The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Really a pervert, killing someone to satisfy twisted desires!

“Let Ruoxue go.”

“Don’t keep her locked up for so long, or she’ll go crazy!”

Since no harm was done, there was no need to punish Ruoxue.

In fact, it took a lot of determination from Mu Changye when he ordered the confinement of Mu Ruoxue.

To think he came up with such a terrible idea just for a little brat.

If he didn’t discipline her, who knows what trouble she might have caused.

One of his bodyguards nodded and left the study quietly.

Then, Mu Changye turned to Lu Fei and said in a deep voice,

“I hope you can continue to stay by Ruoxue’s side and prevent her from getting involved with Lin Ran.”

Then, he handed Lu Fei a bank card and said naturally,

“You can’t be with Ruoxue without some funding. I’ll deposit one million yuan into this account every month. If she needs to buy anything, you can take care of it.”

Lu Fei’s expression flickered as he accepted the bank card with one million yuan deposited into it every month. 

As for Mu Changye’s offer to buy things for Mu Ruoxue, he didn’t need to pay attention to it.

When Mu Ruoxue was sixteen years old, Mu Changye had already arranged a black card with a credit limit of one billion dollars for her.

Why would she need him to buy anything?

In the end, the money in this card actually belonged to Lu Fei.

On the one hand, Mu Changye took care of Lu Fei’s self-esteem, and on the other hand, he bought his loyalty.

It must be said that Mu Changye was quite good at playing this trick.

Soon, a grievous whine came from outside,

“Daddy, do you not want me anymore? You’ve kept me locked up for so long!”

“You must have a bastard outside and want to leave your property to your son, so you’re planning to abandon Ruoxue, right?”

A petite figure with pink double ponytails, wearing a fluffy knee-length dress and small jade feet wrapped in white stockings, burst in from the door and threw herself on Mu Changye, acting cute.

Seeing this, Lu Fei couldn’t help but be amazed.

Is this the Mu Ruoxue who can rival the female lead Jiang Wenying?

She really is a loli with giant treasures.

This is not something that can be taken lightly.

And these delicate feet of hers, not to brag, but he could play with them for a year without getting tired of it.

Hearing Mu Ruoxue’s words, Mu Changye was also helpless and said unkindly,

“What nonsense are you talking about? Daddy only has you as a daughter, who else should I leave the family property to?”

Suddenly, Mu Ruoxue frowned and glared at Mu Changye beside her.

Perhaps only Mu Ruoxue in the entire Shanghai could stare so recklessly at Mu Changye.

“Oh, Lu Fei, what are you doing here?” 

Mu Ruoxue suddenly saw Lu Fei’s figure and was surprised.

In theory, after being fooled by her, wouldn’t Lu Fei have suffered a terrible fate at the hands of her father?

How come he’s still standing here safe and sound?

“Well, from now on, he’ll be by your side. Consider him my confidant. If you dare to act recklessly, watch me put you in confinement for two days.” 

Mu Changye spoke up, explaining briefly before pushing Lu Fei towards Mu Ruoxue to continue following her.

Seeing that Lu Fei was still alive, Mu Ruoxue was full of curiosity and wanted to find out more about him.

“Dad, I have something to discuss with Lu Fei. We’ll be leaving now!” Grabbing Lu Fei, she was about to leave.

“Go, go, go, don’t bother me!” Seeing his daughter’s impetuous manner, Mu Changye couldn’t help but feel a headache.

“Bye-bye, Dad!” 

Turning back to bid farewell to Mu Changye, Mu Ruoxue quickly pulled Lu Fei to a side room.

Before Lu Fei could catch his breath, Mu Ruoxue stood with her hands on her hips, curiously looking him over, as if trying to see something from him.

Unable to stand Mu Ruoxue’s scrutinizing gaze like he was some kind of strange creature, Lu Fei grumpily asked, 

“What are you looking at?”

“It’s nothing, I just feel like you’re a little different from before!”

Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei, the familiar face, the familiar voice, but felt like he had become a different person.

“Never mind, forget it. Hurry up and tell me, did you sleep with Jiang Wenying? Did you take photos? And is she particularly self-conscious?”

“Is her figure better than mine?”

“Hey! No need to say! Of course, mine is better. Lin Ran is blind for actually liking that bad woman Jiang Wenying!”

Watching Mu Ruoxue talking to herself, Lu Fei couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Truly a Villainess, with such neurotic behavior, most people couldn’t do such things.

I haven’t even seen you naked! How would I know if your figure is better or if Jiang Wenying’s figure is better?!

“Lu Fei, what are you staring blankly for? Did you take pictures or not? Show me!”

Saying that Mu Ruoxue’s face revealed a mischievous smile, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“In that situation, how was I supposed to take pictures?”

Lu Fei was speechless. What was going through Mu Ruoxue’s head?

“What? You actually ignored my orders!”

Mu Ruoxue frowned, glaring at Lu Fei and screaming.

“Don’t worry, even though I didn’t take pictures, I recorded the audio!”

Lu Fei handed his phone to Mu Ruoxue. He needed to finish this task quickly, or else this girl would cling to him and not let go.

Very troublesome.

Taking the phone, Mu Ruoxue opened the recording and a woman’s moaning could be heard.

Before five seconds had passed, Mu Ruoxue turned it off, a hint of blush flashing across her fair face.

“Great, I knew it! This woman is a promiscuous slut. Lin Ran still didn’t believe it, but with this evidence, I want to see what kind of reaction he’ll have!”

“Yes! Hahaha! I’m going to call Lin Ran right now and let him hear how this slut moans!”

Mu Ruoxue couldn’t help but shout excitedly.


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