The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 7

Two uninvited people, Su Shan and Xu Feng, came to Jingyuan and mess about. Naturally, this matter couldn’t be concealed from Su Jingcheng.

He was usually busy dealing with the company’s affairs, so he obviously wouldn’t pay too much attention to such trivial matters. Most of the family affairs were left to Uncle Fu, making Su Jingcheng reassured. No matter how many times the people of the Su family came and went, they couldn’t stir up any waves.

However, it was different now that Su Xi was there.

“Why did those two people run at Jingyuan this time?” On the phone, Su Jingcheng’s voice was so cold that it could freeze someone to death.

“They talk about Old Sir Su’s birthday.”

Su Jingcheng seemed to sneer. “They’re asking for money?”

“Yes.” Uncle Fu responded. Then he added, “I reckon they want to take advantage of Old Sir Su’s birthday to make a profit on the side.”

“The money that should be paid will be paid, as for the rest—” Su Jingcheng narrowed his eyes and spoke coldly, “Let them come to me for it.”

Upon hearing this, Uncle Fu chuckled twice. “Understood.”

“Have they seen Xixi?” Su Jingcheng asked again. This was what he was most concerned about.

“Yes……” Although the news of the Su family’s Young Miss’s return hasn’t been announced yet, there were some things that couldn’t be kept secret like applying for Su Xi’s household registration and going through the school admission procedures. People from the Su family had fixated their eyes at this place all these years, so they naturally wouldn’t miss the news of Su Xi’s return.

Uncle Fu hadn’t wanted those two to see Su Xi.

It’s just……

“Su Shan and Xu Feng came suddenly, and happen to see the young miss just as she’s coming down from upstairs.”

Uncle Fu knew he couldn’t hide it, so he simply told Su Jingcheng about the situation in the afternoon. “I was on the side so those two people didn’t dare to do anything, but they said some unpleasant things.”

Uncle Fu hesitated whether to tell Su Jingcheng what was said.

Su Jingcheng’s face at the other end had already turned colder. “Say it.”

“It’s like this……” Uncle Fu picked up a few sentences from those two people and told Su Jingcheng.

Before Uncle Fu could finish, there was a sudden “Bang” and the sound of something hitting the table came from the phone.

Although he couldn’t see the situation on the other side, Uncle Fu knew that the young master was clearly furious when he acted in such a manner.

There were even worse things said that he didn’t dare report to the young master.

At this time, Su Jingcheng was indeed furious.

The last time Su Jingcheng got angry because of that family was when Su Zhengqi and Su Shan ran to him to take up shares in Suyuan Group after his parents had an accident.

After that, Su Jingcheng didn’t pay anymore attention to those people— to be precise— he didn’t take them seriously. Those people from that side of the Su family, no matter what they did, were just clowns in Su Jingcheng’s eyes.

But they should never have touched his inverted scales[1]personal grievance; trigger; pet peeve; taboo topic – especially that of a powerful person!

“How is Xixi doing?” The corners of Su Jingcheng’s mouth pursed into a straight line. At this moment, apart from anger, he was more nervous and worried. His younger sister had just been brought back and wasn’t used to this new home yet. He didn’t know if she got frightened by those two women.

“Don’t worry, Young Master. It seems that the young miss didn’t take their words to heart.”

Su Xi probably didn’t even give those two women a second thought.

Uncle Fu silently added this sentence in his heart as he looked at the dining room from a distance where Su Xi was eating well and seemed to be in a good mood with her feet swaying slightly.

En.” Su Jingcheng responded, and then said, “Give my command, in the future, no matter who or what reason anyone from that side comes to Jingyuan again, they should be asked to leave directly.”

“Also over at school, put more people in place so that no irrelevant people can come up to Xixi and be an eyesore.”

“Yes, I’ll make the arrangements.”


After hanging up the phone, Su Jingcheng turned to the side and said, “Continue.”

By now, the two employees standing on the side were already trembling with fear from the appearance of their chairman, and almost forgot where they stopped earlier.

“A-all right, Chairman, that is, at present, the main works for this project have been completed and the subsequent vanity project can also be completed as planned……”


When Wei Dongzhou came in, he saw Su Jingcheng sitting in front of his desk with a serious face, while two employees were nervously making reports, and even at a distance of five meters, he could see the cold sweat on their foreheads.

Seeing this, Wei Dongzhou almost thought that something went wrong with their project.

But listening to the report of the two, their project was progressing quite smoothly.

Only after Su Jingcheng let the two employees leave did Wei Dongzhou came over to sit down. “Chairman Su, what happened that made you unhappy again?”

This face was so dark that it could scare a child to tears.

Su Jingcheng put down the pen in his hand and looked at Wei Dongzhou. “Speed ​​up the progress of the project a little more and find a way to bring forward the date of the signing.”

“The f*ck?!” Upon hearing Su Jingcheng’s words, Wei Dongzhou glared and cursed loudly.”

“Bring it forward still?! Su Jingcheng, you really want to kill me!”

Wei Dongzhou jumped up from the chair pointed at his eyes. “Take a look, what’s this?!”

Su Jingcheng: “What?”

Wei Dongzhou: “Dark circles! You can’t see such obvious dark circles?!”

