The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 56


At the freshman party of B University, Su Xi appeared in the center of the stage in a red ancient-style dress. As one of the freshman representatives, she was performing and amazed everyone as soon as she appeared with her beauty and elegance.

It caused a discussion from the people below.

“This is a standard Baifumei, the princess of the Su family!”

“She’s so beautiful. I heard she’s super powerful!” The other person also quickly echoed, staring at Su Xi on the stage without blinking.

“She’s the top scorer this year. They said she went to B University because she didn’t want to be too far away from home!”

“Yeah, I heard it too. She didn’t want to be far away so she didn’t go abroad and chose B University!” A girl with the light of gossip in her eyes also rushed forward.


The chatter continued below as Su Xi started to perform.

Su Xi’s performance was exceptionally stunning—— It was an ancient style dance. The red silk ribbon falling from the top complemented the red parasol in her hand. Under the illumination of the light, it felt like a dream, so beautiful that one couldn’t take their eyes off it.

“This is too beautiful! It’s like a fairy descending to earth!”

“So cool! From now on, she will be my goddess!”

The admiration below intensified as Su Xi performed. With no exception, they were all praises for Su Xi.

After the dance, Su Xi came down. Both Wei Shaoyuan and Gu Yichi were there. There was also Ye Zexing who came from another school to hang out on the party, saying that he was looking for a girl. The three handsome guys gathered together, attracting quite a lot of attention.

Su Xi casually threw the props in her hand to Ye Zexing, who became speechless. ……Does errand boys don’t need face?

Then Su Xi took the luggage bag with her change of clothes from Wei Shaoyuan, as well as a few props that Gu Yichi helped carry in his hand. “Thanks for your help.” Saying that, Su Xi smiled at the three.

Gu Yichi’s grandmother was a professor at B University, so he chose to go here.

Su Xi didn’t want to be too far away from Su Jingcheng.

On the contrary, it was a little surprising that Wei Shaoyuan didn’t go abroad.

Even Dong Wenqi has gone overseas.

What’s more, she heard from Su Jingcheng that in the hands of Wei Dongzhou, the Wei family’s business overseas was doing very well recently.

Su Xi sat down and happily sent the video that Wei Shaoyuan had just recorded for her to Su Jingcheng. Su Jingcheng was busy with work and was still in Q Country, so he couldn’t come over.

Su Jingcheng replied in seconds. 【Who took the video for you?】

Su Xi was a bit puzzled, but still replied, 【Wei Shaoyuan.】

【Su Jingcheng: Go home after the party is over.】

Looking at the message sent out, Su Jingcheng added, 【Is Ye Zexing also there?】

Su Xi glanced at Ye Zexing next to her and typed 【He’s here.】, then attached an ugly photo of Ye Zexing, and sent it.

【Su Jingcheng: Let that kid accompany you back in a while.】

Ye Zexing who saw the message from his elder cousin: “……” Errand boys really don’t have human rights.

Su Jingcheng sent another sentence, 【Wait for my return.】

Su Xi’s brows went up, feeling even more puzzled. She heard from Chen Fei that her brother shouldn’t return for at least four or five more days.

【Okay.】 Su Xi thought for a while before adding, 【Remember to bring me a present.】

After talking to Su Jingcheng, Su Xi immediately saw the latest post in Su Jingcheng’s Moments.

It’s from Su Xi’s video. Su Jingcheng took nine screen shots where one couldn’t see the front face, at most there was only a side view, but one could tell that the girl in the photo was very beautiful. The caption reads ‘My family’s most beautiful princess’.

Su Xi happily liked it, though she still needed to correct him. She replied, 【It’s a little fairy!】

Putting away her phone, Su Xi got up to change clothes, only to have Wei Shaoyuan took his coat and put it on her.

Su Xi glanced at Wei Shaoyuan in surprise. “It’s not cold.” At most, the air conditioning in the party hall was turned on a bit lower.

Wei Shaoyuan pretended to be casual and said, “Wear it.”

Su Xi nodded. “Then you can make do with this first.” As she said that, she slung the red ribbon in her hand to Wei Shaoyuan. Su Xi chuckled to herself. Haha, Wei Shaoyuan looks so funny. She coughed lightly. “Pretty.”

Wei Shaoyuan froze as if he had been fixed in place.

After Su Xi left, Wei Shaoyuan, Gu Yichi and Ye Zexing gathered.

Ye Zexing said bluntly, “What are you trying to do, Surname Wei?”

After saying that, Ye Zexing said with some fear, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, if you have other thoughts, you may be beaten to death.”

Wei Shaoyuan raised an eyebrow. “By you?”

Ye Zexing quickly shook his head. “No.” It’s their Su family’s big guy— Su Jingcheng.

“Old Wei, don’t be cowardly!” Gu Yichi laughed without any burden on the side, watching the fun with a completely nonchalant demeanour.

He inwardly thought that in the past few years, everyone could tell that Wei Shaoyuan likes Su Xi, but Su Xi, the person concerned, was unfortunately unaware of it.

Gu Yichi glanced at Wei Shaoyuan sympathetically. He didn’t say a word but his gaze seemed to represent everything.


Wei Shaoyuan sent Su Xi home.

On the way, Su Xi talked about returning Wei Shaoyuan’s notebook, which was the topic of a competition that Wei Shaoyuan was currently working on. He asked Su Xi to help him take a look.

Su Xi handed the notebook to Wei Shaoyuan and blinked. “I finished reading it. You have a calculation error~”

Wei Shaoyuan was stunned. “What?”

