The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Jiang Wenying’s Predicament!

Mu Ruoxue stared blankly at the suddenly hung-up phone.

Her eyes became moist.

Tears fell like flawless white pearls.

“They all bully me!”

“Jiang Wenying, you’re just a Jiang family’s second daughter and a rotten good, what are you so proud of!”

Looking at Mu Ruoxue’s pitiful appearance like a white lotus flower, Lu Fei finally opened his eyes.

Isn’t she the one of had nothing better to do and went to provoke others?

As a result, she was provoked in return and couldn’t handle it.

If someone else saw this, they would think that someone bullied this fragile and lovely little girl at first glance.

But the key was that Lu Fei was standing on the side, witnessing the whole process.

What was this?

The plot twist didn’t work, instead, it backfired?

Lu Fei stood beside Mu Ruoxue, looking at the pitiful appearance of this cute little girl who had suffered so much injustice.

You know, this is at the Mu family’s place.

If anyone finds out that he and Mu Ruoxue were alone in a room, and Mu Ruoxue still looked like she was being bullied.

He would have no way to explain himself!

Moreover, he had just become Mu Changye’s confidant, shouldn’t he show some loyalty?

Show off his own value, right?

In the novel, this Mu Ruoxue was just a proud girl who has not had much contact with outsiders and has always been protected.

I have had many girlfriends like her in my past life, and dealing with this type of woman is just a piece of cake for me.

Thinking of this, Lu Fei took a step forward.

He placed his hand on Mu Ruoxue’s snow-white shoulder.

He acted very convincingly in his inner monologue!

Lu Fei’s voice was deep and magnetic, as he comforted her softly,

“Mu, you don’t have to be so sad. Real gems are always covered in dust, and Lin Ran is just temporarily unable to see the gem that is hidden beneath the dust.”

“Besides, you are from the Mu family, while Jiang Wenying is just the second daughter of the Jiang family. In terms of status, she is not even in the same league as you. If you have the chance, you can do whatever you want with her.”

“If you get angry like this, aren’t you just playing into their hands?”

Because Mu Ruoxue wearing a Lolita-style dress, was only about 5’2,  while Lu Fei was 5’8, almost two heads taller than her.

Therefore, when he lowered his head, he saw a patch of snow-white skin.

Holy shit!

She’s worthy of being a loli with giant treasures.

She’s got something!

Sure enough!!

There are only wrong names, no wrong nicknames.

After hearing Lu Fei’s comfort, it was the first time Mu Ruoxue experienced someone caring about her in such a thoughtful way.

Her body trembled slightly, and she unconsciously stopped sobbing.

From childhood to adulthood, almost everyone she had contact with tried to please her or pretended to care for her because she was the Mu family’s eldest daughter, Mu Changye’s daughter.

It was more of a flattery or false concern.

Most of them didn’t dare to speak loudly in front of her, let alone offer this kind of comfort.

For some reason, she could sense a sincere concern in Lu Fei’s words.

Of course, it might also have been because of his hand resting on her bare shoulder.

Although she appeared crazy and neurotic on a daily basis, when it came to physical contact, ever since she could remember, her father had never allowed any male to touch her except for him.

Of all the people she knew, Lu Fei was the first man who had touched her without permission, and she couldn’t tell if he was bold or just not paying attention.

In Shanghai,

Inside a company worth tens of billions.

Located in the most prosperous area of the city.

The tall building was owned by the Jiang family.

On this block, it is the tallest and most imposing building.

Jiang Wenying, a well-known ice beauty of the Jiang family, despite her outstanding ability, was arranged to work as a director in the building due to her position as the second daughter.

Belonging to neither high nor low, doing the most work, and eating the most bitterness, she can be replaced at any time in case of any accidents, but it does not affect the normal operation of the company.

At this moment, Jiang Wenying was sitting in a simply decorated office.

There was a mobile phone on her desk.

Her eyes look a bit bewildered.

In fact, when she answered the phone just now, she already knew that the person on the other end of the line was Mu Ruoxue of the Mu family.

The mastermind who drugged and kidnapped her from the banquet.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Wenying recalled the process of being drugged and kidnapped.

It was a small banquet initiated by the Jiang family, aiming to discuss cooperation with several weaker companies to complete an order worth 5 billion.

She remembered that she only took a sip of the drink at the banquet.

Then she felt dizzy and planned to go to the restroom to clear her mind, but was drugged and taken away completely.

It should be noted that this was the Jiang family’s territory. If anything happens, the eldest brother or the Jiang family’s interested parties will definitely know about it.

Although the Jiang family cannot compare to the Mu family in the city, it was also one of the top families.

It’s easy to find someone if they want to.

It’s even possible that someone from the Jiang family might have discovered and rescued her before she was taken away.

But even after returning to the company, everything was calm and peaceful, as if nothing had happened.

Jiang Wenying wasn’t a fool. It took her a lot of effort to get to where she was today as the second daughter of the family. No one knew better than her.

But just because the person who did it was from the Mu family.

Just because she was a woman, a second-born daughter from a mistress.

Does she deserve to be treated like this?

In her three years of hard work for the company, she had created profits of no less than 3 billion. Is this the result she deserved- being abandoned so easily?


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