The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 8

Uncle Fu stood outside the school gate for a long time and only when he could no longer see Su Xi’s figure did he asked the driver to leave.

On the other side, Su Xi was walking on the school ground of Shangming Middle School, her face unable to hide her delight.

She came here once yesterday and Su Xi has roughly memorized the location of the teaching and administrative areas.

Today was Su Xi’s first day reporting at school and there was no need to go to the classroom right away, therefore Uncle Fu sent her here a little later than the usual time for students. Walking on the grounds, there weren’t many students on the road.

Except for a few students with colorfully dyed hair sitting next to the basketball court over there, who were unusually eye-catching.

Wasn’t the person sitting at the front the same yellow haired boy Su Xi saw at the school gate yesterday?

Su Xi’s eyes only stayed there for two seconds before she retracted them.

She remembered what Uncle Fu told her yesterday—— There were all kinds of people in school, so be cautious when making friends. It’s not necessary to be friends with everyone.

These were probably the kind of people that Uncle Fu said she should stay away from.

Su Xi walked past them, ignoring them the entire time.

Just then……

With a thud, a schoolbag was thrown squarely in front of Su Xi.

Su Xi: “……”

At that moment, a voice came to her ear, “Who’s that over there? Do you know where Year 2 Class 4 is? Take my bag there.”

The one who spoke was none other than the yellow haired boy whose tone of voice combined with his words where like asking for a spanking. If he was placed in society, he might have been beaten to the point where his limbs would have been disabled long ago.

Su Xi looked at the bag thrown in front of her like garbage on the ground, then glanced at Yellow Hair on the side while remaining silent.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me talking to you? Are you dumb?”

Su Xi: I hear you, but I don’t want to talk to you.

Su Xi withdrew her gaze indifferently. In the next second, in front of Yellow Hair and the others, Su Xi took a step forward and very calmly stepped on the schoolbag in the process, and she even dug her feet on it a bit.

Su Xi’s actions completely enraged Yellow Hair.

“What the hell are you doing?!” He yelled.

The six or seven youngsters on the side also jumped down the steps along with him, and walked over to block Su Xi.

“This father told you to bring my schoolbag but you dare step on it? Are you f*cking looking for death?!”

Su Xi, who was blocked, furrowed her brows slightly. “Please move.”

“Move?” Yellow Hair laughed angrily at Su Xi’s attitude of ‘I didn’t do anything. I’m just a passer-by out to get some soy sauce’. He said, “You stepped on this young master’s schoolbag. What, you want to leave without a word of explanation?”

At that, Su Xi glanced at the ‘garbage’ on the ground again and said seriously, “I thought it’s something you didn’t want.”

“When did I say I don’t want it?!”

“Then why did you throw it on the ground?” Su Xi asked back, paused, then added, “So, you want me to compensate you?”

“You—!” Yellow Hair’s words got blocked by Su Xi, causing his stomach to ache.

Does he care about a schoolbag? Would he, Great Ye, lack a schoolbag? What made him upset was the attitude of the little girl in front of him—— There weren’t many in Shangming Middle School who dare disrespect him. If he asked someone to help him carry his schoolbag, who would have the courage to refuse? This girl not only didn’t take it, but she even dared to step on his schoolbag!

What she stepped on wasn’t just a schoolbag, it was his, Young Master Ye’s, face!

Moreover, this girl’s face was so calm. What’s the meaning of her fearless appearance? She’s disgracing him?

Yellow Hair stared at Su Xi for a long time before suddenly letting out a snort. “Don’t you know who I am?”

As he said that, Yellow Hair looked Su Xi up and down. “Which class are you from?”

Su Xi didn’t say anything, but the youngsters behind Yellow Hair chimed in, “She looks unfamiliar. New transfer?”

“I think she’s a first year, otherwise how can she not even know Brother Xing?”

“Even if she’s a first year, it’s impossible not to know Brother Xing.”

“That’s right, who in our school don’t know Brother Xing? This person is simply seeking death.”


The boy called Brother Xing still didn’t see the slightest trace of fear on Su Xi’s face and felt a little dissatisfied in his heart.

“New here?”

Su Xi replied, “Yes.”

“Heh, no wonder.” Yellow Hair coldly snorted and turned to look at Su Xi. “This young master is in a good mood today. I will not make things difficult for you. Apologize to me and obediently take my bag to Year 2 Class 4, and this matter will be over.”

“Apologize? To you?” Su Xi looked at the few problematic students in front of her as if she was looking at idiots.


“That’s fine.” Su Xi suddenly smiled towards the other party and asked rhetorically, “Then are you also going to apologize to me for your schoolbag? It hurt my foot just now.”

Everyone: “!”

As soon as Su Xi said this, the youngsters behind the Yellow Hair all had strange expressions on their faces.

——Is there anything wrong with this girl? She actually wanted Brother Xing to apologize to her?

——I’ve seen people seeking death before, but I have never seen someone who’s so capable of digging their own grave.

——This is a real warrior, the kind who dares to face up life’s misery.

——There’s a good show to watch.


The youngsters made eye contact.

