The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Taking over the casino!”

Lu Fei nodded in satisfaction with Feng Jun’s attitude.

Similarly, he was also satisfied with his own performance just now.

He estimated that the words he said had reached Mu Changye’s ears.

With his acting skills, Mu Changye should trust him even more now, right?

 Feng Jun took a deep breath and looked up at Lu Fei.

Lu Fei gave him a way out, and Feng Jun was not someone who did not know how to appreciate it. He took advantage of the opportunity and asked for Lu Fei’s opinion.

Feng Jun said,

“Since the family head has ordered you to take over the casino for two days, shall I introduce you to the casino? What do you think?”

Perhaps even Feng Jun himself did not realize that he was asking for Lu Fei’s opinion.

Lu Fei also took a second look at Feng Jun’s change in attitude.

Handling success well and letting go of what you can’t control!!

It seemed that Mu Changye’s subordinates were all simple-minded.


Lu Fei nodded, indicating his agreement.

Soon, the subordinates waiting outside the door quietly gathered.

They did not hear any sounds of smashing at the door.

Suddenly, the office door opened.

Lu Fei calmly walked out, followed by Feng Jun.

Upon closer inspection, the position of the two as they walked was also extremely subtle. No matter how Lu Fei walked, Feng Jun always remained one step lower.

Feng Jun’s subordinates were shocked to see this scene.

As a group of subordinates who had been with Feng Jun for a long time, they knew his temperament very well.

Being arrogant and difficult was normal for him.

It was precisely because of this that the family head had sent Feng Jun to guard the underground casino.

Someone who wasn’t ruthless simply couldn’t handle it here!

And at this moment, Feng Jun’s actions surprised his subordinates.

It seemed like except in front of the family head, Feng Jun had never shown any signs of bowing down in front of anyone else.

It appeared that this person valued by the family head was indeed not simple.

To be able to suppress Feng Jun, this local tyrant.

Thinking of this, the subordinates’ eyes toward Lu Fei suddenly became respectful.

They unconsciously made way for Lu Fei.

And at the very edge stood Ah Hao, who was also full of shock.

A nagging doubt couldn’t stop in his heart, but he didn’t dare show it.

You are Feng Jun!

One of the top troublemakers under the family head’s command, how did you end up bowing to this kid?


The slap mark on your face hasn’t even faded yet. Anyone who doesn’t know would think nothing had happened before.

Someone slapped you in the face, and you can still endure it?

At this moment, Ah Hao’s awe of Lu Fei in his heart increased even more.

“Please come this way!”

As they walked out the door, Feng Jun didn’t follow behind and instead led the way for Lu Fei.

“Our underground casino is the largest in Shanghai, without a doubt.”

“The daily turnover reaches several tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, and sometimes we encounter rare high-stakes gambling.”

“Both sides gamble recklessly, wagering their entire wealth.”

“Of course, because our Mu family is the dealer, gamblers who bet recklessly like this usually lose more than they win. If they try to cheat after losing, we need to resolve the situation.”

As they walked through the casino, Feng Jun introduced and showed Lu Fei around.

“Here is our most famous and popular game in Mu family’s underground casino, Heaven’s Gambit.”

“This game is based on the deadliest Russian roulette and is our signature game.”

“Based on the payout ratio, up to five bullets are placed in the gun, and then the principal is wagered with no upper limit.”

“As long as the trigger is pulled and the gun doesn’t go off, the player receives five times the principal. Otherwise, if the gun goes off, all accumulated funds go to the casino and can be stopped at any time.”

As Feng Jun spoke, Lu Fei was led to a table in front of an angel statue, where a revolver with six bullets was placed on top of a table covered with a red cloth.

“Why are there six bullets?” 

Explaining Lu Fei’s question, Feng Jun smiled and said,

“Previously, someone was cheated by a business partner, originally a billionaire, but became bankrupt with only one million in assets. He came here, loaded six bullets, ready to gamble it all, and then commit suicide, but the gun jammed!”

“Afterwards, when the family head heard about it, he directly gave the billionaire ten billion in cash.”

“After that, this gameplay spread, loading all six bullets, placing one million bets, gambling for a chance to jam!”

“Of course, these are all blanks. As long as they comply with the rules, we will not allow any factors that threaten the customers to exist.”

Feng Jun walked to the table, quickly loaded the bullets, and then shot himself in the chest.


Only a white mark appeared on Feng Jun’s clothes on his chest.

“It’s quite interesting. No wonder this gameplay has become a signature here.”

Seeing this, Lu Fei felt that the underground casino had a variety of gameplay, especially this so-called heaven’s gambit, which was inspired by Russian roulette.

It was thrilling and exciting.

Although it was not necessary to bet one’s life like in Russian roulette, the chance to shoot with a minimum bet of one million was enough to drive gambling addicts crazy.


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