The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 55


55. Is this the entry of another son of destiny?

Lu Fei looked at the disconnected phone.

Then at Mu Ruoxue, who had been holding the phone up high the whole time.

He couldn’t help but secretly sigh in his heart, 

Master, I will definitely take good care of you!

Mu Ruoxue held her slightly sore arm, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

As she noticed Lu Fei looking at her, she turned her attention to the phone.

She realized it had been hung up.

Rubbing her sore arm, Mu Ruoxue looked at Lu Fei curiously and asked, 

“Lu Fei, what did my father say?”

“Why was it taking so long?”

Upon hearing Mu Ruoxue’s words, Lu Fei’s expression once again became strange.

You may not believe it, your father just asked me to take good care of you!

However, in order to avoid Mu Ruoxue misunderstanding again and causing trouble, Lu Fei vaguely replied, 

“Nothing much, just a call to ask if we’re almost there.”


Upon hearing, Lu Fei’s words, Mu Ruoxue quickly lost interest and did not want to listen to such an uninteresting conversation.

Just when the atmosphere suddenly became quiet.


Vroom! Vroom!

The sound of roaring engines suddenly exploded.

A dark purple Ferrari whizzed past their Bentley.

It even had the audacity to show off and leave their car behind.

Fortunately, Lu Fei’s driving skills were superb, otherwise, if an ordinary person encountered such a situation, they would definitely be flustered and panic.

Even for those with poor mental fortitude, it is not impossible for them to get into a car accident.

Unexpected incidents occurred, but thanks to the excellent driving skills of Lu Fei, he managed to avoid danger.

However, it was inevitable that Mu Ruoxue almost fell off her seat and hit her head.

Especially when they discovered that it was a sports car deliberately overtaking them, Mu Ruoxue was immediately angry.

“Lu Fei, go after him and teach him a lesson! How dare he overtake our car and act so arrogantly!”

Having ridden in Lu Fei’s car, Mu Ruoxue knew that his driving skills were quite good, even better than some professional drivers hired by wealthy families.

This was something that Mu Ruoxue could clearly see.

Therefore, when she realized that someone had overtaken them and almost caused her harm, Mu Ruoxue immediately became defiant.

Upon hearing Mu Ruoxue’s words, Lu Fei raised his eyebrows.

In fact, even if Mu Ruoxue had not spoken, Lu Fei had already thought about teaching the driver of that car a lesson.

Since Mu Ruoxue had spoken up, Lu Fei couldn’t just ignore it.

Besides, he had his amazing driving skills. How could he resist the urge to teach that guy a lesson?

“Watch me!”

Lu Fei smiled confidently.

Then, he slowly pressed down on the accelerator, and a powerful push-back feeling arose.

The Bentley’s speed visibly increased.

The owner of the Ferrari in front of them was a handsome man with a smile on his lips. He saw through the rearview mirror that Bentley’s speed was clearly increasing.

A hint of interest appeared in his eyes.

Today, he had to complete a task of successfully street racing to receive a new reward. 

And he just happened to come across a Bentley while cruising on the road.

He followed the Bentley for a few minutes and noticed that the car was very stable while turning and driving. He could tell that the driver of the Bentley had excellent driving skills.

Therefore, he decided to speed up and overtake Lu Fei’s car, insulting them before driving away. 

His aim was to make Lu Fei angry and provoke him into street racing with him.

“Lu Fei, overtake that lousy car and make sure he can’t even see the shadow of our car!”

As she watched the Ferrari in front of them turn on its flashing lights and blink, Mu Ruoxue became angry. To make matters worse, the owner of the Ferrari even opened his window and gave them a thumbs-down gesture.

This was the most infuriating thing for Mu Ruoxue.

Their precious time together had been ruined by this villain. How could she tolerate this?

Lu Fei clenched his teeth, accelerated the car, and looked at the Ferrari with a hint of anger in his eyes.

Being insulted for no reason would ruin anyone’s mood.

Lu Fei speculated that the owner of the Ferrari was probably a street racing enthusiast.

Therefore, he decided to repay him in the most insulting way possible.

You want to street race?

I’ll make sure you can’t even see my car’s exhaust.

At a small bend in the road ahead, Lu Fei pressed down on the accelerator, and the rear wheels lifted off the ground for a moment.

The distance between the two cars shortened significantly.

The Ferrari in front of them saw this and put away his playful expression, becoming serious.

From the way he handled the previous turn, he could tell that the owner of the Bentley was a highly skilled driver.

On the other hand, he had only just learned a bit about street racing. If he wanted to improve his skills, he had to complete this task first.

The speed continued to increase, and the two cars raced down the road, leaving many other cars behind.

At several bends ahead, Lu Fei decided to slow down before entering the turn, brake in a straight line, completes the braking and gearshift, and then turn the steering wheel and slightly apply the brakes to balance the car’s body.

A beautiful overtaking maneuver unfolded before his eyes.

“Damn it!”

The man in the Ferrari looked a bit upset. In less than two minutes, the Bentley had already overtaken him.

Even during the brief stalemate, Lu Fei opened his car window and gave him a middle finger.

Returning all of his previous actions back to him.

Lu Fei’s speed continued to increase, but he still held the steering wheel with his left hand and didn’t stop his right hand’s movements.


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