The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 9

Su Xi didn’t expect that the conflict she had with Yellow Hair on the school road just now would made her ‘famous’ even before she got to class.

Su Xi followed the class teacher into the classroom.

The sight of the new comer brought a curious look at the faces of many people in the class.

“She’s here, she’s here.” Someone in the class whispered.

“Is that her?”

“That’s right, it’s her.”

“What’s up?” Someone lowered their voice and asked in puzzlement.

“You don’t know yet? It’s been going around in many small groups.”

“About what?”

“See that girl behind Old Yang? She had a conflict with Ye Shao[1]young master beside the basketball court. It seems like she had stepped on his schoolbag or something.”

“Dang, seriously? Isn’t she a new transfer? She just came here and managed to provoke Ye Shao?”

“This new classmate looks really frail that you can push her down with just one finger. Provoking Ye Shao? Impossible.”

“It’s true. Didn’t the people in Class 1 have to go to the science and technology hall for their class? Many of them saw it and there’s even a video to prove it.”


“Brave my ass. I bet she didn’t know who Ye Shao is, which is why she provoked him.”

“I think so too.” The speaker sighed lightly, then added, “Offending the worst person to mess with on her first day at school, it’s tragic.”

“It’s really tragic. The latest news is that Zhou Boyun just posted on the school forum looking for someone. He probably wanted to know which class to come for trouble afterwards.” Zhou Boyun was one of Yellow Hair’s followers.

“Half a minute’s silence in her honor.”


It was her first time in a new class and Su Xi was puzzled by the ‘enthusiasm’ of the students.

“What’s all the noise? You’re still in class! Is the discipline gone?” Teacher Yang spoke up, interrupting everyone’s discussion. He said a few words to the language teacher who was currently teaching, then led Su Xi to the podium.

“This is the new student in our class. From now on, she will study and improve together with all of you. Come, Su Xi, introduce yourself.”

With that, Su Xi walked to the podium and gave a friendly smile to everyone. “Hello everyone, my name is Su Xi, Su from Suzhou[2]a city west of Shanghai known for its canals, bridges and classical gardens and Xi from Milkshake. I hope to get along with everyone happily in the future.”

Last night, Su Xi looked up various self-introductions on the Internet, but after reading through them, the templates were either too two-dimensional, too contrived, or too awkward. So in the end, she just used the simplest way to introduce herself.

The girl’s voice wasn’t low but had a delicate and soft feel to it, just like the feeling she gave people.

Some people commented below, “The new classmate is a cutie.”

“Haha, her voice is quite soft and cute. I feel that Su Xi’s personality should also be good.”

“Such a cutie. If there’s really a misunderstanding, I don’t think Ye Shao and the others will really do anything to her.”

“That’s right. Why’s a boy bullying a girl?” A girl said dissatisfiedly.



“It’s still class time so I won’t delay Teacher Xie. Everyone knows your new classmate and the rest of you can talk later.” Saying that, Teacher Yang’s eyes roamed around the room, then he pointed to a few students. “I’ll briefly adjust the seats. Xie Jiarui, you go to Zou Hua’s seat, and Zou Hua, you go to the seat next to Yu Jingran in the fourth group.”

“Su Xi, take your seat in the second row of the second group.”

Su Xi nodded and went to the seat pointed by the class teacher with her bag.


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Su Xi’s deskmate was also a soft-looking little girl.

Seeing Su Xi sit down, the other party curiously glanced at Su Xi several times.

She kept glancing until the class teacher left the room. That’s when the girl next to her inched closer as if they were familiar with each other.


Su Xi: “Hello.”

“Hehe.” The girl giggled twice. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Dong Wenqi.”

Faced with Dong Wenqi’s enthusiasm, Su Xi also smiled at her and said, “Hi.”

“By the way, I have a question for you.” In just a few words, Dong Wenqi was already chatting with Su Xi.

Su Xi: “Hmm? What?”

Dong Wenqi: “That is— Did you really had a conflict with Ye Shao when you came to school just now?” She’s so curious.

Su Xi: “Who is Ye Shao?”

Dong Wenqi’s widened. “Young Master Ye, Ye Zexing. You don’t know who he is?”

Su Xi nodded.

Dong Wenqi: “……” It seems that Su Xi really doesn’t know Ye Shao, so the so-called conflict with might really be a misunderstanding.

Dong Wenqi was about to tell Su Xi who Ye Shao was, but she saw Su Xi’s eyebrows raised slightly and asked, “Is that Yellow Hair?”

