The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 61


61. Little Lu, don’t worry, and go ahead!

Upon hearing Mu Changye’s words, Lu Fei felt that the green color on Mu Changye’s head was growing even stronger.

Wow, he really doesn’t treat me as an outsider!

But Lu Fei was genuinely afraid.

Who knows what kind of thrilling and dangerous actions this crazy woman might come up with next?

So he tried to decline, saying, 

“Master, a sprain is just a minor issue. The main concern is my sister-in-law… I’m not very comfortable with it!”

Lu Fei furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Mu Changye, giving a reason for his refusal.

He looked at Mu Changye, thinking, 

Now you can give up on this green idea, right?

Let a man touch your lover… to heal her feet, don’t you have any worries?

But the following words from Mu Changye completely stunned Lu Fei.

“Little Lu, I understand your point. They say that a doctor should have compassion. Don’t think that just because I’m older, I still hold onto outdated feudal thinking.”

“Since you can help your sister-in-law heal, then go ahead and treat her!”

“Can you bear to see your sister-in-law suffer from foot pain for several days?”

As he spoke, Mu Changye looked at Lu Fei with a face full of trust, as if asking Lu Fei to put himself in his shoes.

Actually, Lu Fei really wanted to say that sentence,


I can bear it!

But alas, the words had reached this point, how could he still refuse?

Lu Fei’s eyes slightly pondered as he thought for a moment, reluctantly agreeing.

“Well, Master, do you have a room? It’s not convenient to treat her here.”

Lu Fei looked at Mu Changye as if he was making a casual request.

But in reality, it was not so ordinary. Who goes to a room specifically to treat a sprain?

The truth was that Lu Fei was afraid that this crazy woman would cause some crazy actions and her man would still be standing beside her!

She may be crazy, but he wasn’t.

If, in front of Mu Changye, Liu Mengxiang suddenly took advantage.

Mu Changye would definitely solidify that assumption.

If that happens, Lu Fei would probably have no place to survive in the city anymore.

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s request, Mu Changye didn’t have any doubts and pointed to a small bedroom.

“Over there, there’s a small bedroom. You can go there!”

Saying that Mu Changye was about to go forward and support Liu Mengxiang.

But the moment Mu Changye touched her, Liu Mengxiang repeatedly refused, saying,

“It’s okay, I can still walk. I’m too heavy, there’s no reason for you to support me!”

Hearing Liu Mengxiang’s words, Mu Changye looked at her, feeling even more heartbroken.

What a good little baby, both caring and beautiful.

Mu Changye nodded in response to Liu Mengxiang’s request and agreed, not continuing to support her.

Mu Changye, the patriarch of the Mu family, was known as the “Emperor of Shanghai” and had no reason to personally support someone. 

It was only when Liu Mengxiang reminded him that he realized this.

Liu Mengxiang, wearing high heels, walked towards the small bedroom with a swaying motion.

Suddenly, just as Lu Fei was about to enter the small bedroom, Liu Mengxiang, who was behind him, seemed to lose her balance and stumbled a few steps.

In that moment of “panic,” she instinctively reached out and leaned on Lu Fei’s shoulder.

Lu Fei, who was walking ahead, suddenly felt a soft fragrance enveloping him from behind, causing him to stiffen.

Even with his calm and composed demeanor, his heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

Damn it, Liu Mengxiang’s hand was resting on Lu Fei’s shoulder, while her other hand lightly brushed against his waist without leaving a trace.

At that moment, Lu Fei almost couldn’t help but think about checking Liu Mengxiang’s brain later when he treated her. Was there something wrong with her? 

Her level of madness was beyond what an ordinary person could comprehend!

“Mengxiang, what happened? Couldn’t you stand steady?”

Seeing Liu Mengxiang suddenly stumble, Mu Changye, who was following behind, couldn’t help but worry.

“Little Lu, support her!”

Hearing this, Lu Fei couldn’t help but exclaim.

You really are a godsend!

I’m desperately avoiding your lover, yet your lover is desperately trying to flirt with me. And now you’re giving her a helping hand, pushing your lover towards me. I can only exclaim in frustration!

But just as Lu Fei was contemplating how to refuse, Liu Mengxiang suddenly spoke up,

“No need, I can still walk. After all, Little Lu is still an outsider, it’s not good to be too close!”

Mu Changye, upon hearing her words, nodded in agreement.

“You’re right, I didn’t consider that!”

After saying that, Liu Mengxiang supported herself against the edge of the wall and slowly walked inside.

Lu Fei listened to Liu Mengxiang’s cleverly crafted words and couldn’t help but feel a sense of realization. 

There must be a reason why Mu Ruoxue had turned into a scheming person.

Then, Lu Fei shifted his gaze towards Mu Changye, or more accurately, towards the top of his head.

Hmm, it’s shining green. His hair is black with a hint of green, and it’s impossible to ignore!

“Lu Fei, what are you looking at?” 

Mu Changye noticed the strange look in Lu Fei’s eyes as he stared at him and asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought that if the family head trusts me, can you wait at the entrance for five minutes? If you also go inside, I’m afraid she might get nervous,” 

Lu Fei casually came up with a reason.

In reality, Lu Fei was still on high alert, cutting off any potential risks. 

Mu Changye was just behind Liu Mengxiang a moment ago, and she dared to make those subtle moves. If it happened right in front of Mu Changye, who knows what could have happened?

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Mu Changye looked at him with surprise.

“Five minutes? That fast?”

Lu Fei listened to Mu Changye’s response, his face darkening.

Your words carry a hint of misunderstanding. What do you mean by “that fast“?

I’m just looking out for you.

If you’re not comfortable with it, I can actually take longer!


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