The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 62


 62. A Strange Feeling! Exerting Effort!

Mu Changye didn’t notice that Lu Fei’s expression had turned sour.

Lu Fei explained, 

“Family head, it depends on the specific situation. If there are any special circumstances, the time will definitely be extended. But based on the severity of Sister-in-law’s injury, I believe it should be possible to treat her within five minutes!”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s explanation, Mu Changye nodded quickly and said, 

“No rush, take your time. Make sure to heal her properly.”

Mu Changye couldn’t believe that Lu Fei’s medical skills were so exceptional, capable of healing a sprained foot within five minutes. 

From the external appearance alone, it was swollen and red in a large area! 

It must have been quite serious!

Normally, even if you go to the hospital for treatment, it would take at least a day or two to recover through rest and rehabilitation.

Lu Fei was almost immune to Mu Changye’s divine assistance.

Take your time?

No, that won’t do!

No matter what, Lu Fei wanted to heal Liu Mengxiang as quickly as possible and then leave immediately.

“Please wait, family head. I’ll go in now!” 

Lu Fei nodded and didn’t say anything else. As he entered, he casually closed the door behind him.

Mu Changye saw this and no longer waited at the entrance. 

He turned and walked towards the living room, preparing to make himself a cup of tea to soothe his throat.

He had heard of Lu Fei’s medical skills long ago, so since Lu Fei said five minutes, he would wait for five minutes.

Time was abundant, and he could afford to wait.

As soon as he entered the small bedroom, he saw Liu Mengxiang sitting on one side of the bed, her high heels already taken off, and her legs placed together on the side.

Her foot, which had been slapped by Lu Fei and turned red, was placed on top.

Seeing this scene, Lu Fei was not surprised.

He listened to the sound outside the door and realized that Mu Changye had already walked far away.

Then, Lu Fei slowly walked over and held Liu Mengxiang’s injured foot.

His fingers gently exerted pressure on the swollen surface of her foot, causing a slight increase in pain as a threat.

His eyes carried a hint of refusal, and he calmly said,

“Sister-in-law, don’t move around, I will treat you properly!”

Liu Mengxiang looked at Lu Fei as he forcefully held her foot, wanting to say something, but her mouth couldn’t utter a word, even though the words were already on the tip of her tongue.

Although the pain on the surface of her foot constantly pricked her nerves, it didn’t bring her any discomfort. Instead, a wave of pleasant emotions surged in the depths of her mind.

It seemed like it was still stimulating her to speak, something like… very good… a little more… a little more…

Seeing Liu Mengxiang not speaking further, a smile appeared at the corner of Lu Fei’s mouth.

Damn, this crazy woman, I don’t believe I can’t cure you!

He thought that his threat had worked.

Subsequently, he relaxed the pressure from his fingers.

Then, he gently covered Liu Mengxiang’s swollen foot with his palm, activating his poison medical skills to assess the injury.

He discovered that the swelling on Liu Mengxiang’s foot, caused by his own forceful slap, was a result of not properly holding back his strength, leading to such consequences.

If he were to release his strength, he estimated that he might end up fracturing the delicate little foot.

However, it wasn’t a big issue. He just needed to promote blood circulation, clear any blood stasis, and mobilize the tendons and bones. In about five minutes, he could restore it to its original state.

Just as Lu Fei was preparing to activate his poison medical skills to promote blood circulation and clear stasis, and mobilize the tendons and bones.

Liu Mengxiang’s foot continued to resist.

Finally, Lu Fei couldn’t bear it anymore…

Why is she so uncooperative with the treatment?!

How could he heal this injury within five minutes?!

What would happen when Mu Changye comes in later?

Lu Fei rolled his eyes and no longer cared about being gentle and considerate. He forcefully pressed on the injured area of Liu Mengxiang’s foot.

Liu Mengxiang: (*゜ロ゜*)

Immediately, her facial expression became somewhat strange.

“……!!! ……!!!”

Finally, Liu Mengxiang’s face turned red, and she was on the verge of screaming.

Fortunately, Lu Fei acted quickly and covered Liu Mengxiang’s slightly opened mouth, preventing those strange sounds from coming out.

Lu Fei furrowed his brow and looked at her, saying,

“Shut up!”

Lu Fei angrily whispered.

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s angry reprimand, Liu Mengxiang timidly glanced at him and forcibly held herself back.

Even when Lu Fei nervously looked towards the door, Liu Mengxiang still seemed intent on causing trouble.

Fortunately, Lu Fei quickly turned his head and glared at her.

“Don’t mess around, do you understand?”

Lu Fei forcefully reprimanded her once again.

Then, with a displeased expression, he lifted Liu Mengxiang’s injured foot without bothering to examine it further.

He directly utilized his poison medical skills to alleviate the redness and swelling on the foot’s surface. He pressed firmly on several acupoints to promote blood circulation and disperse stagnation before releasing it.

“There, now walk a few steps on your own.”

Lu Fei didn’t understand why treating a foot would cause Liu Mengxiang’s face to turn rosy. Was she feeling hot?

The air conditioning wasn’t broken either!

As Liu Mengxiang observed Lu Fei’s domineering demeanor, she couldn’t figure out what was happening. She suppressed her desire to flirt with him, keeping it hidden deep within her heart, afraid to show it.

Her body involuntarily followed Lu Fei’s command and stood up, taking a couple of steps.

She discovered that the previously painful foot suddenly felt normal again.

However, there was no joy in her heart. Instead, she felt a strange sense of emptiness within.

She found it quite perplexing.

What is happening to me?!

I’ve never felt like this before…

Especially when she looked at Lu Fei, this subordinate, who had an unfriendly gaze…

That feeling became even stronger!


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