The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 67.2


67.2: Beautiful Women Smell Fragrant!

Not long after, a determined look gradually appeared on Jiang Wenying’s face.

Taking a deep breath, she exhaled slowly.

Without hesitation, she swiftly placed her small hand into Lu Fei’s open palm.

“Let’s go!” 

Watching Jiang Wenying overcome her inner turmoil so quickly, Lu Fei felt relieved.

They soon immersed themselves in their roles.

As Lu Fei held Jiang Wenying’s slightly cool hand, he tightened his grip.

However, he furrowed his brows and then released his hand, taking off his coat and draping it over Jiang Wenying’s shoulders.

Jiang Wenying didn’t refuse; instead, she silently accepted Lu Fei’s kind gesture.

After completing this action, Lu Fei took hold of Jiang Wenying’s hand once again.

He completely enveloped Jiang Wenying’s small hand within his palm.

Lu Fei could clearly feel the slight sweat in the palm of Jiang Wenying’s hand.

The two of them walked out of the room, with Jiang Wenying slightly lagging behind Lu Fei by a step.

Sensing Lu Fei’s small gesture, Jiang Wenying’s heart stirred with waves of emotions.

For the man in front of her, she really didn’t know what attitude she should use to face him.

She had never encountered such a caring and warm-hearted man before, someone who noticed even the smallest details.

When she hurriedly arrived at the Hilton Hotel, she forgot to put on her coat.

In the October weather of Shanghai, there was a slight chill in the air.

While anxiously waiting for Lu Fei in the room, Jiang Wenying also felt a slight coolness, causing her small hand to be slightly cold.

But Lu Fei noticed this small detail, wrapping her slightly cold hands and even draping his coat over her!

To be honest, this was the first time Jiang Wenying had ever seen Lu Fei act this way.

She admitted that her heart couldn’t help but be moved.

She wanted to say something, but for some reason, it got stuck in her throat and she couldn’t express it!

As they reached the elevator, Lu Fei was also a gentleman and helped press the elevator button, leading Jiang Wenying inside.

Not far from the Hilton Hotel, a man’s eyes showed a hint of anxiety.

He looked around, searching for something.

He was Lin Ran, who was looking for his Junior Martial Aunt around the train station.

Lin Ran had already searched a large area around the train station.

He knew that there was no point in looking in the opposite direction because he knew his junior aunt well. He was certain that his junior aunt would never wander around in dark places.

Ever since they were young, his junior aunt had been afraid of the dark. Lin Ran only discovered this secret when they were about to descend from the mountain.

Therefore, his junior aunt could only be walking on the west and north sides.

After searching a large area near the north without finding any trace of his junior aunt, Lin Ran changed direction and decided to search on the north side.

As he was getting close to the Hilton Hotel, Lin Ran was preparing to enter and search to see if his junior aunt had possibly gone inside.

Suddenly, he saw two figures coming out from the Hilton Hotel.

Due to the darkness of the night and the flickering lights, Lin Ran instinctively couldn’t see clearly.

But as the two figures approached and walked out.

Lin Ran felt intense anger rushing to his head.

In that moment, Lin Ran felt a familiar sense of recognition.

It was the same two people, just like before, standing at the entrance of a hotel.

Lu Fei and Jiang Wenying, the woman he liked.

“Jiang Wenying!”

On the other side, as Lu Fei held Jiang Wenying’s hand and prepared to leave the Hilton Hotel with a smile on his face, he suddenly heard an angry voice, tinged with familiarity, coming from a distance.

This made both of them involuntarily turn their heads toward the direction where the voice was coming from.

When they saw the person clearly, among two, it was Lu Fei who had the strangest expression on his face, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Why am I here, feeling this inexplicable sense of familiarity?

Such a familiar scene.

In the hotel lobby again.

And someone calling out Jiang Wenying’s name.

Even the anger and disbelief in that person’s eyes were exactly the same as before.

“Lin Ran, is there something wrong?”

Upon hearing Lin Ran calling her, although she sensed a lack of respect in Lin Ran’s tone, her upbringing taught her to respond politely.

“Why… why are you both here at the hotel?”

Lin Ran stared at Lu Fei, who was holding Jiang Wenying’s hand, with eyes filled with rage.

His anger was so intense that it seemed like he could kill someone. It was as if he had worked hard all day, looking forward to coming home and relaxing with his wife, only to find her helping someone else relax and telling him to wait because she was busy!

What man could tolerate such a situation?

On the other hand, Jiang Wenying, upon hearing Lin Ran’s words, became slightly displeased.

Why does her appearance at the hotel have anything to do with this unfamiliar person, Lin Ran?

Why did he have to question her like this?

It felt as if she had done something shameful.

Seeing Jiang Wenying’s expression darken, a cold aura emanated from her as she glanced at Lin Ran and said calmly,

“Lin Ran, who I appear with at the hotel is none of your business!”

