bluntly, “Let’s sell it.” After all, it cost money. She didn’t want anything related to the female protagonist so she wouldn’t catch bud luck! Moreover, she didn’t want to always think about the female protagonist’s family.

Su Jingcheng unconditionally agreed to any request of Su Xi. After talking with Su Xi for a while, he continued to deal with his work.

Su Xi watched Su Jingcheng get busy again and didn’t bother him. Instead, she quietly walked to Su Jingcheng’s side and her eyes fell on the document.

It was the construction plan for the project.

As Su Xi watch, her heart still didn’t feel at ease enough, so she couldn’t help but said, “Brother, can you take me there to have a look?”

Su Jingcheng put down his pen and looked at Su Xi. “Xixi, be good. Brother will take you to see it later on.”

Seeing that Su Jingcheng had no intention of taking her there now, Su Xi didn’t dwell on it. “All right, then I’ll wait.”


In the blink of an eye, it was already Su Xi’s birthday.

This was Su Xi’s first birthday with Su Jingcheng.

Early in the morning, Su Jingcheng had already tidied himself up and prepared a very delicate and elegant outfit for Su Xi.

Su Xi followed Su Jingcheng out but didn’t ask where he was taking her. Though vaguely, Su Xi seemed to guess where they were heading.

Soon, they reached the place.

They were exactly where that project was located.

However, Su Xi was stunned for a long time by what she saw in front of her, and an uncontrollable surprise appeared in her eyes.

This was an amusement park.

Su Xi didn’t expect that Su Jingcheng actually built an amusement park in the place of the complex.

“Does Xixi like it? This is a paradise that belongs to Xixi alone.” Su Jingcheng’s voice was tinged with a smile, and his expression was gentle and doting as he looked at Su Xi.

He once promised Xixi that he would build an amusement park here, so he would definitely do it.

Su Xi subconsciously covered her mouth to avoid exclaiming. She stared in amazement at the amusement park and then at Su Jingcheng. At this moment, Su Xi couldn’t describe her feelings. She was so touched that she didn’t know what to say.

It took a while before she found her senses and hastily asked, “Do we need to pay penalty for breach of contract?”

Su Jingcheng smiled and said very naturally, “Not much.”

Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng in a daze, and after a long time, she suddenly threw himself into Su Jingcheng’s arms. “Brother is certainly the best brother in the world!”

Su Xi had a very happy birthday and it was the new beginning of her two lives.

The male and female protagonists didn’t come together like in the original plot. On the contrary, the male and female protagonists seem to have become enemies.

The second, third and fourth male supporting characters had launched an attack against the male protagonist one after another because of the female protagonist.

The current situation of the male protagonist was just like that of Su Jingcheng’s in the novel.

It’s just that Su Xi no longer cared about those things anymore, nor would she pay attention and worry about things related to the male and female protagonists, or the plot in the novel.

She was no longer the Su Xi from her previous life and neither was Su Jingcheng. They both have a brand new and bright future ahead of them!


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