“The fifth calculation shouldn’t be 0.” Su Xi said casually.

“How much?” Wei Shaoyuan looked at Su Xi intently with a somewhat nervous expression.

Su Xi said directly: “Five hundred twenty[1]I love you.”

Seeing that Su Xi’s face remained as usual, Wei Shaoyuan was slightly disappointed.


Dropping Su Xi off the doorstep, Wei Shaoyuan took out a box from his pocket and handed it to Su Xi.

Su Xi glanced at Wei Shaoyuan with some uncertainty and took a look at the box. It was a pen developed by Acc Company with a very special ink. She was curious when she saw its promotion before.

Su Xi was a little surprised and asked, “How did you get this?”

——This kind of pen was currently only available in a small number in A Country, so it shouldn’t be easy to buy.

Wei Shaoyuan’s expression remained unchanged. “I happened to see it online, so I bought it.” Wei Shaoyuan didn’t tell Su Xi that he flew to A Country overnight and queued up to buy it.

Su Xi paused, a bit intrigued. “What website? So powerful.”

She found that this person was simply amazing, like the blue fat guy who have everything in his pockets.

Every time there was something that Su Xi found difficult to buy, this guy could easily get it—— A divine teammate.

No wonder he had been called ‘Wei Shen, Wei Shen’ for so many years.

Thinking of something, Su Xi became more and more curious.

She heard from Grandpa Wei that Wei Shaoyuan’s parents have special identities and the jobs they do weren’t ordinary. Most of the time, the government was sending them abroad. This was also mentioned in the novel that her master showed her.

Originally, Wei Shaoyuan was also meant to follow that path, and with Wei Shaoyuan’s aptitude and talent, a plan for his development had been laid out long ago.

But for some reason, Wei Shaoyuan seemed to have abandoned his initial plan.

He chose medicine as a major in B University.

Su Xi couldn’t help asking Wei Shaoyuan the reason.

After thinking for a while, she asked again, “Is it because you’re health isn’t good?” He seemed okay these past years ah. How about she take Wei Shaoyuan to learn health-preserving Tai Chi with her?

Wei Shaoyuan: “……”


“It’s because there is an important person in B City. I don’t want to leave too far away and I don’t want to be too busy. I hope to spend more time with her[2]她 – tā all the time.” Following the path of his parents was indeed what Wei Shaoyuan once wanted, but it was different now. Such a job was dangerous and he had to be abroad all year round. He only hoped that he could always be peaceful and safe with Su Xi.

Him[3]他 – tā?

Su Xi naturally interpreted Wei Shaoyuan’s reference to her as Old Master Wei, who had been practicing Tai Chi with Su Xi all these years, and was in great physical and mental health.

Su Xi could understand this as she didn’t want to leave Su Jingcheng either.


Just as she was thinking about him, Su Xi actually saw Su Jingcheng’s car at the entrance.

Did Su Jingcheng return early?

A hint of surprise flashed in Su Xi’s eyes, and seeing Su Jingcheng get off the car, Su Xi’s face was even more pleasantly surprised.

Forgetting that Wei Shaoyuan was still there, she ran over and threw herself into Su Jingcheng’s arms.

“Why did you come back early?” Su Xi asked as she looked up at Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng pinched Su Xi’s nose with a smile on his face. “I want to give you a surprise.”

Su Xi glared at Su Jingcheng. “If you were to come back any later, it would be a shock.”

“Why?” Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and asked.

“Since you’ll come out of nowhere.” Su Xi replied with a snort.

If Su Jingcheng returned any later, she would already be asleep.

“No.” If he came back later, his sister might be fooled by some pup. Su Jingcheng sneered in his heart.

Su Jingcheng gave Wei Shaoyuan a cold glance.

It turned out that Wei Shaoyuan was also closely watching him and Su Xi.

Su Jingcheng heart was clogged—— Wasn’t this pup pushing his luck?!

“This is a set of fishing gear I bought for Old Master Wei, please bring it to him.” It was apparent that Su Jingcheng meant this to see off the guest.


In the evening, Su Jingcheng was in the study with a troubled expression on his face. It was freezing cold.

Uncle Fu went over to deliver tea and saw that Su Jingcheng was searching on the computer on what to do if one’s family’s princess was being targeted by some pup? And how to suppress the problem of early love?

What else does Uncle Fu not understand?

Suppressing a smile, Uncle Fu reminded, “That-, Young Master, Young Miss is already of age.” So it couldn’t be considered as an early love, it’s true dating. It’s also normal.

Su Jingcheng: “……”

After a long time, he finally choked out a sentence, “Not Wei Shaoyuan, that kid.”

His tone was one of dislike.

Uncle Fu was taken aback.

Young Master Wei was actually pretty good. The two families were close and have similar backgrounds. The Wei family was also good and they know their roots. The most important thing was that Wei Shaoyuan himself was outstanding. It seems that he gave up his original plan for Xiao Xi and it didn’t appear like a spur-of-the-moment choice, which was enough to show his sincerity towards Su Xi.

However, Uncle Fu sort of understood that the young master simply couldn’t accept for a while that his baby sister was being eyed by another family’s kid.

He reckoned that no matter who it was, the young master wouldn’t think they’re good.

“In this matter, it will be a good idea to see the young miss’s opinion.” Uncle Fu said after pondering about it.

“Also, it’s time for the young master to consider your own personal matter.”




1 I love you
2 她 – tā
3 他 – tā


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