The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 68.1


68.1: Intercepting the Junior Martial Aunt of the Son of Destiny!

Lu Fei took a step forward, standing in front of Jiang Wenying.

His expression turned cold, and in his gaze toward Lin Ran, there was a hint of chill.

Without saying a word, Lin Ran charged forward, intending to teach Lu Fei a lesson.

If Jiang Wenying said she didn’t agree, then what kind of thing is Lu Fei?

Just a little lackey. Before, I didn’t bother with you because I couldn’t be bothered.

But now you dare to jump out? Isn’t this seeking death?

In the face of Lin Ran’s actions, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Lu Fei’s mouth.

If you, Lin Ran, didn’t make a move, it would be fine.

But since you’ve chosen to make a move.

Then don’t blame me for being ruthless!

Immediately, before Lin Ran could make a move, Lu Fei directly withdrew his other hand from his pocket.

Finding an opening, he fiercely slapped toward Lin Ran’s face.

Dealing with a well-trained special forces soldier was simple for Lin Ran.

But expecting to gain any advantages from Lu Fei’s hands was simply a fantasy.

With his physique ten times stronger than an ordinary person’s and his expertise in combat, Lin Ran’s abilities were simply not enough in Lu Fei’s eyes.


A crisp sound echoed.

Lu Fei’s palm landed directly on Lin Ran’s face, delivering a powerful force that sent him tumbling to the ground.

As Lin Ran lay on the ground.

His face was swollen like a pig’s head, and his head buzzed.

The intense dizziness made it difficult for him to regain his sense of direction for a while.

“This guy has quite thick skin. My hand hurts from slapping him!”

With that, Lu Fei turned his head and looked at Jiang Wenying, who had a shocked expression on her face. He smiled.

This expression on Jiang Wenying’s face was something he had never seen before.

She looked dumbfounded, staring at Lu Fei as if she had just met him for the first time.

“What are you staring at? Come and help me cool it down.”


Blatant disregard,

Lu Fei perfectly exemplified the meaning of these two words.

Jiang Wenying looked at Lu Fei’s outstretched hand, her cheeks turning red.

Looking up at Lu Fei’s faint smile, for some reason, she obeyed his words.

Her pink lips pouted gently as a soft breeze blew over Lu Fei’s palm, tickling him.

While enjoying Jiang Wenying’s attentiveness, Lu Fei glanced at Lin Ran lying on the ground, unable to get up. “If you’re not satisfied, go find the Mu family. Lest you might bite me?”

After speaking, Lu Fei held Jiang Wenying’s hand and slowly walked towards the exit of the Hilton Hotel.

In that moment, Lin Ran felt like nothing more than a jumping clown, frolicking under Lu Fei’s watchful gaze.

There was blood!

What just happened now?

Lin Ran still hasn’t fully processed what happened.

After a while,

When the buzzing in his mind gradually subsided, Lin Ran finally snapped back to reality.

Was he really slapped like this by Lu Fei?

Lu Fei’s strength is so strong that he even made his nose bleed with a single slap?


What was he thinking?

When did Lu Fei become so formidable?

He actually slapped him while he was still trying to comprehend the situation!

This indicates that Lu Fei’s power can completely overpower him!

It took almost no effort for Lu Fei to take him down.

At this moment, in the vast hotel lobby, only Lin Ran was left lying there, filled with anger.

After a while,

Wiping away the blood from his nose, Lin Ran left the Hilton Hotel.

He couldn’t bear to stay in this place any longer.

As for finding his junior martial aunt…

That can wait.

Even if he goes somewhere else to find her, he doesn’t want to continue staying here.

Lu Fei led Jiang Wenying to where the car was parked.


Lu Fei felt his palm empty.

Turning his head, he noticed that Jiang Wenying had withdrawn her hand.

When Jiang Wenying sensed Lu Fei’s gaze, she averted her eyes that were locked onto him and explained,

“There’s no one around here, so there’s no need to hold hands anymore!”

Regarding Jiang Wenying’s words, Lu Fei simply shrugged.

He got into the car with Jiang Wenying and drove toward the Jiang family.

On the way, Jiang Wenying glanced at Lu Fei several times but seemed hesitant to say something, but quickly looked away each time.

Lu Fei naturally noticed Jiang Wenying’s gaze and asked,

“If you have any questions, just ask. This doesn’t seem like you!”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Jiang Wenying stiffened, as if she had been caught red-handed like a child caught sneaking a treat.

In her heart, Jiang Wenying thought.

Am I really showing it so clearly?

Even Lu Fei noticed?

However, Jiang Wenying didn’t continue to hold it in and directly asked,

“Just now, you were quite formidable with your moves!”

Lu Fei was momentarily stunned, not understanding the meaning behind Jiang Wenying’s question.

“Why, did I scare you?”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Wenying quickly waved her hand and shook her head, saying,

“No, I’m just curious. Are you also skilled in fighting?”

Hearing Jiang Wenying’s words, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Lu Fei’s mouth as he calmly replied,

“I’m decent, protecting you won’t be a problem!”

Upon hearing this, a blush immediately spread across Jiang Wenying’s cheeks.

When Lu Fei made his move just now, Jiang Wenying admitted that there were indeed ripples in her heart.

It seemed like the feeling of being protected was something she had never experienced before.

