The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 53


53. I don’t care! You have to touch it!

As Mu Ruoxue put her foot directly on his leg, Lu Fei was stunned.

What kind of stimulation did this little girl receive?

She suddenly made such an abnormal move!

Lu Fei frowned slightly and said in a calm tone, “Don’t mess around. If your dad finds out, it won’t be good for you!”

Lu Fei’s voice increased slightly, implying something.

Hearing Lu Fei’s words, Mu Ruoxue’s temper also flared up. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, and she glared at Lu Fei, saying,

“Hmph! All you know how to do is threaten me. I’m not afraid!”

Lu Fei’s face showed helplessness and he smiled bitterly. 

“Do you dislike me?” As Lu Fei remained motionless, Mu Ruoxue’s face suddenly stiffened. 

Her delicate jade feet kicked around on Lu Fei’s legs like a naughty little rabbit, looking very unhappy.

“Okay, okay, stop it. You won, you won, okay!”

Lu Fei surrendered with his hands up and casually squeezed Mu Ruoxue’s little feet a couple of times.

Then, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, his big hand moved away from her silky smooth little feet.

Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei, who was extremely perfunctory, wiping his hands and moving away from her feet, and became dissatisfied again.

She remembered that when they were in the hotel, Lu Fei had been pinching Jiang Wenying’s feet for several minutes!

When it came to her, why did he just perfunctorily pinch her feet a few times and be done with it?

Suddenly, Mu Ruoxue seemed to realize something. Her cheeks turned slightly red, and she looked at Lu Fei and asked, 

“Lu Fei… do you like black stockings?”

Lu Fei, who had just managed to deal with Mu Ruoxue’s temper, had a question mark pop up in his mind again.

Just when things were going well, why did it have to come back to this question again?

Lu Fei’s face became serious, and his tone became slightly stern.

“Don’t think too much. Why would I like black stockings?”

Seemingly dissatisfied with Lu Fei’s answer, Mu Ruoxue lifted the white stockings wrapped around her legs, looked at them, and then said, 

“I think white stockings are pretty too. Why don’t you like white stockings?”

“If you like them, I… can also go buy black stockings to wear!” 

Mu Ruoxue said, looking at Lu Fei with a hopeful expression.

Lu Fei’s face turned dark. Why couldn’t he explain this misunderstanding? 

When did I ever say I liked stockings?

Although for most men, this kind of temptation is irresistible, Lu Fei seems to have never revealed any strange thoughts about this from beginning to end!

It’s really strange!

“I don’t like them. Don’t make wild assumptions and don’t get involved in this kind of nonsense!”

Lu Fei denied it firmly and repeatedly.

Mu Ruoxue stared at Lu Fei, looking dissatisfied, and said, 

“I don’t care. You can’t treat me differently from Jiang Wenying! Oh no! You have to do it for a longer time than Jiang Wenying!”

“Three…no…five minutes!”

Mu Ruoxue’s little feet turned into a snake again and wriggled towards Lu Fei’s big hand.

Lu Fei looked at Mu Ruoxue’s unreasonable behavior and felt speechless. Hasn’t he explained it a million times already?

Does Mu Ruoxue ever listen to what he says?

Helplessly, Lu Fei could only explain again, 

“It was treatment, treatment! Jiang Wenying twisted her foot and got injured.”

“I have the quality of helping others, that’s why I treated her, you know?” 

Lu Fei explained carefully and in detail this time, afraid that Mu Ruoxue wouldn’t understand.

Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei’s helpless explanation and suddenly felt that it was quite fun to bully him.

Mu Ruoxue turned her head and looked at Lu Fei, saying, 

“I got injured too. Just now, while waiting for you, I accidentally stepped on a small stone and now it hurts so much!”

Suddenly, Mu Ruoxue’s face showed a pitiful look, like a little milk cat that had been bullied and was now seeking comfort.

If Lu Fei hadn’t witnessed the whole process, at first glance, he would have thought that some bully had treated this little girl like this.

But now, Lu Fei’s impression of Mu Ruoxue’s behavior was that she was being a little unreasonable.

It’s no wonder that Mu Ruoxue, the green tea little girl, can pull off this kind of emotional manipulation. Without the acting skills of a movie star, it would be impossible to do this.

Lu Fei felt helpless. He knew that Mu Ruoxue was usually very temperamental, but once she started acting up…

She was really stubborn. 

Otherwise, Mu Changye wouldn’t have been devoured to death by Mu Ruoxue so easily.

Lu Fei sighed and could only extend his hand to continue massaging her feet. 

After all, he didn’t lose anything from doing this.


With Mu Ruoxue’s looks and figure, combined with her acting skills, thousands of people would queue up to pursue her, right?

If someone with a foot fetish got their hands on these long legs, they could play with them for ten years without getting bored!

As he massaged her legs, Mu Ruoxue was still dissatisfied and continued to complain in a coquettish tone, 

“Lu Fei, massage my feet too. They hurt so much. You gave Jiang Wenying such a comfortable massage, don’t just half-heartedly do it for me!”

Lu Fei helplessly twitched the corner of his mouth, while massaging Mu Ruoxue’s feet, he had to listen to her instructions on how to massage properly.

As the massage continued, 

Lu Fei even unconsciously applied his medical skills to improve blood circulation.


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