The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 52


52. Hurry up and tell me! Is it mine or hers?!

After finally getting rid of all the socializing, most of the guests had left.

Lu Fei searched the Tianma Hotel but couldn’t find Mu Ruoxue anywhere. 

Finally, at the parking lot, next to the Bentley, he found Mu Ruoxue, who had clearly been waiting for him for a while.

Interestingly, Mu Ruoxue, the eldest daughter of the Mu family, had patiently stood under the scorching sun waiting for him.

This surprised Lu Fei.

This is not right!

It doesn’t match Mu Ruoxue’s personality at all!

Normally, no one would bother to wait patiently for their follower like this.

Moreover, it was Mu Ruoxue who did it.

But she did just that.

When Lu Fei saw Mu Ruoxue, she was lazily swinging the knot on her waist.

Lu Fei walked up to her, and Mu Ruoxue’s bored eyes suddenly brightened.

She walked quickly to Lu Fei’s side and exclaimed in surprise,

“Lu Fei, you finally came out!”

Looking at Mu Ruoxue’s sudden enthusiasm, Lu Fei felt that something was off and looked at her in confusion.

He found that she was basically no different from her usual self.

“Why weren’t you in the hotel, and why did you run out?”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s straightforward question, Mu Ruoxue’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed.

Her pink lips pouted slightly, and she became unhappy.

What’s his problem?

I have been waiting for you!

Can’t you tell? Why are you even asking?

Although Mu Ruoxue thought this way in her heart and actually acted accordingly, she still refused to admit it verbally!

“I haven’t been doing anything. I just didn’t have anyone to drive me, so I had to wait here!”

As she spoke, you could hear Mu Ruoxue emphasizing the phrase “had to” a little more than usual.

Upon hearing Mu Ruoxue’s answer, Lu Fei suddenly felt that something was off, and his suspicions grew.

There must be some sort of trickery going on here!

Soon after, 

Lu Fei took out the key to his Bentley and asked Mu Ruoxue to get in the car, preparing to head back to the city.

Suddenly, he heard Mu Ruoxue, who had been pouting and remained silent in the passenger seat, speak up,


Lu Fei’s grip on the steering wheel suddenly tightened.

As he had suspected, there was something going on. Otherwise, Mu Ruoxue, with her usual personality, would never have acted out of character.

Lu Fei temporarily stopped the car, engaged the automatic brake, and then looked at Mu Ruoxue.

Lu Fei wanted to see what kind of trick this little devil was up to now.

“Lu Fei…”

Suddenly, Mu Ruoxue’s voice became sweet and coquettish.

Lu Fei frowned at the sound of her voice, sensing that something was off. Mu Ruoxue had never addressed him in such a way before.

Could there be a hidden camera in the car?

Was Mu Changye testing him?

No, that didn’t make sense. 

Even if Mu Changye was testing him, he wouldn’t use his own daughter as a pawn.

If he wanted to test him, he would have found a beautiful woman to do it.

Why would he let his precious daughter be taken advantage of?

Thinking this, Lu Fei casually scanned the car’s interior decoration and found nothing unusual.

“Well, what is it?” 

Lu Fei’s expression was indifferent as if he didn’t care about anything.

“Is it true that men all like big things?” 

Lu Fei was confused by Mu Ruoxue’s words. What the hell?

What did she mean that all men like big things?

Lu Fei looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, 

“No, that’s not true.”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s response, Mu Ruoxue seemed a bit unhappy.

“You’re lying! You kept staring at Jiang Wenying’s chest with your peripheral vision just now. Don’t lie to me!”

Lu Fei was taken aback by Mu Ruoxue’s words. 

Oh my, this little girl didn’t have a problem with her brain, but with her eyes!

When did he stare at Jiang Wenying’s chest with his peripheral vision? 

Although Jiang Wenying’s chest was quite prominent, he wouldn’t stoop so low as to ogle at her like a pervert!

“You’re mistaken!” Lu Fei shook his head and said calmly.

“No way! I saw it clearly. Tell me, whose is bigger, hers or mine?” 

Mu Ruoxue became unhappy when Lu Fei denied it.

Mu Ruoxue didn’t care whether she was using this statement as a ploy to trick Lu Fei or not. She took it seriously at this moment.

She directly pushed her chest forward toward Lu Fei, showing her dissatisfaction.

Watching Mu Ruoxue’s unreasonable behavior, Lu Fei was also very annoyed.

Did this little girl take the wrong medicine?

He admitted that Mu Ruoxue’s chest was bigger than Jiang Wenying’s, but…so what?

He casually said, 

“Yours is big, yours is big, okay?”

Mu Ruoxue could also hear the perfunctory tone in Lu Fei’s words and became angry.

“You men always like big things, as well as long legs and stockings. I saw you touching Jiang Wenying’s legs!”

Lu Fei was almost driven crazy by Mu Ruoxue’s words.

He had to explain it clearly, otherwise, with Mu Ruoxue’s personality, she would definitely ruin his reputation all over the world.

Saying that he liked touching people’s legs and stockings!

Lu Fei helplessly explained, “I was treating her leg, treating it. Didn’t I tell you before?”

Seeing Lu Fei’s frustrated expression, Mu Ruoxue felt a little happy in her heart.

Then she remembered that Lu Fei touched Jiang Wenying’s legs in front of her and became dissatisfied. 

She took off her little boots and revealed her small feet wrapped in white stockings. She kicked Lu Fei’s leg with her foot.

“Lu Fei, tell me!! Are my legs prettier or Jiang Wenying’s legs prettier?”

Lu Fei almost choked on his breath when he saw this scene. 

He couldn’t believe how crazy this little girl was!


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