At this time, Yellow Hair momentarily froze, and when he recovered, he had a look of anger on his face. “Are you f*cking playing with me? Do you think this young master won’t hit you just because you’re a girl?”

“So you want to fight me?” Su Xi asked in reply.

The girl looked short and thin as if she could be blown over by a gust of wind, but when she said the word ‘fight’, she looked composed and confident.

Yellow Hair continued to stare at Su Xi, his posture looked like he would really take action. “You think I won’t?”

“Then wait a minute.”

Su Xi looked around and found a bench. While Yellow Hair and the others were confused, Su Xi walked over and put her schoolbag on the bench. Thinking about it, she didn’t want to dirty the new school uniform, so she simply folded the school jacket neatly as well and placed it beside the bag.

“Are you coming together or one by one?” Su Xi asked the other party with eyes emblazoned with ‘crazy’ as she looked at them.


Before Su Xi could make a move, a voice suddenly came from not far away, “Those over there, what are you doing?”

Su Xi heard the sound and looked over. The person coming was a man in his forties with a high hairline and dressed in a plain sportshirt. He was holding a second year math textbook and handouts in his hands. He seemed to be a teacher at the school.

“You, and the rest of you, why aren’t you hurrying for class? What are you doing here?” The teacher pointed to the Yellow Hair and then to the colorful haired youngsters behind him with a serious tone.

This kind of situation was obviously common for Yellow Hair. When the teacher came, he didn’t hesitate at all. “Teacher, you’re mistaken. We’re not students in your class.”

“No matter which class you’re in, as long as you’re a student of this school I have the authority over you. Moreover, you didn’t go to the classroom during class time, but is it reasonable for you to bully your schoolmate?”

Then, the teacher gestured to the ‘pitiful’ Su Xi. “That student over there, stand over here.”

Although the teacher spoke in a fiery tone, he seemed very upright, so Su Xi obediently moved behind the teacher.

“Who am I bullying? Ask her, how did I bully her?” Yellow Hair almost had a heart attack. This Old Yang accused him of bullying a schoolmate. If he really bullied this person, he would admit it. The problem was that he hadn’t even touched a hair on the other person’s head. What bullying?

“Can’t I see for myself whether you’re bullying her or not?” The teacher glanced at the well-known problematic students in front of him, and then at the skinny little girl behind him, obviously already had a definite answer in his heart.

“I’m not going to deal with you right now. Hurry up and go to your classroom. As for your bullying of a schoolmate today, I will tell the vice principal and your class teacher to handle it.”

Su Xi seemed to hear Yellow Hair coldly snorted “Busybody” before he turned around and left with the other youngsters, leaving with the same testy and flashy appearance.


“Those students, they’re really completely lawless regardless of the situation.” The teacher said indignantly. He turned his head and said to Su Xi, “Our school do not allow violence, leave the matter of those students to the school. You don’t have to be afraid. Of course, as a vulnerable student, you have to learn to protect yourself with the help of your family and the school.”

Su Xi: “……” Was this placing her in the vulnerable group?

“Thank you, Teacher.”

“No need. Which class are you in?”

Su Xi: “Year 2 Class 7.”

The teacher exclaimed. “You said you’re from our class? What’s your name?”

“Su Xi.”

“So you’re Su Xi.” Teacher Yang certainly has an impression of this new student. He was the one who marked Su Xi’s test paper and asked for her to be assigned to their class.

Seeing Su Xi’s puzzled expression, Teacher Yang introduced himself, “I’m the class teacher of Year 2 Class 7. My surname is Yang. You will be in our class from now on.”

“Ah? Hello, Teacher Yang.”

En.” Teacher Yang nodded. “I was about to wait for you in the office but happened to meet you here. Let’s go, come to the office with me first. I’ll explain to you there, and then I will take you to the classroom.”

“Okay.” Su Xi followed behind Teacher Yang.

On the way, Teacher Yang asked Su Xi, “What happened between you and those students from Class 4 just now?”

Since she was a student in his own class, of course he should pay more attention.

“I was passing by and had some conflict with those people, almost getting into a fight.” Su Xi said. If you have come a little later, Teacher, the conflict might have been ‘resolved’.

When Su Xi’s words reached Teacher Yang, they were naturally filtered into “I was passing by and almost got beaten up by those people.”

“Hmph, those students.” Teacher Yang gave a cold snort. “Don’t worry, the school will take care of this matter. If they dare to trouble you again next time, just tell the teachers.”

Teacher Yang glanced at Su Xi again and furrowed his brows. This student was so skinny.

——He heard from the vice principal before that this Su Xi seems to be the young miss of the Su family, so Teacher Yang naturally wouldn’t think that Su Xi’s appearance was caused by lack of food and malnutrition. He only thought that this child was influenced by those so-called ‘trend’ on the Internet and was so thin because of excessive weight loss.

“Students your age should focus on their studies and health. Pursue everything in moderation. A healthy body leads to a healthy life. Don’t ruin it at a young age.” Teacher Yang upholds the responsibility of the class teacher and cautioned Su Xi.

Su Xi had a dumbfounded look on her face.


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