The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 5


Chapter 5: I just like how you don’t like me but can’t do anything about it!

Jiang Wenying’s beautiful figure gradually disappeared.

At this moment, only Lu Fei and Lin Ran were left in the hall.

Lin Ran’s unpleasant gaze swept over Lu Fei.

From Lu Fei’s attire, although expensive it was only relative to ordinary people.

In the upper circles, such an outfit was almost equivalent to wearing street stall goods.

Thinking about it, he should not be someone with a background.

Immediately, Lin Ran started exerting his momentum on Lu Fei.

After years of practicing martial arts in the mountains, Lin Ran’s fierce momentum made most ordinary beasts back off before even fighting.

So, Lin Ran wanted to use his momentum to oppress Lu Fei first, and when Lu Fei was frightened, he would then teach him a lesson.

Let him understand that not all women are available to him.

However, as Lin Ran suppressed his momentum, he saw that Lu Fei did not seem to be affected by it.

This made Lin Ran’s face slightly sink, feeling somewhat surprised.

“With which hand of yours did you touch Wenying just now?”

Lin Ran’s tone was chilling, making people tremble in fear.

But Lu Fei didn’t take Lin Ran’s threat to heart at all.

Lu Fei remembered that during this period of time, Lin Ran came to Shanghai to seek cooperation with the Jiang family when their family was weak.

However, the Mu family behind Lu Fei was even higher than the Jiang family and was not something that the family behind Lin Ran could afford to offend.

Lin Ran came to Shanghai with the purpose of obtaining Jiang Wenying, whom he could make his own woman, and also use the Jiang family behind her to support his own family.

Killing two birds with one stone.

One couldn’t help but think that this kind of son of destiny was really treacherous and despicable.

Treating women as tools for his own use, and using “love” as a mere excuse for his exploitation.

Thinking of this, Lu Fei smiled indifferently and looked at Lin Ran provocatively, saying, 

“Try touching me and see what happens. My boss is Mu Ruoxue, the eldest daughter of the Mu family. If you dare to touch me, you’re slapping the Mu family’s face!”

“With your meager wealth, I’m afraid it’s not even worth it for the Mu family to even pinch it with one finger.”

Lu Fei stared arrogantly and provocatively at Lin Ran, even bringing his face closer to him in a challenging manner, portraying the image of an overbearing and arrogant little follower perfectly.

Seeing Lu Fei pretending to be Mu Ruoxue’s accomplice, Lin Ran’s anger burned within him.

Mu Ruoxue!

He should have known it was that crazy woman’s idea.

But then he thought of the damn Mu family in Shanghai.

He had to forcibly suppress his anger.

Lin Ran took a deep look at Lu Fei, his eyes slightly gloomy, but ultimately he did nothing and left angrily.

In his eyes, Lu Fei was just a dog of the Mu family, a small lackey who was insignificant.

If it weren’t for the Mu family backing him up, he could easily crush this ant with one hand.

With that in mind, Lin Ran could only remember Lu Fei’s appearance, as long as he had the chance in the future, it would be easy to kill off one or more lackeys.

As for Lu Fei, seeing Lin Ran leave with a wave of full anger in his heart, he felt great satisfaction.

Why not use one’s background when available?

If not, do we have to use our heads like a hammer?

Although with his current strength, he was not afraid of Lin Ran at all, who knew if Lin Ran had a protagonist halo when he really started to fight, and a small outburst could kill him?

Moreover… this feeling of acting tough was just too satisfying.

He just like watching the protagonist’s face turn sour and being unable to do anything about it, 

That’s the fun of being a follower, isn’t it?

At this moment.

His phone suddenly rang.

The number displayed on the screen started with 1888…88.

Looking at the number, Lu Fei hesitated for a moment

In Shanghai, there was only one person with such a number – the person in power of the Mu family. 

Mu Changye! 

The phone was connected, and a dull voice came from the phone,

“You’ve caused quite a stir. Ruoxue has already been placed under house arrest by me. You come to the Mu family and explain yourself.”

“If you want to run, you can try!”

With those two sentences, without giving Lu Fei any chance to explain, the call was hung up.

A dumbfounded Lu Fei stared at the phone that had already been hung up.

This pretentious person, I’ll give him a 99 out of 100, deducting one point because it’s not me who’s being pretentious.

After complaining in his heart, Lu Fei suddenly became interested in Mu Changye.

It seemed like being a little follower was so interesting.

Pretending to be cold and letting others take the blame, that’s not bad at all!

He recalled the description of Mu Changye in the book.

Mu Changye’s name, placed in other places, might only make people fear him, but in Shanghai, Mu Changye was an all-knowing and all-powerful decision-maker.

It could be said that in Shanghai, the Mu family was an absolute presence, and Mu Changye was a top-notch tycoon.

Before long, a brand new Mercedes-Benz suddenly pulled up at the entrance of the hotel.

A middle-aged man in a butler uniform got out of the Mercedes and approached Lu Fei, saying:

“Master has ordered you to come to the Mu family.”

Although the tone of the middle-aged man was respectful, Lu Fei could not refuse the request.

After speaking, the middle-aged man bowed and gestured for Lu Fei to get into the car.

Without hesitation, Lu Fei sat in the Mercedes and closed his eyes to take a nap.


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