The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 10


Chapter 10: “Let Her Marry You! What Do You Say?”

At the thought of this, a tinge of sadness flickered in Jiang Wenying’s eyes.

As she pondered, an image of a man flashed through her mind.

The thing happened at the hotel this morning.

The guy named Lu Fei who showed calmness under pressure and composure in handling the situation did not seem like those of an ordinary lackey. 

Could there be more to his identity?


In a small study room in a villa on the west bank of the city.

Mu Ruoxue had wiped away the tears from her eyes. 

She was not the type to cry easily, but the double blow dealt by Lin Ran and Jiang Wenying had pushed her to the edge.

Feeling the warmth of Lu Fei’s hand, Mu Ruoxue’s delicate face turned slightly red, like that of a porcelain doll. But soon she concealed it without leaving any trace.

“Hah, Lu Fei, you have some nerve, touching me in my own house!”

“Quick, tell me, do you have any ulterior motives toward me?”

Mu Ruoxue was quick to change her tune, looking at Lu Fei with shock and disbelief.

Seeing Mu Ruoxue’s sudden change in attitude, Lu Fei was at a loss for words and almost choked on his breath. 

This was definitely the female antagonist of the novel, with a temper that could hardly be controlled.

Lu Fei withdrew his hand with a disgruntled expression and retorted, 

“I’ll be damned if I try to do a good deed again. I wouldn’t have bothered to console you if you hadn’t cried like a baby!”

After hearing what Lu Fei said, Mu Ruoxue admitted that her little heart skipped a beat. 

She had never felt this way before.

She didn’t understand what it meant to have her heart suddenly beating faster and her blood accelerating.

Even when she first saw Lin Ran, she was only attracted to his temperament and became interested in him. 

But before she got tired of him, Lin Ran distanced himself from her, which made Mu Ruoxue unable to forget him until now.

Soon, Mu Ruoxue raised her head, glared, and yelled in a coquettish voice, 

“You’re bullying me!”

Lu Fei looked at Mu Ruoxue speechlessly, then looked at the giant pear blossoms.

Then thought to himself, whatever you say is right.

Then Lu Fei said casually, 

“Okay, okay, I bullied you, so what?”

He looked at Mu Ruoxue indifferently.


Mu Ruoxue was choked by Lu Fei’s words and immediately changed her expression to a helpless one, looking like a victim.

Of course, if someone sees Mu Ruoxue’s innocent expression and softens their heart, they would be wrong. 

Usually, when Mu Ruoxue looks the most harmless, it’s a sign that you’re about to suffer.

Got it!

Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei’s irritated expression and suddenly came up with a good idea.

A sweet smile appeared on the corner of Mu Ruoxue’s mouth,

“Lu Fei, I’m so good to you, how about I find you a wife!”

Looking at Mu Ruoxue’s harmless smile, Lu Fei was not deceived by her words but instead felt something was off.

Lu Fei smiled and said, 

“Thanks for your kind offer, but my father told me that when I was young, a fortune teller told me that I would have a benefactor at the age of twenty-five. While I may not become a high-ranking official, I’ll have plenty of food and drink. But the only taboo is that I cannot break my virginity before the age of twenty-five!”

“I’m only just twenty-two now, so there’s no rush!”

Lu Fei easily dismissed Mu Ruoxue’s offer with nonsense.

But Mu Ruoxue seemed to have not caught the meaning behind his words. Her eyes lit up as she said:

“That fortune-teller was wrong,” she said. “If you meet a benefactor at the age of twenty-five, you should first establish your career and then start a family. But what if you meet a wealthy woman before then?”

“You can start a family and establish your career at the same time. It’s killing two birds with one stone, and it’s even better than the fortune teller’s prediction. Plus, your future wife will be very beautiful!”

“And if you think you don’t have enough money to support a wife, I’ll steal my dad’s money to support her for you!!!”


Lu Fei couldn’t help but take a cold breath.

He listened to Mu Ruoxue’s words and felt his teeth chatter.

Mu Changye had indeed raised a good daughter.

Stealing her dad’s money to support someone else’s wife…

It’s only because the Mu family is wealthy that someone like Mu Ruoxue can have such crazy ideas.


When a child doesn’t listen, it’s usually because they’ve been spoiled.

A good beating will fix it.

Lu Fei also understood why Mu Ruoxue became the female antagonist in this book.

In the end, Mu Changye’s final outcome was a family tragedy, while Mu Ruoxue was taken into the harem by the protagonist. Wasn’t this all due to Mu Changye spoiling her?

“Lu Fei, Lu Fei, are you so happy that you’re stunned!”

Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei’s dazed expression, waved her hand in front of his face, and laughed.

“I haven’t told you who your wife is yet. You’ll definitely be even happier when you find out!”

“It’s Jiang Wenying! Are you happy? She’s the famous ice beauty in Shanghai. You’re not being wronged to have her as your wife!”

As she spoke, Mu Ruoxue was pleased with the feasibility of her plan.

Not only could she prevent Lin Ran from continuing to pester Jiang Wenying, but she could also disgust the bad woman Jiang Wenying.

Who told her to hang up on her?!

It was a win-win situation, and she was so happy.

Lu Fei was really great. If it weren’t for his comfort, she probably wouldn’t have come up with this idea!


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