The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 35


35: Take off my shoes!

Seeing the terrible expression on Lin Ran’s face, Lu Fei’s mood improved a lot.

Immediately, he looked at Mu Ruoxue and said, “Stay away from him. Your father warned me not to let you get involved with him!”

When Lu Fei said this, there was no intention of lowering his voice.

The disgust in his words, as if staying away from garbage, was self-evident.

This immediately made Lin Ran’s face even darker, who had already turned ugly.

Lu Fei didn’t dare to let Mu Ruoxue stay alone with Lin Ran, as he hadn’t forgotten that this guy was best at medical skills.

If this guy with a small heart did something to Mu Ruoxue, Lu Fei wouldn’t be able to prevent it.

Mu Ruoxue didn’t think too much about it either. Seeing Lin Ran eating a loss in front of her, she couldn’t help feeling happy.

Moreover, Lu Fei had brought up Mu Changye to suppress her, so she could only obey.


Supporting Jiang Wenying, Lu Fei and the two gradually moved away from there.

Only Lin Ran was left alone, with a terrible expression on his face, standing in place.

On the second floor, one could see most of the scenery downstairs.

Mu Ruoxue’s small mouth had pouted so much that it could hang an oil pot.

She didn’t know why, but after seeing Lu Fei and Jiang Wenying’s close physical contact, she felt a hint of sourness in her heart.

Was it really a sour feeling?

She didn’t know,

Just felt a little unhappy.

“Lu Fei, Lin Ran is not here anymore, why don’t you let go?”

“Is Jiang Wenying really that soft? [1]“Is Jiang Wenying really that soft? I don’t believe it!” implies that Mu Ruoxue is expressing disbelief or skepticism regarding Jiang Wenying’s character or behavior. She … Continue reading I don’t believe it!”

Mu Ruoxue spoke up with a mixture of expression and tone.

This made Jiang Wenying, who was leaning on Lu Fei’s body, blush.

She wanted to break free, but the injury on her foot made her have to continue leaning on Lu Fei’s body.

Lu Fei had a helpless expression, wondering what this little troublemaker was up to now.

Although Jiang Wenying’s body felt very soft… was he the kind of person who took advantage of others?

He was clearly just helping others, wasn’t he?

Lu Fei replied impatiently, “Can’t you see that she’s injured and it’s inconvenient?”

Lu Fei found a spot by the side and sat down.

Meanwhile, Lin Ran downstairs caught a glimpse of Lu Fei slowly sitting down while holding onto Jiang Wenying’s waist.

At that moment, he felt the anger in his chest almost exploding.

Wanting to kill with a glance, this was beyond infuriating!

At this moment, Lin Ran had already put Lu Fei on his hit list.

As Lu Fei helped Jiang Wenying sit down, he suddenly felt a chill coming from behind.

He looked down and saw Lin Ran’s once handsome face turn into that of a fierce demon, glaring at him with anger.

Lu Fei was speechless about this.

He just wanted to find a convenient spot to observe the situation below, but he didn’t expect to trigger Lin Ran again.

Seeing the cold killing intent in Lin Ran’s eyes, Lu Fei knew he was probably on Lin Ran’s hit list.

Lu Fei felt very wronged. He didn’t mean to provoke Lin Ran!

However, Lu Fei didn’t care about Lin Ran’s killing intent. For others, being on the protagonist’s hit list was basically a death sentence. 

But in front of Lu Fei, who had the villain’s halo, strong martial arts skills, and even knowledge of the plot, he wasn’t worried!

Lu Fei didn’t continue staring at Lin Ran’s ugly face as if he had eaten a dead fly, but instead, looked at Mu Ruoxue and said,

“Stay here and don’t run around. I’ll show you a good show later!”

Lu Fei didn’t force Mu Ruoxue to sit here but instead used a good show to attract her and prevent her from running around.

He was already on Lin Ran’s hit list, so if he acted crazy and retaliated against Lu Fei by harming Mu Ruoxue, it would be troublesome!

Therefore, Lu Fei decided to take precautions and cut off this possibility.

As expected, when Mu Ruoxue heard Lu Fei say that he would show her a good show later, her eyes, which were previously restless, suddenly lit up with interest.


Lu Fei didn’t explain much and simply replied, “Just stay here, it’s true.”

After getting Lu Fei’s assurance, Mu Ruoxue suddenly became proud again.

“Hmph, since you’re begging me like this, I’ll stay here with you.”

Lu Fei was already used to Mu Ruoxue’s sudden changes in attitude.

Without saying much, Lu Fei turned to Jiang Wenying and asked, “Do you trust me?”

Looking at Lu Fei’s dark eyes, Jiang Wenying suddenly remembered what he had said earlier when they were downstairs, “I trust you.”

Jiang Wenying blurted out, “I trust you!”

Suddenly realizing what she had said, Jiang Wenying’s eyes shifted strangely away from Lu Fei’s bright gaze and looked elsewhere.

Lu Fei stood up and walked towards Jiang Wenying, then knelt down on one knee in front of her.

He looked up at Jiang Wenying and said, “Take off your shoes!”

His voice was not loud, but it hit Jiang Wenying’s heart like a bullet, making her cheeks blush with shyness.



1 “Is Jiang Wenying really that soft? I don’t believe it!” implies that Mu Ruoxue is expressing disbelief or skepticism regarding Jiang Wenying’s character or behavior. She questions whether Jiang Wenying is truly as weak or submissive as the situation suggests.

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