“The originally planned tasks of two and a half weeks are already compressed enough into one week, but you’re still asking me to move it up?!” In the past days, he had been working overtime that he was almost suffering from kidney deficiency. If he speeded it up even more, he was afraid that he would die in this project.

After slapping the table and yelling at Su Jingcheng with a flushed face for a while, Wei Dongzhou still conceded in the end.

“It’s a good thing that I’m not your employee, because if I am, I’d sue you with the labor law right now!” Wei Dongzhou glared at Su Jingcheng discontentedly and cursed in a low voice.

However, it would actually be fine if they were a little quicker with this project—— Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to find a place to cry if the market opportunity was snatched away.

Thinking of this, a cold sneer flashed across Wei Dongzhou’s face.

——The partnership between the Wei family and Suyuan Group in Y Country was considered a new type of international project. Initially, this project was not well received by the industry and even now there were still many people waiting to see their ‘good show’.

It’s just that Wei Dongzhou was personally working on this project. He knew it was a sure thing, and that the Su and Wei family were likely to be the first to eat crab[2]the first person with the courage to try something new.

Suyuan and the Wei family didn’t hide this project from the beginning. They didn’t care if there were people who followed suit, but he didn’t expect that someone would take ‘shamelessness’ to a different level.

When the Su and Wei family started this project in Y Country, Shenxing Group also launched the same project in G Country. From concept to project planning, they almost completely copied their model, and the other side’s progress was practically on par with them.

“That Shen Wenbo hasn’t made any progress in the past few years, but his face has become thicker and thicker.” Wei Dongzhou spat out with some displeasure.

Wei Dongzhou originally said this to resonate with his friend, but it turned out that Su Jingcheng wasn’t paying attention to him at all, as his eyes were fixed on the computer screen.

“I say, Su Jingcheng, what are you looking at? You look so serious.” Wei Dongzhou moved closer.

His gaze fell on Su Jingcheng’s screen.

【What should new students pay attention to on their first day at school?】

【Will transfer students feel uncomfortable when they go to a new school?】

【The first thing students should do when they report to school.】

【What do second year students need to prepare for school?】

【How to overcome the feeling of unfamiliarity and nervousness when attending a new school?】


Further down, there were many more search records and related searches of Su Jingcheng.

Wei Dongzhou: “……”

The only one who could make this good friend of his to be so caring was the little princess that the Su family just found.

“Isn’t it just going to school, why are you so nervous?” Wei Dongzhou didn’t give Su Jingcheng face and rolled his eyes at him, though it also carried a hint of teasing.

He and Su Jingcheng have known each other for so many years. It was no exaggeration to say that even when Suyuan Group was competing for some big project, he did not see this guy gets nervous, to the point that Wei Dongzhou wondered if this guy had emotional deficiency syndrome.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that Su Jingcheng also had a ‘weakness’ and just lost it before.

Su Jingcheng ignored Wei Dongzhou, but heard the other party say again with a relaxed face, “Seriously, you’re exaggerating a bit. Can your Su family’s princess be bullied?”

Wei Dongzhou said this in an unpolished tone, but it soothed Su Jingcheng’s concern, making Su Jingcheng feel at ease.


However, it turns out that Su Jingcheng wasn’t the only one who was overly nervous.

Early in the morning, on the way to send Su Xi to school, Uncle Fu couldn’t hide the worry and tension on his face.

At the beginning, he watched Su Xi be born, and the whole family including him treated Su Xi like a treasure. After Su Xi was lost, not a day went by that Uncle Fu didn’t worry. Now that she’s finally back, he was naturally very keyed up.

“Xiao Xi, did you bring everything you need for school?”

“It’s all here.”

“That’s good. It doesn’t matter if you forget anything. You can call home and Uncle Fu will bring it to you.”

“Do you have your phone with you?” Uncle Fu asked again.

“I have it.” In order to prove that she really did, Su Xi took out the mobile phone from her pocket and waved it in front of Uncle Fu.

This phone was naturally not the one used by Su Xi’s master. Uncle Fu doesn’t even know that Su Xi has it. This mobile phone was prepared by Uncle Fu for Su Xi yesterday. He said it was the latest model on the market right now.

“It has been set up, be careful not to lose it.” This phone was a customized model with a special locator installed inside.

“Just call if you need anything. The home number, my number, and the number of the bodyguards are all in there. You’ll see it when you open the contacts.” After a pause, Uncle Fu smiled at Su Xi, adding, “There’s also the young master’s number. If you want to talk to him about something, you can just call him directly and the young master will answer.”

Su Xi: “……” Can she block it?

“When you get to school, you have to get along with your classmates, okay? If you have conflicts with them, don’t be afraid. If you can’t handle it yourself, you can go to the teacher or call home. You need to eat well. If the lunch at school isn’t good, just tell Uncle Fu, I will deliver it to you……” Uncle Fu looked at the thin and small Su Xi and couldn’t help but prattle on.

It kept on until the car stopped at the school gate.

“I’ve remembered it all. Don’t worry, Uncle Fu, I’ll be fine at school.” Su Xi tilted her head and said to the anxious old man beside her.

“I’m going in. Uncle Fu should go back too.” After saying goodbye to Uncle Fu, Su Xi jumped out of the car and walked towards the school with some anticipation.


1 personal grievance; trigger; pet peeve; taboo topic – especially that of a powerful person
2 the first person with the courage to try something new


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