The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 54


54. You must take good care of Miss!!


After counting the time, 

The agonizing yet happy five minutes finally passed.

Not to mention…

During these five minutes, Lu Fei fully understood how small and delicate a loli’s feet could be.

The pair of jade-like feet in Lu Fei’s hands were so small that he could almost wrap them up with just his one hand.

They were so cute and lovely!

Combined with the smooth and silky feeling of her white stockings, they seemed like a work of art.

“Okay, I have to drive now. If I’m too late in returning, Master will be worried!” 

Lu Fei turned the key and pretended to start the car.

Mu Ruoxue lazily opened her eyes, enjoying the sensation, like a little cat that had just woken up.

Feeling the warm sensation of her small feet suddenly cooling, Mu Ruoxue regained her composure.

Her cheeks turned slightly red as she looked at Lu Fei with embarrassment.

It turned out that while Lu Fei was massaging her feet, she suddenly felt like she was in a high-end massage parlor.

That feeling of relaxation made her want to relax her whole body involuntarily.

Just kidding!!

The effect of the poison medical skill to relax muscles and promote blood circulation was not to be underestimated!

However, enjoyable moments always pass by quickly.

When Lu Fei’s hands left her small feet, she inexplicably felt a sense of reluctance deep in her heart.

The words she wanted to say suddenly blurted out of her mouth,

“You can drive with one hand!”

After saying this, Mu Ruoxue looked like a startled little white rabbit, lowering her eyes in embarrassment and not daring to look at Lu Fei again.

Her words were so straightforward that even Mu Ruoxue felt a little embarrassed.

When Lu Fei heard Mu Ruoxue’s words, his expression froze, and he suddenly remembered that he had obtained god-level driving skills at the Su family banquet.

Not to mention driving with one hand in a Bentley, even driving with his feet would be as steady as an experienced driver!

Since Mu Ruoxue had said so, Lu Fei couldn’t refuse.

After all, he was just a follower of this little girl.

As a follower, he had to fulfill this little girl’s requests, no matter how strange they were.

Although Mu Ruoxue’s request was a bit strange, Lu Fei decided to fulfill it anyway!

“Since you trust my driving skills, then I will drive!”

For the first time, Lu Fei didn’t even have the intention to refuse and just agreed to Mu Ruoxue’s request.

He had already massaged this little girl’s feet for five minutes, so what was a little more time?

Lu Fei didn’t mind at all!

Lu Fei’s decisive agreement also brought a sweet feeling to Mu Ruoxue’s heart.

He skillfully started the Bentley, steering the wheel with one hand and hitting the road.

His other hand was placed on the small jade feet that Mu Ruoxue had placed on his thigh.

For those who paid close attention, even though Lu Fei was absent-minded and driving with one hand, his driving skills were like that of an experienced driver who had been driving for ten years. 

The car was so stable that Mu Ruoxue hardly felt any shaking.

Suddenly, less than ten minutes after Lu Fei set off, his phone in his pocket rang.

Lu Fei didn’t even look down, he just tilted his head to the side and said to Mu Ruoxue, still focusing on the road ahead,

“My phone is in my pocket. Can you take it out and see who’s calling? I can’t free up my hand!”

Lu Fei’s left hand controlled the steering wheel while his right hand was busy with other things.

Mu Ruoxue saw that Lu Fei was controlling the steering wheel with his left hand, and his right hand was also very busy.

So he lifted her body slightly and touched Lu Fei’s trouser pocket with her small hand.

 She took out his phone and checked the caller ID.

Suddenly, Lu Fei could feel Mu Ruoxue’s relaxed little feet tighten.

He was a little puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Ruoxue’s face turned slightly red, and she had a tendency to shrink back.

“It’s… my father!”

“Master Mu?”

Lu Fei sensed Mu Ruoxue’s nervousness and lightly patted the sole of her foot, teasing her, 

“Oh, weren’t you not afraid of your father before? Why are you scared now?”

Hearing Lu Fei’s words, Mu Ruoxue’s body, which was originally ready to shrink back, suddenly stiffened, and then she stretched out her foot in dissatisfaction.

“I’m not scared. I just wasn’t feeling very comfortable lying down earlier. I just need to change my position and continue.”

Mu Ruoxue answered the phone, stretched out her snow-white arm like a slender stem, and held the phone to Lu Fei’s ear.

The voice of Mu Changye came from the other end of the phone.

“Hahaha, Lu Fei, you did a good job!”

“I heard about what happened at the Su family. Don’t worry, when you return to the Mu family, I will give you a surprise.”

“I, Mu Changye, never treat anyone unfairly when they work for the Mu family!”

Mu Changye’s happy voice came from the phone.

However, due to her posture and the low volume of the phone, Mu Ruoxue didn’t hear anything.

Lu Fei responded, 

“No, Master Mu is being too kind. I was just taking care of my own affairs.”

“The incident at the Su family was just a coincidence. I just happened to save an old man. Who knew that you would also hear about it, Master”

Mu Changye listened to Lu Fei’s humble words and felt not the slightest impatience but rather satisfaction in his heart.

“Good, you are indeed the person I have chosen!”

“By the way, Mu Ruoxue is a lively girl. Take good care of her!”

Hearing Mu Changye’s words, Lu Fei’s eyes suddenly became a bit strange.

Inadvertently, he glanced in Mu Ruoxue’s direction, his left hand firmly grasping the steering wheel, and his right hand unconsciously exerting a bit more force.

This caused Mu Ruoxue to give him a blank look.

Lu Fei’s suddenly silent voice rang out, 

“Don’t worry, I…I will definitely take good care of her. After all, it’s my responsibility!”

Hearing Lu Fei’s assurance, Mu Changye on the other end of the phone laughed happily.

“Okay, with your assurance, I can rest assured. Alright, send Ruoxue back soon!”

Lu Fei took a deep breath and replied, “Rest assured!”


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