It felt comforting and warm.


After a long silence, Jiang Wenying lowered her gaze, as if lost in thought. She softly responded with a voice as light as a mosquito’s buzz.

Lu Fei’s hand on the steering wheel paused, clearly having heard this easily overlooked sound.

Soon, the car was about to arrive at the Jiang family’s residence.

As Jiang Wenying got out of the car, Lu Fei rolled down the window, leaned out, and said to her:

“Drink some ginger soup when you get back, it helps with sobering up!”

After saying that, without waiting to see if Jiang Wenying heard him or not, he immediately turned the steering wheel and drove away.

As Jiang Wenying stood with her back to Lu Fei, her delicate body trembled, and her heart quivered.

She hadn’t felt this considerate gesture in a long time.

Like a sun, it was gradually melting the ice in her heart.

As Lu Fei drove away, gradually becoming distant, he suddenly remembered something.

Lost in thought, Lu Fei took a deep breath.

It seemed that he had left a girl behind at the Hilton Hotel.

Luckily, he remembered now; otherwise, who knows what might have happened to her.

He decided to be a good person and see it through. He would personally ensure that the girl found her family, bringing closure to his own thoughts.

Not long after, Lu Fei returned to the Hilton Hotel and sought out the hotel manager.

Under the expression of the hotel manager who hesitated to speak,

Finally, Lu Fei spotted Shi Qiuyun, who was indulging in a sumptuous feast.

He could see that there were tall dishes placed on both sides of the table.

Shi Qiuyun’s mouth was still puffed up as she continuously chewed her food.

Lu Fei swallowed, and he turned his head to look at the hotel manager.

The hotel manager was perceptive and noticed Lu Fei’s expression. He approached Lu Fei and explained,

“Mr. Lu, this young lady has already consumed food worth over ten thousand yuan… Initially, we planned to serve fewer dishes, but she kept eating, and it was difficult for us to refuse. So we kept serving!”

Before the hotel manager could finish speaking, Lu Fei interrupted him and asked,

“Money is not the issue. I’m just curious, did she eat all of this by herself?”

Seeing Lu Fei’s curious gaze, the hotel manager, with lingering fear, glanced at Shi Qiuyun, who was still stuffing food into her mouth, and nodded.

“Yes, Mr. Lu, it’s not that I’m worried about you not being able to pay. My main concern is that if she continues eating like this, something might go wrong…”

As Lu Fei watched the hotel manager’s wry expression, he also couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

At that moment, Shi Qiuyun, who had just taken a bite of braised chicken, suddenly noticed Lu Fei staring at her with a strange expression.

She immediately stopped her hand from moving, but her mouth continued to chew the food.

She looked like a little hamster, with her mouth full of food.

A hint of panic flashed between Shi Qiuyun’s eyebrows. After finally swallowing the food, she nervously looked at Lu Fei and said,

“Good brother, I didn’t mean to eat so much. I never used to eat this much, at most just half of what’s here. Please don’t be angry!”

As Shi Qiuyun nervously looked at him, Lu Fei suddenly felt a strange gaze coming from the side.

Can’t blame the hotel manager for reacting so strongly. Goodness, gracious!

How long had Lu Fei known this girl? And he already had her calling him “Good brother.”

It seemed that rich people really knew how to have fun.

Clearly, the hotel manager had misunderstood Lu Fei’s intentions.

However, Lu Fei didn’t bother explaining further.

He simply gave the hotel manager a faint glance and casually said, “You can go now. I’ll call you if I need anything.”

The hotel manager nodded hastily and hurried out.

Realizing that his own behavior had been inappropriate.

As the hotel manager walked away, Lu Fei’s tone softened as he looked at Shi Qiuyun, whose eyes were filled with nervousness.

“I’m not angry, I’m just concerned. Won’t eating like this be bad for your health?”

Lu Fei looked at the towering plates of food and couldn’t help but worry about this girl’s well-being.

Upon hearing that Lu Fei wasn’t angry, a smile immediately bloomed on Shi Qiuyun’s face. Proudly, she said to Lu Fei,

“What’s the big deal? I’m only 70% full right now. I can still eat more!”

With that, as if remembering something, she quickly picked up one of the plates of braised spare ribs from the table and placed it in front of Lu Fei.

“Good brother, try this. It’s so delicious. I’ve already had a second serving. I’ve never had such delicious food in the mountains before!”

Lu Fei chuckled awkwardly and waved his hand, saying, “I’ll pass. If it’s delicious, you should eat more!”

As he spoke, Lu Fei suddenly thought of something and looked at Shi Qiuyun, saying, “By the way, don’t call me ‘Good brother’ anymore. Just call me Lu Fei, using my name is fine!”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Shi Qiuyun thought for a moment and shook her head, saying, “No, my master said that it’s impolite to address others by their names directly.”

“I’ll keep calling you ‘Good brother’!”

Seeing Shi Qiuyun’s innocent and easily deceived expression, Lu Fei couldn’t help but think.

It’s better to send this girl back to her family as soon as possible.

Otherwise, even if he gave her money, she would probably be deceived by others!

“Oh, by the way, where is your home? How about I take you back?”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Shi Qiuyun frowned and said, 

“No, no need to send me back home. I came down from the mountain for training, and my little nephew is in the city!”


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