“Pfft—” Right. She’s right on.

“You mustn’t call Ye Shao that. He hates it the most when others call him that way.” Dong Wenqi said in a lowered voice.

People in Class 4 said that the last time the PE teacher called Ye Shao that, he led a bunch of people to PK with the PE teacher in basketball, almost causing the teacher’s previous injury to relapse.

“Is that person very powerful?” Su Xi asked.

“I don’t know if it’s right to call him powerful. Anyway, he loves to fight and even the teachers don’t know what to do with him. People in the school hardly take the initiative to provoke Ye Shao. Moreover, his family isn’t something ordinary people can touch. Have you seen the new playground under construction over there? I heard it was donated by his mother……”

Dong Wenqi introduced ‘Ye Shao’ to Su Xi.

After listening, Su Xi roughly understood that this Ye Zexing was similar to the school tyrant depicted in those campus novels.

Seeing that Su Xi didn’t take it seriously, Dong Wenqi emphasized again, “Really, I’m not joking. You must never call Ye Shao ‘Yellow Hair’ in public. He has a lot of supporters in school……”

A school tyrant like Ye Zexing attracted the attention of a lot of girls. In addition, Ye Zexing had a good family background and was also quite handsome. There were many girls in the school who like him.

Dong Wenqi dared to guarantee that if Su Xi called Ye Zexing ‘Yellow Hair’ in public, people from Ye Zexing’s fan club would definitely make Su Xi feel the ‘generousness’ of fan culture.

“Mm, got it.” Su Xi answered while thinking in her mind: Ye family? The novel only mentioned the male protagonist’s Shen family, the villain’s Su family, and the impressive family backgrounds behind the five male supporting characters. It seemed that there was no mention of a Ye family.

In an overbearing president novel, what was a mere school tyrant?

Su Xi’s deskmate didn’t know what was going on in her mind, and after a while, she brought the topic back to Su Xi again.

Dong Wenqi: “Did you transfer to our school because of your family?”

Su Xi: “Sort of.” Somehow, she had an older brother who was a big villain, and somehow, she was brought here.

Dong Wenqi: “Then which school did you go to before? No. 1 Middle School?”

“No.” Su Xi shook her head and added, “I haven’t been to school before.”

“Huh? You’ve hired tutors?” It wasn’t uncommon for some families in their circles to hire well-known tutors to teach their successors at home from primary through high school.

“No, I followed my master. He’s the one who taught me.” Her deskmate gave Su Xi a good feeling, so Su Xi directly told the other party the truth.

“Master?” Dong Wenqi’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Like one from those very powerful hidden sects? An enlightened master?”

At this time, Dong Wenqi’s mind was already filled with a lot of novel plots she had read before. The daughter of a wealthy family had been weak and sickly since she was a child. The family searched many ways and finally found a peerless master. The master brought the daughter back to the sect to practice in seclusion for decades. Finally, she was done learning and came out of the mountain.

Su Xi: “No.” It’s the charlatan kind.

Su Xi’s denial didn’t dispel Dong Wenqi’s enthusiasm at all. Taking advantage of the break, Dong Wenqi asked Su Xi a lot of questions.

“Then do you have to study 《Book of Changes[3]an ancient Chinese divination text that is among the oldest of the Chinese classics》 or something like that on the mountain?”

“I’ve read it.” That was an important theoretical basis for her master to deceive people, so of course Su Xi has read it. But it wasn’t in the mountain, their place of residence was under a bridge.

“Right.” Dong Wenqi thought of something and asked again, “Did you learn general schoolbook knowledge? Like Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Political Science, these sorts of things?”

“I haven’t studied it before.”

“Ah, then what will you do? Can you keep up with these subjects when you start learning them all at once?”

“Study some more. I should be able to understand.” Su Xi flipped through the books for each subject yesterday and felt that it wasn’t too difficult.

“Hmm, all right.” Dong Wenqi nodded, then held Su Xi’s hand. “Don’t worry, if there’s anything you don’t know just ask me and I can teach you.”

Faced with the kindness of her deskmate, Su Xi smiled and said, “Thank you.”

It wasn’t until another break in the middle of the class when she saw the leaders of each group hand over their homework books to Dong Wenqi that Su Xi realized that her deskmate wasn’t only the class monitor, but also a top student.


1 young master
2 a city west of Shanghai known for its canals, bridges and classical gardens
3 an ancient Chinese divination text that is among the oldest of the Chinese classics


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