“Speaking of which, Lu Fei is still my fiancé. I was just looking for him to discuss something, what does it have to do with you?”

Upon hearing this explanation, Lin Ran’s anger skyrocketed even further.

What kind of discussion could they have in a hotel?

What business could they possibly have in a hotel?

Renting a room, a man and a woman, it’s like a tinderbox waiting to ignite. Are they playing poker in there? Or maybe playing a game of “Fight the Landlord” (a popular Chinese card game)?

Lu Fei had no idea about Lin Ran’s thoughts.

Otherwise, he would have felt quite wronged.

Although he and Jiang Wenying didn’t play poker in the hotel room, they didn’t do anything else either!

They really were just having a discussion!

Why do people always like to jump to conclusions and overthink things?

Perhaps in Lin Ran’s mindset, when a man and a woman enter a hotel, there is nothing else to it except for renting a room.

But Lu Fei wanted to say one thing,


When a man and a woman rent a hotel room, it’s not just for pleasure, they can actually have a discussion!

Moreover, it’s more discreet and quiet compared to having a discussion in a café or a bar!

At this moment,

Lu Fei stood up.

After all, he was technically Jiang Wenying’s fiancé.

 How could he let the woman handle it when something happens?

Lu Fei took a step forward, holding Jiang Wenying’s hand and extending it outward, like showcasing a badge on his chest. He spoke with authority, saying,

“Lin Ran, right? Although I don’t know what misunderstanding you have with Wenying, she is now my fiancée, and I hope you can show some respect.”

As Lu Fei leaned closer to Jiang Wenying, he whispered softly in her ear,

“When you act, you have to commit fully!”

Upon hearing these words, Jiang Wenying’s face froze, and a slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

Seeing Jiang Wenying’s lack of resistance and even her eyes gently closing, Lu Fei’s lips curled into a smile.

Under Lin Ran’s murderous gaze, they shared a brief, delicate kiss.

It was a fleeting touch, without a hint of pretense.

“You… Lu Fei, you’re just a lackey of the Mu family. What right do you have to marry Jiang Wenying!” 

Lin Ran angrily shouted, uttering what he believed to be highly insulting words.

With a disdainful expression, Lin Ran continued, “Although my Lin family is a smaller clan, we are one of the top families in Binjiang City. If Jiang Wenying marries me, I won’t let her suffer the slightest injustice!”

Upon hearing Lin Ran’s words, Lu Fei maintained a calm smile, showing no signs of being affected by his remarks. It was as if his words couldn’t provoke any emotional response from Lu Fei.

Before Lu Fei could say anything in response, Jiang Wenying’s voice suddenly resounded.

“Lin Ran, get lost!” 

“I can’t stand people like you, so full of themselves!”

Jiang Wenying stared coldly at Lin Ran, her eyes filled with extreme disgust.

The implications behind Lin Ran’s earlier words were clear: he regarded her as nothing more than a commodity. 

It was as if she was only worthy of marrying him and not anyone else.

Upon hearing Jiang Wenying’s response, Lin Ran’s expression faltered. 

In his impression, he had never seen Jiang Wenying defend a man so fiercely. 

Even interacting with the opposite sex was difficult for her.

Now she’s humiliating him in such a manner for another man!

At this moment, anger surged within Lin Ran. 

How dare Jiang Wenying speak to him like this?

Just from what he had seen, Lin Ran witnessed Jiang Wenying and Lu Fei entering and leaving a hotel twice. 

If there was nothing going on between them, Lin Ran would never believe it!

Moreover, at the Su family banquet, Jiang Wenying wasn’t Lu Fei’s fiancée! 

And yet, she had the audacity to engage in such intimate behavior, completely shameless!

With these thoughts in mind, the pent-up anger within Lin Ran finally reached its boiling point. He glared at Jiang Wenying and cursed, 

“You two despicable cheaters, did you start your affair that time?”

Upon hearing Lin Ran’s insult, Jiang Wenying’s expression turned cold, and even Lu Fei’s face became somewhat grim.

Had Lin Ran lost his mind?

Didn’t he see that there was a living person right here who could easily crush him with a single hand?

Did he just ignore him like that?

Jiang Wenying’s face turned icy cold as she asked in a chilly tone, “On what grounds do you insult me? It’s a good thing I haven’t gotten too close to someone with such a dirty mind like you!”

“Otherwise, who knows how long I would have been disgusted!”

When it came to insulting others, Jiang Wenying had quite a talent for verbal artistry. 

For those with a low tolerance for such remarks, this sentence alone could make them boil with anger!

“What kind of person you are, you should know best. Do you need someone else to remind you?” Lin Ran retorted, glaring at Jiang Wenying with a look of disgust.

“You…” Jiang Wenying was clearly disgusted by Lin Ran’s words!

Before Jiang Wenying could say anything else, Lu Fei patted her arm and placed her behind him.

When his own woman was being bullied, how could a man just stand idly by?


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