The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 36


38: Tsk tsk! It’s still the first time, huh!

Being this old and having the opposite sex so straightforwardly ask to take off their shoes, it’s quite a first.

Moreover, this is the second floor, a public place…

Jiang Wenying forced herself to appear indifferent and said, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?”

“If you don’t take off your shoes, how can I treat your feet?”

Now it’s Lu Fei’s turn to look at Jiang Wenying speechlessly. What’s wrong with this woman? She usually looks quite shrewd.

Why does she act stupid sometimes?

Suddenly understanding that she had misunderstood Lu Fei’s meaning, Jiang Wenying started being evasive.

“Forget it. After the banquet is over, I’ll go to the hospital and get checked myself!”

Lu Fei raised his eyebrows and looked at Jiang Wenying, saying, “The banquet is about to start, and all the guests will have to go downstairs to toast. Moving around is inevitable. Are you sure you can move around easily like this?”

Jiang Wenying’s face showed some hesitation. Yes, what Lu Fei said seemed to be right. 

It was not convenient for her to move around like this.

“But, can you… can you really treat it?” Jiang Wenying’s words still had some resistance.

After all, this was a public place. It was too embarrassing to be treated for an ankle sprain by someone of the opposite sex!

Lu Fei tilted his head and looked at Jiang Wenying helplessly. “That’s why I asked if you believe me or not!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Wenying fell silent for a moment. 

But after a while, perhaps her strong personality came into play, and she directly agreed.

“I believe you!”

Having said that, Jiang Wenying let out a sigh and then bent down to untie the high-heeled shoelace that was tied around her right foot.

Today at the Su family banquet, Jiang Wenying deliberately wore a black body-hugging dress, paired with a slightly restrained and dignified semi-transparent flesh-colored stockings, and a pair of strapped black high heels.

It showcased her strong female personality while exuding the irresistible charm of a woman.

This outfit was probably something only Jiang Wenying could pull off.

As she untied the ribbon tied around her ankle, the high heels naturally slipped off Jiang Wenying’s nimble jade feet.

Through the stockings, one could vaguely see a few worm-sized blue veins slightly protruding on the surface of Jiang Wenying’s feet.

Rather than detracting from the beauty of her jade feet, it added a touch of charm.

The nimble jade feet emerged from the high heels and shyly revealed themselves in the air.

As he caressed the delicate jade feet, Lu Fei felt the smoothness in his hands.

If these small feet were exposed outside, they would surely drive many men crazy!

Truly a female lead, her feet were only slightly larger than Mu Ruoxue’s delicate jade feet, but they gave off a feeling of just the right size, about the size of Lu Fei’s palm.

Mu Ruoxue’s small feet, which Lu Fei had never touched, were about half the size of Lu Fei’s palm from his visual estimation.

How should he put it?

Lu Fei felt that each had its own merits!

Then, without any unusual expression in his eyes, Lu Fei calmly lifted Jiang Wenying’s sole and placed it on his own lap.

Jiang Wenying only felt the warm palm of his hand touch her sole for two or three seconds before it was placed slightly above Lu Fei’s knee.

Looking at the ankle which was naturally flawless and as pure as jade, he noticed the abnormal swelling around her ankle, which marred its beauty.

Lu Fei reached out his left hand and gently stroked the injured ankle.

He was confident that he could treat Jiang Wenying’s sprain, relying on the poison medical skills he obtained from the system.

Not to mention just promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, even if her entire leg was paralyzed, as long as the basic muscle functions were intact, Lu Fei was confident he could fully restore it to normal.

Therefore, treating a sprain was a piece of cake for Lu Fei.

It wouldn’t take any effort at all.

Feeling an unusual itch rising on her foot, Jiang Wenying seemed to be very sensitive.

It was as if every inch of skin that Lu Fei touched had small ants crawling on it.

After all, Jiang Wenying had never had intimate skin contact with the opposite sex before.

During social events, she would at most shake hands with the opposite sex to express pleasant cooperation, and there was no extra physical contact beyond that.

Let alone letting the opposite sex touch her feet.

Suddenly, when Lu Fei’s big hand covered her ankle, the painful stimulation combined with the opposite sex’s touch almost made Jiang Wenying subconsciously scream.

But fortunately, she reacted in time and stopped the strange sound. If she had made such a strange sound in public, she would have been so embarrassed that she would have wanted to leave immediately.

At this moment, Mu Ruoxue, who was sitting on the side, suddenly looked unhappy and angrily shouted,

“Lu Fei, you are too bad. Is this your idea of a good show?”

Mu Ruoxue saw the intimate interaction between Lu Fei and Jiang Wenying, and an inexplicable sense of dissatisfaction surged from the bottom of her heart.

Lu Fei, who had not yet had the chance to use his poison medical skills to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, heard Mu Ruoxue’s voice and felt speechless.

He was in the middle of treating someone, didn’t this little troublemaker see that?

Why was she trying to cause trouble?

What on earth was going on in her head?

Lu Fei responded irritably,

“I’m treating her foot. Can’t you see that? The show hasn’t even started yet. Why are you in such a hurry?”


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