The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 19


19. Resolving the Crisis!

Lu Fei’s voice echoed throughout the office, making everyone’s ears tremble.

Perhaps because of Lu Fei’s confidence, the henchmen looked at each other and didn’t even dare to think about attacking.

They stood still, not moving at all.

At the same time, the scene of Lu Fei intimidating everyone in the underground casino office was also seen by Mu Changye and his family in the west of the city.

It wasn’t until this moment that Mu Changye saw Lu Fei’s figure on the screen in his study.

Mu Changye nodded in satisfaction.

He also heard what Lu Fei said, which was quite interesting.

Talking about drinking tea and coming out of the villa, Lu Fei deliberately hinted at his identity in Mu Changye’s heart, subtly increasing his status.

Because ordinary people couldn’t even enter the villa, let alone drink tea there.

Only trusted confidants, and extremely important ones at that, could drink tea with him and take away the Bentley key that represented his identity in a certain sense.

With this method of handling things, Lu Fei was ruthless but not reckless, and with just a few words, he was able to intimidate his notorious subordinates in the shortest possible time.

It can be seen that Lu Fei is very clever and knows how to use his own influence.

Meanwhile, Liu Mengxiang, who had not left, also saw Lu Fei’s ruthless and decisive action through the screen.

In Liu Mengxiang’s eyes, Lu Fei’s performance seemed to perfectly interpret her impression of a perfect man.

No one saw the slight infatuation that flashed in Liu Mengxiang’s eyes.

Her eyes seemed to see through the screen and feel the emotions that she couldn’t feel in Mu Changye’s presence.

“Wow, when did Lu Fei become so powerful!”

Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei on the screen, her eyes shining with admiration.

“Dad, he’s my follower, you can’t steal him from me!”

“If anyone bullies me, I’ll let Lu Fei beat them up!”

Mu Ruoxue’s little head seemed to have thought of something, and she couldn’t stop laughing.

The two double ponytails behind her head kept swaying… swaying…

“Take a closer look, if possible, I’ll just send him to protect you by your side!”

“I think this young man named Lu Fei has a quick mind. If you need help with anything in the future, don’t rush into it, you can ask him.”

Mu Changye’s gaze kept shifting to Lu Fei. In fact, he was quite satisfied with what had been achieved so far.

But there must be a beginning and an end to everything, so he continued to watch the scene.


Feng Jun shook off the dizziness in his head.

Anyone who could reach this level, even if they were a reckless person, was someone who could see the situation clearly.

If Lu Fei had not revealed his identity before this, he could still pretend not to know or recognize him and give Lu Fei a good lesson.

However, after Lu Fei revealed his identity, if he still dared to act, it would not be recklessness, but idiocy.

And it would be the kind of idiot who sent himself to a dead end.

Regardless of whether or not he had the intention to rebel as Lu Fei claimed, if he acted, he would be unable to defend himself.

Therefore, before things became irreparable, Feng Jun forcibly regained a bit of clarity and stopped his subordinates from acting.

All the subordinates also breathed a sigh of relief, as they were also in a dilemma before.

Fortunately, Feng Jun spoke up and stopped them.

“You guys go out first!”

Feng Jun asked all the subordinates to leave.

When everyone had left, Feng Jun’s eyes flashed with a hint of struggle, but he forcibly suppressed his inner anger.

“I’m sorry, it was my negligence that I didn’t recognize you.”

Although Feng Jun chose to bow his head, the tightly clenched fist revealed that he was still dissatisfied deep down.

But Lu Fei didn’t mind. He didn’t need everyone to be convinced of him, as long as they feared him or feared the Mu family behind him, it was enough.

Seeing Feng Jun bowing his head, Lu Fei didn’t deliberately make things difficult for him.

He knew that even though Ah Hao had left, it didn’t mean that there were no surveillance cameras or bugs in the office.

Without a doubt, everything he did here, and every word he said, was clearly visible to Mu Changye.

Lu Fei stood up, looked at Feng Jun, and put his hands in his pockets, saying lightly,

“Since we are all working under the same boss, I won’t care about these things. I don’t care if you curse me behind my back, as long as I don’t know about it, you can do whatever you want.”

“But since you have taken the money, put in the effort. You still need to do your job well!”

Lu Fei gave Feng Jun a way out.

Feng Jun was a little surprised. He thought Lu Fei would embarrass him, but he just brushed it off like that.

At this moment, Lu Fei’s words also reached Mu Changye’s ears.

No one noticed, but Mu Changye’s expression was one of satisfaction and approval.

This was not something he would show in front of ordinary people.


What he said was both gratifying and domineering.

With such a talented person, how could he worry about his daughter being deceived?

Mu Changye instinctively thought that he had finally found a satisfactory confidant for his daughter.


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