The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Whoa! Is this a solicitation for me?

On the west bank of Shanghai,

Crystal Palace villa complex,

A well-known gathering place for the wealthy and powerful in Shanghai.

The environment is beautiful and the air is fresh.

It’s not just about having money, you also need to have the influence to live here.

And the Mu family resides in this villa complex.

The villas here are all very spacious and unique, with each having its own characteristics.

Among them is villa number one, also known as the King of the Crystal Palace!!

Whether it’s day or night, three teams of black-clothed bodyguards patrol here.

When they saw the Mercedes heading toward Villa number one.

Two or three black-clothed bodyguards checked the car and, after finding no issues, waved it through.

Lu Fei stepped out of the car.

At this point, someone was already waiting at the entrance, and upon seeing Lu Fei’s figure, started leading the way.

“The master is waiting for you in the study!”

Upon entering the villa, the person stopped at the entrance to the study and did not go in.

Lu Fei nodded and didn’t say much, he just pushed open the door to the study and walked in.

A voice full of power came from inside,

“Are you the one who was fooling around with Ruoxue?”

Pushing open the door,

the first thing he saw were two bodyguards with muscular figures standing.

Their eyes were sharp and their breaths were heavy, indicating they were top experts.

A middle-aged man with a big belly, who looked like Maitreya Buddha, sat on a chair.

But in Shanghai, no one dared to ridicule Mu Changye’s comical appearance.

In front of him was a pot of tea, obviously waiting for Lu Fei for a while.

He was Mu Changye.

The real power holder of the Mu family in Shanghai.

A big shot whose every move shakes the whole city.

Upon entering the study, a powerful aura that he had never felt before swept over him.

Facing such a powerful aura, Lu Fei casually overlooked it.

Although the name “Mu Changye” is a terrifying existence in the hearts of many people, Lu Fei is clearly not among them.

Because no matter how powerful and strong Mu Changye was, he was just a character in a novel.

Although Lu Fei has traveled to the world of the novel, he was not particularly afraid in his heart.

Lu Fei came to Mu Changye and spoke calmly, 

“Master Mu, I can only say that in this world, I am not in control of my own actions. I am just a small follower who must obey Mu Family’s commands.”

Hearing Lu Fei’s explanation, Mu Changye’s squinted eyes suddenly widened as he looked at Lu Fei and said, 

“Do you know the damage you have caused to my Mu family by doing this?”

Hearing this, 

It has to be said Mu Changye’s scheming runs deep.

He threw all the blame on Lu Fei with just one sentence, making it sound like all the responsibility was caused by Lu Fei alone.

Just as the two bodyguards standing behind Mu Changye were about to take action to subdue Lu Fei and convict him.

Lu Fei spoke up, 

“Wait, I hope the master can give me a chance to explain!”


Mu Changye, who heard this, showed a little interest, waved his hand, and gestured for Lu Fei to continue.

Suddenly, Lu Fei slowly pulled out his phone from his pocket and placed it on Mu Changye’s tea table.

He explained the whole story to Mu Changye, and throughout the process, Mu Changye’s expression changed from casual to serious and then to approving.

After finishing, Lu Fei stepped back and looked at Mu Changye, seeming to hope to hear something from him.

Mu Changye listened intently. 

His eyes, which had been squinted, were now open.

Looking at Lu Fei, he said, 

“I have to admit that I am also at fault for Ruoxue. She lost her mother when she was young, and as her father, I only treated her well in a material sense to make up for my guilt. I hope it can make up for some of it.”

“But I shouldn’t have relaxed my discipline over her when she was still immature and let her fall for a scumbag.”

“With the power of my Mu family, not to mention this small family, even someone ten times better, as long as he treats Ruoxue well, I will do everything I can for her.”

“But after decades of struggling in the world, although I have no other skills, the one thing I never get wrong is judging people. The guy that Ruoxue likes is not really in love with her, but using her, using the Mu family.”

“Originally, according to my plan, it would be easy to destroy a leading family in Binjiang City, but I was afraid that Ruoxue would misunderstand me, so I haven’t taken action yet.”

“After much thought, I realized that Ruoxue lacks nothing except a confidant, a smart confidant. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone astray and ended up where she is now.”

At this point, Mu Changye’s meaning was actually clear without saying it.

What was he doing?

He was blatantly recruiting him!

If an ordinary person heard this, they would have been pleasantly surprised and lost their bearings.

However, Lu Fei’s face remained unchanged.

And Mu Changye, seeing Lu Fei’s performance, not only he was not angry but also more satisfied, nodding in approval.

If Lu Fei had acted like an ordinary person, Mu Changye would have looked down on him. But the more Lu Fei acted like this, the more Mu Changye valued him.

Such a talent, once he pledged allegiance, would be of tremendous use.

This was much more useful than three or four loyal and mediocre talents.


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