The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 56


56. Oh my god, he’s driving a Bentley with one hand!

Even when the Ferrari owner was keeping pace with him, he saw through the window opened by Lu Fei that this guy was actually driving with one hand.

And it seemed like his other hand was placed on the foot of the pretty girl in the passenger seat!

That’s just too much!

What is he trying to tell him?

That he’s so skilled that he can drive with one hand and still outrun him, a weakling!

Having misunderstood Lu Fei’s intention, he naturally wasn’t in a good mood.

As the saying goes, a man can be killed but not humiliated.

But is driving a Bentley with one hand really that impressive?

After I finish my tasks, I can easily drive a Ferrari with one hand and show off just as well!!!

Without hesitation, he started to accelerate and slowly caught up with the Bentley.

Lu Fei looked through the rearview mirror and saw that the Ferrari was getting closer and closer.

A smile appeared on his lips, and he narrowed his eyes.

Then he turned his head and looked at Mu Ruoxue, who looked a bit nervous and gently tapped her tense little foot with his palm. He said in a soft tone,

“Put your foot down quickly, I need to get serious! It’s time to use both hands!”

Hearing Lu Fei’s words, Mu Ruoxue’s eyes showed a touch of panic,

“You…you weren’t serious before?”

Mu Ruoxue couldn’t believe that Lu Fei’s crazy driving just now wasn’t him being serious.

So, if Lu Fei really got serious, how fast could he go?

As she thought of this, Mu Ruoxue’s small heart tightened.

She was a bit scared, but as a stubborn person, she didn’t want to show her fear, especially since she was the one who first asked Lu Fei to drive fast.

Thinking of this, Mu Ruoxue could only timidly retract her small feet and nervously look ahead, but she occasionally glanced at Lu Fei’s profile.

It seemed that only Lu Fei could give her enough sense of security in this car.

With both hands freed, Lu Fei firmly grasped the steering wheel and his eyes immediately became sharp.

Now the Ferrari behind him was still more than ten meters away, and Lu Fei slowed down slightly before suddenly accelerating.

In an instant, the distance between the two cars widened again.

“Damn it!!!”

The young man in the Ferrari was so angry at this scene that he wanted to smash the steering wheel.

What does this action mean?

It’s a blatant insult to him. 

Like telling him silently, 

I can easily leave you behind, but I just want to toy with you. Alas, it’s all for fun!

Lu Fei, who was leading the way, saw a section of road with three bends ahead. 

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his lips, and the hot blood in his heart boiled uncontrollably.

No man would refuse thrilling activities, especially the exciting game of street racing, that could easily increase one’s blood pressure.

Lu Fei admitted it; he was itching to go!

And the man in the Ferrari behind him also saw the bends ahead.

He knew that these three bends would be the key to overtaking and avenging his previous defeat.

Otherwise, not only would he lose face, but he would also be punished if he didn’t complete the system task.

At the thought of this, the man took a deep breath and his eyes became serious. 

He had to win.

As they approached the first bend, Lu Fei not only didn’t slow down but also accelerated. 

The Bentley’s engine roared.

Mu Ruoxue’s panic could not be concealed, and it was overflowing in her eyes.

It felt like they were about to crash at any moment, and the feeling was constantly surrounding her!


“Lu Fei, slow down!!!”

“This is a bend!”

“I’m scared!”

In the first bend, Lu Fei sharply turned the steering wheel, his body swaying gracefully, and he smoothly passed the first bend.

As they reached the second bend, Mu Ruoxue finally became scared and began shouting and screaming.

There was a hint of pleading in her voice.

She loved playing but not at the cost of her life!

She really couldn’t appreciate this kind of sport that had life at stake.

“It’s okay, just sit tight and trust me!” 

The second bend had a larger radius, and Mu Ruoxue’s nervous heart felt like there was a small rabbit jumping and struggling inside her chest.

Mu Ruoxue became scared and saw that there were three bends in total. 

This meant that she had to go through one more after this.

But she was too scared.

“Lu Fei, slow down, slow down, this is too scary!”

Mu Ruoxue’s eyes were watery, and she had a mournful expression as she pleaded.

But now it wasn’t up to Lu Fei alone. At this moment, their car had reached its maximum speed. Suddenly braking could lead to the brake pads burning out and could lead to a greater accident.

Therefore, they had to maintain their speed. They couldn’t slow down!

Lu Fei reassured Mu Ruoxue and said, 

“We can’t slow down. Once we slow down, it’s too dangerous. If you’re too scared, just close your eyes, and it will be over in a minute!”

Lu Fei reminded her.

Mu Ruoxue’s face still showed anxiety and fear.

The third bend came, and it was even more dangerous than the previous two. 

The arc was much larger, and for the driver, the technical requirement was much higher.

When they reached the drifting position, Lu Fei seized the opportunity and skillfully hit the brake and turned the steering wheel sharply to the left.

Mu Ruoxue watched the guardrail getting closer and closer, and she was completely panicked, gripping onto any object that could give her a sense of security.


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